15 Confessions From Women Who Met Their Love While He Was In Prison

Some people meet their future husband in the grocery store, others connect after meeting through mutual friends, and then there are those who meet the person they love the most while they are in prison.

This scenario may seem incredibly unusual, but with prison pen pal programmes and even some online access, prisoners are connecting with women from all over the world. These men are so isolated that it's great for them to have  some sort of companionship, but while I completely understand the appeal for inmates to have relationships with women in the outside world, it's a little harder to understand why it's appealing for a woman to be with someone who has clearly made some big mistakes in their lifetime? Are these women looking for someone to connect with on a less physical level? Or maybe it's safer to have a relationship with someone you don't actually need to spend time with?

Whatever the reasons, these relationships are complicated, but apparently, they are also great. In some cases, women truly believe that they have found the man that they want to spend the rest of their life with. Below are 15 confessions from women who have fallen hopelessly in love with a man behind bars.

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15 He's Her Dream Guy

Online dating has become increasingly popular, and although it's considered normal to find a date on apps like Tinder, when it comes to dating a prisoner, society frowns upon that decision.

I'm not sure how exactly this girl connected with an inmate, but she has, and she think's he is pretty perfect for her. She hasn't met him yet, but seems very excited about what their future holds because she describes this guy as being her "dream guy."

Unfortunately, we don't have any more information about what her prisoner did that landed him behind bars -- hopefully, it wasn't something of a violent nature -- and whether he will be getting out anytime soon, but this woman is clearly head over heels. Is it an ideal situation? Probably not, but people do change, so maybe he really is the man of her dreams.

14 This Prison Inmate Bond Is A Weird One

This confession is not your average inappropriate workplace relationship because while dating your coworkers is not encouraged (and usually for good reason) hooking up with an inmate when you're a prison guard is not only poor judgment, it's also potentially dangerous. 

This woman apparently works in a prison, and she has fallen in love with an inmate, I don't even want to know how something like this starts out, but I suppose if you're constantly interacting with someone and you have their file on hand, you may feel as though you know them. But the worst part of this is not even that this woman is married, but that she apparently even managed to hook up with the inmate -- this could pose a security risk because he could harm her and get access to her keys, or she could help him plan an escape.

13 There's No Netflix And Chill Allowed

For many of us being in a relationship means that we are able to spend as much time with our significant others as we'd like. And everyone who has ever been in love knows just how important it is to spend time together, but how do you do that when your man is behind bars?

It doesn't take a genius to work out that dating an inmate comes with a whole new set of rules and complications, and the woman behind this confession is experiencing this first hand. That said, her situation is even worse because this is not a guy she met through a prisoner pen pal programme, but rather she met the man she's crushing on while working at the same prison where he is locked up.

12 She Really Needs To Think This Through

No parent wants their teenage daughter to get involved with a man who is much older than them, let alone a man who has done something deemed bad enough by the justice system to land him behind bars.

So, it should go without saying that it's going to be hard for this girl to break it to her parents that she's in love with a guy who is probably the same age as them. And it's going to be even harder telling them that he is currently in prison. According to the girl behind this confession, she's been speaking to a man who will be in prison for the next five years, and she claims that she has fallen in love. What's worse is that she has taken to Whisper to ask for advice about whether others think her parents will approve.

I'm sorry to break it to you honey, but they definitely won't.

11 Crushing On A Killer

Many women fall for men who have a bit of a bad streak, but very few of those men are actually convicted murderers. Which is why it may shock you to know that someone has been crushing on a man who did something violent in his past, and is still serving time to pay for his actions.

What makes this confession different to the others on this list is that we have no idea about the crimes of the other prisoners, but we know that this man has actually taken the life of another human. Although it would be unfair to judge, because his background and all the facts in the crime are not immediately present, it would definitely be hard for the family to accept that their daughter has connected with a man who could potentially be in prison for life. And according to this woman, her heart is heavy because she knows that none of her friends or family will understand her decision.

10 They Met In The Strangest Circumstances

Up until this point, these confessions have all been from women who are smitten with a man who has served time behind bars, but this one is different because this time it's the woman who was the one locked up. And unlike many other prisoners who meet their partners via prison pen pal programmes, or sometimes even online, this woman's situation was not like that, instead, she fell for her husband when he was her probation officer.

This obviously wasn't a high point in her life, and she seems to be ashamed of whatever crimes or injustices she committed in the past, because when the couple is asked how they met they don't tell the truth. This is completely understandable, as they are obviously trying to move on from that time of their lives.

9 She's Loving This Relationship With Her Inmate

Having a relationship with someone you have never met is pretty strange. I do believe that you can connect with a person online if you video call them every day, but at some point, you have to meet this person before it can officially be a relationship.

Well, at least that's the way I think, but the woman behind this confession thinks very differently because she claims to be in a relationship with someone she has never met because he's serving time in prison, and she's "loving it." Having an online relationship is one thing, but it's not as though this prisoner has access to a mobile phone or a laptop to constantly chat, so their interaction would be severely limited. But hey, who am I to judge!

8 She's Falling For Him, But He's In Prison

I think that by this point on our list we have established that it is possible for people to fall in love with someone they meet online or via a pen pal programme. So, that part of this confession is definitely not weird, but what is weird is that this woman decided to connect with a man who was in prison for armed robbery.

From the information that this confession provides, it does not seem as though this man has killed or harmed anyone, but armed robbery is a serious and violent crime, and she should be thinking long and hard before letting someone like that into her life. Especially because he has only just been released from prison. Can people change and be rehabilitated? I believe they can, but does this happen straight after or during their prison sentence? It's probably unlikely.

7 She's Married But Crushing On A Man In Prison

This confession also comes from a woman who is married, but she was obviously looking for something different or exciting because she met a guy who was in prison.

The good news for this couple is that the inmate has just got out, and they now have the opportunity to pursue this relationship and see if there is anything real between them. The bads news? Well, despite this women thinking she really connected with the guy while he was behind bars, there is a just one little problem: She's married! And she'll have to seriously consider whether this former inmate is worth destroying her marriage for. But then at the same time, if she's thinking about wanting to be with someone else, her relationship with her husband probably has some issues.

6 Facebook Connects Everyone, Even Inmates

It turns out that sometimes relationships that start out online can actually work out. This woman claims to have met her husband on Facebook while he was in prison.

People can fall in love online, and then when they meet in the real world things don’t always work out, and feelings can change -- after all, you’re putting forward the best version of yourself online and constantly thinking about what you’re going to say before you do type it. However, this couple is one of the few success stories, because the love they developed for each other while he was away was real, and it has a lovely happy ending.

According to this women, not only are she and her husband very happy, but they are also expanding their little family because she's pregnant.

5 Dating Someone Behind Bars Is Hard

The woman behind this confession has found the perfect man, someone who makes her so incredibly happy that she thinks he is the best person she has ever been with. There’s only one problem, he’s not around at the moment.

She claims that she met her husband in prison, and she’s finding it very hard because she can’t see him, or be with him. Long distance relationships are always incredibly difficult, but being married to someone who is behind bars takes things to a whole new level because their communication with the outside world is limited. And it’s not like they are able to spend a few nights together every few months, because their dates are always monitored. Still, it turns out that this works for some people.

4 It’s Not What She Thought It Would Be Like

Most of the confessions of this list have come from women who are happily married or in a relationship with an inmate (or a former inmate), but this woman is having a tough time and is desperate for some marital advice. According to her confession, she met her husband while he was in prison.

She waited three years before he was released, all the while being faithful and excited for his return to the real world, but now that he’s out of prison and they are together, things are not at all what she had suspected. Because apparently, this guy is a little shady and has already been trolling for women on dating apps -- and he’s only been home for a month.

I think it’s safe to say that it’s best this woman cuts her losses.

3 Major Regrets Having A Prisoner’s Last Name

This woman didn’t meet her husband via a special programme for inmates, but she did decide to marry him after he was sent to prison. She obviously wanted to make her relationship work and was initially dedicated to waiting out his sentence, but now she regrets her decision.

It’s not really the relationship that she is having regrets over, but rather the marriage because she apparently regrets taking her husband’s last name. She offers up no background information as to what he did to land himself behind bars, and whether his offenses are the reason she wants to drop his last name and alienate herself from him, but she is thinking about making some serious changes. Sometimes there are certain things in life which just run their course and then it's time to move on, and it seems as though this was one of those times.

2 In Love With An Inmate

There comes a time in some relationships when you've grown to resent each other, and when a relationship reaches this point it usually means that it's best to leave and try to find happiness again in the future. 

But the person behind this confession hasn't left the person they are in a relationship with, who they apparently don't like, let alone love. Instead, she has decided to get attention from another man, one who is behind bars. It's clear from this woman's confession that she needs to cut ties with the man she's coupled with because she's in love with someone else. The only problem is maybe she shouldn't be with that guy either, because he is in jail, and it seems that he may be sent to prison soon.

1 She's Stuck Between Two Guys

It must be incredibly lonely when the person you love has been put behind bars, and while this woman doesn't go into detail about the exact reason why her fiancé is in jail, she does claim that he has three years left.

At some point, while waiting for him, she met someone else, probably because she was incredibly lonely and wanted some companionship. However, things are not just casual with this guy anymore, because this woman claims that he also wants to marry her. And while she intends to marry the guy who is in prison, her current side piece has no idea that he is going to be ditched in the future.

Also, I'm not too sure how her prison beau is going to feel if he ever finds out she was not waiting faithfully for him.

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