15 Craziest Coincidences You Have To See To Believe (Reddit)

Ever wonder who else is reading this article? Maybe somebody with your name. Or perhaps somebody in your town, your office, or sitting next to you in the coffee shop (hopefully not over your shoulder).

Dictionary.com defines a coincidence as "a striking occurrence of two or more events at one time apparently by mere chance." And what better place to catalog these rare events than reddit?

There is more of an ability for people to document and discover coincidences in our generation because of the internet. But still, there is a multitude that goes unnoticed and perhaps undiscovered. It's kind of eerie to think about, but the limitless possibility of connections that exist in the world is undeniably fascinating. Luckily, there are some mind-blowing examples below that you really won't be able to believe!

Whether the subject of a coincidence is funny, creepy, or mundane, the coincidence itself is always exciting in its own way. These strange moments when fate lines up and connects two seemingly unrelated occurrences, objects, or people are thought-provoking in their randomness. Or, are they really so random after all?

We're still left scratching our heads on what it all means, but we love the stories and are happy to be along for this crazy ride!

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15 Off The Rails

via reddit user I_HATE_PLATYPI_AMA

It's crazy that there are so many of these double photos out there, as you'll see today. You know, the ones where two people unknown to each other both find something interesting and post it online randomly. Shoutout to reddit user I_HATE_PLATYPI_AMA for their master post. Reddit is our new favorite thing ever.

A certain Ozzy Osbourne song comes to mind at the sight of this subway car. These crazy trains are kept underground for more than one reason, we now see.

Commutes can be boring and predictable, but not on this train car. What happened, though? Was it some kind of extreme acrobatic stunt gone wrong? Some of these performers will do anything for money.

These photos may have been taken near the same time, but still, how long did it take for the city to close the car?

14 A Cool Coincidence

via reddit user I_HATE_PLATYPI_AMA

This gives a whole new meaning to the expression "cracking open a cold one with the boys." Here are all the prerequisites: HUNDREDS of boys, a good game, and a cold one that's a few degrees chillier than expected.

It must've been a cold night, and that's hard to imagine right now in the summertime! A little ice is one thing, but these are hard-core frozen.

We love that two people took strangely similar photos, but we are a little worried about the person on the left. That sure looks like a dangerously red hand. Frostbite is real, so that's why we endorse the gloved hand on the right. Stay safe, football fans. Even with a beer coat (or two, or three...), we all still have our limits.

13 A Shocking Coincidence

via reddit user FreezingIce

Have you ever heard the myth about lightning never striking the same spot twice? Well, though there isn't reddit documentation of that today, there is something equally as cool, if not cooler. Two totally unrelated redditors took a picture of the exact same lightning bolt from drastically different angles! The result, in addition to being creepily coincidental given the instantaneous nature of lightning, is actually quite beautiful.

This draws us back to the literal definition of "coincidence" in the most shocking way possible. This itself is a striking moment of happenstance. Oh, and did we mention that the background looks like a baseball stadium? We're seeing diamonds in the sky.

Whether it's the lightning or the puns, we're absolutely buzzing with excitement over all the bases this covers.

12 Can't Help But Stairing

via reddit user I_HATE_PLATYPI_AMA

First of all, both of these photos are fantastically composed. We're talking some art exhibition prize-winning skill right here. But then again, the moment lent itself to many attractive angles. These two angles both capture the obvious anomaly, and even better, the passersby looking like NOTHING is out of the ordinary. Really? This is all of the sudden okay with everyone?

How long does a car have to be like this for people to start seeing it as simply another part of the scenery? And what was the time between when these photos were taken? These two photos spark these questions and plenty more. Our advice? These people just need to get a fresh perspective...one where cars belong on the road and seeing them on stairs yields some sort of emotion.

11 A Constructive Post

via reddit user I_HATE_PLATYPI_AMA

Google Maps is a magical piece of technology. It's also semi-creepily omnipresent. and we've got the photos to prove it.

This moment is special, because it's a photo of people taking a photo of each other, only one of those "people" is actually working for Google Maps. The icing on the cake? Both photos came together in this magical occurrence. Feast your eyes!

The thumbs up really captures the snarky spirit of the whole incident, and again, this photo is a reminder that Google is everywhere...literally. Also, of course it would be a barren construction site that Google captured. The map and earth photos are always so desolate, as if they're representing the hopelessness of navigating with spotty wifi and an expired data plan. Oh, the 21st century...

10 The Coolest Person Ever

via reddit user I_HATE_PLATYPI_AMA

These are two totally different streets, but this is clearly not a different person. Perhaps these photos occurred on the same day during some adorably random joy ride, or perhaps they were taken cities away by two reddit strangers miles apart.

Who could resist taking pictures of this hilariously endearing spectacle? We're actually wishing we could see it from every angle, including that sweet car's interior! The fancy ride is unique in its combination of super sleek and super nerdy, and, of course, who cannot love the smile on that person's face? We can't tell if they're holding a tiny skateboard, but whatever it is, we're digging the bright pink stripe design with what appears to be an alien face at the bottom. The whole experience really is out of this world.

9 Winter Has Arrived

via reddit user I_HATE_PLATYPI_AMA

Well, this is a funny (and punny) coincidence for sure. It's not often a Game of Thrones reference meets a Modern Family star, but when it happens, of course it's going to be like this. Netflix spinoff, anybody?

Those of us in the North are more than a little jealous of the commenter's Georgia winter expectations. The further up we go, the less fun and the more ominous this shirt gets.

The only thing cooler would be Ariel donning this tee while making a snow angel (maybe even in Georgia if that could be arranged). Or, better yet, her character Alex from Modern Family could dress up as a snow princess and take over the throne. Clearly we only watch one of these shows, but mostly because we've been busy on reddit. Either way, crossover goals = achieved.

8 Smells? 100% Natural

via Pixabay

Okay, we guess this isn't strictly a coincidence, but there's still no wonder why it's so popular! It kept us guessing until we got to the last sentence, though we feel that there still may be a few confused patrons of the vape shop. Maybe they even think the shop stinks.

For those hoping to avoid artificial flavors and go a more, well, "natural" route, the added methane gas is a 100% legitimate alternative to conventional vape liquid. It's fruit-based (read: beans).

Clearly, this person is the master of timing, and not only in their writing. The ability to fart on command is one of the least-appreciated skills out there. Props to you, homemade vapor curator.

The best coincidences really are the ones we create ourselves.

7 Legally Bound

Wow, we have to wonder if either of these two lovebird lawyers has a background in the paranormal instead of the more probable paralegal. Hey, who knows? Maybe they have experience in both. Whatever it takes to succeed.

The fact that this book was in this person's future husband's house is mind-blowing. These two leafed through, cried over, and fell asleep on the pages of the same exact book, and there are so many in publication.

Did these two never run into each other while studying since they must've lived in the same town? One would think that two law students might cross paths, but hey, they did eventually in a pretty major way!

We're dreaming that the book made an appearance at the wedding. Perhaps some vows were read from it. These two are really united by law!

6 What A Card

via reddit user FreezingIce

As reddit user FreezingIce said, "My dad and my girlfriend's dad (who have never met and live on different sides of the country) both sent us the same Christmas card. The holidays are always full of surprises, whether they be crazy in-laws, burnt turkeys, or tasteless lawn displays that are TOTALLY bigger than the neighbor's blow-up Rudolph from last year.

But in addition to surprises, they're also full of traditions, and for a lot of us, Christmas cards are among the most popular of them. This year, this young couple got both a surprise and a tradition that took the form of a crazy coincidence. These two twin cards from their dads, who are two people who have probably never met living hundreds of miles apart, are identical. What are the odds that these two guys would have twin tastes in Christmas cards? I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree for either of those lovebirds (or lovecats as they shall now be known).

Let's all take a moment to admire the artistry of the red winter garb on the awkward little kitten. Surely we all have respect for the journey they made, hopefully by sleigh. It's truly a Christmas miracle.

5 International Relations

via Pixabay

Okay, this is a really crazy story. It's full of suspense, heroic moments, wildly excessive amounts of international travel, and, of course, coincidence. We think you get the pattern.

Most of us keep to ourselves, our friends, and our tanning oil on the beach, and when we do approach strangers, we keep it casual and brief. Not only did these couples dive in, but also, they discovered they were living weirdly parallel lives! Imagine how many of these encounters would happen if people just talked to strangers as confidently as these folks. It would get kind of freaky to see how we're all connected, but in a fascinating way for sure.

Also, who randomly gets to the subject of international mugging while lounging by the water? Probably the same kind of people who crazy things happen to!

4 And Your Lucky Numbers Are...

via reddit user JackATac

Okay, shoutout to user JackATac who screenshotted this, not to mention only777 who clearly needs to enter the lottery next July 7th (or they should wait until 2077). This is the definition of a coincidence sevenfold!

The real question is this: did the comments stay like this forever? Maybe there was a truce made to stop all comments to maintain the perfect balance. We may never know, but we'd like to imagine all of these sevens peacefully together, side hugging closely like a bunch of hangers in a closet.

Who knows? It could be that time stopped for this post at 7 hours. Even if not, we'll be checking back at 7 days, 7 months, and (mark your calendars) 7 years.

And did you notice that there are seven sevens? Is your brain spinning yet?

3 Separated At Birth

via reddit user Ribknows

Just like the subject of this post, the tattoo, what we write on the internet stays forever. Not even laser removal could take these moments away from us, whether we want them obliterated or commemorated.

Out of all of the posts on this vacuous site overflowing with randomness, what are the odds that two strangers with usernames a single letter apart would comment on some random post within minutes of each other? Well, we're not mathematicians, but we'd say they're pretty slim. Jrodw was right: this IS awkward!

Also, it looks like the FBI has gotten involved, that is if their username is The_F_B_I. Who's to say? We certainly wouldn't suspect it. Judging by all of the coincidences so far and some more to come, stranger things have surely happened.

2 The Bell Of The (Foot)ball

via Pixabay

Sure, some of us are fans of the celebrities we follow (hopefully not literally), the music we jam to, and the teams we cheer on, but some of us take it to the next level. Those of us are the few and far between, and we're called superfans.

Uncle football here isn't some wannabe superfan. He is the real deal. See, he's not the kind of person who buys one or two pieces of merch to get some street cred with his buddies. He is such a fan that when his family made him a book about his favorite team, he just happened to have a photo in there because he was probably at every game of theirs.

Although it is kind of awkward that his family never thought to include a picture of him at the game, say, on purpose.

The real gift for this uncle wasn't from his family. It was from fate.

1 A Spicy Romance

via reddit user shayster_

"In sickness and in health, in Taco and in Bell." Or something like that. Love can surely burn with the fire of 1000 suns, but sometimes, three hot sauce packets do the trick.

Clearly, fate decided that these three sauces would find each other and that some lucky couple would find them (we can dream, right?). Taco Bell isn't exactly most people's dream engagement venue, but hey, when the moment's right, it's right. These inside-out fortune cookies never fail to leave a smile on one's face, but this is truly a coincidence like no other.

It seems like Taco Bell is shifting their market from take-out to make-out, but we're okay with it. Nothing fits the age of casual dating better than casual dining that literally puts marriage on the table, or a dusty dorm room floor as the case may be.

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