15 Craziest Rumors Ever Made Up About Princess Kate

Many may think monarchies have become obsolete, nothing more than figure heads living lavishly off people’s taxes and doing nothing more than cutting ribbons and being the face of charities. In a way, these people are not wrong, since many monarchs are indeed just figure heads, with no jurisdiction when it comes to making decisions in running the country. Yet, monarchies around the world still exist, mainly to serve as an inspiration to the common folk, especially when a representative of the royal family is effectively able to reach out to his or her subjects.

There’s no contesting that the most famous royal family today is the British Royal Family. Their personal lives have been of great fascination to the entire world, especially when commoners like Lady Diana Spencer and Kate Middleton married into the elite brood. Princess Kate or the Duchess of Cambridge is just as photographed as her late mother-in-law was and has also been the subject of the most insane rumors anyone can think of. These are just some of the many.

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15 She’s pregnant whenever she isn’t.


Ever since they got married, the royal couple has constantly been on baby watch. Anytime Princess Kate would appear in public wearing a slightly loose shirt, the gossip mongers would immediately latch onto the notion that they could see a baby bump showing beneath the shirt. Rumors were finally put to rest when the palace announced that the duchess was indeed pregnant back in 2012, almost two years after she and Prince William tied the knot. Mere months after giving birth, she was said to be pregnant again, which we all know wasn’t true, until the palace officially announced two months after Prince George’s first birthday that the royal couple was expecting their second child. Princess Charlotte is turning two in May 2017, so it’s no surprise if we hear a rumor here and there that the duchess is expecting baby number three.

14 Her marriage is a repeat of William’s parents.


From the moment Lady Diana Spencer became engaged to Prince Charles, her life was never the same. She was to live under the scrutiny of the public eye and the royal family for the rest of her days and rumor has it, living under a microscope is just one of the many reasons the marriage failed. Of course, it’s common knowledge that the main reason things didn’t work out was because hard as he supposedly tried, Prince Charles never loved Diana—his heart always belonged to Camilla Parker Bowles, his first love and the woman he really wanted to marry. People are quick to draw parallels to Prince William’s marriage, saying he actually wanted to marry English actress and model Isabella Calthorpe, but since she turned him down, he “settled” for Kate Middleton instead. It’s another completely ludicrous rumor, considering he and Princess Kate have been dating since their university days.

13 She and William are going straight for the throne.


Based on popularity surveys, Queen Elizabeth II is still very much loved by her people, as she represents stability and someone to look up to and admire. In contrast, the Brits don’t seem to hold her son and heir to the throne, Prince Charles in the same positive light as her. At the very least, people are indifferent to him. But it’s common knowledge that the British folk regard Prince William, second in line to the throne, with greater affection than they do his father, possibly because he is their beloved Diana’s son and also because his wife is arguably considered the “face” of the modern royal family. There are some rumors going around that the queen wants to pass on the throne to her grandson rather than her son, and this rumor has led to people jokingly speculating that Prince William and Princess Kate are poised to go all “game of thrones” on the British monarchy and seize the throne from the queen, bypassing Prince Charles in the process!

12 She wanted William to quit his job.


Like many royals, Prince William doesn’t just sit around, twiddling his thumbs, waiting to become king. Yes, he has royal duties that require him to make public appearances for the causes he supports and give the occasional inspirational speech to his subjects. But he actually has a day job as well, at least until a few months ago, when he announced that he was officially leaving his job as an air ambulance pilot with the East Anglia Air Ambulance. The reason for his resignation is that he and Princess Kate will be moving to London so the prince can take on more royal duties, as his grandmother the queen will be cutting back on hers. But according to gossip, his wife was the one who demanded he quit his job because she was afraid that ISIS was tracking his moves while he was on his missions. It sounds like she watches too many spy movies, but who knows nowadays, with all the terror attacks?

11 She’s paid big time for her royal duties.


Let’s face it, being a member of the royal family is not a career. Rather, it’s a privilege, whether you’re born into it or you marry into it and it makes you duty-bound to support causes that help your subjects in ways as meaningful as possible for mere figure heads. The best example of a hands-on royal was the late Princess Diana. She traveled far and wide to poverty-stricken areas just to visit with the sick and the poor. And no, she wasn’t getting paid for it. People have speculated that perhaps Princess Kate gets a salary for all her public appearances, given she’s considered the modern face of the royal family. But according to E! News, it’s not a salary she receives, but she was supposedly given a lump sum of $4 million by her father-in-law Prince Charles to spend on clothes and traveling. And that’s allegedly only for one year!

10 She pole dances.


Princess Kate’s figure is envied by many, although some say she looks a little too thin. But she looks anything but gaunt because one can clearly see her toned arms and legs when she puts them on display in the pretty outfits she wears to her public events. One crazy rumor that came from Star magazine stated that she once attended a pole dancing class in disguise, with a scarf wrapped around her head and neck, after giving birth to Prince George. The duchess apparently loved the workout so much and has been taking the classes regularly, allegedly quipping that a woman should have some secret talents. But there’s no proof to this rumor, so it’s safer to believe what other magazines have collectively said, that she’s an exercise junky, with her favorite workouts being “The Plank” and CrossFit.

9 She is feuding with the queen.


The Middeltons are self-made millionaires, who amassed their fortune from their online party business called Party Pieces. They are said to be worth over $50 million, which is a hefty amount for a once-middle-class family and Princess Kate’s parents live in a sizeable estate named Bucklebury Manor. Of course, they are still nowhere near the ranks of the royal family and while Queen Elizabeth II doesn’t speak of it publicly, she and Prince Charles are said to disapprove of all the time Kate spends at her parents’ place. The queen is said to prefer that the heirs to the throne (meaning Prince William and Prince George) spend their days in London, not the countryside. Of course, this rumor is absolutely ludicrous, considering how many country homes the queen owns and how much time she herself spends in them.

8 Her mom is hungry for power.


Carole Middleton may not be in the public eye as much as her two lovely daughters, but rumor has it she pretty much has a say in everything when it comes to her family members, including her royal grandchildren. Grandma apparently has a hand in how they are being raised, including when they nap, and when and what they eat, earning her the nickname, “Queen Carole.” She’s also said to dictate the living situations of her daughter and son-in-law. According to the rumor mill, Prince Charles and his wife Camilla are not happy that George was being “raised as a commoner child by Kate’s mother Carole.” Many said it was in poor taste as well, that Mrs. Middleton was promoting the baby shower range of the family’s online party business a few days before Prince George was born. Maybe she was just thinking in terms of an entrepreneur?

7 She’s possessive of William.


To the outsider, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge look to be in a stable, loving relationship, with the duchess appearing very laid-back and supportive of her husband in his public appearances and other endeavors. But apparently, she is quite the possessive wife—and who can blame her really? Her husband will be the ruler of the United Kingdom one day, so he is certainly “hot property” to the ladies out there. She’s said to have banned the prince from going to parties without her, keeping him on a tight leash at all times, leaving many of his friends disappointed and missing his company now that he’s married. Princess Kate is said to demand that any plans he has must be run by her first and are all subject to her approval!

6 She’s had work done.


There’s no doubt about it, she’s naturally beautiful with her rich brown locks, expressive eyes, and pretty smile. Even when she was still Prince William’s girlfriend, she was already fodder for the tabloids because she was so attractive. And it seems like Princess Kate has only gotten more beautiful with age, thanks to good genes, a healthy diet, and a rigorous workout routine, not to mention a hairstylist, make-up artist, and personal fashion stylist all at her disposal. But given the high pressure she faces to always look impeccable to the public, some have wondered if she’s had any work done. An anonymous source at Ok! Magazine speculated that she had a breast lift after giving birth to her children, as well as two nose jobs. And while there’s nothing wrong with going under the knife, it’s completely unacceptable if the speculations are entirely false.

5 She and William are getting a divorce.


Given the centuries-old practice of royals marrying for convenience rather than love—for political alliances or to ensure they produce children that are purely royal and all that jazz—it’s no surprise that some people think Prince William and Princess Kate are stuck in a loveless marriage. After all, Prince William’s own parents’ marriage didn’t work out because his father didn’t truly love his mother. But one of the silliest rumors that have gone around about the young couple is that Princess Kate supposedly feels trapped in her royal marriage, saying she prefers to spend time with her family rather than with her in-laws—but that’s nothing out of the ordinary. Don’t we normally prefer our own families to our partner’s? It’s nothing personal, it’s just natural. And since she’s supposedly stuck in a loveless marriage, rumor mongers think a divorce is imminent! Just because she sometimes has photos that show her unsmiling.

4 She had postpartum depression because she missed an event.


Postpartum depression is a very real condition that can hit any mother at any point after she has her baby. For some women who suffer through it, the case is mild and they experience occasional bouts of sadness or self-loathing. But for others, the condition can be severe, to the point of the woman wanting to take her own life or inadvertently harming her child. Some women open up about it in order to share their experience with others who are going through the same thing, but it was never officially confirmed if Princess Kate experienced it after her two deliveries. But the gossips said she went through it after giving birth to Princess Charlotte—just because she missed a friend’s wedding. It’s amusing that people came to the conclusion that she was depressed just because she missed one event—even saying her bouts were so bad that her husband wanted to split up with her!

3 She thinks she’s being spied on.


If you’re constantly in the public eye, it’s understandable to always be looking over your shoulder during your private time, slightly paranoid that you’re being watched by nosy and tenacious paparazzi. And given the fact that it was this obsessive scrutiny that led to Princess Diana’s untimely demise, one can’t really blame Princess Kate for being protective of her privacy. After all, she’s in a similar boat to her late mother-in-law: the beautiful commoner who married the future King of England, and one who gets attention for her impeccable grace and style. The crazy rumor goes that Princess Kate is supposedly afraid that there are actual spies in her home, reporting back her every move to the queen. It may not be as far-fetched as we’d imagine, given how many staff each royal household has. But it was never confirmed to be true and is therefore treated as a wild rumor.

2 Camilla demanded they name their baby girl after her.


The royal couple never revealed the gender of either of their children when Princess Kate was pregnant. When she was expecting her second child, people were speculating and hoping that it would be a girl this time, since she already had a boy. And since people were dead-set on the gender, names were being thrown left and right for the upcoming royal baby. There were whispers that the baby would be named Diana after Prince William’s late mother and that Queen Elizabeth II wanted her own name and that of her late sister, Princess Margaret to be part of the child’s full name. But perhaps the most ludicrous rumor was that Camilla, Prince William’s stepmother, demanded that they name their daughter after her. The baby was officially named Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, so two of the rumored names were true. But Camilla? Nope.

1 She never gave birth to Princess Charlotte.


Perhaps the most insane rumor to have ever been spread about Princess Kate originated from the Russians. A pro-Kremlin newspaper (tabloid?) claimed that Princess Charlotte was born via surrogate and that her mother never actually carried her. Rather, the duchess supposedly wore a fake bump under the maternity clothes she’d parade around wearing. Others stated that the baby princess was actually born a few days earlier but the event was kept secret—because how could Princess Kate have given birth hours before she stepped out of the hospital, looking radiant and relaxed? Russian women said it was “impossible” for someone who just gave birth to look that amazing. What these people don’t understand is that the Duchess of Cambridge has a whole team of people, from a make-up and hair stylist to a personal stylist and assistants, to make her look the way she does when she’s out in public. With so many people dolling her up, it’s believable that she would look that great mere hours after giving birth.

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