15 Creepiest Babysitting Confessions

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15 Creepiest Babysitting Confessions

We’d like to think that babysitting is an easy job that entails looking after two, maybe three sweet kids who play in their rooms, watch their favorite cartoons, and then go to bed on time without a fuss, but that just isn’t reality. Often you get screaming children who like to use the absence of their parents to challenge authority and make their babysitter’s life bitter hell for an evening.

The babysitters of Reddit shared some of their worst horror stories, some confessing that after these terrible ordeals, they never again looked after another child. At least not for money. It would be tragically problematic if someone went on to have children on their own but was so traumatized from a babysitting job they had in high school that they became completely inept to look after their own kids.

And believe it or not, that’s the kind of story we’re talking about here. Get ready to read some crazy stories. Like the time the babysitter accidentally got the kids they were looking after drunk (oops) or the time the child discovered their mom’s sex toy and thought it was the dog’s chew toy (arg). Read on for more insane stories like these.

15. Personal Problems


It’s never a babysitter’s place to get too involved in the family’s personal problems, but this story is a doozy. You can’t help but feel as if the poor babysitter was being held hostage because two drunk people couldn’t manage to muster up their marriage counseling talking points and decided to fight with their gloves off. Hopefully not literally.

“Mom and dad came home drunk, and fighting. The dad went out to walk the dog, and the mom locked the door with me inside. She kept saying “shh-shh,” while the dad screamed from the outside.

“She started saying things like, ‘He wants to kill himself instead of be with me – who says that?’ I reached for the lock to get out, and she pulled my hand back saying, ‘No, leave him for a while.’ I waited as long as I could, then busted out of there.”

14. Drunk Children


One way to never get hired again is to get the kids you’re looking after intoxicated. Granted, it’s not your fault if the parents don’t tell you that the “juice” inside the fridge is spiked with alcohol.

“Was watching two boys, maybe 12 and 11. Well their parents liked to party quite a lot (one of the reasons they would pay me to watch their kids). One night they go out, order pizza for dinner and the delivery driver forgets the 2liter. So the younger child says there is orange juice in the fridge, I grab the pitcher not thinking anything of it. Pour them each a glass, they drink and eat without saying word. Through the course of the night they keep pouring themselves cup full’s of OJ. They start acting strange, stumbling, talking odd, etc. Call the parents and ask if I should do anything, then tell the parents everything they ate/drank. Their dad ends up telling me the OJ was just a giant screwdriver that his wife and him were going to split when they got home. Luckily I didn’t take too much heat for it because he said he should have warned me.”

13. Puppies And Toys


Two things that should never be together are one’s private toys that are used during their naughty moments and pets. Unfortunately for one babysitter, the family dog got a hold of mommy’s (or daddy’s?) sex toy and thought it was a chew toy. There’s nothing that will change your life like chasing down a dog with a dildo in its mouth.

“I was babysitting this little girl who had issues sleeping when her parents weren’t in the house. Her parents told me she could sleep in their room to comfort her. Child discovers GIANT dildo, and gives it to the basset hound thinking it’s a chew toy. Have to chase down basset hound to retrieve vibrating giant dildo. Don’t know what to do with dildo. Place dildo on child’s parent’s dresser. Tell child to never speak of this night again. I was babysitting my cousin.”

12. Missing Mom


Usually parents and babysitters have a designated time of how long they are supposed to look after their children — that is, unless you’re this mom who went M.I.A. for three mysterious days. This babysitter stayed way longer than most, and this mom should be happy that she didn’t call the police.

“I babysat two girls maybe 8 and 6. Their mom said she was planning on being home around supper time. Well, supper time comes and goes and mom doesn’t show. A few more hours and I receive a drunk phone call from mommy dearest. I asked her when she expected to be home and she said she didn’t know. She asked to talk to her oldest and I put the little girl on the phone. Kid gets upset and runs to the kitchen, grabs a large knife and runs out into the night. I panic but manage to find her. She was hiding in the yard, didn’t get too far. Anyway, long story short, it’s now the next day and I call a friend of mine to take over since I was exhausted. Mom shows up 3 days later and gives my friend $20 to give to me. I’m furious and vow to never sit for anyone again. A few weeks go by and her boyfriend shows up and apologizes for her actions and hands me $150. That family moved soon after that.”

11. Poop In The Kitchen


No one gets paid enough to clean up crap that isn’t inside of a diaper, let alone chase around a small child without pants who poops in the middle of the kitchen.

“I once babysat a friend’s son. I forget how old he was, but it was potty-training time and the kid was seriously anal retentive. He simply refused to go number two without the aid of a diaper. So this one time I’m at my friend’s house with the kid, and it’s becoming obvious that he needs to go. I start to ask, ‘Do you need to go to the bathroom?’ and ‘Do you need to go poo-poo?’ But the kid continuously shouted ‘No!’ Finally he starts to flip his shit, as he realizes that he can’t hold it any longer. He starts running around the house with his hand covering his ass (did I mention he’s not wearing pants or undies at this point?), trying to hold it in, screaming, while I’m chasing after him trying to urge him to sit on the toilet. Finally it happens. He stops running in the kitchen, looks up at me, and then – bam – let’s out a huge log of shit right onto the kitchen floor. Without saying a word, he steps back and begins to stare at this monster shit that he has released, in clear awe that such a thing could have come from his ass. Then he tries to touch it. I managed to get him away and clean it up before things got any worse.”

10. All About The Tips


Drunk parents seems to be a theme in these stories because parents often hire babysitters so they can go out for a wild and crazy date night. However, not all parents go out with their friends only to get them wasted and then drop them back off at home with the caregiver of their children.

“New Year’s eve. Parents come home midway through the evening to drop off one of their super drunk friends. He went to sleep in the three year old’s bed and the kid kept going up to check on him like a little nurse. One of the kids reached for a glass of what I thought was water on the coffee table but I quick gave it a sniff and it was vodka that the parents left out when they went to the bars. Parents were so drunk they each tipped me a ton of money and told me not to tell the other party. I made $90 that night which was amazing money in 1993.”

9. The Excited Teen


An 18-year-old babysitter was hired to look after a 16-year-old boy whose libido got the best of him when he tried to proposition her for sex. There are so many layers of wrong here.

“It was a Muslim family. The parents were very religious, decked out in their burkas and turbans and what not. I expected the kid the be the same, but when I went up to his room, he was laying on a beanbag in his pajamas playing Xbox. I told him that I would be babysitting and to come downstairs if he needed anything. He looked at me for a bit and then responded with a quick ‘k’. After about an hour of watching tv, he walked downstairs with two empty cereal bowls and a bag of Cheetos. He came out of the kitchen a minute later and sat down next to me without saying anything. I gave a friendly ‘hi’ and he just looked at me and said ‘Lets bang.’ I was sure he was joking so I just giggled and kept watching TV. A minute later he said ‘seriously let’s fuck’. I was shocked and told the kid off and said if he didn’t go to his room I’d tell his parents. He shook his head and laughed, as if saying ‘you’re missing out’. I never did tell his parents. They got back fifteen minutes later.”

8. More Than Just Cookies


When will people learn that there is no such thing as stashing away adult goodies when kids are involved? This time, however, it wasn’t the kids being babysat who got into trouble, but the babysitter. Doing a favor for her 16-year-old cousin, this 12-year-old babysitter took over a gig as a favor. While in the house, she found some delicious cookies. Let’s just say that these had more than just chocolate chips in them.

“I accidentally ate a stash of weed cookies when I was 12. In retrospect, it makes more sense now that they kept the cookies in the back of the cupboard above the refrigerator. I had to get up on the counter to reach them. I initially only planned on stealing one cookie, but I just couldn’t help going back for more again and again. I was filling in for my cousin’s usual gig, she was 16, she flipped when she showed up and found me all stoned.”

7. Keep Satan Out Of The House


It’s safe to say that babysitters often have to look after kids who come from families who have different beliefs of their own, but I would have to draw the line when Satan in involved. A babysitter was looking after two adorable kids who were having a hard time falling asleep because they believed that evil was lurking in their bedroom. That’s not to say that there wasn’t, but every scary movie with little kids and demons never ends well.

“I sat on the bed and they both climbed in my lap telling me that Satan came up from the bad place and into their room at night to scare them. The little girl asked if she could pray and maybe God would make her not scared any more. They proceeded to solemnly bow their heads and beg God to make Satan go away.

“I sat in the room until they were both sound asleep and I went back into the kitchen, a little uneasy. The family went to church but was not particularly serious about it. They didn’t have cable and they were homeschooled, so I really have no idea where they were getting all this Satan stuff from.”

6. Something’s In The Closet


It’s said that kids are more aware of the paranormal than adults are, that’s probably why they’re more apt to say and do creepy things. So, when a kid wakes up in the middle of the night screaming bloody murder and pointing towards their closet, it’s best to believe there really is a monster in the closet.

“When I was 16 I babysat for the first time for this Spanish lady. The boy was around 7-8 years and seemed like a pretty normal boy. He was put to bed right after I arrived so I didn’t talk that much to him. Later, while I was watching TV, I heard a terrifying scream from his bedroom and rushed in to check it out. He was hunched up in the corner of his bed, hyperventilating and crying. I asked him what was the matter, but unfortunately he didn’t talk much Norwegian. But he was constantly looking towards the wardrobe, and then started pointing at it. I took this as a normal child’s nightmare, and walked over to the wardrobe closet to open it and show him it was empty. But when I got up to check, he screamed the most terrified scream I’ve ever heard. I had to carry him out of the room as he was hyperventilating so much he almost passed out. Meanwhile their dog slipped into the room and went crazy, i went into his room again to look in the closet, but when I tried, it was locked. Never found out. One of my creepiest experiences ever!”

5. That Sick Feeling


Nothing say, “Please hire me again!” like vomiting on the kid you’re looking after. Let this story be a warning that if you have to choose between waking a child and throwing up, puking always wins. Always.

“I was babysitting two kids and we fell asleep on the couch watching a movie. After a while I woke up and wasn’t feeling sick, but the slightly overweight 8 year old was sleeping on me. I tried to sneak out from under her, but instead I just barfed all over her hair, the couch and the boy’s legs. He woke up and started screaming and gagging, she woke up and started screaming and gagging. Then they both started barfing all over the couch and carpet. It was terrible. It was like something from problem child.

“But…I called the mom to come home, as she was already 3 hours late, she rushed home, helped me clean up and paid me 80 bucks instead of the 50 that was agreed upon. Barfing pays.”

4. Come On In, Stranger


“This was the very early 90s. I was 11 and was spending the weekend with my mom, her friend and her friend’s 4 year old twins at my grandparents beach house. The twins were taking a nap and I was playing by myself, so mom and friend decide to go to the beach for an hour. Friend tells me to give the twins juice when they wake up. Fine.

“Just 5 minutes after they leave I hear horrible screaming coming from upstairs. I ran up and try to open the door of the room the twins where in, but it won’t budge: one of them, while trying to open the door, had somehow managed to lock himself and his sister inside.

“I realise I must call the fire-department (I was a very practical child. I’m still a very practical adult), but I didn’t know the name of the street. So I crossed the road and walked into the café and asked around. The owner was a little confused to see such a young child asking such a question and asked me why. I told him I needed to call the firefighters, which got the entire café in panic.

“After they figured out why, a man offered to help. I got him inside the house, he looked through the keyhole and very patiently guided one of the twins into unlocking the door by saying ‘turn a little towards the window! Now towards the wall!'”

For an 11-year-old this person was helpful because many kids nowadays would go into freak out mode. However, inviting a strange man into your house while home alone isn’t the best idea.

3. Glass Breaker

Screen shot 2015-07-08 at 3.47.20 PM

There are certain sounds that bring joy to some while others give them the chills like nails on a chalkboard, but we’ve never heard the shattering of glass breaking as being soothing for children.

“Taking care of the my aunts little kid about 5 and damn did he give me a few stories. The one I’m going to tell was when the kid thought the sound of breaking glass was awesome, he went downstairs when he was supposed to be asleep and I was knocked out on the couch, it was about 1 am, and he just grabbed all the big salad bowls in a cabinet he could reach and decided to smash them. I woke up thinking someone was breaking in as I grabbed a fork that was near me I rushed in their splinter cell style ready to stab and interrogate someone I see my little cousin bleeding grab like the 3rd or 4th bowl and slam it down. We both got in trouble for that one.”

2. The Scary Sleepwalker


If your kid has some strange habits, please alert your babysitter so they don’t die of a heart attack or think that your child is possessed by a demon.

“Seven years ago, I was helping babysit two small kids with a friend. One was like 4, the other 3. All was going well… totally normal… and then we put them to bed in their room upstairs. We’re just chilling downstairs (around eleven at night) and I just happen to look up at the staircase. I see a kid just… staring at me. Not moving an inch. Not saying anything. I nudge my friend and she goes upstairs to put him back to bed because I immediately didn’t trust the kid anymore. I was terrified.

“Fast forward an hour and I’m getting comfortable again, don’t see creepy kid staring at me from the staircase or anything. My blood pressure is back to normal. Then I hear a loud thump from their room. I tiptoe my way towards the stairs, walk up the first part, take a turn and BAM. The kid is laying on the ground at the top of the stairs, eyes wide open but totally soulless, staring at me.

“Basically, this kid was obviously a really dedicated sleepwalker and his mother neglected to tell us this. I nearly died of a heart attack roughly 7 times that night.”

1. Blood Gushing Everywhere


Where there’s blood, there’s panicking, especially when it comes spurting out of a baby.

“I was a nanny for 3 kids including a one and a half year old baby. He was minding his own business playing when suddenly he started to cry. Of course it was the split second my sight was off of but he didn’t fall, I didn’t hear anything happen, etc. I look over and a few droplets of blood are coming out of his nose. He takes in another breath to cry and suddenly blood comes GUSHING from his mouth. I mean, it was straight from a horror movie! He’s screaming and choking on blood and he’s starting to make gargling noises. I grabbed him and called 911 (which my fucking shitty piece of crap cell phone dropped the call!!) and then his dad. I mean, in my mind, any movie I’ve ever seen blood coming out of mouth equals death, right?

“So the ambulance comes, his dad arrives about the same time and the bleeding stops so no one is terribly concerned. He takes him in just to run some tests and it turns out it was just a bloody nose that had run back into his throat. He had been very sick lately, running a high fever so his sinuses were very dry and he was dehydrated from fever and such. I was so glad that my little buddy was okay, but I cried for about 2 days whenever I pictured that blood gushing. That was the single most traumatic thing I’ve ever been thru thus far. But at least I learned I’m not completely useless in an emergency as I would have previously thought.”

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