15 Craziest Women Who’ve Ever Been On Death Row

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15 Craziest Women Who’ve Ever Been On Death Row

You do the crime, you do the time. That’s the saying, right? When many of us reflect on our pasts, we can come across one, two times where we may have broken the law and got away with it. Sure, those moments may have been small but those are still technically crimes. The truth is that our petty crimes aren’t anywhere close to the murderous misdeeds done by these women.

It takes a pretty vicious offense to be sentenced to death row, but these women’s wrongdoings are so villainous, a judge and jury saw fit for them to be put on death row for their crimes. Less than two percent of the death row population are made up of women and the stories of how they ended up there are stranger than fiction. We’ve poured through these cases and found the craziest accounts of murderous women who killed because of crimes of passion or by calculating schemes. They inspire shows like “Snapped” or “Deadly Women”, and the best place for them to be is behind bars. Some of them are alive, others have already been executed, but all very dangerous.

15. Angela McAnulty — The Mother Who Tortured Her Daughter to Death

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Parents are supposed to protect their children, but Angela McAnulty and her husband were a set of guardians that no child should ever have taking care of them. Their daughter Jeanette was just 15-years-old when her life was taken from her in 2009. Tragically, she was found lifeless in a bathtub. Investigators discovered that Angela had a habit of beating her in a torture room. The floors and walls were splattered with the young girl’s blood. The beating got so bad that Jeanette’s smile became deformed after her lips healed improperly. When her body was discovered, there were open sores on her body from her wounds and the bones on her hips were exposed. There were so many injuries done to her poor little body that the medical examiner had a hard time determining what killed her, but starvation was definitely a factor. McAnulty pleaded guilty to her crimes and was sentenced to death.

14. Patricia Blackmon — The Woman Who Beat Her Toddler to Death

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When two-year-old Dominiqua was adopted by Patricia Blackmon, people thought her life would have more hope. Unfortunately, nine months after she found a new home, Blackmon would make a call to 911 saying that her daughter wasn’t breathing. First responders stumbled upon a horrific scene: the toddler was only wearing a diaper and blood-stained socks. She had a bump on her head, blood on her chest, and was covered in vomit. She was rushed to the hospital and a doctor found that she had a number of other wounds to her body, all in various stages of the healing process. There was also a shoe imprint on her chest. An autopsy revealed she had 30 injuries including a fractured leg. The examiner also believed she was hit with a pool cue. Blackmon claimed the little girl fell off the bed and was knocked unconscious, so Dominiqua didn’t feel the beating afterward.

13. Blanche Taylor Moore – The Black Widow

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She’s the oldest woman sitting on death row in North Carolina, and when you hear the tale of the “Black Widow”, you’ll know why. Authorities believe that Blanche Taylor Moore has four victims under her belt, all of which she poisoned and killed with arsenic. She was first investigated in 1989 when her second husband became sick not long after their honeymoon. He was tested at the hospital and doctors found there was arsenic in his system. It didn’t take long for authorities to point the finger at Moore. While her new husband survived, detectives decided to dig up a few bodies from Moore’s past. Tests proved that three years prior, Moore also poisoned her then-boyfriend. 15 years before that, she did the same thing to her first husband. Her list of victims weren’t just limited to men she was involved with. Her father died of arsenic poisoning in 1966.

12. Linda Carty — Kidnapped a Baby and Killed His Mother

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In 2001, 25-year-old Joana Rodriguez gave birth to a healthy baby boy. What should have been a time of joy instead turned into pain after Joana was kidnapped and murdered. According to the prosecution, Carty and three men broke into Joana’s home, kidnapped her and her three-day-old baby, beat up two other people in the house, and fled. The baby was unharmed but Joana was tied up, and a bag was placed over her head. She was placed in the trunk of a car where she suffocated. Investigators say Carty had told friends and family that she was pregnant, even though she wasn’t. Her plan was to keep the baby to pass it off as her own, even buying items for the infant. Carty has maintained her innocence and says she was framed because of her previous work as an informant.

11. Judy Buenoano — Killed Her Husbands and Son for Insurance Money

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She looks like a sweet little old lady, but be warned because she would not hesitate to kill her loved ones for some insurance money. Judy Buenoano’s murder spree started in 1971 when she killed her husband, James Goodyear. At the time, doctors believed he died of natural causes, but tests later determined that he died of arsenic poisoning. Seven years later, she was dating Bobby Morris. But he, too, fell ill and died. Arsenic was once again the cause. A few years later, Buenoano’s teenage son became severely ill and became a paraplegic, caused by arsenic poisoning. She took him out on a canoe that rolled over, causing him to drown. It’s believed that Buenoano got rid of all of them for the insurance money, and may have even committed a few acts of arson to earn a few bucks. In 1998, she took the last seat of her life when she was executed by electric chair.

10. Angelina Rodriguez — Murdered Her Husband and Infant Daughter

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It was devastating news to friends and family of Angelina Rodriguez when they were told that Rodriguez’s 13-month-old daughter, Alicia, had died in 1993. The baby choked and suffocated on a pacifier, leading Rodriguez to sue the manufacturer and make a big claim on her life insurance policy. She was awarded with a hefty settlement of over $700,000. No one thought anything else of the matter until the year 2000 when Frank Rodriguez, Angelina’s fourth husband, died from having antifreeze in his Gatorade. Detectives say that Angelina began plotting how she would kill her husband not long after they got married. She poisoned his tea and even loosened the gas cap on their clothes dryer. Angelina had taken out a $250,000 life insurance policy prior and police gather she was hoping to cash in. She was found guilty of first-degree murder and sentenced to death by lethal injection.

9. Carlette Parker — Robbed, Kidnapped, and Murdered an Elderly Woman

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Being a healthcare worker, one would believe that Carlette Parker would have a nurturing spirit, but that just wasn’t the case. Parker cared for and befriended 88-year-old Alice Covington, gaining her trust when Parker was taking care of one of Alice’s friends. That all went south when Parker kidnapped Alice and drove her to the bank to withdraw money. Parker even forged bank slips and withdrew $44,000. Two days later Alice’s body was found sitting in her car in a field in a nearby town. There were bruises on her wrists, ankles, face, shoulder, and neck. It was later learned that Alice had been drowned in a bathtub. The elderly woman’s last moments of life were filled with terror and a judge and jury wanted to make sure Parker paid for her crimes. This case should serve as a cautionary tale for people who have elderly relatives: Don’t let just anyone care for them.

8. Brittany Holberg — The Street Worker Who Killed Her Client

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Eighty-year-old A.B. Towery, Sr., had a naughty side. He hired a prostitute, Brittany Holberg, most likely to live out his fantasies. While she was at his home, the defense claims Towery became upset when he saw that she had a crack pipe. Holberg said that Towery became violent and hit her with a metal pan. He then tried to stab her with a knife, but she had a knife of her own and stabbed him first. The fight ended when the woman put a lamp post in his mouth. While this sounds like a straightforward case of self defense, an autopsy revealed that Towery was stabbed almost 60 times. There were also a number of weapons, including three different kinds of knives and even a fork. His head was bashed in from being hit by a hammer and the lamp post was shoved violently down his throat.

7. Janeen Snyder — Kidnapped and Killed Teenage Girls with Her Boyfriend

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Drug addict, Janeen Snyder, was just 21-years-old when she and her much older boyfriend, Michael Thornton, ended the life of 16-year-old Michelle Curran back in 2001. They kidnapped the teenager from her Las Vegas neighborhood and held her captive in a hotel for 14 days. There they drugged her, assaulted her, and then took her to a rural area of southern California, where they tied her up in a horse trailer and shot her in the head. During the trial, two other victims testified that they were lured to a hotel by Snyder. Once they arrived, they were abused by Thornton. Snyder also confessed to the murder of 14-year-old Jessie Peters who disappeared in 1996. She was kidnapped, assaulted, dismembered, and dumped in the ocean. Both Thornton and Snyder were sentenced to death. This couple could certainly give Bonnie and Clyde a run for their money.

6. Susan Eubanks — The Mom Who Murdered Her Children

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It was the fall of 1999 when Susan Eubanks and her boyfriend spent the day drinking together and taking Valium. At some point, the couple began to fight. Once they arrived home, she slashed his tires and wouldn’t let him in the house. In order to get his things out of the house, he called the police to help diffuse the situation. He then left.

It was then that Susan lost it. She called the father of one of her sons and he, worried about her mental state, called the police to have them check on her and the children. When they finally arrived at the house, they were too late. Susan shot herself in stomach but she was still alive. Unfortunately her four sons, ages 14, 7, 6, and 4, weren’t so lucky. She shot them all in the head. Her attorneys would use her drug use as her defense, claiming that she “blacked out” from the Valium.

5. Lisa Jo Chamberlin — Tortured A Couple Who She Tried to Rob

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Greed will make people do crazy things, and in 2004 Lisa Chamberlin and her accomplice, Roger Gillett, were wanted by the police over drug charges. The two decided to escape to Mexico, but in order to do so, they needed cash — and fast. They chose their victims: Gillett’s cousin Vernon Hulett and Hulett’s special needs girlfriend, Linda Heintzelman. Both Gillett and Chamberlin knew Vernon and Linda had a safe with money they’d saved. But when Vernon didn’t give up the code to the safe, the criminal couple beat him to death with a hammer.

They then turned their attention to Linda, who also refused to give them the code. They beat her, stabbed her, and even assaulted her. Chamberlin and Gillett eventually put a plastic bag over her head and slit her throat. It wasn’t until the next day that they saw she was still breathing, so they suffocated her with a pillow. They stuffed the bodies in a freezer and dropped them off at an abandoned farm.

4. Cathy Henderson — The Baby Killer

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Babysitter, Cathy Henderson, looked after two-year-old Megan and her three-month-old brother, Brandon, for three months. There hadn’t been any strange or violent incidents during that time. But one day, according to Megan, Henderson accidentally dropped the infant on his head, killing him. In a panic, she took his little body and buried him before going on the run. She was arrested just a couple of weeks later. After drawing a map for the police, authorities found the boy’s body inside of a cardboard box in a shallow grave. During the trial, the medical examiner testified that Brandon had a fractured skull and his injuries were far too severe to have come from an accidental fall. She was sentenced to death in 1995 but won a new trial in 2012. Before going into court, she pleaded guilty to murder and was years away from being released but she died in prison in 2015.

3. Emilia Carr — The Pregnant Mother Who Killed the Competition

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In 2008, Joshua Fulgham and Emilia Carr were engaged to be married. So, you could only imagine Carr’s reaction when, just a month later, Fulgham married another woman named Heather Strong. The marriage was a rocky one, and the following year, Fulgham was back in a relationship with Carr while Heather was seeing someone else. However, they were in a battle over the custody of their children.

Heather mysteriously disappeared after work and her family reported her missing. A month later, her body was found in a shallow grave and it didn’t take long for authorities to suspect Carr and Fulgham. Authorities surmised that Carr, who was seven months pregnant, lured Heather away and tried to unsuccessfully break her neck by aggressively putting a plastic bag over her head. Heather suffocated while she was duct-taped to a chair. Fulgham used her credit cards after Heather was dead. He received two consecutive life sentences while Carr was sent to death row.

2. Christa Pike — The Jealous Lover Who Beat a Woman To Death

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Young love can cloud the brain, but for Christa Pike, all she saw was red. When she was 18-years-old and dating Tadaryl Shipp, Pike became obsessed with the idea that a classmate, 19-year-old Colleen Slemmer, was trying to steal her boyfriend. In 1995, Pike was determined to make Colleen pay for attempting to take her man, even though Colleen’s friends said she didn’t want Shipp at all. One night, Pike told Colleen that she wanted to make peace by smoking marijuana in the woods. She brought along Shipp and another accomplice named Shadolla Peterson.

When they got to their location, Peterson kept lookout while Pike and Shipp tortured Colleen for 30 minutes. They beat her with a piece of asphalt, slashed her body with a knife, and carved a pentagram into her chest. Pike kept a piece of Colleen’s skull as a souvenir. It was in her pocket when she was arrested.

1. Aileen Wuornos – The Serial Killer

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These stories have been one horrific tale after another, but there’s no one on this list that can match the infamy of Aileen Wuornos. In the 1980s, Wuornos was mulling around Florida working as a prostitute. But in 1989, convicted rapist Richard Mallory picked up Wuornos and, according to her, she shot and killed him when he tried to sexually assault her. The next six victims were all shot and killed in 1990 after encountering Wuornos, who also robbed them and pawned their belongings. Because she left behind fingerprints and evidence, it didn’t take long for her to be directly linked to the murders. She eventually became one of the most infamous American female serial killers in history. She was sentenced to death, but there were those that believed she had a mental illness that should have kept her off of death row. In 2002, she was executed by lethal injection.

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