15 Crazy Surgeries Women Undergo For Better Selfies

Selfies are great in a lot of ways: they can boost your confidence, capture a particularly good hair day, or let you bring out your inner makeup artist. In recent years, selfies have been used for women to embrace how they look, despite the fact that for ages we have been told to not be vain. However, selfies have also led to a lot of negatives, and these usually come from our obsessive comparing of our own appearance to those that live in our Instagram feed. Instead of comparing ourselves to models and celebrities – who we know are genetically blessed and Photoshopped beyond belief – we’re comparing ourselves to regular girls, but the ones we consider more beautiful. Never before has beauty been so prevalent and so possible – if you’re willing to go to the extreme.

In search of the perfect selfie, more and more women are turning to doctors to fix whatever flaw has appeared in their latest photo. If lighting, angles, makeup, and poses aren’t good enough, we’ll settle for surgery – if it gets us the look we have in our best selfies. Here are just 15 of the craziest cosmetic procedures women are having to obtain the perfect selfie.

15 Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)

When you take a selfie, your nose is usually front and center (since it’s in the center of your face). This ends up skewing our perception of how our nose looks, because it features so prominently in our photos. Our uneven nostrils, tiny bridge bump, or down-turned tip can become gruesome nasal characteristics that we desperately want to change to get that truly #flawless look.

Between 2012 to 2013 alone, requests for nose jobs went up by 10%, and in 2015, 2500 members of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) who were surveyed counted over 75,000 nose jobs. We’re obsessed with the straight-edged, elegantly cute nose that is almost impossible to obtain in real life, because we see it on our Instagram feed. However, like all good pictures we’ve taken of ourselves, the perfect selfie (and thus the perfect nose) can usually be achieved through non-surgical means, like good lighting, great angles, and the Kardashian favorite – contouring!

14 Hair Transplant

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We all want those thick, luscious locks we see on whoever we stalk on Instagram, or whoever we see in photo shoots and ads. Even without the wind machine, we can’t deny that having all that beautiful hair billowing around their faces is undeniably attractive. So, to get that thick head of hair for real, many women (and men) are turning to hair transplants, a procedure that involves grafting hair follicles (usually taken from the back of the head, where the hair is more genetically resistant to balding) and transplanting them to areas where the hair is thinning. Like nose jobs, this procedure was so popular that hair transplants increased by 7% from 2012 to 2013.

If it doesn’t sound like your cup of tea but you’re still obsessed with Rapunzel-like locks, talk to your hair stylist about extensions, or make like Nicki Minaj and Kylie Jenner and invest in some fun wigs!

13 Chin Implant (Mentoplasty)

For those who feel like their chins are lacking, or that they’re simply not prominent enough to balance out the rest of their face, or just not the shape they want, we have chin implants! In 2013, chin implants were up 50% since 2010 in the United Kingdom, and were being called the “new boob job” in the United States! Basically, the procedure involved cutting open the chin and inserting a preformed implant, usually made of a small piece of silicone, that is shaped like the narrow chin guard of a sports helmet.

When we’re taking selfies and looking for our most flattering angles, we’re usually trying to enhance whatever bone structure we have to look more chiselled, defined, and gorgeous. However, when people start getting obsessed with the ideal image they’re putting forward in their photos, that’s when we start seeing the rise in surgeries like chin implants, because people want that ideal image all the time.

12 Cheek Graft

Cheek grafts are done for people who want fuller, rounder cheeks, which give you that adorable, friendly, youthful look that is so desired in our society. Full cheeks are a sign of health and vitality, which is why they’re so popular! During a cheek graft, fat from another area of the body is grafted into the cheeks. There are other options for the same look, which are fillers (artificial injectables used to plump up the tissue in the cheek) and cheek implants, which operate very similarly to the chin implants described above.

Like a lot of crazy cosmetic surgery options on this list, faking a fuller face is easy if you subscribe to the Kardashian School of Kontouring! (I’m not naïve – I know they’ve had work done too!) Using highlighter and blush, you can fake higher cheekbones and flushed cheeks, giving you that young, vibrant look you want – and avoiding going under the knife altogether.

11 Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

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You know those days when you haven’t had enough sleep the night before, and you know that whatever you were doing earlier is showing up on your face that morning? Enter eyelid surgery, otherwise known as blepharoplasty!

From 2012 to 2013, the popularity of eyelid surgery increased by 6%, and this number has been influenced by both the selfie phenomenon and our endless desire to look younger. This procedure is done to rejuvenate the area around the eye, giving you a wider, brighter-eyed look that so many of us try to fake with filters (Snapchat, I’m looking at you!). The surgery also helps to remove excess droopy or fatty skin – what we call eye-bags – so you’ll look more awake and alert. Again, if you’re not willing to go under the knife (and who can blame you – it costs about $3000!), get creative with some eye-opening makeup and make highlighter and concealer your new BFFs.

10 Lip Fillers

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You knew Kylie Jenner had to show up here somewhere! Partly in thanks to the littlest Kardashian-Jenner sister, lip fillers are becoming more and more popular among women who worry that their lips are too thin, or at least not as plump as is popular. While Kylie tried to deny her surgical enhancements, claiming they were the result of some artistic lip lining before coming clean, more and more women are being open about their lip fillers. This is because, unlike surgical implants, popular lip fillers deflate after a few months and have to be pumped back in. This can allow for a more natural look, which means prices vary depending on how big you want to go.

If you’re like Kylie, your thin lips might be a major point of insecurity for you – how will you show off your new MAC lipstick on such a small canvas? – and I totally get it! As far as surgical enhancements go, the lip filler route is a pretty mild choice.

9 Neck Lift

Next to the hands, the neck is where we show our age, which is why it’s not all that surprising that more and more women are opting to get a neck lift to remove that turkey wattle. The procedure itself, however, actually sounds pretty gross. Basically a doctor will make an incision under your chin, remove any excess skin in the neck, and then tighten the neck and facial muscles. I get the shivers just thinking about it! At least scarring is pretty minimal, since they tuck any cut spots behind the ears and under the chin.

Instead of having to crane your neck to got that long and lean look (while showing off your bone structure), going under the knife to keep that area tight and smooth is becoming a popular option, especially for older women. It’s also a hit among a lot of celebrities, because it can refresh the neck without coming across as obvious plastic surgery.

8 Butt Implants

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Bet you can guess which celebrity started this craze! None other than Kim Kardashian herself! According to the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS), a butt implant surgery was performed roughly every 30 minutes in 2015. Not into putting a foreign object or substance in your butt? Enter the Brazilian Butt Lift, a popular procedure involving fat grafting.

With the increasing rate of “belfies” on Instagram (“butt selfies” for the uninitiated), it’s no surprise that many women are foregoing the gym and the squat rack to get a quick fix that can give them a derriere like Nicki Minaj. However, it’s not always a case of bigger being better. With so many horror stories out there about butt implants gone wrong, people are scaling back, looking to augment their backsides with a more shapely rear rather than just a large one. Unfortunately, if you’re still interested, the price is pretty huge: anywhere from $3500 to $10000!

7 Liposculpture

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Not to be confused with liposuction, which sucks out fat from various areas of your body, liposculpture is a surgical procedure that “sculpts” your body to give you a better, more in-shape overall aesthetic.

If you’re busy scrolling through all those #fitspiration pics of chiselled abs, toned arms, and lean legs, you might be thinking that liposculpture is the answer to all your problems. However, instead of getting those hard-earned (and hard) muscles, liposculpture just leaves behind enough fatty tissue so that the surgeons can sculpt fake muscles to mimic the same toned look (with zero effort). This is different than liposuction, which just sucks everything out, so you may be skinny, but not sculpted. In our society, being simply thin is no longer enough – to be Insta-perfect, we must be both thin and toned, which is what has caused a rise in this particular plastic surgery.

6 Eyebrow Transplant

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2016 has definitely been the Year of the Brow, with bold, structured eyebrows that embrace the natural overtaking our Insta feeds and cropping up on makeup tutorials everywhere. If you’re not blessed with the bushy brilliance of Cara Delevigne, Lily Collins, and others, you might have taken to using pencil, powder, or pomade to fill in those babies. However, other people – who have perhaps never had good brows, shaved them or over-plucked them when they were young, or are sick of filling them in every day – have gone the more permanent route with surgery.

Similar to the hair transplant mentioned above, an eyebrow transplant grafts hair from the back of your head and trims them to suit your desired length. (And you will need to trim them on the regular, because they came from the fertile hair-growing ground of the back of your head). The price? About a cool $5000.

5 Thigh Gap Therapy

Remember when thigh gaps were a big thing? You couldn’t go on the internet without hearing about people trying for thigh gaps, and then other (more educated) people explaining that you couldn’t make yourself have a thigh gap, because it’s the result of your skeleton and how wide your hips are.

However, because someone (everyone) is always in the pursuit of perfection, a clinic in Dallas began to offer thigh gap therapy, which – while not quite a surgery – still uses a laser to zap away at your upper legs. This cold laser therapy claims to shrink and flush away fat cells, emulsifying the outside layer of fat and allowing it to exit your lymphatic system. Um, okay? The problem with this (besides the obvious) is that, unlike surgeries, this solution wouldn’t last for long, because of how your body stores fat. Look, if we could be zapped with a laser and be painlessly, effortlessly thin, we’d all be tiny. This idea is a load of hooey.

4 Dimpling (Dimpleplasty)

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If you’re looking to obtain that cute, sweet, and innocent look that comes with dimples, but your cheeks are as flat as they come, then may I introduce you to dimpleplasty! Looking like Miranda Kerr or Ariana Grande has never been so easy with this new cosmetic procedure that allows your selfies to have a new kind of girlish innocence.

While once seen as a flaw, dimples are now becoming desired by those who want to give their smiles a little something extra in their selfies. Artificial dimples are created when the surgeon cuts a small incision inside the cheek, and then sutures it up, which creates the illusion of a dimple when you smile. Apparently, the procedure is pretty cheap, and quick, too – it can be done within half an hour. So if you’ve got no plans this afternoon and would like a cheeky look by dinner, check out dimpleplasty!

3 Grin Lifts

Finally, a solution to your Resting B*tch Face! Just kidding. But in all seriousness, people are actually having a surgery called “grin lifts” or “smile surgeries”. Initially popular in South Korea – the plastic surgery capital of the world – grin lifts are now becoming a favorite choice in North America among young and old people. The idea of the procedure is to add a happier expression to the face, while resisting any potential droopiness or sourness that can come from relaxing your face like a normal person.

With a grin lift, the surgeon will remove small portions of skin from the corners of your mouth, causing it to lift up and make you look a little smilier and nicer to be around. If you’re looking to change up your array of pouting selfies, maybe check out the grin lift! Be careful, though, in case people start jokingly asking you, “Why so serious?”

2 Hand-Lifts

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Did you know that this was even a thing? If you’re a woman in your early- to late-twenties, chances are you’ve been seeing every single girl you’ve ever known getting engaged and flashing her ring on her social media accounts. That type of photo – known as a “handselfie” (which sounds all kinds of dirty) – is what has led to an increase in hand-lifts to get the picture-perfect look to show off your rock.

These “hand-lifts” are designed to make your hands look youthful, because as you may know, the hands are one of the easiest ways to tell a person’s real age. The procedure involves getting a quick shot of a filler (the same kind you would use for lips) to temporarily plump up your paws. Oh, and it costs about $1200. Look, I’m all for showing off your happiness in diamond form, and I get that you want your hands to be as beautiful as your ring – but that’s what manicures are for! Lay off this crazy cosmetic surgery trend and just enjoy being engaged!

1 The Loub Job (“Cinderella Surgery”)

I thought I was shocked about the hand lift, but that was until I heard about the Loub Job (named for shoe designer Christian Louboutin) – which is a foot lift. Yep, if you’v e been noticing that your high heels are too cramped for your toes and couldn’t be bothered to go out and buy a better-fitting pair or some insoles, you can have the foot lift that’s being called the Cinderella Surgery!

If your second toe is longer the your big toe, this surgery shortens it, lipos your pinky toe, and pumps hyaluronic acid or fat to the balls of your feet, giving you a permanent cushy insert. Are you cringing yet? If you’re still interested in giving your foot a little lift, you should be warned that the procedure may cause scarring, permanent nerve damage, and chronic pain. Is it really worth it for that little extra pep in your step?

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