15 Couple Gym Fails You NEED To See

Working out is tough. It can be so hard to find the motivation to get off your butt and head to the gym, day after day. But if you want to stay healthy and get toned, you know that you’ve just gotta do it! Many of us think that going to the gym with a partner will make it a little easier. So we find a friend to enlist as a work out buddy, and we drag them along to the gym with us! Some of us even take it a step further and decide to try some partner exercises with our work out buddy. You might think that makes the work out more fun and interesting, but the truth is that it can make things a lot more complicated! If you think that working out with a partner will make it easier, check out these 15 partner work out fails!

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15 Totally stuck

Source: YouTube

If you were ever a cheerleader, you probably know just how difficult it is to support other people! It can definitely be tough, and it takes a lot of physical strength. Some people may think that incorporating these moves into a partner work out could be fun, but in reality, it can be hard to actually complete an exercise like this! However, these two girls decided to attempt it. Now, they both look like they’re in pretty good shape, but even still, lifting up another human being is no easy task. The girl acting as a base cannot even fully stand up! Yup, if you can’t even stand up during the exercise, it’s not a real work out, it’s just a work out fail! Thankfully, these two girls managed to stay upright and didn’t collapse on the ground. Otherwise, it could have turned from a fail into a total disaster.

14 Barbell Fail

Source: YouTube

Lifting can be quite taxing on your body. That’s why you always have to be super careful with your form when you lit. There are all sorts of resources for learning how to lift properly, and it’s very important to get a good handle on the proper technique before you hit the gym and grab any weights! Otherwise, you could end up seriously hurting yourself. However, these two guys decided to ignore all the proper techniques and try something totally crazy. One of them was lifting barbells while lying on the bench, while the other did a handstand on the barbell! Therefore, the guy on the bottom was not just lifting up the weight of the barbell, but also the weight of his work out buddy! And as you can see from this picture, it did NOT work out too well! Guys, don’t try this at home, or the gym, or anywhere.

13 Puppy Bomb

Source: YouTube

Okay, we all love dogs. But when you’re trying to work out, they can become a nuisance! We’ve all seen videos of those people doing yoga and trying to get some sun salutations in, only for their pets to walk in the room and totally interrupt their zen time. So, what happens when you try to get a proper work out done with a partner, and then a third party invites themselves along? Well, if it’s a human, you might have someone to spot you, but a puppy isn’t going to be much help! Let’s be honest, if you’re in the middle of working out and a cute little puppy comes along, you’re not going to be focused on that workout anymore. You’re just going to be totally distracted and try to play with the dog! We don’t blame you—that’s exactly what happened to the couple who bombed this work out!

12 Don’t Let Go!

Source: YouTube

So, what have we learned so far about trying to lift our partners up during a work out? Well, clearly, it does not always turn out the way that we planned. In fact, it can actually be a pretty dangerous move, because if you’re not strong enough, you could easily drop your partner and end up hurting them! And who wants to deal with that? Just take a look at the fitness partners in this photo. This total fail was a result of a lifting move gone wrong. The man was supporting the woman’s weight while she pulled herself up using ab strength. It’s like a fancy version of crunches—and since we all know how boring crunches are, who wouldn’t want to spice them up? However, maybe crunches would have been the safer choice, because the woman ended up falling flat on her back and laying on the floor!

11 Falling Backward

Source: YouTube

There are some partner work out moves that look truly impressive. You see people doing these awesome exercises on social media, and you immediately think, “Wow, I have to try that! It looks like so much fun!” But as we can see in the photo above, it doesn’t always turn out that way. This couple tried to attempt a move where the man lifted the woman up on his back. A move like this would allow him to work on his own strength while she worked on her balance. However, just judging by the look on her face, this is definitely not how it went down! In fact, it’s pretty safe to assume that shortly after this moment, she probably fell over. Sometimes, a move that would cool on Instagram simply should not be part of our regular work out routines—just because it looks photogenic doesn’t mean it’s right for us!

10 Spotter Betrayal

Source: YouTube

After seeing a few examples of these partner work out fails, you can probably understand why it’s so important to have a spotter by your side when you’re attempting a difficult move or lifting a heavy weight. A spotter can help correct your form if you’re doing something wrong, support you if you’re slipping, or help you get out of a move safely without hurting yourself if necessary. However, not all spotters are created equal, and this example is proof. Just check out this poor guy falling over! He was depending on this girl to spot him properly, but while she was distracted by who knows what (checking out someone else in the gym, perhaps?), he went flying backward and probably got seriously hurt! Looks like you have to keep a close eye on your spotter, too, otherwise your lifting session will turn into just another total work out failure.

9 Leapfrog

Source: YouTube

Do you remember playing leapfrog as a kid? Maybe in your elementary school gym class, right? All of the kids would get in line, and one by one, you would jump over each other’s back and then crouch down on the ground. And the pattern would continue until you got bored or the bell rang for the end of class. Well, for many of us, our leapfrog days are far behind. But apparently, some people do incorporate a little bit of leapfrog into their work outs! However, to get any real benefit from this move, you have to kick things up a notch. The person you’re jumping over has to be standing up—or at the very least, only hunching over slightly. While this adds to the challenge and gives your muscles a better workout, it can definitely result in a total fail, as you can see in this photo!

8 Ouch!

Source: YouTube

This poor guy! You don’t even need to hear any details to know he was in total pain when this happened! But just for the fun of it, we’ll explain exactly what was happening before this particular fail occurred. If you’ve ever heard of acro yoga, you may know that it’s a step up in difficulty from regular yoga. Instead of getting into crazy poses by yourself, you have to do that with a partner! Obviously, this couple is not the first to experience some difficulties while attempting acro yoga! This form of yoga is no easy task. In fact, trying it alone for the first time is a big mistake. If you’re interested, you’ll want to seek out an experienced teacher who can really show you the ropes and give you a hand when you need it! Trying to support a partner in the air is tougher than it looks!

7 Scary Splits

Source: YouTube

Now that you’ve got the full run down on acro yoga, we’ll show you a few more couples who attempted these awesome poses and ended up failing like crazy! Check out the woman in the photo above. Doesn’t that look like it’s going to be a painful fall? Yup, she’s not in for a good time, that’s for sure. In a pose like this, the partner acting as a base supports the other partner with their legs. The partner on top holds a yoga pose while balancing on the base partner’s feet! Yes, it is just as difficult and daring as it sounds, and that’s why fails like this happen so frequently when it comes to acro yoga. This woman simply could not hold her balance any longer, and as a result, she’s headed for a rough crash landing—let’s hope this poor guy on the bottom made it out okay!

6 Yoga Challenge

Source: YouTube

There are tons of girls on Instagram who make yoga look easy. You’ve all seen them—the ones who are super fit and flexible, who are always meditating on the beach, and who are always posting videos of themselves holding handstands for way longer than seems humanly possible. Seeing photos and videos like this can really give off the impression that yoga is way easier than it actually is! And that’s where things get dangerous—or at least uncomfortable. You get lots of couples like this attempting to challenge themselves with yoga, and while giving yourself a challenge is always good, it can also result in some aches and pains! At least this couple looks like they’re getting a good laugh out of their struggle sesh. See, work out fails aren’t all bad if you can have a sense of humor about it and learn to laugh at your mistakes!

5 Hold On For Dear Life

Source: YouTube

This girl knows that things are about to turn ugly. She knows that the guy acting as her base cannot support her properly. She knows that she’s about to go down, but she does what any of us would instinctively do in this situation—she reaches out and grabs something else to hold on to! Yup, just another example of acro yoga gone totally wrong! While it’s pretty funny to see this girl grabbing on to her table in desperation to try to avoid falling over, it’s also pretty unsafe. It’s important to work out in an open space where you won’t hit your head or your limbs on something if you mess up. You could end up pretty bruised if you work out in a cluttered space where you don’t really have enough room to move! But enough safety tips for now—let’s just get back to laughing at these fails.

4 Just Keep Smiling!

Source: YouTube

We’ve got to give this girl some credit here—she knows that she and her partner have totally screwed up, but she’s laughing through it anyway. Hey, that’s the best way to get through a rough work out in any circumstances, right? Just smile through the pain! It’s easier said than done, to be honest. Now, all these work out fails can teach us another important lessons. Have you noticed how the vast majority of the time, the guy is acting as the base? It makes sense, because the average guy is physically stronger than the average girl. And yet they’re always letting these girls down, literally and figuratively! Moral of the story: be careful about the guys you trust, in relationships and work outs! There is totally a connection between these things. Otherwise, you might just end up flat on your back when you trying to get some exercise.

3 Going Down

Source: YouTube

Oops! This is a pretty dramatic fall. At least they were outside on the grass, which hopefully provided a soft landing. But one can assume that they both picked up a bruise or two from this incident. Seeing as this fail clearly occurred in a public place, we can’t help but wonder who else might have spotted them. It’s pretty funny to imagine watching a couple people working out in the park and then seeing them fall all over the place! However, while it may have been hilarious for anyone in the area who saw what was happening, it might have been super embarrassing for this couple! At least if it happens in the gym, your fellow fitness addicts will understand your pain because they’ve been there before! But experiencing a total workout fail in public? Count us out—maybe it’s best to stick to the gym or your own house!

2 No Pain, No Gain

Source: YouTube

Just one look at the expression on this guy’s face shows exactly how he’s feeling! Two guys attempting an acro yoga pose involving a handstand? Hey, what could go wrong? Well, clearly, a lot. We know that acro yoga may look like a lot of fun, but at this point, you should know that it isn’t for the faint of heart! These two guys probably felt a little overconfident and decided to try out a fancy new move that they were NOT prepared for! And while no one has crash landed yet, we can all make a pretty safe guess about what happened immediately after this moment. The guy whose standing upright on his hands in this photo was probably curled up on the ground! Has everyone learned their lesson about acro yoga yet? Hopefully, but we know that there will be plenty more inexperienced people attempting moves like this in the future.

1 Triple Fail

Source: YouTube

If working out with a partner makes your fitness routine more fun, you might assume that bringing along a third friend might make things even better! The more the merrier, right? Wrong! Sure, if the three of you are going on a run or attending a fitness class together, you could have a pretty good time. But any move involving three people just creates more room for error. If you’ve ever seen a cheerleading pyramid collapse, you know just how easily things could go wrong when you’re depending on more than one person for balance! For a move like this to work, every single person has to be in sync! And if one person wobbles a little too much and loses their balance, well, it’s all over, and everyone is going to come crashing down! After seeing all these fails, you might just want to avoid working out altogether—Netflix and chill it is!

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