15 Confessions From Young Moms Who Reveal Why They Truly Hate Their Kids

These parents go beyond just making parenting mistakes, and just outright hate their children and everything that entails parenting them.

Parenting is the most important job in the world. It is also one of the most exhausting, both physically and emotionally. People have so many different parenting philosophies and techniques, and for the most part people are doing their best to do the best by their children. And even the best most loving parents will make mistakes, their only human. These days there are more parenting resources than every before, and more people than ever before are choosing not to be parents. Which is a good thing! People who do not want to be parents should not be. We firmly believe that many people only had kids because they is what they were supposed to do, and this resulted in unhappy resentful parents which in turn creates unhappy children. At the worst, bad parents can create serial killers and at the least bad parents will just create unhappy adults.

These parents go beyond just making parenting mistakes though, and just outright hate their children and everything that entails parenting them. We cannot image how exhausting it must be to hate the people that you are responsible for keeping alive, and the mental gymnastics that probably requires. Most of us have heard and or been told that every parent, especially every mother loves their children. As if there is no way that something born of your flesh could be hated by you but this is just not the case. Lots of people are horrible parents that do hate their children. Here are 15 of them with their confessions.

15 The Mini Me She Never Wanted


Most of the time when people plan to have kids a big part of the excitement around it is having a little person that is essentially your mini-me. While many of us have been told by our parents that our kids will be our karma back when we are parents, some people actually get to experience what it was like dealing with themselves. There has to be some deep seated self loathing in this equation, and we feel bad for mother and daughter. The little girl probably feels her mothers resentment and acts out against it thereby making he mother resent her even more. Having kids is never easy and a lot of parent get frustrated, but we don't think many actually entertain the idea of giving their kids away even on their worst days. We hope this mother can work out her issues for her daughters sake and her own.

14 This Mom Would Like To Make A Return


How old are these ladies kids?? How much intellect does she really expect them to have? If she is talking about toddlers here we think she can calm down a bit. But if we are talking about teenagers, than yea we can see how it could get frustrating when you're kids are dumb. But it seems like the issues she has with her children run deeper than just thinking they are not very intelligent. Lots of people have kids they know are not the smartest, but they still love them and are grateful for them because you know, its their kids. Also being dumb does not mean you are not a good person. If this lady really thinks that her kids value is correlated to their intellect, than yea. She probably should not have had kids to begin with.

13 Kind Of Sounds Like She Created Her Own Monsters - Don't Spoil Your Kids Folks


These parents so far really seem like their the problem. Kids are ungrateful, you have to teach them how to be grateful. A great way to make sure they grow up to be entitled ungrateful brats is too give them everything they want, like this woman has. And again, what age group are we talking about? Does she expect her little kids to be grateful for being fed and sheltered? Good parents will you that a lot of parenting is a thankless job, and a lot of the validation comes when the kids are finally grown up and successful adults. And no kid that is given everything they want in the world grows up to be a good person. Kids need their needs fulfilled, not all of their wants.

12 Just Remember, You're Only Really Trapped Till Their 18! Then It's Goodbye & Goodluck


It is a shame that the way our society is structured, people feel like they have to get married and have kids when in reality this is not the path to happiness for a lot of people. While this has obviously been changing and there are all kids of different family structures, there are still many people who do this only because they think they have too and then they end up totally miserable. It is okay to not want to be a parent, and it is okay to not want to be married. We all have our own paths in life. And if more people were true to themselves and what they want, we would have a happier society. So many people aren't good parents because they only had kids because they figured thats what they have to do, like the lady above. What can we say, keep a countdown till they are 18.

11 Maybe Get Better Parenting Skills? There's A Few Books On The Subject


Kids break things. Kids are frustrating, these are just facts of parenthood. Even the most loving parents are going to hit a wall at some point with their children. There really is no excuse for being a poor parent these days, because there are so many free resources available about how to be a good parent. And this lady is kind of the worst because she realizes that her parenting skills suck, but she is not doing anything about it. She is so busy fixing everything her kids break, why not fix her own issues. And most people realize that when you have kids, especially little ones it is really hard to have nice things around them. It's not like they are doing it maliciously or even intentionally, their kids!

10 Mom Has Had It


Another person that probably should never have become a parent. When people who do not want to have kids do, this is more often than not the outcome. Some people just do not have that parental instinct, and it is in everyones best interest for them not to procreate. It's pretty obvious someone is not cut out for parenting when they describe it as torment. Parenting is hard, its not supposed to feel like torture. And the good moments are supposed to redeem the less favourable ones. Hopefully this mom is able to find some peace and be a better parents, because if she remains feeling that parenting is torment maybe her kids would be better off if she did run away. An absent mother is better than one that hates being a mother to you.

9 Love Your Kids More Than You Hate Your Ex


There are probably a lot of people that can tell you about what it is like to grow up with a parent that resents you because of your other parent. It can be difficult for people to separate the child from the adult who made them, especially when they look exactly a like. Is this a good reason to resent or hate your children? Of course not and it points to some mental health issues that the mother probably has. There have been women who have given birth to children that are a result of getting assaulted and they still love those kids dearly even though they have come from a violent act don't against the mother. No child is responsible for the sins of their father so to speak, and these kids are probably better off going to live with their dad rather than a mother that can't stand them.

8 This Mother Is Totally Worn Down


This is a fleeting moment that we are almost positive every parent has had. Maybe not that they hate their kids, but parents will get to a point where they are tired, frustrated, and don't know what their doing so they question why they had kids in the first place. This is a human feeling. And most good parents will feel like horrible parents after thinking this. That means you're a good parent! Horrible parents do not worry about if they are horrible parents, so as far as the confessions in this list go this one is pretty innocent and par for the course when it comes to parenting. Being a parent is stressful, once this mom embraces this aspect and accepts it she will have these moments where she hates her kids less.

7 Everything Changes After You Have Kids - And Sometimes Its Not Good Change


So why does she hate her kids? Because they changed her body and now they drain her of any energy she has? The kids are not responsible for unhealthy eating habits, she is an independent adult and she should not be blaming her kids for her own lack of will power to get into shape. As for losing her hair, that is a tough break. But we don't understand these parents who complain that parenting is hard work, like duh being responsible for the life another human being and trying to hold them into would be successful adults is going to be a stressful and demanding job. No one ever said parenting is easy, in fact everyone will tell you it is quite the opposite. If you are worried about how much work its going to be, get a puppy so you can get an idea of how demanding it is. Prepare yourselves for what parenting entails.

6 Remember, You're Kids Only Know What You Teach Them - So Teach Them Well!


We don't exactly think thats how it works, but if she really feels like this than for her kids sake yes they should never see her again. As we have already mentioned, no kid is better off being around a parent that hates parenting them. Sometimes people naively think that no matter what, a child belongs with their parent especially their mother but this is just not the case in all circumstances. A mother that hates and resents her children is not going to be able to foster healthy children that grow up to be happy. It will just result in angry children that grow up to probably hate women. Just read up on serial killers and how many of them had parents that hated them and treated them poorly.

5 Hate To Say, We Don't Think The Kids Are The Problem Here


Your kids come first. Not event he person you made your kids with comes before them, as all good parents will tell you. This lady may think the reason she hates parenting and resents her kids is because they are responsible for the demise of her relationship with their father but it just doesn't work like that. Kids cannot be, and have never been, responsible for the demise of the relationship between their parents. There are other issues there if the relationship crumbles. While kids can definitely strain a relationship and put more stress on it, they will never be the cause of two people falling out of love without each other. This lady honestly sounds a bit crazy to us, and we just hope she never actually tells her kids this. Usually separated parents do everything in their power to make sure their kids do not feel responsible for their break-up, not the opposite.

4 Someone Does Not Want To Parent Adults


Children who grow up to be adults that still cling to their parents and expect to coddled, are usually that way because of said parents. This sounds like she created her own monsters. Kids that were taught to be independent and take care of themselves will not depend on their parents when they are older because they ere given the right tools growing up. This lady probably did everything for her kids and had very co-dependant relationships with her kids that have continued on into adulthood. A lot of people lack the self-awareness and self analysis to see how they are responsible for how their kids act and end up growing up. This lady does not get to complain that her kids grew up to be dependant on her, she created and raised them that way!

3 This Mother Finds Solace In Thinking Horrible Things About Her Children


Every parent needs to take a time for themselves in order to avoid going crazy. It is good for the parent and good for the kids. Thinking horrible things about your children may be indicative of some deeper parenting issues. Even flipping your kids off behind a door is understandable, thinking about how much better your life would be without them is a little much. But you have to admit that you are probably curious about exactly what her horrible thoughts are. Is she thinking about selling her kids? Ways to get rid of them and start her life over free of children? But on one hand, who are to tell someone to not think horrible thoughts about their children, hopefully she just isn't saying anything out loud. If this is how she copes with parenting, then so be it.

2 Don't Think That Is How Parenting Works


In moments of frustration, which every parent in the history of the world has experience this actually is probably a common though. But it is a fleeting thought for normal parents, who would never trade their children no matter how difficult they may be. This person probably just does not enjoy being a parent very much and for this reason it does not really matter who the kid is. They could have a total angel that requires very little attention and still hate being a parent, because as we have said over and over. Some people are just not cut out to be parents. The grass is always greener on the other side, but we bet that parents of seemingly perfect children will also admit that they have struggled and things are not as perfect as they may seem.

1 This One Has A Countdown To 18 Going


If this mother thinks that her kids do not sense her disdain for them, she is sorely wrong. Kids are very intuitive and they pick up on emotions perhaps even easier than adults do. We just hope that these people who don't want to have kids stop having them! No one wins in this situation, not the mother and not the kids. Kids that grow up knowing that their mother literally cannot wait till they are 18 and she no longer has to care for them usually do not grow up to be well-adjusted adults. Unfortunately this is probably a cycle that has been perpetuated before the mother and will continue now with her kids and potential grandkids. And if you really hate everyday with your kids, get a job and get some childcare so you don't have to spend all day everyday with them.

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15 Confessions From Young Moms Who Reveal Why They Truly Hate Their Kids