14On all fours


We’ve heard the term before and it means something a little different in each circumstance. But for this young lady, being on all fours is the way in which she lived. That is, if we’re taking this photo as 100% legit. The truth is, during the Victorian era, there was

a lot of photo doctoring. It might sound strange, but it’s true. Photographers found an extraordinary way to take film, cut it or overlay it in order to get a desired effect. Once it hit mainstream, people were going crazy for such photos. This may or may not be one of those artistic endeavors. This young lady might have been born like this. The fact that her photo exist signifies one of two things. That photo editing was happening way before you think, in fact it’s at least 100 years old at this point. Or that we have always been fascinated by certain birth defects or handicaps which can be good luck in some cultures and bad in others.

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