15 Creepy Photos That Will Haunt You For Life

Being freaked out has become an anomaly in society. We thoroughly enjoy being weirded out and scared. It’s as though there’s a creepy gene creeping just above the surface. We gravitate to horror films, study antique photos, stand in line for a freak show circus event, and generally look for the strange and unusual. Perhaps, deep down inside, we know that being different isn’t so bad after all. Perhaps we can see, value, and appreciate differences. Or maybe we’re simply nosey, curious creatures who are drawn to such things because they are so unlike us and so bizarre that we can’t help but look away.

Whatever the case may be, there is some pull to the creepy, and the main point is that you are here, ready to read an article about something that will haunt you for life. You clicked and made the conscious decision that you wanted to be freaked out big time. Do you see the point? We all want to see the oddball in society because maybe, if we’re ready and willing to admit, we have all felt like the odd one out at some moment in our life. If you haven’t yet, maybe you’re time has yet to come. Maybe it’s right around the corner. But until then, have a look at these creepy pictures and see if you can’t feel your heart go pitter patter or feel your skin crawl with fear.

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15 The mannequin challenge


Y’all don’t even know that the mannequin challenge goes way back, like all the way back. Look at these people striking poses for so long that they lose their heads, hands, and limbs. And why are there two heads behind the guy missing his head? Is he a man of two heads? It’s rather perplexing. But the fact that this photo exists gives us a glimpse into the mind of what people were into during this era. They were into putting mannequins in enigmatic poses and places and taking photos to confuse the hell out of people. I mean, are you not both pulled in and pushed away at the same time? You’re all thinking, “What is happening?” And I wish I had an answer. It’s like those movies that leave you with an ending that you must create for yourself. Go create something, make it gory if you want, but make sure to do justice to the fact that body parts are missing and people seem rather peaceful about it.

14 On all fours


We’ve heard the term before and it means something a little different in each circumstance. But for this young lady, being on all fours is the way in which she lived. That is, if we’re taking this photo as 100% legit. The truth is, during the Victorian era, there was a lot of photo doctoring. It might sound strange, but it’s true. Photographers found an extraordinary way to take film, cut it or overlay it in order to get a desired effect. Once it hit mainstream, people were going crazy for such photos. This may or may not be one of those artistic endeavors. This young lady might have been born like this. The fact that her photo exist signifies one of two things. That photo editing was happening way before you think, in fact it’s at least 100 years old at this point. Or that we have always been fascinated by certain birth defects or handicaps which can be good luck in some cultures and bad in others.

13 Easter bunny costume


Is it Easter? Is this the same bunny suit from A Christmas Story? Was the bunny suit a thing during this era? It feels like it. And it feels like if someone in the family had a costume, the goal was to play dress up, take photos, and get kids to sit on laps. While it might have been a super normal thing to do back in the day, the overall theme here feels very menacing. The rabbit’s face is eerie, the build of the person in the costume hints at a younger person and not an adult, and the kids seem to not be phased one bit by the creepy rabbit costume. Which proves a point – that maybe this was a common occurrence. What was perfectly fine family fun time back in the day would surely surprise us today. This photo feels like it’s an example of that.

12 Old timey photoshop, y’all


Yes, see, now you believe me. Old timey Photoshop was a legit thing. The photographer who invented the technique was slaying the way in which photos could be observed and manipulated. Like who else was thinking about transposing or editing photos in this way? And in this way, I mean by the darkest way possible. There is certainly a macabre feeling around a photo like this. The story goes like this. Once the first photo was done and word got around, people were so shocked and amused that they rushed to get their own versions done. And each version had the mission to outdo the last one, hence the axe and murder theme of this particular photo. Yes, it’s grotesque to have a photo of murdering a family member, but it’s no different than what people do today with Photoshop. As a matter of fact, some of the things we do today are beyond human comprehension, yet we can’t seem to look away. That’s the same feeling the Victorians had when seeing photos like this for the first time. Now you get it, right?

11 Pictures with the sick and the dying


This was a real thing. Since getting one photo taken was really quite costly, most families didn’t get a picture taken until someone was very sick and about to die or if the person was already dead. If you have not seen all the black and white photos of people with dead people, go Google it now. Those pictures are everywhere. It’s not that people were sick. No, actually, they had a very rational way to look at life and money. They saved those pennies until someone died and when the whole family came together for the wake, they could ensure that the majority of the family would be present for the picture. They were not the age of the selfie. They wouldn’t even understand the selfie because it would seem like a waste to them (plus way beyond their means). So next time you see a family posing around a dead family member, don’t call them gross or of unsound mind. You’d be doing them a disservice for, as a matter of fact, they were so connected to death and family. We, being so far removed, might have a hard time understanding such concepts. Open your mind, think beyond your own generation and step into the mind of ancestors.

10 Hanging heads


Artists were pushing boundaries even back then. They were trying to do so much more than take standard photos, they wanted to explore what could be produced on film. They thought about movement and stillness. They thought about how to capture something that would simulate viewers and make them have a little scream. Well, if that was their real mission, they won. Some photos are downright creepy and this happens to be one. The girls are meant to look dead and, even, hanging as if from above. The idea, itself, and for the time is avant-garde. Photographers back in the day wanted to capture a simulated death. They wanted to create their own death scene and even be the producers of death as they could place the cause of death inside the frame, too. Highly creative, yet highly provocative. These photographers were bold for their time. If we get the chills when looking at some of these images right now knowing what we know, try and put yourself in a Victorian lace-up bootie and see how risky such photos really were. These photographers were straight up pioneers.

9 The ghost-mother


Ok, she’s not a ghost, but maybe for the photo, she’s pretending to be. Why? Because people from previous decades aren’t us – in the sense that their sense of humor and style were drastically divergent. What we might call cool, they might call disgusting and vice versa. You see, while we’re all humans at the end of the day, it’s the society in which we move that determines so much about us. So, perhaps this was a style of photo where the mother hid herself away to let her children shine. Maybe the mother had a deformity. Maybe the mother was shy. Maybe the mother didn’t believe in photos and thought that it sucked up her soul, but then why would she allow her children’s photo to be taken? Maybe it’s not even the mother, maybe it’s the nanny or the next-door neighbor. The possibilities are endless, but what isn’t is the fact that for us today, this screams creepy. Who would ever take a photo with children and cover their head? This woman. And in some ways, it’s really daring for whatever reason she did it.

8 Hang loose while we take a pix, plz


At first, you might not have seen it, but once you see it, you can’t not see it. When it comes to creepy, we honestly don’t care if it’s staged or not. It’s the effect that matters. And this one hits the target, dead on, deadly with the arrow. Whether or not it’s photoshopped also does not matter. We believe it when we initially see it, and we gasp and we go, “Oh my God.” We wonder who the hanging person is? We wonder if they can see him. We wonder if it’s the husband or the grandfather. We wonder if it’s a spirit way older than they realize. We do not wonder, though, whether this is real or not. We love it, not because we love death but because it exists. We love it because it gives us goosebumps. What more do you want form a creepy photo article that says it will haunt you for life?

7 Listen to me, little girl


That’s one of many things this guy could be saying, but we can’t be too sure. What we can be sure of is that he’s a clown and he’s a little clown. For some of us, this is the ultimate scare. Plus, with the old timey black and white and the tent in the background, we can only imagine what really went on here. It might be staged, but who cares. The photographer got the desired effect –creepy. And with a circus or freak show in the background, it further impacts the entire scene. We can even hear the songs beckoning us to hop on a carnival ride, the movement of the wheel of fortune squeaking away, the vendors selling and inviting us. We know the scene and we dig it because even as adults were still a little scared of carnival and the carnival lifestyle.

6 Pile of bones


In North America, bones should be put away. That is they should buried 6-feet underground where they belong. But that’s not the way the rest of the world thinks. While this could be in North America, it’s more likely that’s it’s not. Or at least that’s what we want to think, anyways. In Europe, there are churches and buildings created from human bones - no kidding. Go to the Czech Republic, Portugal, or even France where you’ll find many relics built with human bones. Who knows the reason why all these bones are here in this picture, but they are. It feels like genocide and surely feels like something full of injustice. Or it could be the beginning of what is now known as the catacombs in Paris. The underground ossuaries were dug up cemeteries because the infrastructure flooded the gravesites and sent bones floating through the city. They eventually stacked all them bones up very nice and neatly underground? Go check it out.

5 People be scary


Why is it that old timey people be looking extra scary? Something tells me it has a lot to do with the black and white photos, but something else tells me that life was hard and photos captured that. No doubt life must’ve been much harsher than it is now, but there’s no excuse for an entire family to have scary faces in this picture. It’s not just grandpa who is terrorizing this family portrait, but grandma even gets in on the action. They seem to be made for each other with such hell fire in their eyes. And the child appears possessed, as if an entity is calling out from behind her/his eyes. Whatever their life was like, I can assure you, we want none of it. This photo speaks volumes and it says the past was a scary place that gave people demon faces. Yikes. Not even a little smirk, not even an inkling.

4 The death cave


Well, it might not be a death cave, but it definitely feels that way. It looks that way. And it feels like some of those figures are out to get us. A ceiling full of angle-demons must have been what people considered a good time back when. Peep their amusement, by the way. It’s like their own private joke. And if they are drinking any absinthe, then this is definitely some trippy party. It looks dark, murky, spooky and just what the kids ordered for the weekend during this time period. No one seems a bit bothered by the menacing figures. Then one begins to think, is this place more than meets the eye? Is it more than just a pub? Could this be a meeting of a clandestine necromancer club or a pre-séance soirée? Whatever it is, it’s not familiar to us and therefore creeps us out. Feel your mind swelling up with all the macabre ideas that could be behind this scene.

3 The bald and beautiful


Bald is beautiful, yes. I am all for a bald-headed woman, but this one has taken it a bit far. It might be the designs on her forehead, perhaps they are tattoos, or it might be the black teeth, but she screams creepy. It’s almost as though she speaks through the photo. Take a moment and look at her. Wait for it. Stay quiet and sit still. She will speak, dear reader, if you just listen. It feels like she’s done something she shouldn’t have or is about to do something she shouldn’t. Either way, I kind of like that about her. But I think it’s the black teeth that set this photo’s creepy factor over the edge. Remember, dental hygiene was not as it is today. Bad teeth were often pulled and teeth were cleaned using burnt herbs and red wine. No wonder this poor woman is giving us her creepy smile, maybe she’s just happy that she still has all her teeth despite the fact that they´re all black.

2 Twin clowns, just no


Some of y’all are bugging right now. Clowns are bad enough, but they double them, and shrink them down, making you shake like a leaf in your boots, right where you stand (or sit). Even if clowns aren’t an issue for you, you got to admit that this photo has serious creepy vibes. Are these children or little people? Are they wearing thick white make-up or a cloth on their faces? Why is this even a thing? Who knows? People might have found twins to be a blessing, thus dressing them up in certain outfits and having their picture taken. It could be that these twins are child performers. Just think about that. Whatever they do, they are dressed like this. So even if it’s adorable, there will be that creepy crawly aspect that will shake you to the bone. Twin anything can give the creeps of for many people. If you are one of them, I am sorry about this post and the next one.

1 More twins, more madness


Twins must have been a thing back then. As a society, we are fascinated by twins. Stories and photos tell us this, but these bizarre twin photo shoots are not what we are really into. It’s one thing to be a spooky twin adult, but why with the kids? Come on. Leave the kids out of it, please. They are death glaring and staring so hard they seem to be burning a hole into the other. With their pale skin, hair, and eyes, these twins reach a level of creepy that challenges even the clown twins. This photo gives off that bad luck and a spell brewing vibe. Whatever the reason for this photo, we can only surmise. But in keeping with the theme of this article, imagine your most sinister plot ever and run with it. Then run away, tuck under the covers, and try to forget some of these images –if you can.

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