15 Craziest Nail Designs That Will Have You Running To The Salon

The world of nail design is a fun and innovative one that is always changing. Stars like Kylie Jenner and the rest of the Kardashian clan have been giving us major nail envy... and some major nail inspiration, too. These stars are known for their signature styles when it comes to their nails and are always trying something new or sticking with their good old matte favorites. We'll be looking at some of the most unique and out-there designs that people have been pulling off recently. Sometimes less really is more! These experimental, minimalist, and very chic nails take that literally and these 15 looks are all a refreshing take on nail design. From bold black nails that could cut paper to nails with only a drop of polish, everything you could want is all here and we guarantee you haven’t seen any of these before! Gone are the times where we would glue tons of tiny crystals to our nails in hopes they would shine and impress all those around us. The future holds tons of sultry shades of varnish and mattes galore. We’re eager to know your thoughts! Do you think you would try any of these designs yourself?!

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15 Geometric

Via teenage.com.sg

A recent issue of Teen magazine presented these beautiful geometric, matte, and minimalist nails. How chic are they?! There are so many ways that you can coordinate these nails with your wardrobe, and they truly act as a full-blown accessory to anything that you're wearing. They will definitely bring attention to the details of your style. They are so different and actually very easy to achieve at home as well. All you need are nail tape and matte nail polish to pull off this look. While this might be too crazy for some, maybe this is the perfect nail design for you! You can pull this bold look off with a simple t-shirt and jeans or go for something more formal too. The attention really is in the details and with these nails, you’ll have that covered so you can pursue an effortless look while still looking very pulled together.

14 Matte Tips

Via www.pinterest.com

Want a more edgy look without pushing the envelope too far? With this fantastic nail look, you’ll be covered in the edgy and chic departments when it comes to expressing your lovely personal style. Even taking different directions when it comes to the shape of a tip can really make a difference as well -- just look at this photo! Be creative and find different ways to shape your french tip, maybe a circle, a line, or even just a dot. But if you want to stick with a classic french but use colors like this soft matte pink and matte black, you’ll already be making a huge change to a classic, which will make everyone around you pay attention to those fingertips! These nails would go perfectly with a minimalist inspired monochrome outfit, perfect for work or even a night out! The way you can wear these nails are practically endless. We're definitely going to try this look out the next time we head to the nail salon.

13 Pastels

Via tumblr.com

With Easter literally right around the corner, it’s refreshing to see a pastel matte lacquer on nails. Something that brings a little bit of edge to the softness of this color is the stiletto nail that many seem a bit too scared to pull off, but maybe this will be a happy medium for those who want to give it a chance! These nails can make a huge statement if you wear a dark colored outfit and matching makeup in shades of pink. Or you could choose a softer look by playing up the pastels and wearing some other colors too. These nails look clean and practical for any time of year, but they will especially be great for spring and summer which are thankfully almost here! We think they would look great with a soft pink lip and natural makeup for a dewy and bronzed look. Just add a cozy sweater and some natural wash jeans for an effortless and casual look. You will be good to go and looking so stylish.

12 Just One Dot

Via www.stylist.co.uk

Less really is more! Like we mentioned before, even just a dot of polish can take a regular nail look and make it look like something you would see on the runway at New York Fashion Week. Plus, how amazing would it be if you added even more fun and bright colors to this look? Even a light grey with a natural nail would look fantastic and totally unique since greys are in this year. We bet a ton of people would gawk at your nails and ask you where you got them done because they’ll look so fantastic. Plus this is also another look that can easily be done at home. Just use a toothpick for the dot and proceed doing your nail like you normally would when doing a french manicure! Although this look might seem simple, 2017 is all about simple when it comes to style and capturing that effortless beauty that will make heads turn is the key to these crazy chic nail designs!

11 Marble

Via www.bloglovin.com

This trend isn’t going anywhere... and we're so glad! It perfectly captures a marbling effect that just screams elegant and classy! Sure, we've all seen the marble trend floating around the web for the past year, but to everyone’s surprise, it’s just now coming back in full force with these nail looks. Marble print is probably loved by everyone, there’s just something about it that feels chic, cool, and classic. It’s a material that’s hailed as exquisite and full of luxury, so faux marble has been super trendy and it’s really no wonder! Even though the classic marble that’s white and grey is probably what everyone thinks of when they imagine this print, but marble does come in all colors. Can't you just picture a matte black and white veined marble -- how amazing would that look! With tons of tutorials online, you can easily get this nail design look under your belt after practicing a few times!

10 Matte Grey

Via www.popularladies.net

A simple shade of matte grey is rarely ever seen in the nail world. Grey is a rare color to ask for because many people are under the impression that it’s too tame, but to their surprise, it stands out quite a bit when you combine a light grey color such as this with a matte effect. You’ll have beauty bloggers everywhere trying this style because of how effortless and clean it ends up looking. Matte grey is super in this year, so go ahead and mix and match this style with many different outfit combos and still pull off a stylish and careless look for any occasion. Crazy nail looks have a different definition for everyone, but with this look, you can bet that heads will turn because of how simply unique they are even from a distance! While some might not think these are super crazy, they are for others because this look is pushing the innovation of nail design to a new level. This look proves that your nails shouldn't be ignored and really are what pull a look together.

9 Gold French

Via www.youtube.com

You can never go wrong with a bit of gold. With these nails, you can perfectly see the statement they’ve made. Styles like this have been sported by Kim Kardashian herself as well as Kylie Jenner, so really, you can’t go wrong with those trendsetters! Taking a simple nude nail base coat and using gloss to bring out their natural shine, then focusing on the top by using what looks like flaked gold glitter, not only adds a luxurious shine but also a unique texture you don't usually see in glittery nails. This chunky glitter brings all eyes to the tips of these nails, they make a full on fashion and trend statement without looking tacky in the process. These are definitely the way to go if you’re looking for something a bit more out there and totally unique... as well as making sure to capture all that shine! Because honestly, who doesn't want some glitter in their life?!

8 Classic Mani

Via nailartstyle.com

A classic mani with a new and improved shape and two blue colors is a very stylish and soft update! You can’t go wrong with a classic french mani, but when you take it to a whole other level by combining a new nail shape with a french ombre, you’ll see how the small differences can create a whole new statement. With celebrities using this as their go-to nail look, it’s easy to see how these have pretty much replaced the classic frenchie! Not only do the soft pink hues and the fade into the white tips create a softer look instead of having the two colors separated by a harsh line, they really do elongate the hand and work well with any skin tone! It’s so interesting to see how the transformation of the classics has taken place over time. Who knows what will be next on the nail design radar?! We're ready for it!

7 Deep And Rich

Via nailsart.idolwhitefaq.com

Dark colors are definitely in this year, and if you mix them with some holographic shine, well, you’ll never turn back. Trust us! These nails take the galaxy trend and make it a bit more wearable and classy! So if you like the dark hues of galaxy inspired prints, you’ll love this holographic nail look. Because the hues in the holographic look are so dark, it really takes a close look to see how the light reflects off of them. Which means they are very wearable even for work or school! They add just a simple touch, bridging the gap between a plain dark nail and a beautiful reflective holo inspired nail! Perfect for those individuals that just want a middle ground between crazy and boring! Also, can you imagine what this nail design would look like if you used a dark maroon or even a deep forest green! We're going to have to try all of these looks out now!

6 Negative Space

Via www.pinterest.com

A simple shape can really and truly make your nails pop! With a simple nail shape like this, replicating a natural nail, you can use the space in the best way possible by highlighting negative space. Using the negative space like this to create a variation of this simple yet innovative design can really make a huge difference when it comes to your style. A style like this also gives you a ton of creative license as well so you can express yourself and how you feel! You don’t have to follow any rules to achieve this look, just go with what you feel. You can even have all the nails look exactly the same, maybe only have one black nail as an accent nail on your ring finger, or use this design as an example. Either way, it’ll be fun and well worth the time it takes to create because they’re crazy unique! Go ahead! What's stopping you?!

5 Dark And Crystal

Via www.pinterest.com

A new trend that’s been growing more and more on fans is the extremely dark nail paired with a bright and crystal nail, it’s an extreme take on the accent nail, but somehow it actually works if you have the confidence to pull it off! Contrast is good when you want to make a statement and even though nail design is changing to focus on more simple aesthetics, this look combines the best of both worlds! This look perfectly balances each other while using the accent nail for the crystal polish. Imagine if all the nails were that shimmery crystal, it probably would be too much to handle and would come off very cheap and gaudy, but with the matte black balancing the look and bringing it all together, it’s something anyone with confidence can pull off in a heartbeat! Will you try out this crazy nail look? We think that you should!

4 Short And Neutral

Via hotnails.press

Neutral colors are in and it's quite a different way to look at nail design since everyone is constantly wanting to pile more and more on their nails. You might even have the nail artist look at you funny when you ask for the CRAZY style because it’s very out of the norm! Minimalism is on trend at the moment and everyone on the red carpet seems to be drifting towards this style, embracing it with open arms and very minimal sleek nails! Combine a shorter nail that replicates your natural nail shape, keeping them trimmed and a perfect matte grey is a no brainer when trying to achieve a classic look like this. Even using this color family with different shaped nails can be a great way to try something a little bit more out of your comfort zone. Will you be trying this matte grey nail polish any time soon -- maybe even for a business meeting or a night out?

3 Two Worlds

Via stayglam.com

A classic take on the french tip is taking over the nail world. These crazy fingertips combine a gun metal varnish that captures the light and reflects, as well as the tips being a contrasting chrome that will be eye catching and very hard to miss. These nails will sure be a showstopper anywhere you go, while they do stand out quite a bit while combining two different kinds of metals, they will go well with any look you’re trying to style. Just imagine a classic little black dress with silver and chrome accessories to match the varnish of these nails. Pair this look with a simple bracelet and choker and you’ll be all set, with an easy daytime look that can easily transition into a night out look! While these nails might have a lot going on, they do still fit into the minimalist vibe with a very polished look, and so that's awesome.

2 Classic Black

Via www.etsy.com

It’s rare we see a classic black nail anymore since we all had our emo phase, but it’s made a comeback and it’s back and better than ever. When you combine the dark polish with a matte finish, as well as a bit of a pointed shape, you have a whole new look that will even look fabulous with an evening gown. It’s time to bring this look back and it’s already started because of how stars on the red carpet have all brought back these edgy looks without any regrets. Black nails are in and they’re here to stay. This trend has been the number one staple of nail design for the last year, staying on trend the whole time. Of course, there are many other variations you could experiment with such as changing nail shape, polish finish, and even adding designs if you’re feeling a bit over the top. You can’t go wrong with a classic look such as this.

1 Metals

Via www.huffingtonpost.ca

You don't often see a nail that is completely gold -- usually, the focus is on the tip or just an accent shape, but this trend is coming back big time because of stars like Kylie Jenner. This look is bold and requires a lot of confidence to pull it off right. There have been many other metal polishes that showcase different metal shades such as rose gold, bronze, gun metal, copper, and silver! This beautiful look is number one on the list because of how daring it is! Not many people feel comfortable pulling off such a dramatic look like this, featuring all metals that will dazzle anyone who sees. Even rocking this look with an over-sized sweatshirt and ripped jeans will bring an urban vibe that encompasses the feel of street style sported by Kylie J, Gigi Hadid, and more rising stars. Out of all these beautiful and crazy nails that are trending right now, which were your favorites?!

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