15 Countries Where The Most Women Are Made Up Of Plastic

Physical enhancements or cosmetic procedures have been getting more and more popular. Part of that is due to the fact that celebrities have been more transparent about their cosmetic procedures in recent years. Part of it is due to the fact that the more popular it becomes the busier the market becomes, and that can drop the prices in certain areas. It occurs all over the world, but of course there are always places that are more popular than others for getting work done. Some countries are actually so popular for getting work done that people fly to them to get procedures done that are cheaper than they might be able to get in their home country. There's quite a lot of it going on all over the world, with little chance that the rates will be slowing down any time soon. Here are the top 15 countries where most women are fake.

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15 Mexico: The Most Popular


Mexico had somewhere around 486,499 cosmetic procedures a year. The country is a popular spot for liposuction, chest augmentation, eyelid lifts, nose jobs, and tummy tucks. Mexico has been cited as one of the top five destinations for getting work done when people are traveling to get it done. Why? For the same reasons that many other countries are popular for cosmetic procedure travel, it's cheaper in comparison. It's a frequent location for people who are coming from the U.S. and Canada since it is so much closer than other inexpensive countries and relatively easy to get to. Some stats list Mexico around the fourth of fifth most popular country to get work done thanks to the locals and visitors both utilizing the doctors there. Apparently, the popularity of liposuction in Mexico has shot way up in recent years and makes up a lot of the cosmetic procedures that's being done there.

14 Argentina: A Real Steal


Argentina has been gaining popularity in the cosmetic procedure department over the last decade. The country now tends to draw a lot of tourists who head there to get their procedures done. This is particularly true with British tourists. In 2002 the currency devalued in Argentina which means that compared to the pound, British people were getting a real steal on any procedures that they were getting done in the country. Treatments were often one-third of the price that they would be in the U.K., and when we're talking about treatments that cost thousands of dollars that sort of a discount really makes a difference. The discount certainly offsets the cost of the travel. Plus people who have some vacation time saved up can recover in vacation mode. But it's not just the tourists, one in 30 women in Argentina is thought to have gotten work done.

13 Brazil: The Kardashian Look


In 2013 Brazil saw 1,491,721 different procedures. One procedure that the country has made famous is the Brazilian butt lift that we now see so often. There was one guy who invented that procedure, named Dr. Pitanguy. He was totally famous for his contributions to the world of cosmetics, which not only included inventing the Brazilian butt lift but also for offering free treatments to people who couldn't afford it since "the poor have a right to be beautiful too." He was so celebrated that he was even given the honor of carrying the Olympic torch at one point. He passed away the following day, but his butt lift legacy carries on. If you aren't familiar with what that entails, it essentially involves liposuctioning fat out of areas like the midsection and thighs and then putting it into the butt. Think Kardashian shaped bodies.

12 Venezuela: Out Of Supply

Daily Mail

Venezuela has some of the highest cosmetic work rates in the world. So much so that it 2014 the country faced a shortage of implants. Seriously. What happened was that at one point in time it was easy for doctors in the country to get them from the U.S. that were approved by the Food and Drug Administration. But then some changes to the process of importing foreign goods made those approved implants harder to come by. Since the demand for implants did not decrease, there were reports that doctors were then turning to China to get them. Those were not FDA approved of course, and the quality was often much lower. According to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, there were 85,000 implant procedures performed in 2013, and it's unlikely that the number has dropped since then.

11 Colombia: Hips Don't Lie

Daily Mail

Colombia has a very high cosmetic procedure rate. Apparently, the rates are something like 35 people per hour, with liposuction and chest enhancements being the most popular surgery options. Many people travel to the South American country to get work done. Many of those procedures go well, but there has also been an underground market where minors have been getting work done, as well as some "garage" procedure stories where things don't always go so well. Due to fewer regulations in the country, it's easier for shady stuff to go down. Ernesto Barbosa, who is the general secretary of the Colombian Plastic Surgery Society has spoken out about tightening up the laws. “We need laws that put life and health first. Until the state takes responsibility for overseeing and regulating medical specialties, it will be hard to make a difference.”

10 United States: Obviously


In 2013 the United States reportedly had around 1,452,356 different procedures, and 1.7 million in 2015. Lifts are getting more and more popular in the United States, which includes face lifts, butt lifts, boob lifts, arm lifts, and lower body lifts. That's basically a lot of rearranging the fat that happens to be on a body. Boob jobs are still very popular in the United States, although their rates did go down between 2014 and 2015. Liposuction and nose jobs come next, followed by eyelid procedures and tummy tucks. Non-invasive cosmetic procedures are also very popular in the United States and include Botox, fillers, peels, laser hair removal, and microdermabrasion. Butt augmentations also jumped in popularity a whopping 28 percent between 2014 and 2015 as the butt came back in style.

9 Spain: One For All And All For One


Spain is another country that is popular for cosmetic procedures both from its residents and also from tourists who head there to get cheaper procedures done. Many clinics in Spain started offering payment instalments options for getting work done, which makes getting a procedure done as reasonable as making car payments or paying a phone bill. In the U.S. that option is not always available. One reason that Spain is thought to be a popular spot for getting enhanced is that the lifestyle there includes a lot of beach time. Some of that beach time is topless. It's not as modest as some other countries, and for that reason, bodies tend to be on display a lot more. The more visible people's bodies are, it seems the more likely they are to want to perfect and enhance themselves cosmetically. According to the the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, there are about 500,000 cosmetic procedures done in the country each year.

8 Germany: Cover Up

The Sun

Germany is actually quite popular with work for men...of the family jewels enlargement variety. Statistics say that eight out of 100,000 men enlarge that area in Germany. That might not sounds like a lot but it's double the number of men in the next most popular country of Venezuela. However, the most popular procedure in the country is still the boob job for women. Chest enhancements are often cited as the most popular prcedure all over the world, so it makes sense that they would be popular in Germany as well. Germany is certainly not the highest on the list of countries that are getting work done, but it's still happening. Although it seems as though the Germans tend to get procedures on the parts of their bodies that remain clothed most of the time as opposed to their faces. In some countries, cosmetic work on the face far outweighs those on the body.

7 Canada: The Younger The Better


In Canada, the most popular cosmetics procedure is a chest augmentation. It makes up close to 25 percent of all procedures being done in the country, which is pretty significant. Canada has less work going on than in many countries overall and is reportedly responsible for doing about 1.5 percent of the procedures worldwide. Canada does do a lot of Botox however, which happens to be the most popular non-surgical cosmetic procedure worldwide as well. Some cosmetic doctors in Canada have made note that their patients are getting younger and younger. Some say that 40 percent of their patients are under the age of 30, and that the trend has been increasing for teenagers to get work done. This, of course, is not necessarily the best idea since teens continue to grow and they also don't necessarily come from the place of having the best body image.

6 France: Who Knew

Daily Mail

France seems like one of the less likely countries to be getting a lot of cosmetic procedures, but somewhere around 14 percent of French women have gone under the knife. That's a sharp increase from the reported six percent back in 2002. But the rates of getting work done have been increasing all over the world and it is a market that is projected to just keep on growing. The most popular procedure in France is reportedly the an augmentation, like many other places in the world. After that comes liposuction, eyelid work, nose jobs, and then lifts. That makes two different boob procedures in the top ten. Botox is also very common in France, but that's considered a non-surgical cosmetic procedure. Also sometimes called a "lunch time" procedure for its relative simplicity and little downtime.

5 Japan: Wild Wild West


In 2014 there were a reported 1,260,351 procedures done in Japan, counting both surgical and non-surgical procedures like dermal fillers. Getting work done in Japan is actually one of the most expensive places in the world to get it, but that does not seem to cut down on its popularity. The top five procedures in Japan are eyelid surgery, nose jobs, fat grafting, liposuction, and facelifts. Many of the procedures that are done in Japan are reportedly done with the intentions of creating a more western looking face, which is why the eyelid surgery is one of the more popular options. This also includes creating nose shapes that are more projected outwards as well as more narrow through the bridge. But since there is a very strong work ethic in Japan, fewer people want to take the downtime to recover from them. That's why it has become increasingly popular to get the non-invasive type of enhancements with quicker recovery times.

4 Taiwan: Open Up


Taiwan has become an increasingly popular location for getting work done, similar to South Korea. Many of the same procedures are popular and for similar reasons. Apparently, up to one-third of the people who are getting work done in Taiwan come from the mainland of China to do so. The procedures in Taiwan is cheaper than it is in China, but it is still high quality and apparently worth the trip to acquire. In Taiwan, almost half of all the procedures performed are blepharoplasty aka double-eyelid surgery. It's an incredibly popular procedure to get done in that part of the world and it's a trend that is unlikely to slow down anytime soon. It's an odd contrast to a trend in the United States where women are getting dermal filler injected into their upper eyelids so that their eyes aren't gaping wide with the loss of fat as they age.

3 Italy: Change In Price


In 2010, Italy saw 815,745 different cosmetic procedures. The most common procedure performed at that time of data collection was liposuction. As of 2014, chest enhancement and eyelid procedures came to the forefront in popularity. Some people have reported that around that time there was an average reduction in the cost of procedures as the economy changed. Because the prices of cosmetic procedures went down, more people started getting work done. About 70 percent of the work that is being done is on the female side of the population. There was quite a bit of attention paid to the fact that Italy's Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi got a hair transplant at one point, but that procedure isn't as popular in the country as many people made things out to be. In 2013 there were only about 1,224 of those procedures done in total.

2 Greece: Second Best


In Greece, the most popular procedure is the chest augmentation. Greece has been named the number two most popular place to get work done by a variety of outlets. The popularity of plastic surgery in Greece started going up quickly when the country had a decrease in economic stability. Whenever the market drops the cost of getting work done does as well, and if people have disposable income of any sort, it seems like they're more likely to spend money on cosmetic procedures than other stuff. Technically it is putting money back into the economy. In some ways, Greece sounds like a surprising place to be so high on the list of cosmetic procedures, but then again it also seems like people over there spend an awful lot of time hanging out in their swimsuits. It makes sense that a lot of swimsuit time would also lead to a lot of boob jobs.

1 South Korea: Happy Graduation


In recent years the rates of getting work done in South Korea have grown even higher. It's become commonplace in some areas to get procedures as a high graduation gift. Some estimates state that between one-fifth and one-third of women in Seoul have undergone cosmetic work, and we're not just talking about lip fillers. Other estimates assume that the rate is even higher. Around 15 percent of men are going under the knife as well. Popular and quite average procedures include entirely reshaping the jaw, nose jobs, and changing the shape of the eyes. It's become so normal that the suggestion to reshape the face is offered for getting jobs of all types. It's even commonplace to include photos with resumes in an effort to get work, which puts the pressure on for people to go about getting the work done. The more average the process becomes, the more people end up doing it.

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