15 Confessions Told By Hotel Maids

Hotel maids seem to get the short end of the stick. While there's some benefits to working in a fancy hotel, oftentimes they have to deal with messy, gross, and uncomfortable situations. From walking in on people to uncovering horrific secrets, people tend to leave all the worst decisions from their holiday in the hotel room. Not to mention the fact that no one can really track whose items are whose! There have even been whispers of people finding a crime scene within the hotel room. Who are the ones that have to deal with that? Well, hopefully the police. But sometimes the hotel maids have to dig in and clean it up. They've got no shame, and it's not surprising to hear that they've done some pretty gross things themselves. Read on to find out just how bad it can get in the hotel world. You might be surprised at just how gross these people's careers can be!


15 Getting Down With Glitter

Glitter is literally something you can never get rid of. If one person has it, it easily spreads to people they’re in contact with. You can’t help but get it on you, and there’s not enough showers in the world to help you get it off. One maid had a close encounter with the sparkly kind, showing up to clean one day and finding a job that would stretch on for 6 months. Apparently “glitter baths” are a popular trend. One Valentine’s Day a couple checked into this fancy hotel that had jets in the bath. This is an important detail because they stuffed those jets full of glitter, turned on the tub, and had a sparkly couple jacuzzi bath. The maid walked in and found a sludgy layer of glitter in the tub, and jets that shot glitter out of them for months after. The maid herself says she was coated head to toe in glitter and who-knows-what-else, and didn’t even get to enjoy the Valentine’s Day tub dip.

14 Saving Babies


Saving babies is something you only expect ambulance workers to do. Doctors, physicians, people with degrees in the medical field. While some hotel workers are trained medical professionals, and most of them will have first aid, they’re certainly not the ones that you’d expect to be dealing with babies left abandoned on a bed. One hotel maid walked in on a room to clean it and found exactly that, though 3 babies alone on a bed. Their parents had gone out, and they were left lying there… For a long time. So long they didn’t make any noise, didn’t move, and didn’t even blink. The twist? This hotel maid thought he would have to deal with some missing children, but no. Apparently the parents are fans of living dolls. They didn’t have real children, but they had fake kids with breathing mechanisms put into simulate life. It’s a little sweet, but mainly creepy and weird. Luckily the maid wasn’t traumatized too badly, and the “parents” cleared it up when they came back from their day of sightseeing.

13 Dorm Disaster

This isn’t technically a hotel maid story, but rather a dorm cleaner story. A weird dorm story, to be honest. This is when we start to raise eyebrows about what’s happening inside school residences. Dormitory holidays are the creepiest, with people leaving all their personal objects abandoned for anything from one week to one month. The worst part? When things happen that cause people’s stuff to get pawed through, packed up, and saved. This dorm cleaner told us about how a water pipe burst during the winter holidays. A few students had some potential damage, and everything needed to be packed up and cleaned. When this dorm cleaner walked into one room, he found pictures of a female student plastered ALL OVER the room. Walls, ceiling, desk… EVERYTHING. He quickly walked back out and got his supervisor, to which they locked the door and told him to not worry about cleaning that room. Apparently by the next holiday the room was empty. And no one ever saw this student again.

12 Bubble Trouble


Yuuuuuuck. Sometimes hotel maids get the short end of the stick. Oftentimes, actually. We wouldn’t put it past them to think about quitting, even though they provide such an essential service. The job is pretty thankless, and sometimes they don’t even get tipped! And what do some people think is a good way of saying “thank you”? Sitting in a bath, naked, with a big… Well, a wild water willy wagging his head above the bubbles. This was no accident either. The maid in question had knocked, called, and when there was no answer, opened the door to get down to business, cleaning, folding, and scrubbing what needed to be scrubbed. Unfortunately the man inside the room had other ideas, and thought part of the maid’s job was to scrub him. We’re glad that she walked out of that situation, and didn’t get caught in any sort of disgusting trap.

11 Vomit Vengeance

It’s just a thankless job. Sometimes people are great, and very helpful and happy to be with those that are conscious of the messes they make. Even a small gesture can let the hotel maids know that there’s compassion and thanks for what they do; tidying the sheets, throwing used linens in the tub, not leaving blood and sticky stuff on the carpet. One thing you shouldn’t do? Fire hotel maids that are doing the best they can. One maid told us the story about how she was cleaning a room that had vomit all over it: in the sink, around the toilet, all over the shower. Who knows how it got everywhere. All we know is that there’s a surprising amount of vomit in this room, and she cleaned it the best she could. The hotel manager still fired her, though, as she “didn’t do a good enough job”. Ridiculous! Next time you’re feeling sick in a hotel, try to keep it in the toilet. You might save someone’s job.

10 And One Just For Fun….


Okay, this guy wasn’t a hotel maid, but he was a hotel worker. As a front desk staff member, he was the front line for most of the weirdos and wackos coming into the hotel. One night, a guy rolls in and pays in cash for three nights. Up front, no questions asked, with enough for an incidentals deposit that he could order a rated movie every hour, on the hour. On the second night he asks our hotel desk worker if he can get him a case of beer. The hotel desk clerk gets a pizza delivery guy to pick up a case of beer, and he brings it to the room. A woman who was missing her clothes answers the door, and the hotel desk worker goes back downstairs. He hands the delivery guy a $100 tip out of the man’s deposit, and everyone leaves happy… Especially the guest, who left on time (like nothing ever happened).

9 Cat Power

There’s nothing quite as gross as people with no regard for human decency. One of the most disgusting things this hotel worker had to do consisted of a lot of human excrement. Of all consistencies. There’s nothing weirder than people staying in hotels, as this hotel worker explained. One day a large, hairy man and a small, skinny man checked into a room with two double beds, bringing their cat and a whole lot of pain and sadness with them. The next thing this hotel worker knows, it’s been three days. The “do not disturb” sign had been on the door the whole time, which meant the maid couldn’t go in and clean anything. This turned out to be a really, really bad idea. When the two of them checked out, the maid went up and had to spend a WEEK cleaning up the new coat of "brown" paint coating the walls, floor, bed, and bathroom. Piles of it were hidden under blankets, towels, and in drawers. They ended up bringing in extra help and sanitizing the whole room. What did the odd couple say when asked? “It was the cat”.


8 Double Trouble


How about some disgusting things that seemed to happen not once, but twice? One maid describes how his hotel had two people who were heavily addicted to illegal substances staying at the hotel one night, trashing the room and leaving the next day without much care for who had to clean it up. They tried to catch them but they’d paid in cash, leaving only their supplies behind. While they might have tried to bar them from coming back, it didn’t quite work out. Those two came back a month later, locked themselves out, and begged to be let back into their room where thousands of dollars of stuff was left inside. The maid called the cops, and sure enough they caught these two addicts with, pills, and stolen electronics. The maid went in to catalogue and clean up, and quickly came to the conclusion that they were filming adult movies. The video camera was set up facing the bed, there were dozens of used wrappers, and the sheets were yellow and sticky. How did they get away with it? Well, according to the maid, they didn’t. They went to jail, and likely haven’t been let out yet.

7 Missing People and Empty Beds

On the topic of missing people, did you hear about the maid who really did find a body? The police force in Memphis had a case that was reported regarding the finding of a body. Normally you’d think that this would have sparked a big investigation; the missing mother’s last steps would have been traced, and they would have gone back to the last place she was found. Well, that didn’t happen. The hotel stopped receiving payments for her room, so they packed up her things and sent them to her family. Her family got suspicious, and her kids stopped getting picked up from school. The hotel heard nothing of this, and started renting the room after cleaning it out. Surprise, surprise. After 5 or 6 rentals of the room they finally decided to flip the mattress. That’s when the maid found a the body stuffed inside the box spring, and the police were alerted right away. They confirmed that it was the missing mother, and the family was notified.

6 The Best of the Mess


Especially when you’re young! This maid’s first job was cleaning, and she was happy to experience the working world. It wasn’t a bad job, most of the time, and sometimes there were even tips! That is, until the day she decided to quit. The first few rooms were fine. Her list of rooms to clean, which was normally 15 or 16, had been knocked down to 12. What a lucky day, she thought, not knowing what was about to happen. She opened the door and discovered a room full of human fluids, and more blood than Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Evil Dead combined. There were pill bottles and liquor bottles, and she cleaned it, but vowed to never do it again. Until the next day! The next day was exactly the same scene in the same room. When she refused to take care of it again, management quickly told her to get lost.

5 Toys? Not My Job

How about the most disgusting thing a hotel maid DIDN’T do? We read through and found one of the most disgusting things a hotel maid encountered was actually something they didn’t do at all. This story comes to us from the UK, where one would expect people to be more tight-lipped about things like bedroom fun and kinky activities. Surprise, surprise, it actually holds some of the worst stories EVER. Some of them are straight-up gross, while some of them are just quirky and disturbing. We believe that there’s a time and a place for asking for favors, but not when it comes to getting a hotel worker to wash your playthings! One hotel maid tells the story of how she walked into a room one day to find three HUGE (length and diameter, even though it’s what you do with it that matters) toys stuck on the desk with a note that said “please wash”. For a favor like that, you’d think that it was going to be a big (just the) tip, right? Wrong. $2 was all that was left. Needless to say, she passed on that offer.

4 Business As Usual? No Thanks


What’s the worst part of being a maid? The fact that you never know what’s going to be behind the door when you open up. From everything being a mess to people still being inside the rooms, there’s only so much that hotel maids can keep up with. Men having some alone time in the bed while the rooms are being cleaned around them is probably one of the worst things that can happen to a maid. Especially a young, female maid. There’s a certain amount of risk that goes along with working in a hotel, and we are never surprised when those terrible things happen. Luckily the maids usually turn around and walk out, but there’s no guarantee that’ll happen. One of our maids told us a story where they knocked, didn’t hear anything, walked in, and found a man lying in bed doing his business. Instead of walking out, she asked if she should clean. The guy said “go ahead”, and business went ahead as usual.

3 She Found What In The Bathtub?!

Yes, it’s true. Well… As true as the internet tells us it is. While we don’t know for sure if this is legit, we wouldn’t put it out of the realm of possibility. One hotel maid told us about how she was cleaning rooms when she saw someone step out of their bedroom. She asked if she could go in and clean, and he said “sure”. Sure enough, she walked in and found 10 detached heads in the bathtub, with the water still running on them. Needless to say, she flipped out and ran downstairs to tell the hotel management. Many questions were asked, and she was quickly excused from the rest of her cleaning duties. The police came, the SWAT team came, and everyone was very concerned when he came back to his room. He was taken downstairs and had to explain that he was in command of an ENT cadaver lab, and thawing the specimens had to happen before it was set to start the next morning.

2 The Last Bell


Let’s talk about the thing on everybody’s mind. One of the most disgusting things that has happened, and will likely keep happening to hotel maids, is the clean up after someone takes their life. Yes, you might not think that that’s not their job, but it actually is. While hotel maids don’t have to clear away any bodies, they do have to turn over the room. It’s business as usual, even in the face of such a tragedy. And can you blame them? If hotels shutdown every room someone took their own life in, they’d run out of living spaces quick. Oftentimes the front desk clerks don’t know anything about it, too. It’s all up to the maids to keep things under control. Security also plays a big part, and no doubt in some places in the world this isn’t a common practice. In Las Vegas though, hotels run into this often. There doesn’t seem to be any end in sight… Except the end of someone’s life.

1 Pressure Cooker

People know exactly what’s happening in those rooms; nobody checks in to a hotel for innocent reasons, unless they’re a family on vacation at Disneyland. And even then, there might be some negativity floating around. What’s worse than whiney kids in a hotel room at Disneyland? People running an illegal lab out of their pre-paid hotel room. There’s a surprising number of stories out there about people who rent hotel rooms for a week, month, or longer, and never let the maids in to clean. They’ve set up labs or other illegal cooking facilities, and it isn’t until they get caught (or stop paying) that the maids get to go in and clean. Talk about a pressure cooker situation; you never know what’s behind those doors.



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