15 Crazy Pieces Of Celeb Real Estate That Are On Sale Now

Celebrities are just like regular people... if you ignore their million dollar salaries, that is. Well, that and the luxurious properties that they purchase with their substantial pay cheques. Compared to homes owned by the average person, celebrity houses are totally decked out with features that we could only ever dream of. Their fancy pads come equipped with everything from pools, guest quarters, movie theaters, lavish gyms and ginormous walk in closets. Yet it seems that no matter how immaculate the view or how many amenities are packed into their homes, celebs never seem content for long. They're probably used to having any and all of their desires met. The Hollywood elite have a peculiar habit of swapping out mansions every few years... or every few months in some cases, whether to get a return on their investment or to upgrade to even fancier digs. In fact, it seems like a new celeb property is listed every single day. Here are 15 crazy pieces of celeb real estate that are currently on the market.

15 Kylie Jenner

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Kylie Jenner may be the youngest of the Jenner/Kardashian clan but she definitely seems pretty independent. She has been living without any support from momager Kris Jenner since she was 14 years old and even paid for her first 2.6 million Tuscan-style mansion in Calabasas with her own money (from starring on Keeping up with the Kardashians, her incredibly popular lip kits, and her membership-only app). Thanks to her multiple sources of income, it looks that Kylie is ready to move on to bigger and better things. Her lavish house is on the market for (wait for it) 3.6 million dollars. The 4,851 sq. ft. the mansion has five bedrooms and six and a half bathrooms, a glam room, enormous walk-in closet, and monochrome kitchen. Oh, and did we mention that one of her bathroom’s walls is covered in black skulls? Fancy.

14 Scott Disick

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Though not officially a Kardashian, Scott Disick also enjoys a high-profile lifestyle in Calabasas. The reality star and father of Kourtney Kardashian’s three kids just listed his Hidden Hills home for 8.8 million dollars. That was the house that he reportedly bought to be closer to the Kardashian family. The home has been called “The Hamptons in Hidden Hills” and spans 8,110 ft. with 7 bedrooms and bathrooms. If you have an extra eight million dollars lying around, you can have access to a luxury master suite, wine cellar and, marble fireplace. While we don't know exactly where his income comes from (seriously, it's a massive mystery), we can definitely assume that a large chunk of it comes from his appearances on the reality show and his frequent nightclub appearances. He also seems to be in the business of flipping homes. He lived here for only six months before putting it on the market. The renovations that he added raised the value from 5.6 to 8.8 million, so he’s obviously doing something right.

13 Molly Ringwald

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Molly Ringwald just put her NYC apartment on the market 1.7 million dollars. The co-op was built in 1900 and is located in Renwick Triangle in the East Village. Molly, her husband, and three kids spend most of their time in Santa Monica, California. The actress is actually about to film her new TV series Therefore in Canada so, of course, putting her apartment on the market makes total sense. Since Molly acquired the property in 2005, she's renovated a ton, adding personal touches like a modern kitchen with state of the art appliances. But she left the original marble bathrooms, high beam ceilings and antique fireplaces intact. However ends up with this co-op will have a pristine view of the Chrysler building.

12 Michael Jackson

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The ornate mansion called "Thrilla Villa" in Las Vegas, Nevada that Michael Jackson was renting before passing away in 2009 has just been put on the market. The current owner is asking for 9.5 million dollars for the Mediterranean style home built by Horst Schmidt. That sounds pretty steep, but it’s definitely worth it: the home sits on 1.7 acres of land and features a 74 seat medieval chapel with a hand painted ceiling, 7 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms, an 8500 sq. ft basement and a spiraled staircase. Come on, Michael Jackson lived there. You know that it must be oozing with luxury. Though not nearly as infamous as Jackson’s Neverland Ranch, this house will forever be known as the last residence that Michael Jackson called his own, so we're pretty sure that it will attract lots of potential buyers.

11 Aisha Tyler

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The actress, comedian, and co-host of The Talk has listed her Los Feliz mansion for sale. The 2057 sq. ft home can be snapped up for a cool 1.9 million dollars, nearly three times as much as she shelled out for it in 2002. The house was built in 1956 and comes with three bedrooms and four bathrooms. It also boasts a 2-seat snack bar, groove paneled ceilings and a grand walk-in closet. A retro chandelier hangs from the ceiling of the dining room as does a stairway that leads to the backyard, Alisha shared this house with her soon-to-be-divorced husband, Jeff Tietjens. The couple married in 1994 and have been separated since January 2015. Jeff filed initially, citing irreconcilable differences.

10 Donald Trump

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The home that Donald Trump once shared with ex-wife Ivanka Trump has been listed with an asking price upwards of 45 million dollars. It has been 25 years since Donald Trump first purchased the house before signing it over to Ivanka as part of their divorce settlement. The 19,773 square feet flashy pad sits on its own six-acre peninsula and has eight bedrooms and 13 bathrooms. It comes equipped with indoor and outdoor pools, a tennis court, and putting green. The property also has a dock, indoor elevator, guest quarters and staff apartments. The house definitely sounds cushy -- it’s basically the house equivalent of a luxury resort, but we doubt that Donald Trump even thinks about this house anymore. After all, the billionaire seems to have his heart set on a larger, whiter home that is located in Washington D.C.

9 David Arquette

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David Arquette is also a respected member of the celebrity house-flipping community. His latest project is a historic home located in Windsor Square, an affluent neighborhood in Los Angeles. The actor originally purchased it for 7.15 million in 2014. The home, known as the O’Melveny House, was built in 1909 by architectural firm Hunt, Eager, & Burns and has seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms. Since David acquired the property, he has been upgrading it while trying to stay true to its original charm. For example, he has upgraded the bathrooms, added a marble kitchen with new appliances and maintained wood floors through the home. The house boasts a library, patio and even a meditation pond (what I would do for meditation pond) and outdoor fireplace. He’s hoping that his investment will make him a six-figure profit because the home has an asking price of 8.4 million.

8 John Kerry

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John Kerry’s 25 million dollar Nantucket home is also on the market. We know that the home spans 5,600 sq. ft. and has five bedrooms, but we don’t much more than that. Reports are saying that John Kerry has sworn his real estate agents to secrecy. Realtors are only allowed to tour the home... on the condition that they don’t take any photos or talk about the fact that it’s on the market. Even though John is staying mom on the details, it must be exquisite if the home has been valued at 25 million. The mansion was originally purchased in 1982. John Kerry and his wife have hosted dignitaries at the residence, over the years, including as the former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. The home sits on three-fourths of an acre and overlooks Nantucket Harbor.

7 Adrian Peterson

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Minnesota Vikings football player Adrian Peterson is hoping to unload his 10,500 sq. ft. mansion for the steep price of 8.5 million. The immaculate estate, located in Houston, Texas, rests comfortably on nine acres and is surrounded by plush greenery and manicured lawns on all sides. The front of the house is pretty luxurious too: there's a gated entrance, fountain, and a circular driveway. The back comes equipped with luxury pool, a covered lounge, and an immaculate outdoor kitchen. The inside of the home is just as gorgeous as the outside of the home. It boasts six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, and five half-bathrooms. The lucky person that will end up with this immaculate home will also score a game room, guest quarters and an in-house library. The house also features two staircases, a breakfast bar, a wet bar, a kitchen island and gorgeous, high ceilings. The resort style home was originally built in 2004.

6 Jerry Weintraub

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Every single aspect of Jerry Weintraub’s 16 million dollar Palm Desert home is grandiose, so it's definitely fitting for a Hollywood movie mogul. The home spans 9,152 sq. ft and includes six bedrooms and seven and a half bathrooms. It also comes equipped with a pub (that was constructed to look like Claridge's Bar in London), a media room, a home office, master suites, his and her bathrooms, a gourmet kitchen, and an in-home gym. Oh, and did we mention that the listing on Bighorn Golf states that “panoramic views abound from the moment you step through a disappearing wall of glass at the entry?” We'll take it! Still, the inside doesn’t compare to the outside of the home that looks like some sort of posh, futuristic charging pad for the super rich. Honestly, I’d expect nothing less from a man who’s worked on some of the biggest movies like the Ocean’s franchise and the Karate Kid.

5 Frank Zappa

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Filmmaker, Alex Winter has listed the late musician's home for 9 million dollars...on Kickstarter of all places. Well, sort of. The crowdfunding site doesn’t really host real estate, but that fact hasn't exactly stopped Alex from using the luxurious abode as a bargaining tool to garner donations for his film, Who the F*@% is Frank Zappa? Alex Winter, with the blessing of Zappa’s wife Gail, is trying to tell Frank Zappa’s untold story. To do that, he needs money to access his vaults. So Winter is taking to Kickstarter hoping he can raise between $500,000 and 3 million to finance the film. He also hopes that one super generous soul with super deep pockets will make a $9 million donation. If they do, they get the house that Frank lived in from 1968 to 1993. Or, as Alex put it: they’ll earn “FRANK ZAPPA’S ACTUAL F*@%INGHOUSE.” The house is 8,000 sq. ft and comes packed with a tennis court, guest house, swimming pool and recording studio, so yeah, it sounds pretty great.

4 Diddy

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If you have $6.5 million to drop on a New York apartment, Diddy is hoping that you’ll take it off of his hands. You’ll be snagging a discount of 2 million dollars since the rap mogul has had trouble unloading the listing since 2012. In fact, he’s been steadily lowering the price for the last four years. The bachelor pad boasts a wet bar, floor to ceiling windows, a gourmet kitchen and an elevator. When Diddy purchased the apartment, he downgraded it from a three bedroom to a two bedroom in an effort to expand its entertainment space. The master suite has not one but two walk-in closets, and a luxury bathroom with a disconnected shower. Though Diddy has not had much luck with selling the apartment, located near Central Park, he definitely isn’t hurting for money. In 2014, the rapper purchased a $39 million, 13,400 sq. ft mansion in L.A.

3 Christie Brinkley

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Christie Brinkley's Hamptons mansion that she has lived in for 18 years has been listed for a whopping $29.5 million. Christie’s youngest daughter just graduated from High School, making her an empty nester, so it's believed that Christie has finally decided to move into one of her smaller homes after listing and unlisting the property over the years. The luxurious Tower Hill property sits comfortably on 20 acres. The house spans 8500 feet and includes nine bedrooms and eleven bathrooms. There's also a guest house that overlooks gorgeous gardens. That’s not all, though. The immaculate home also boasts a greenhouse conservatory, an artist’s studio, and a four car garage. The estate was built in 1891 and also features views of the Atlantic Ocean.

2 Britney Spears

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Britney Spears has put her stunning 8,500 sq. ft Spanish Style home up for sale for 9 million dollars. The mansion, located in Thousand Oaks, includes five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a movie room, two central islands and a game room. It also comes with an infinity pool and two home offices. The immaculate home was built just over six years ago and features three wings. One each for the master, guests, and kids. Inside of the master bedroom lies two walk-in closets, along with two his and her baths and a jacuzzi. That’s enough to make anyone swoon, but that’s not oven the house's greatest selling point. The absolute best part? It has a breathtaking 380-degree view of the Santa Monica mountains. Brittney Spears didn’t get to enjoy the scenic view for long, however, because she listed the home just months after she bought it for 7.4.million dollars.

1 Matt LeBlanc

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Matt Leblanc, aka Joey on Friends, just listed his 4,000 sq. ft. Spanish style home for 8.75 million dollars. The beautiful house, located in Pacific Palisades, California sits on a half acre and comes with four bedrooms and four bathrooms. Other amenities include hardwood floors, beamed high ceilings, and a welcoming library/den combo. Whoever ends up buying the lavish home will benefit from the renovations that it underwent under Matt, including a remodeled kitchen and family room. Matt LeBlanc originally purchased the home back in 2007 for 7.4 million and has been renting it out since 2012 for more than $13,000 a month. Whew! Joey could never!

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