15 Creepy Engagement Photos That'll Make You Cringe

Most girls dream of the day when the man they love gets down on one knee to propose. It's truly a magical time in a couple's life, and they can't wait to share the news with family and friends. There are so many things a couple can do to ensure their engagement photos are ones that everyone will remember forever, from picking out matching outfits to selecting the perfect scenery that will make an awesome backdrop. But some couples aren't too concerned with making their photos look like a glam production. Instead, they add some humor and really let their personalities shine through by staging some unforgettable engagement pictures.

To the ones they love, these photos are probably the most beautiful photos ever. But to the rest of the world, well, we can't help but cringe. You'll see everything from pictures that look like they belong in a horror movie to a couple wearing oversized animal heads. There's just no limit to how far some people will go to make their pictures as creepy and awkward as possible.

If you're looking for engagement photo ideas, take notes from these couples on what NOT to do. We've rounded up 15 creepy engagement photos that are so cringeworthy they'll literally make you LOL.

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15 A Scene From a Horror Movie?


We're not going to ease in with the creepiness. We're going to go full throttle with the creep factor by starting off with this mind-boggling photo. What exactly is going on in this picture? We're not even sure. Hopefully, this couple staged this horror scene-inspired photo and they're really not five seconds away from getting devoured by those monsters who are lurking through the window. We're all for couples letting their imaginations run wild when it comes to taking their engagement photos, but perhaps they took things a bit too far with this one. Most people love to proudly show off their engagement pictures by hanging them on their walls, but who would want something like this on display in their home? And if they ever have kids, let's just hope their children never come across this picture. We're almost sure one glance at this photo would instantly freak them out! Talk about a nightmare.

14 Kitty Cat


Animal lovers can't get enough of incorporating their pets into their engagement photos, and can you really blame them? Adding your cute and cuddly furry friend to the photos that represent an exciting time in your life is always a good thing. But sometimes, couples take their love for their pets a little too far. Just take a look at this engagement picture, for example. We love that the man and woman are wearing matching outfits. The color red really stands out in a good way! Their adorable cat is also wearing a matching red sweater. Okay, kind of weird, but we'll let that slide for now. The creepiest part about this picture is the superimposed image of the cat floating in the background. The look on the cat's face is hilarious. It looks like it just saw a ghost! Or maybe it's thinking to itself, "Just snap the picture so I can take this hideous sweater off and get back to my catnip!"

13 At the Parking Meter


When it comes to picking the perfect location to take engagement photos, anything goes. We've seen pictures taken at amusement parks, inside restaurants, at the library, and in the middle of a busy intersection. This photo doesn't fit into any of these categories, unfortunately. But one thing's for certain: This photo is just flat out weird. The happy couple thought it would be a good idea to pose in front of a parking meter, and we wish they had a friend or family member around to tell them how bad of an idea this was. The only way this picture would even be remotely acceptable is if the man and woman first met and fell in love while fighting over a parking spot one random Saturday morning. But if not, this picture is just all sorts of strange! And don't get us started on the look on the guy's face. You can tell he knew this photo was a bad idea the second the photographer shouted, "Say cheese!"

12 Til Death Do Us Part


Um, okay. Can you say morbid? This picture really pushes the envelope, and it's quite possible we've never seen anything like it. We get the whole "'til death do us part" theme, but did they really have to include the coffin in the picture? And where does one just find a random coffin? Did they rent it, or did they purchase it and store in their garage for later? You know, just in case? We may never know, and gladly, we'll never have to find out. On the bright side, this couple looks so glamorous in their outfits, don't you think? The girl's dress looks beautiful, and we're really digging all the red layers of fabric. If you ignore the fact that they're just chilling inside of a final resting place, this picture really isn't that horrible. Just imagine that the coffin is actually a chaise lounge or a fluffy couch instead. See? It's not so bad after all, right?

11 Animal Heads


While some couples include their pets in their photos, other people go the route of trying to look like animals instead. This engaged couple posed in the middle of nature for their beautiful picture, but what's up with the costumes on their heads? Are those really lion and horse masks they're wearing? We have so many questions and there are just not enough answers to explain this mess!

The fact that they're wearing big, monstrous animal masks means they can't share a kiss during their engagement photo shoot even if they tried. Well, we guess they could've rubbed the lion's nose and the horse's nose together to show some affection, but that would've been beyond weird, too! We're finding it impossible to make this photo OK, and we keep failing at trying to justifying the costumes. All we can wonder is, "What were they thinking?!" Would you ever wear a massive, oversized animal head for your engagement photos or is this entire concept just a little too wacky for you?

10 So Trashy


If you thought the parking meter picture was bad, just take a look at this picture. A couple decided to head out to their local park to snap their engagement photos. Instead of posing next to a tree or beside a lake, they headed straight towards the most unlikely spot: Right next to a trashcan. Okay, eww!

Even if the trashcan was empty, we can imagine there was a leftover stench and the grimy residue was probably emitting an awful smell into the air. And I'm not sure about you, but I always try my best to AVOID touching any trashcan whether it be in my home or out in public. It's just not something you want to rub your hands all over. But these two didn't think twice about placing their hands all over the receptacle bin. Are they nuts? (That's a rhetorical question BTW).

We wonder where they got the great idea to pose next to the trashcan. Do you think it was the photographer's idea, or were they inspired by Sesame Street's Oscar the Grouch? We may never know.

9 Very Flexible


We want to like this picture. We really do. But there's just something about it that makes us shudder. Okay, we're lying. There are multiple things about this picture that make us cringe. That's why we placed it high on our creepy engagement photos list. So, let's start with the girl first, shall we?

Props to her for being flexible enough to contort herself into this pose. But why TF is she doing a backbend while being thrust into the air by her fiancé? And then the awkward kiss they're sharing at such a weird angle makes my neck hurt, so I can only imagine how they felt during that moment. Then, there are the random balloons off in the distance. I love the colors, and they're really festive so they add a bit of fun to the picture. But the string of the balloons really looks like it's coming right of the guy's butt, doesn't it? Considering this couple's love for doing tricks, we wouldn't be surprised if the string really was attached to his tush.

8 Stuck In Time


Here's an old school photo that proves people have been taking weird AF engagement photos since the beginning of time. The woman in this picture looks absolutely beautiful. She's giving the camera a bit of Elizabeth Taylor mixed in with a sprinkle of Sophia Loren. Making her the focal point of the picture was a great idea, and it's clear the camera loves her. But what's up with her fiancé's image hovering inside the clock? Was he not around when the original photo was taken so the film developer superimposed his face into the picture later on? Or did this couple really think it was a good idea to have the man's image just chilling inside a clock? We've seen some strange pictures so far, and this one might take the cake as the weirdest of them all! We wonder if they added his floating head to their wedding pictures, too?

7 To the Grave


Okay, what's up with people's obsession with coffins and graveyards? This is getting sort of weird, don't you think? I can kind of understand a couple incorporating a deceased loved one into their engagement photo shoot by having a photo of their family member on display. But posing next to the headstone? Morbid and awkward!

This couple headed out to the cemetery to take their engagement photos, and they stopped at this headstone along the way. Hopefully, it belonged to someone they knew because if not, that would make this picture even more strange! It's nice that the headstone has the word "love" carved into it, but other than that, we're going to have to give this picture two thumbs down! Anything related to graveyards should be off limits when it comes to engagement photos. It just gives us the heebie-jeebies! And can you imagine if a ghost popped up and photobombed their pictures?

6 The Thirst


Judging by many of the pictures on this list, it's pretty clear that the park is many couples' favorite place to take their engagement photos. You've probably seen a few park engagement photo shoots too, am I right? A meticulously landscaped park can create a scenic and gorgeous backdrop for any style photo shoot. So far, we've seen the couple posing next to the trashcan, and we've tried to erase that awful memory from our minds. This time around, we have a couple posing next to a water fountain. Okay, kind of cute...but kind of strange at the same time.

We're not sure what the purpose or meaning of this photo is. Maybe the two stopped to take a drink and decided it would be the perfect opportunity to have a photo snapped, too. We're not too sure. But the fact that they're even drinking the rancid water out of the water fountain is making my tummy hurt. And to top it off, they actually looked thrilled to be drinking from the fountain, as well. Can someone give these two a bottle of water, please?

5 Taking a Whiff


Nothing gives me all the feels more than a picture of a couple in love. Engagement photos, in particular, really bring out the best in two people who are ready to spend the rest of their lives together. You can just see the love in their eyes and the affection they have for each other. Most times, it doesn't even matter what's going on in the background of the picture. As long as the couple looks like they're madly in love with each other, it can make up for a bad location IMHO. But this picture is just downright creepy.

The girl looks perfectly fine, but it's her fiancé who is creeping us out big time! When we look at this photo, it appears that he's trying to inhale her through his nostrils! Maybe her perfume was just that intoxicating, or maybe she forgot to take a shower that day.

4 Such a Jokster


We love a funny photo, especially one that really brings out people's amazing sense of humor. This couple decided to ditch the stern and serious photos that most people take when they're celebrating their engagement. And instead, they brought the LOLs in a photo that we're sure made their family and friends burst into laughter.

The woman is standing front and center with her arms crossed. And she has a bit of a smile on her face which lets us know she knew exactly what was going on behind her. As you can see, her fiancé thought this was the perfect opportunity to relieve himself, and he even gave the thumbs up sign to the camera, too!

We're sure this woman is used to her man acting like a goof, so this photo probably depicts their personalities perfectly! We just hope she doesn't regret going along with this photo years later when she looks back at her engagement pictures!

3 Super Random


Okay, think about your favorite fruit. Now, think about incorporating your favorite fruit into your engagement photos. Is this something you would do? If your answer is no, you're not alone. Most people don't think about adding food into their engagement pictures at all. We've seen pets, animal heads, and trash cans so far, but fruit is some new, creepy element that we've yet to discuss.

So take a look at this picture of an engagement photo shoot that is definitely cringeworthy. From what we can see off in the distance, the couple appears to be lovely. But we're not sure why two slices of watermelon are front and center. To top it off, the slices have rings sitting on top of them. Maybe this couple really has a thing for the fruit, but either way, we knew we couldn't leave this creepy picture off of our list! It's so epically strange!

2 It's Raining Leaves


Some couples decide to spice up their engagement photos by throwing some glitter or confetti into the air. It can really add a burst of color to a photo and can make the pictures look like a festive celebration! We understand what look this couple was going for with the leaves being thrown in the air, but their execution was completely off a.k.a. an epic fail!

As you can see, the girl is loving the addition of the leaves because a gust of wind blew them all into her fiancé's face! Just look at him. Doesn't he look absolutely thrilled? You can barely make out the scowl on his face because his face is covered in a bunch of flying leaves! This picture would have been much better if maybe the leaves were just scattered on the ground around their feet. Instead, it looks like the poor guy is getting attacked by the foliage.

1 The Best Photobomb


If you decide to take your engagement photos in the middle of the day, you run the risk of a passerby accidentally creeping their way into your pictures. This is why most people go to secluded locations, or they take their pictures as the sun is rising and while everyone else is still fast asleep. This couple obviously didn't get the memo, and the timing of their picture was so off!

The couple posed for a super lovey-dovey picture, but they didn't notice there was a man sitting off in the distance. Not only is the man photobombing their picture, but take a closer look. His pants are hanging off! Thankfully, he didn't completely moon the camera, but his presence is enough to ruin their special moment! Let's hope their photographer was skilled in Photoshop and was able to remove the man's image from their picture. If not, this will forever go down as the best engagement picture photobomb EVER!

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