15 Crazy Trends Kim Kardashian Has Created And Totally Owns

While the Kardashians are always in the spotlight, it's safe to say that Kim K is the most stylish one of all! She often starts wild and crazy fashion trends that catch on and her millions of fans around the world want to copy her for sure. You can really congratulate Kim on owning her body and dressing however she wants to. She doesn't follow trends, she creates them! That's something rare that not many people can pull off, even when they're really into fashion. From super high boots to sheer bodysuits to bringing back bike shorts, Kim K always looks amazing while creating some cool new trends. Here are 15 trends that Kim Kardashian has brought to the world. These crazy trends help you push the limits and feel more confident. Maybe you will get some fashion inspo and motivation to dress how you've always wanted to, no matter what anyone thinks! Be sure to rock whatever you wear if you’re really inspired by this list. Kim Kardashian doesn’t give a crap about what others think so why should you?! If you choose to wear these kinds of looks, be sure you bring your confidence with you because you’ll need it. This list is totally #goals!

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15 Bold Lips

Via https://www.lipland.com

There’s never enough bold lipstick for the Kardashian family, especially Kim. She's known for wearing bold shades on her lips and we love it. Of course, bold lips have been in style because of a number of individuals in the spotlight, but I seriously believe that Kim K added a lot to the trend just as all the Kardashians and Jenners have! Kim K recently has been spotted multiple times rocking a big bold red lip that seriously makes her lips pop. She usually wears this sort of makeup look while she is doing a full face of glam makeup as well as when she’s wearing a minimal, all black outfit. The matte black against the single bold red lip can really create such a contrasting look that works for anywhere you go. You should try this look out and I guarantee you’ll feel the confidence flowing through you! This is a sort of look that can really help you gain that confidence you need to pull it off!

14 Corsets

Via http://www.etonline.com

I am in love with this look! It’s simple yet unique and different from anything you’ve seen before on Kim K. She's taken the classic corset look and paired it with some other pieces of clothing to make an almost futuristic look combining the new with the old. Kim K has created this trend and has really stuck with it during her years of fame. Here, she's paired a baggy white t-shirt with a baggy jean jacket and a knit waist-cincher. It's an amazing idea that hasn't really been seen before. It really makes me wonder what Kim K will come up with next because she’s constantly kept us very surprised and guessing around every corner what she’ll come up with next. I feel like this look is only the start of more awesome fashion ideas she's going to bring into the world in the future! Would you be able to pull this off?

13 Lingerie

Via www.mp3ringtone.info

Such a hot look! Recently, Kim Kardashian has been known to take her fashion looks even farther than her sheer tops because she's taken to wearing lacy lingerie slips and even corsets and bras as outfits! She totally pulls it off, too! With this specific look, she’s decided to wear a very bold white lace fitted dress that resembles lingerie, a choker that matches the total look, and natural makeup with long flowing locks that is parted down the middle. This look is sure to grab the attention of all of those around her. She has all eyes on her in this outfit and you can tell that she's got the confidence and self-esteem to match what she's wearing. I'm not sure if we could all wear something like this but there's no harm in trying something new! Would you be brave enough to give it a try or will you leave it to Kim K?

12 Bomber Jacket

Via www.dailymail.co.uk

This bomber jacket is comfortable and warm yet still seriously stylish! It might surprise you to see Kim K in such a simple look but you would be wrong if you think that she doesn't wear anything casual! She's taken a classic bomber jacket that's pretty big and let it slide off her shoulder on purpose to show a little bit more skin. She pairs the jacket with a high bun and huge shades, along with some natural makeup and a plunging neckline on her bodysuit. You can't help but fall in love with this simple yet edgy look. This is such a great look for those out there who really want to try something new but Kim K’s other looks are a bit too much dependent on confidence when you’re first getting into trying a new fashion style. With that said, try this look out. It’ll suit any body type and I’ll bet you’ll look fantastic!

11 Plastic Thigh High Boots

Via www.huffingtonpost.ca

People went nuts for these plastic boots on Instagram, and for good reason! These boots made a scene of their own. They're designer but many have taken to experimenting with making them at home with PVC plastic. While not all of those DIYs turned out beautiful, some actually worked out and totally looked like the real thing. It just goes to show you that you really don’t need to go out of your way to spend a ton on fashion when you can make it yourself and experiment with different ways to create a look that you love or a look that you’re inspired by. That goes for many things, not just these boots, but after reading this article I bet if you look through your closet you’ll find items of clothing that really fit the Kim K vibe and you can create classic outfits from things you already have! Would you try these plastic boots?

10 Black Lace Thigh High Boots

Via www.elle.com

Kim K is wearing boots as pants here. How is that possible? We’ll just go along with it! We couldn’t forget her love for boots! Although the clear plastic boots took the social media world by storm, Kim K has taken her love of thigh high boots to another level. Here, she pairs lace corset boots with a baggy shirt and braids and it's a look we haven’t seen much from Kim K until recently. She has taken this casual look to another level since she still manages to look really formal and dressy. It’s very hard to pinpoint exactly where this look finds its place on the line of the two fashion directions. But nonetheless, Kim K surprises us with these beautiful boots that we’ve seen all over the web. Are you brave enough to give this super tall boots a try? Are you super inspired by Kim Kardashian to give that a try? You should go for it!

9 Bodysuits

Via www.glamour.com

We can’t get enough of these bodysuits! They’re perfect for looking chic and classic while wearing any casual look. She completely nails this look on the head, for sure. Kim is straying away from her classic all black and edgy looks for a more bright and minimalist vibey look. A white long sleeved bodysuit with a plunging neckline and high waisted jeans. This look fits her like a glove yet still looks classic and effortless. She looks very chic and like a young professional with this sort of look. This look has a youthful vibe and what's cool is that she's matching her denim look to Kanye's (who you can see in the background of this photo). She’s such a huge fan of bodysuits and she’s the one who started this craze on Instagram a few years back. Kylie Jenner had a huge part in bringing back bodysuits as well!

8 Bike Shorts

Via people.com

Wow, I seriously can’t believe how fashionable Kim Kardashian makes those bike shorts look! I would have never thought that K would be bringing back bike shorts! So crazy! They’ve been out of style for a very long time... and they never really were in style before, actually. Nonetheless, Kim Kardashian has surprised us once again with a new trend that she's created and it’s caught on with millions and millions of women. I personally think the biggest surprise of all is that it does actually look amazing on her and on many people who have tried similar looks because of Kim K! I think we should all try this look at least once in our lives, who’s to say we can’t pull it off?! As long as you feel comfortable and confident you shouldn’t let anyone tell you any different no matter what! Will you try out this look any time soon?

7 Slip Dress

Via www.dailymail.co.uk

Talk about a look that is chic and luxurious! A beautiful 60s housewife lounging on her chaise lounge with a glass of wine. That’s the look Kim K is going for with her beautiful silk dresses. It’s such a minimalist look that makes her body and face look incredibly glam and awesome. It shows off the curves she wants to highlight and brings attention to her dewy makeup look and her beautiful hair. Everything works together really well to create a look that many haven’t even dared try before. These silk slips have seriously become a huge trend on Instagram because of Kim Kardashian. Many are trying to achieve this look and it actually works well with any body type from super thin to very curvy! I know I’ll be keeping my eye out for something similar to this vintage glamour look! Will you take the plunge into this fashion trend?

6 Long Locks

Via www.pinterest.com

Kim Kardashian totally brought long locks back into style. There’s no denying it! For a while there, short hair was in for a very long time (no pun intended!). But Kim K constantly switches up her locks from short to long and honestly we can’t get enough of her long, elbow-length locks of hair. She’s brought back many hairstyles in the past but she’s most known for her long beautiful and thick hair, parted down the middle and honestly worn like it's an accessory to whatever outfits she's rocking. She’s always seen with super dark brown hair that's almost black when she wears her hair long. She's rocking a very summery vibe with all natural beachy waves. She is honestly hair #inspo for us all at this point because although her hair looks effortlessly cool. It takes a lot of effort and money to achieve a hair look like that but with proper care and upkeep, you can have hair like this too!

5 Denim Mini

Via www.lifeandstylemag.com

Can you believe Kim Kardashian actually made a denim mini skirt come back into style? I don’t even know if I can believe it! I never thought I’d see the day where a denim mini comes back into style but that's honestly what has happened and it's all thanks to this celeb. This denim mini has made waves in the world of fashion. Here Kim K has paired this light wash with a tan color and she has created a look that stands out and really is in contrast to other looks that she has worn in the past. Can you even believe this was taken right after she gave birth! Amazing! From the way that she flaunts this look, you can just tell there’s a sense of control in how she feels and confidence radiating throughout all of her unique and inspiring fashion choices. Would you ever bring back the denim mini skirt into your wardrobe?

4 Baggy T-Shirts

Via www.celebitchy.com

Obviously, wearing baggy t-shirts is super comfortable, but somehow Kim Kardashian makes it look extremely classy! The fact that she paired her baggy tee with a more glamorous fur coat and big shades has us all thinking about what the line is between glamour and casual fashion. Kim K constantly seems to be blurring the lines between the two fashion directions, meeting somewhere in the middle so she really does express herself the exact way that she wants to. There’s no one telling her what fashion rules she has to follow and that's really awesome. She follows her own rules no matter where she’s going or even what other people are going to wear. I can only hope to have that fashion confidence with a look like this in the future... minus the fur! Would you have the guts to rock a look like this when going to a major event? I think we should all try it at least once in our lives!

3 Wet Hair

Via www.glamour.com

Having wet hair is a casual and simple look... but oh wait! Kim Kardashian rocked some wet hair to an MTV red carpet event, and she totally pulled it off! She's got two super trendy looks in one here: her wet hair and a sheer dress. The amazing thing about this look is how daring it is and that's because she wore it to this event. She loves to wear what she wants and her fashion is always totally her choice and no one else's. She was basically nude under this dress because the dress pretty much looks like a beach cover-up. You could see everything and her wet hair just added to the super hot look. This natural look really got people talking... but that didn’t make Kim Kardashian stop in her tracks whatsoever. I can only imagine what she’ll be rocking at the 2017 MTV VMAs! I guess she’ll just keep us on the edge of our seats while we wait to see! Will you tune in?

2 Sheer

Via www.etonline.com

We can’t get enough sheer clothing! We only wish we had the guts to wear something like this while taking a morning stroll to get some coffee! In this picture, Kim Kardashian seriously gives no f’s about what people think of her. It’s seriously inspiring! She is constantly put under a microscope by so many individuals that either hate or love her. She seems like she’s finally coming into her own and really showing the world that she doesn’t care about what they think. She just cares about what she wants to do for herself to keep her happy in the process. Her sheer outfits look so chic and the reason they come off that way is because you can feel her confidence. If she didn’t have that confidence this outfit would eat her whole and she wouldn’t be the one in charge of it or the response it gets. Cheers to you Kim!

1 Bare It Most

Via www.pinterest.com

These days, Kim K has been wearing more and more revealing dresses that expose her body and show off her curves. She’s also been spotted wearing sheer tops and bodysuits like you’ve seen in this article already! She isn’t afraid to show off her body and that’s something that really sends out a positive message to those fans who look up to her... and that's even true of younger fans who might be dealing with body and self-esteem issues. She’s basically saying to those who are paying attention that you need to love your body and accept it! Don’t be afraid of what other people might think. They aren’t you and they don’t know your life. Just because she has her goods out while she’s wearing a sheer shirt doesn’t mean she’s looking for attention! It means she’s truly expressing herself and how she wants to live her life. And that is something to truly love.

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