15 Confessions Of Students Who Got In "Trouble"

Next time your teacher asks you to stay after class, make sure you leave the door open.

Most of us have enough stress trying to keep our grades up and our homework done on time. There’s only so much we can do when it comes to life. Most of us take it one step at a time: go to school, get a job, find a serious relationship, and then have a kid. Some people totally jump the gun and go straight to step 4. These girls are the exceptions to the rule, and often end up being exceptional. Balancing motherhood and school is no easy task, especially when the baby daddy is your teacher! Talk about bringing the drama from home into the classroom. We’re sure that you’ll find these confessions heart-stopping and jaw dropping, and will leave you thankful that that cute PE teacher you had in 10th grade was just a long-distance love… Rather than a love-you-then-leave you dude. Seriously shaking our heads at these guys, who think that they can get away with doing this to their students!

15 Third Time's the Charm... /

Triplets are a nightmare for anyone, let alone a high school student. Imagine how she must have felt during this process. She was intimate with her teacher, the teacher doesn’t speak to her, she tells him she’s pregnant, and THEN tells him that she’s pregnant with triplets. He then skips town, never facing the repercussions of his actions. This guy was a coward, but she seems to be making the best of her bad situation. She sounds like she’s happy with her triplets, which isn’t something everyone would say. We hope that they’re all happy and healthy now, and that she’s managed to track down this loser who skipped out on being a dad. It’s not fair that he can make such a huge impact on this girl’s life and get away with it, but hey… That’s just the way the baby grows.

14 The Plot Thickens...

Ooh, talk about a steamy (and unsettling) statement. We like to think that it was the teacher’s fault that this student got pregnant. Is it possible? Totally. Believe it or not, but pregnant students are way more common than you might think. At least, that’s the case with these confessions. In this case, we think that the student is maybe trying to tell us something happened at that masquerade ball. Is it possible that they didn’t know each other? That they kept their masks on? While it sounds like that could be romantic, it’s only romantic if the two of them are consenting adults… Which in this case, they definitely aren’t. Only the one is, and he should have checked before checking her out. On the other hand, maybe this isn’t a confession. Maybe she’s just mentioning a coincidence. We don’t think that’s the case though, as we know there’s tons of stuff that happens at masquerade parties.

13 The Best Way to Tell Him

Ouch. Talk about a wrench in the plan. While this confession is a little better than some of the others we’ve got, it’s wild to think that this girl decided to post about it on a confession app before actually telling the guy that knocked her up. Plus, it’s a little weird that they were actually dating. A lot of times these confessions are from a girl who got with their teacher once. It was a big mistake, and she ends up regretting it and the child that follows. But this one? It sounds like they’ve been through thick and thin together. Maybe they wanted to start a family. Maybe the teacher is going to propose to the student. Maybe he’s going to wait until she graduates and they’re going to escape whatever life they’d been leading. Whatever it is, we hope that this turns out for the best; whatever that means to them.

12 Abort Mission?

Abortion can be emotionally draining even for grown women. It’s tough to go through such an invasive procedure once, but what about when the other option is teenage pregnancy? Leaving high school, or missing graduation because you're in labour? It's a hard choice. We feel for this girl. While we appreciate the fact that she's expressing her confusion and thinking of her options, we can't help but shake our heads. You’d think that they would have had the sense to wrap it up, pull out, or maybe talk about other birth control options that she could have been using. It sounds like something fishy was going on here; maybe something wrong. She’s just so young! We know many of us couldn’t have handled getting an abortion at 16 or 17. Especially while dealing with the stress of high school. Sigh... Hopefully things turn out okay for her.

11 Lolita in the Math Room /

How DARE this older teacher blame the girl for tempting him too much. It’s so wrong when gross older guys decide that it’s our fault they take advantage of us because we’re being “too sexy” to resist. That’s just not a thing! No woman walks down the street going “yeah grandpa, I wore these yoga pants just for you and not because I’m going to a yoga class”. If you do, hey, we won’t judge. But women should not be blamed like this. Especially when they’re as young as this high school girl! She describes her teacher as being way older than her. Did she even want to sleep with him? How did this situation happen? We hope that she gets things sorted out, and that he’s ended up in jail… Or at least in therapy.

10 The Stand-Off

Oh man, this one is rough. It's already a pretty gross situation that this girl ends up being pregnant by a teacher, but it's even worse that the boyfriend is involved too! There are SO MANY WAYS that this could go... She could tell the boyfriend that it actually is his, or she could tell the teacher and get him to do something about it. She could also choose to terminate the pregnancy, or keep it and raise it as a single mom. It's all up to her, and up to the two guys she's involved with. The gross part about this that we really hate? The fact that it sounds like she's cheating on her boyfriend. We don't know this for sure, but if there's a question about the parentage of the baby, that's a pretty sure sign. What's interesting about this one is that it's from the perspective of the teacher. He knows he did wrong... What's he going to do now?

9 Good Grades Means Good Genes

This one is WEIRD. It’s a little different than some of our other confessions, but is definitely worthy of being mentioned. The guy behind this confession must feel totally awkward and out of place, and even a little violated. What teacher in their right mind would ever ASK a student to impregnate her? It’s totally crossing a boundary, and is probably not legal no matter where in the states you are. There needs to be some distance kept between people in positions of authority and the subordinates (aka students). Also, it’s rare to hear about women being caught in this type of scandal. We hope that the student reported the teacher. Not only did she cross a line, it’s strange to think about people as having good breeding potential. It’s definitely taking things a little too far, we think.

8 Give Me Babies or Give Me Death

This photo strikes fear into all of our hearts. The fact that there’s a couple different levels to this is the most disturbing. Not only are we looking at someone who impregnated their teacher, but we’re also hearing about how that teacher then had her life taken BY THE SAME STUDENT. Talk about disturbing. There’s supposed to be a certain love to having a child. While it might have been a mistake, it’s nothing to kill the teacher over. This was definitely a kid who had some problems. We don’t know if he’s the one who’s making this confession, or if this is somebody else. We certainly know that this isn’t the teacher making this confession. She’s no longer with us. We have to ask… Was it worth it? We hope this serves as a lesson to teachers in the future who want to try getting with their kids.

7 Staying Behind Or Taking It? /

Was this a mutual false pretence or was it just something that the teacher came up with to get with the student? Or was this her doing? Something about the idea of staying behind to “go over a test” seems fishy to us. Would she have known that something more was going to happen? If she did, would she still have gone? We don’t know. Now, to be fair, we don’t actually know if she’s pregnant or not. This is one of those confessions that might be nothing or might be everything. This could be a young girl worrying about the future, or it could be a legitimate concern that she and her doctor has. When she says that they didn’t use protection, it seems wild to us that that was even a choice. Maybe that’s more of an example about how much of an all-of-a-sudden mistake it was… Or maybe it was the teacher’s evil plan all along.

6 Can You Keep Up?

What the heck is going to happen to this couple? We don't know. The fact that this young lady is pregnant is bad enough, but knowing that she's also potentially going to be a mother to ANOTHER child is way beyond comprehension. If this guy has a kid already, you'd think that he understood the mechanics of what it means to have made a baby. He could have avoided it, but he didn't. They ended up conceiving a child of their own, and we hope that he knew what he was doing. The fact that she calls him "professor" makes us think that maybe she's old enough to deal with a baby. She could have made this decision to become pregnant. No doubt she wasn't considering the fact that she'd be a mother to another child though... We hope things work out for them, and that she can finish her diploma or degree.

5 Sorry State of Affair(s)

What an awkward conversation this is going to be. The wife absolutely found out about the husband’s infidelity. She noticed how much the kid looks like their dad. Unless the baby really takes after its mother, and it's just a coincidence that it looks like the husband. But even then, it’ll be hard to ignore. One day they’re all going to have to have a conversation. The wife will meet the kid and recognize her husband in it, and that’s when things are really going to get rough. That is, unless they decide to give it up for adoption. Maybe he’ll adopt it as his own child! What a wild thought that would be. The conversation would never cease, and the questions would definitely start to arise. We hope things work out for the family, but if the husband is cheating on his wife with a student… It’s not likely to be a happy ending. We hope things work out for this wife.

4 Lonely Hearts Club

Yeah, sir, you SHOULD have known better! We hate all these dumb guys that think they can get away with impregnating girls. Like, what was going through his head? He knew what was going to happen. We're actually really glad that things worked out this way. He's clearly got a job (or at least, he had a job) while she was a student trying to finish her education. It makes sense that he kept the child and didn't leave her to raise it by herself. No doubt she had so much of her life left that it only make sense to keep her from being shackled to a baby. This guy sounds like he has genuine remorse for what happened. If only all the teachers that impregnated students were like this! The world would be a better place.

3 Didn't Even Do It For the Grades

This poor girl! She sounds like she's a little mistaken about what's going on. Dating usually implies that it's two consenting adults who are repeatedly seeing each other. They're trying to build a relationship, and want to eventually create a life together. This most-likely-teenage girl is not someone that he should be dating or trying to get with. She's probably underage, and he's probably older than old... At least, compared to her. And they're definitely not in a strong enough relationship to have a baby together. Would you consider having a baby with someone you're only just dating? We know we wouldn't, especially if we were still completing school and living at home with our family. Hopefully they figured out a solution. We don't know if she ended up telling her teacher, but if they were dating... She might have mentioned it.

2 Rumor Has It

Yes, sometimes the rumors are true. This story is told from the perspective of a girl who wasn't pregnant with her teacher's baby, but did know someone who was. Sometimes these confessions can seem a little far-fetched. Surely not all of these girls have gotten pregnant through a rough-and-tumble teacher tryst, right? Wrong. And by telling it as a story about someone else, it makes it a little more believable. Especially when this person starts the story with the fact that it was just a rumor, but then pulls out the proof! No doubt the teacher faced a lot of hate, and people that might have called the rumors false were reconsidering. Maybe the student was made pregnant by somebody else, or maybe it really was the teacher. Either way, this story is ridiculous... And more common place than you might have originally thought.

1 Worst Case Scenario

Dude, how do you not know whether or not you're the father? Did you impregnate someone in your sleep? We're very confused as to why and how he's confused about this. Maybe he'd been sleeping with her, but then stopped? And then she revealed she was pregnant? It's possible. Maybe she had been with multiple people at once, and the father is up in the air. Who knows. At this point there's no telling what's going on. We'd be interested to know whether or not the girl actually was carrying her teacher's baby, or if it's just his fear of getting a student pregnant. The more we read these confessions, the more common we realize it is. Next time your teacher asks you to stay after class, make sure you leave the door open.

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15 Confessions Of Students Who Got In "Trouble"