15 Creepiest Celebrity Ghost Stories

Humans live in a dimension all on their own, but the question nearly as old as the human race is still the subject of controversy today: where do we go when we die? Some believe our souls live on, going to either a fruitful paradise of an afterlife or a certain fiery depth we'll keep nameless. However, what about the grey area, what if there are souls that do not wish to pass on? This is where the subject of the paranormal, whether a believer or not, the concept is fascinating to all. The interesting thing about paranormal occurrences is that it can happen to anyone, even the mega-celebs we read about. In this article we'll take you through the 15 creepiest celeb ghost stories, forcing you to ask yourself the question: do you believe in ghosts?

15 Haylie Duff's Real Life Horror Film

The 7th Heaven actress got her first taste of the otherworldly at age nineteen when she was being cast for a horror film. After reviewing the script, she describes being jolted awake between 3:00-3:30 a.m. to the sight of a middle-aged woman, draped in red and yellow. She then finds that she can see herself from three different perspectives: looking at her feet, an aerial view, and sitting up. Duff claims that what happened next was an indescribable but swift certainty that the woman standing before her was Buddhist, the woman then proceeded to grab her feet. What comes next Duff cannot explain: she had an overwhelming feeling that the man she had discussed the horror film script with earlier that day, had died. The next morning a phone call confirms her premonition: Joe, the man who had cast her for the part had died the night prior at around 3:30 a.m. The phone call also confirmed that Joe was Buddhist.

14 Laura Prepon's Mansion Meltdown

Though we will always affectionately remember her as Donna from That 70’s Show, Laura Prepon has moved on to other roles, playing Alex in the Netflix series Orange is the New Black. However, Prepon’s celebrity status did not give her a free pass on ghost visitation. Upon relocating from Augora Hills, she purchases a beautiful old English manor in stark white. At first in love with the home, once entering the master she couldn’t shake the “hair standing up on the back of your neck feeling” she got from the bedroom. In the days following, Prepon was jolted awake in the middle of the night by a large bang, her dog cowering in the corner, and the sunroom door open and banging against the wall. The days after, Prepon is prepping for Thanksgiving the next day when she and a friend hear a knock at the door, and a woman saying “hello”. Curiously, they answer the door and no one is there, immediately after the pair hears music from a small radio blaring from the master bedroom, with no one in the room to turn it on. In the following days, friends and staff of Prepon’s report seeing an old woman in the bedroom.

13 Heather McDonald's Hotel Horror

Some of you may know funny girl Heather McDonald from her stand-up comedy, or as a contributor on Chelsea Lately, but when asked about the occult, Heather was no longer all smiles. The encounter began normally, McDonald was in New York getting ready to film an episode of Chelsea Lately, when she arrived at her hotel. After laying out her clothes and organizing her makeup, McDonald was getting ready for bed when she set the thermostat in her room to a cozy 71 degrees. She began to slip into sleep, only to awaken around 3 am, to a freezing room and a shadow standing in the entryway of her hotel, however, when she turned on the light, no one was there. The next night, McDonald experienced the same thing ten-fold, when she awoke again this time, the dark figure was on top with the hands clenched tight around her neck, McDonald reports being able to feel the hairs on the forearm of the dark figure. When she finally broke free, she turned on the light again to find the room empty yet again.

12 Playmate Poltergeist

Some of you may remember blonde bombshell Bridget Marquardt from The Girls Next Door, a reality show chronicling her life as a Playmate. However, at least one moment of Marquardt’s life wasn’t so glamorous: the night she and her cousin decided to play with a Ouija board. At first, the then 12-year-old Bridget Marquardt and her cousin were delighted to see the board actually work, however, the situation turned grim when Marquardt’s cousin asked about someone she knew would be on the other side. According to Marquardt, her cousin’s sister had lost her boyfriend recently, the police declared it suicide, however, those who knew him speculated it was murder. When the Ouija board was asked if the young man had been murdered, the planchette shot to “yes”. In the days that followed Marquardt reported seeing an apparition of her great-grandfather appear in front of her often, he would even visit her sometimes in various forms of decay. However, Marquardt claims she knew all along the figure couldn’t be her grandfather. The apparition would stare back at her with piercing blue eyes, even though her grandfather’s were brown.

11 The Ghost of an Actress

In the years before Kaya Anderson graced us as one of the members of the pop sensation girl group, the Pussycat Dolls, she experienced a Hollywood haunt that’ll make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. After gazing at a beautiful 1920’s walk-up in Hollywood for years, a for rent sign finally popped up. Upon touring the apartment Jones knew she had to live there. But no sooner than when she moved in, strange things started to occur. One day, when she’s telling her cousin she wants to paint a whole wall in her apartment red, the lights start to flicker on and off and one by one every overhead lightbulb bursts. Soon after, the walls begin to whisper her name. Finally, one night, the mirrors fall right from the walls and Jones hears a shrill demonic scream arise out of nowhere, she describes it as a sound that wasn’t human. Jones knew she had to move. Then, on moving day an elderly man who lives above her tells her the apartment once belonged to Academy Award nominated actress Dorothy Dandridge, whom after being subject to an abusive relationship and financial problems took her own life in the very same apartment.

10 Aaron Carter's Granny Seance

Surely, we all remember Aaron Carter as the childhood sensation that gave us the early 2000s anthem “I Want Candy”. However, once Carter was all grown up he would have a very memorable experience with the paranormal, with his grandmother. Carter describes having an extremely close relationship with his grandmother through the course of his life, so close in fact that she asked Carter to perform a ritual upon hearing of her death. Carter’s grandmother asks him to light a candle as soon as he hears about her death. He does so, he describes lighting the candle and watching the flame dance, when the flame put itself out. Immediately, Carter began to feel claustrophobic, however, he knew he made a promise to his grandmother and decided to follow through and remain in the room. As soon as he smelled the smell that comes off a recently blown out candle, a wash of cold air came over him. Then, from one second to the next his grandmother appeared in front of him once more. She whispered “I told you”, and then disappeared once more.

9 Audrina Patridge's Stalker Spirit

We all know Audrina Patridge as one of the hotties from MTV’s The Hills, however, contrary to popular belief, the scariest thing in Audrina’s past actually isn’t Justin Bobby. Four years before Audrina was cast on The Hills an entity became attached to her when she and her friends visited a supposedly haunted mansion in Bel Air. When they pull up to see the broken window and tattered curtains blowing out, a mist appeared in the shape of a large man. Patridge says she commanded her friend to put the foot on the gas, but when she arrived at home in the days following she could feel the figure’s energy watching her, next to her at all times. Until all those fears came to a head when she awoke in the middle of the night to see a dark figure standing at the edge of the bed. Patridge looked up the home and found that the mist she saw was actually a man who had taken his own life because his wife had been unfaithful, Patridge believes she reminded the mist of his unfaithful wife, which is why he attached himself to her.

8 Tyler Blackburn's Pretty Little Apparition

We know Tyler Blackburn as the drool-worthy beau of Hannah Marin on Pretty Little Liars, Caleb Rivers. However, it turns out that all of that mysterious energy may not be all an act. We’re not sure if Caleb Rivers has ever seen a ghost, but we know Tyler Blackburn has. Soon after Blackburn turns 21 he moves into a 1940’s-esque Hollywood apartment, he describes it as being surely “lived in”, little did he know that there may actually be something living there. One night, Blackburn is watching t.v. at around one in the morning when he hears a vibrating noise, quietly at first and then all-consuming, the sound was deafening and the blinds were shaking. However, as soon as Tyler found the courage to move, the vibrating ceased. However, one night Blackburn was dead asleep with a girlfriend when they awoke to a cold sensation. The jolted awake to find a freezing wet puddle in between them on the bed, the length of a person. To this day, Blackburn stands by the fact that a ghost was laying between them.

7 Prince of Darkness' Son Dances with the Devil

Jack Osbourne may be the son of the prince of darkness himself, but even Jack admits that growing up with father Ozzy Osbourne could not have prepared him for the encounter he would have with the undead. Osbourne describes growing up in a very old historic mansion in Buckinghamshire, England, fun at first, during construction the Osbournes would find old photos, maps, newspapers, and even an old gun. However, the eeriness became sever when Osbourne began to note seeing things out of the corner of his eye, even one day seeing a closet door open and shut repeatedly all on its own, almost as if someone was saying “here I am”. For years and years the strange goings on continue, including footsteps walking down the hall when no one else was home, voices, cabinets opening and shutting, however, the Osbournes didn’t pay much mind. However, one day Jack and Ozzy were watching television when a dark figure appeared looming over them, after staring at them he shuffled down the hall. They soon brought in a clairvoyant who told them the man was a patient because their home had once been a hospital for officers injured in World War 1 and 2.

6 Regis Philbin's Off Camera Interview with a Ghost

We affectionately know him as Regis from Live! With Regis and Kelly, in fact, Philbin holds the Guinness World Record for the most time spent in front of a camera. However, it’s Philbin’s dance with the famous haunted landmark, the Whaley house, that lands him on this list. The story begins when Philbin interviews a ghost hunter on his talk show, finding the man interesting Philbin agrees to go with him to the Whaley house the next time he’s in California. The pair follows through, but this time, the ghost hunter has brought a guest: a woman from England whom he claims is a real witch. They shot the segment, had a séance, but Philbin still had his doubts. He decided he would go back to the Whaley house with an old friend, a tough marine who didn’t believe in ghosts. After they turn out all the lights, an apparition appeared and the marine began to crawl on his hands and knees toward the ghostly woman, Philbin was in so much fear, he beamed on the flashlight only to reveal no one standing there. However, to this day Philbin is certain he saw the ghost of Anna Whaley.

5 Princess Leia's Dead House Guest

The late great icon Carrie Fisher is most widely known for her role on the silver screen as Princess Leia, in box office monster hit Star Wars. However, one of Fisher’s most dramatic moments happened off screen when she encountered the paranormal. One night, a friend named Greg Stevens had been spending the weekend at Fisher’s for Academy Awards weekend. Other friends were staying with Fisher so Stevens slept in her bed, however, Fisher would wake up to one of the grimmest mornings of her life. That morning she awoke to find her friend, dead beside her in bed, the medical examiners said the 42-year-old died of heart failure. After that, Fisher reports feeling his energy all around her home, even hearing voices. Fisher reports having someone come take a look at the home, just to make sure the spirit was her dear friend Greg Stevens, it was, and the medium reported Stevens simply didn’t want to leave because her home was where he felt comfortable.

4 Two Rockstars and a Ghost

Alice Cooper is widely known for his on stage persona, complete with black eye makeup and catchy hits. His story begins when he meets up with Aerosmith singer, Joe Perry, both fresh off a stint in rehab. The pair drove to an ominous mansion in upstate New York, then owned by a friend, in order to write songs. However, shortly after they arrived, the rock stars began to notice strange goings on that raised the hair on the back of their necks. Water faucets would turn on with no explanation, shirts would appear folded on their beds, ready to be worn. Finally, one night Cooper felt a hand on his shoulder: the warmth, the fingers, the pressure only to turn around and find Joe Perry on the other side of the room, and no other humans inside… alive ones that is. Finally, after that encounter, the rock started decided to leave the dilapidated home, but not before they asked the owner about the strange happenings. The owner said he had never felt anything on his own, but he did know the family that built the home watched their son drown in the lake in the backyard of that home, unable to get him out in time.

3 Kendrick Lamar's Ghostly Mentor

We’ve all heard a tune or two from hip-hop icon, Kendrick Lamar, most notably his recent release of DAMN produced bops like “Humble” and “DNA”. Many people have considered Kendrick Lamar a revival of a more skillful time in hip-hop, comparing him to some of the greatest rappers in American history. However, Lamar claims one of these greats visited him in the form of an apparition, that apparition was Tupac Shakur. Lamar reflected on a time before the fame, reporting that he was coming home from a late night studio session, still sleeping on his mother’s couch. When he was just about to drift off into sleep, he saw Tupac Shakur standing right in front of him, clear as day. Lamar claimed Pac said to him: “keep doing what you’re doing, keep my music alive”. Yikes! Could that have really been the late great icon Tupac Shakur crowning him King Kendrick? We don’t think it’s a coincidence that Lamar later went on to reach great acclaim and fame.

2 Marilyn Manson Journeys Through a Satanic Portal

Though the enigma known as Marilyn Manson may be hard to understand for some for his off the cuff rockstar persona, most of us catch ourselves singing along to “Personal Jesus” every time it comes on the radio. However, Manson admits he’s had some dark days, including his encounters with the paranormal. The story starts with a then 15-year-old Manson, bullied, and seeking acceptance Manson agrees to meet his bully and friends in the hopes to make amends. However, what happens next will haunt Manson for years to come. The mysterious bully leads Manson to a barn out back where there’s a secret makeshift satanic altar, adorned with pentagrams and the rotting carcasses of several small animals. He then commands Manson to read from a satanic book, however, this request is cut short when the bully’s older brother comes home. The pair makes their way out into the woods, satanic book in hand, when they find a clearing with a dilapidated home with only the frame and cellar to offer, the two read the book in that cellar that night, hearing voices and feeling strange things, a voice finally whispers to Manson “do you believe in Satan?” When they returned the next day to retrieve the book, the home and cellar were gone.

1 Joan River's and the Dead Billionaire

Before Joan Rivers was a potty-mouthed superstar she admits her climb to the top was filled with very dark days. The year of Rivers paranormal experience, her show had been canceled, her husband took his own life, and she was looking for purpose with her money running low. She decided to return to New York and found a beautiful apartment in a white Victorian looking building, she would soon claim the ballroom as hers to be converted into her dream apartment. Soon after, strange things started happening, writing would appear on the wall, she would hear voices, and see apparitions. Finally, after asking around a resident told her the spooky goings on were due to the ghost of Mrs. Spencer, the former wife of J.P. Morgan, the banking billionaire. Frightened, Rivers called the NYU parapsychology department for help, though they were not moved by her tears or pleading, they gave her the name of a voodoo high priestess who could help, all the way from New Orleans. Though the cleansing worked, the hauntings continued a few months later, it wasn’t until Rivers found a portrait of Mrs. Spencer behind some drywall and hung it up in the lobby that the negative energy dissipated.

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