15 Creepy Actors Who Are Actually Pretty Yummy

It may only be September but Halloween is right around the corner. You may think that it is too early to start getting ready for October but the rest of us have been waiting for October since last October. We all love the pumpkin carving and costume parties but the best part of Halloween is watching scary movies. Though a lot of horror films are generally disliked because of the cheap jump scares and predictable plots, the horror genre is full of great movies. Every great horror movie has a great monster and behind each great monster is an actor and sometimes that actor is actually hot.

Though not every actor on this list played a villain in a horror film, they all played characters who are totally creepy. Whether they are playing a killer clown, an evil spirit, or an animal-human hybrid, it's still Hollywood and the actor who plays the villain must be attractive underneath all of that makeup and CGI. Some of these characters are murderous psychopaths, there is also a demon-posessed girl, another is a freak from American Horror Story: Freak Show, and another is a recurring character on a popular comedy show. They may all play different kinds of characters but what they have in common is that they are all hot and they are all good at being creepy.

15 Bill Skarsgard

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Let's face it, clowns are never hot--unless of course, you're one of the Skarsgard brothers. While It is killing it at the box office, the young Skarsgard brother is taking the internet by storm with his killer good looks. It's been 27 years since Tim Curry famously played the killer demon clown, Pennywise, in the classic Stephen King horror story and it's the part that the young actor was born to play since he was born the same year that the original TV movie premiered. The brother of Alex Skarsgard and the son of Stellan Skarsgard, Bill Skarsgard has taken on the family business as playing strange and sometimes villainous characters. Of all of King's various monsters and psychopaths, Pennywise is one of the scariest but underneath all of that makeup and CGI is a real sweetheart with beautiful green eyes.

14 Charlize Theron

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Speaking of serial killers, Charlize Theron famously portrayed one of the most notorious female serial killers ever in Monster. Theron played Aileen Wuornos and went from one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood to this famous serial killer who was responsible for the deaths of 6 men who were murdered in the late 80s and early 90s. In order to go from hot to not, Theron had her hair fried to thin it out, she shaved off half of her eyebrow and bleached the rest, wore fake teeth, and had her skin layered with washed off tattoo ink so that it would look weathered and dried out. As much as the Academy may disagree, going through a brutal transformation for a role does not necessarily earn you an Oscar, Theron won her Oscar for her performance and not just for her bleached eyebrows.

13 Jodelle Ferland

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Many horror films include a creepy child who sings nursery rhymes slowly who ends up being a ghost or possessed by a demon or evil spirit. Silent Hill's resident creepy child is Alessa Gillespie who was killed as a sacrifice because she was born out of wedlock and because she had psychic power--a double whammy. Jodelle Ferland plays Alessa and also plays Dark Alessa who is the manifestation of Alessa's rage which totally makes sense because if you were sacrificed, you'd probably be pretty mad too. Though she plays the creepy child, Ferland grew up to be a not-so-creepy adult. She's 22 years old now and appeared in the Twilight movies as Bree Tanner. Though she looks totally different now, she hasn't fully gotten away from the creepy child aesthetic since she also played Patience Buckner, a zombie child, in Cabin in the Woods.

12 Daveigh Chase

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In our current digital age, a horror movie about a cursed videotape sounds pretty ridiculous but way back in 2002, it was terrifying. Samara Morgan is the iconic creepy girl from The Ring with long black hair who is somehow able to psychically etch images into objects and minds which she uses her powers to torment her family and various horses. Samara is played by the beautiful Daveigh Chase and by looking at her, you would never know that she played the monster in a horror movie. She is 27 years old now but she is known mostly for portraying children such as the floor-crawling vengeful ghost of The Ring and she played the 15-year-old bride to be of a old cult leader in Big Love. She also has voiced characters for children's animated movies such as Lilo in Lilo & Stich and Chihiro in Spirited Away.

11 Naomi Grossman

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American Horror Story has a lot of creepy characters played by a lot of hot actors and actresses, however most of them get to remain hot as their characters. This was not the case for Naomi Grossman who played Pepper in AHS:Asylum and AHS:Freak Show. Pepper is a microcephalic woman who was a part of Fräulein Elsa's Cabinet of Curiosities before she was committed to Briarcliff Manor after she was convicted of murder. Though she looks creepy, she's actually pretty harmless (it turns out that she was framed for the murder) and definitely not as dangerous as the rest of the characters on this list. However, it's hard to believe that under all of those prosthetics, makeup, and false teeth that there is a beautiful actress!

10 Thesy Surface

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This is the only comedic entry on the list but Margaret McPoyle of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia may actually be creepier than everyone else listed. She is the creepy uni-browed sister of the McPoyle brothers who are often depicted in bathrobes while drinking warm milk. All of the McPoyle's are notoriously gross and Margaret is no exception. Margaret never speaks on the show but she does lick her lips like a lizard in order to communicate. She is played by Thesy Surface (pronounced like "Daisy" with a "T") who is actually not creepy at all nor does she have a unibrow. In fact, she has to go through a long "uglifying" process before they can begin shooting. In reality, she's pretty hot. She is a comedic actress who has mostly appeared in dark comedies which appears to be her forte.

9 Delphine Chanéac

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Splice was not a big hit at the box office mostly because it was weird, dark, and disturbing but it is one of the few science-fiction/horror movies that have been released in the last decade--seriously, what happened to movies like Alien and The Thing? The story of Splice centers on a scientific couple who create a half-human/half-animal person just because they can (this never works out well in movies). Though they are warned not to carry out their experiment, they do it anyway and, of course, it ends up being a very bad idea that gets people killed. Despite being fairly predictable, their creation, Dren, is supposed to be creepy/hot and she/it is mostly just creepy. Delphine Chanéac is the actress who plays Dren and she is definitely more hot than creepy, at least in real life.

8 Jennifer Carpenter

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A year before she appeared on Dexter in 2006, Jennifer Carpenter played the titular character in the horror/legal flick, The Exorcism of Emily Rose. In the film she plays a supposedly demon-possessed girl who dies after an exorcism and legal action is taken against the priest who performed the exorcism and he is defended by an atheist lawyer. The movie is loosely based on the story of Anneliese Michel who was diagnosed with temporal lobe epilepsy but her parents assumed that she was possessed by demons. She died of malnutrition and dehydration and Michel's parents and the two priests were actually found guilty of negligent homicide. Emily Rose is no Regan MacNeil of The Exorcist but she is pretty creepy.

7 Isabelle Fuhrman

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Here is another creepy child in a horror movie! In the 2009 movie, Orphan, Esther is a 9-year-old Russian girl who is adopted by a family after their third child is stillborn. Almost immediately, they can tell something is off about Esther especially when she tries to kill her new brother by locking him in a tree house and setting it on fire. It turns out that Ester is actually a 33-year-old woman with hypopituitarism which is a condition that stunts a person's growth. It also turns out that she is incredibly violent and she has killed multiple people. In real life, Isabelle Fuhrman is not a 33-year-old woman but she is all grown up! She's 20 years old and you may recognize her from her role as Clove in The Hunger Games.

6 Jamie Dornan

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Before Jamie Dornan became Christian Grey, he was a psychopathic serial killer on BBC2's The Fall alongside Gillian Anderson. This show is not for the faint of heart and it was described as, "the most repulsive drama ever broadcast on British TV” because of it's graphic portrayal of violence against women. Not only were fans of the show deeply disturbed by Dornan's character but it even affected him as well and he said in an interview that he even followed a woman off the train and for several blocks in order to get into character. Um, creepy! Regardless of the terrifying character he plays, Dornan is so hot that he was chosen to play the title character in the Fifty Shades of Grey franchise that makes anyone who watches the movies swoon. Still, Christian Grey is a pretty creepy character too but Jamie Dornan seems like a nice guy.

5 Jake Gyllenhaal

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While Charlize Theron gained 30 pounds to play a psychopath in Monster, Jake Gyllenhaal lost 30 pounds to play a different kind of psychopath in Nightcrawler. Gyllenhaal goes from being a heartthrob who inspired a Taylor Swift song to a weird, bug-eyed creep. Gyllenhaal's character goes from scavenger to crime scene photographer and will go to any lengths to get the shot, all while having a general disregard for the victims of the crimes. Gyllenhaal has played other equally creepy characters such as his breakout role as the titular character in Donnie Darko and later in his career as the weird police officer in End of Watch. Gyllenhaal is one of those actors who can play the offbeat romantic lead and the creepy anti-hero though he seems to fall short of both roles just enough to make him come across as misplaced in Hollywood and maybe he is. Regardless, he's pretty hot.

4 Heath Ledger

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This list would not be complete without Heath Ledger as the Joker in The Dark Knight. Back before the movie was released, there was a lot of doubt regarding the sexy actor playing the iconic DC villain but his performance surprised everyone and it is often said to be one of the best performances in a movie ever. Up until that point in his career, he was known more as the hot leading man (think 10 Things I Hate About You and A Knight's Tale) than the serious actor (even though he was nominated for an Oscar for his performance in Brokeback Mountain) but he proved to be terrifying and talented in the villainous role. Underneath all of that makeup and greasy green hair, Ledger was, and always will be, the ultimate heartthrob.

3 Manu Bennett

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Unfortunately, there is a lot less makeup and a lot more CGI in Hollywood today and it leads to a lot of  surprising and creepy transformations. One of which is the orc leader Azog in the CGI-heavy Lord of the Rings prequels, The Hobbit Trilogy. Unlike the commercially and critically successful Lord of the Rings films, there are very few practical effects and the Pale Orc was no exception. Manu Bennett did the voice and the performance capture for Azog and appears in all of the films even though he is only mentioned in the books. This hunky actor is known for his performance as Slade Wilson in Arrow who appeared in season 1 of the hit CW show and was brought back as a series regular because Arrow fans needed more Manu in their lives.

2 Mads Mikkelson

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There have been several actors who have portrayed the infamous literary character, Hannibal Lector but Mads Mikkelsen is the hottest--though Gaspard Ulliel, the French model/actor who played Hannibal in the movie Hannibal Rising is pretty hot too. Mikkelsen is very good at playing a villain which he does in The Three MusketeersDoctor Strange, Casino Royale and even in the music video for Rihanna's "B**ch Better Have My Money" in which he plays the accountant who steals Rihanna's money. But his best role and performance is as the infamous cannibal in NBC's Hannibal. In real life, however, he's not nearly as creepy as he is on TV.  The Danish actor was originally a dancer and gymnast before he switched the acting and he later became Denmark's most famous export. He's also a family man with two children and he's been with his wife for thirty years.

1 Iwan Rheon

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Game of Thrones is full of creepy characters who are scheming, devious, treacherous, and sometimes downright evil. However, there is one character who stands out from the rest because of his psychotic nature. Ramsay Bolton is a sadistic psychopath who assaults and kills women for fun and enjoys flaying his family's enemies alive. In the show, we see just how evil Ramsay is when he tortures the annoying Theon Greyjoy to the point where he actually felt bad for him. In the books Ramsay is described as ugly, with blotchy skin and dry, dark hair and while he may not look exactly like that in the show, he is definitely creepy. However, the actor who plays Ramsay is Iwan Rheon and he is a not creepy at all. Not only is he an actor but he is also an indie folk singer/songwriter. See? Not creepy at all.

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