15 Confessions From People In Rehabilitation Centers

The only thing tougher than rehab is the addiction that got you there in the first place. It’s no fun trying to conquer this ailment, but when you need help you have to find it somewhere and rehab is typically that place for an addict. For some it can be incredibly helpful, but for others it can actually make matters worse. Some people do nothing more than dream of getting their mind and body to another state again when they get out or lie about where they have been while they were trying to get sober. It just depends on the person and how serious they are about getting clean.

Have you ever wondered what confessions people in rehab might have? Perhaps they have really tried their best and the struggle has become real for them right when they got out of rehab. Maybe they have been gone for a long time at rehab, and when they got back, they don’t know what to tell people about where they have been. Maybe they completely lie about their sobriety because someone else paid their way through rehab. We found a bunch of confessions from people in rehab for you to check out and some are pretty shocking. Take a look at our list of shocking confessions from rehab.


15 Lies, Lies, Lies About Sobriety

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Wow, maybe you wouldn’t be lying about your sobriety if you were the one that put up the $35,000 for your rehab. It seems like you have a really great family behind you and you are literally just being a spoiled brat and doing whatever you want. You don’t even have the guts to step up and say that you need more help. It’s not fair to your parents that spent a down payment on a house for your well-being to think that you are following the straight and narrow when you are really just following the same old path.

You have a lot of growing up to do and hopefully your parents stay by your side after they inevitably figure out that you are lying to them. That’s pretty low.

14 Rehab Isn't Always The Magical Answer

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It’s interesting that you say that rehab just made your addiction worse. How is it possible that getting off of pills made your addiction to them even worse? It’s not like you had a network of people that were selling you more pills while you were staying in rehab, so it doesn’t make sense that your addiction got even worse. Obviously, you aren’t paying attention to anything you were taught while you were in rehab and you only focused on getting out and getting a hold of more pills.

It seems kind of sad that you seemingly wasted your time in rehab because it costs a lot of money to go. Unfortunately, you appear to be worse off than before you even went leading me to believe you weren’t ready to go to begin with.

13 Pretend Issues And Real Addiction

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Well, at least rehab helped you realize that you don’t have as many issues as you though you did, but that could have been the drugs feeding into those thoughts as well. You shouldn’t be embarrassed if you had actual fears that plagued you for a long time. At least you sought out the help you needed to get past those issues and you can move forward now, which is obviously a good thing.

Imagine if you didn’t go to rehab. You’d still have the same problems and you would still be turning to drugs to solve those issues. You should be proud of yourself that you aren’t on the drugs anymore because that is what was holding you back. It should feeling liberating to get all of that out of your life.

12 Living A Double Addicted Life

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I get it, it is embarrassing to have an addiction and go to rehab, but people probably know that there is some kind of issue going on here. Addicts can’t play it off as well as they think they can. They are flaky and have side effects from the drugs that people can see. Although you might think that you are pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes, you likely aren’t. The ones that are close to you know that something is up and it might actually feel good to tell them that you are getting the help you need.

You don’t have to tell everyone, but the people that are close to you could help you more than you think. They are there for you more than you would assume.

11 Having A Hard Time Moving On

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This actually makes sense, when you are surrounded by likeminded people you feel like you fit in. You find a bunch of people that you make friendships with and all of a sudden that’s over when you leave. It’s a big change once rehab is over. It’s hard to leave a situation that feels comfortable once you have established a life there, but it isn’t realistic to stay there forever because it isn’t meant to be your home in the long term.

The problem is rehab is meant to make you feel comfortable because you are trying to break a habit. When you sent back home, it is putting you right back in the place that all the problems were at their climax, which can be tough. You just have to stay strong and get through it.

10 Quitting In Rehab

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Basically, I’m assuming you went to rehab, didn’t stay long, and went right back to your old ways. It’s kind of a shame because people spent their time trying to help you and it seems like you really didn’t care to take that knowledge in. Many times, people that help you out in rehab were addicts themselves so they know what they are talking about as they are coaching you through the hurdles of the program. Instead of focusing on your next fix, you should actually listen to them.

Now it seems like you took one step forward and two steps back, so you are starting all over again if you are reaching out for help again. Instead of victimizing yourself and calling yourself a quitter, be strong and get yourself some actual help that you commit to.

9 When Drugs Are What You Live For

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Well, the only person that can control this situation is you. If you want your husband and children to remain in your life, it sounds like you have to put the work in. It’s no walk in the park to go to rehab, and no one said that it was, but if you want the most important things in your life to stick around then you have to be the one to make it happen. Your husband can’t put your children in danger and let them hang around an addict, right?

Here’s the thing though, you are also worth something, so you should never say that you have nothing to live for. You just need to believe in yourself and get back up on that horse. It won’t be easy to kick your habit, but you don’t have a choice. Work hard, and you can do it.

8 Impossible Party Goals

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So this is definitely not possible because literally every single person there is trying to better themselves and get sober just like you are. It might not even be a good idea to be in contact with a lot of these people after you leave because you might influence each other in a negative way. The heavy partying days should be behind you at this point, and influencing other people with the same issues is a pretty selfish act in all reality.

Maybe one day you can be in contact with some of these people, but for now, you shouldn’t be focused on partying at all. Focus on yourself and being healthy. Good things will come from there. Hang around people that don’t have a problem and become influenced by their way of life. You’ll see that partying isn’t everything.

7 When No One Waits Around for Your Accomplishments

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This is truly unfortunate, but in all reality you can’t go to rehab for anyone besides yourself. You are worth cleaning up your act for and you should be proud that you took this step for yourself. You did all of the work and put the time in, no one else did. It does suck that no one was around to cheer you on after you got out, but those people aren’t worth your time anyway even if it is family. It’s sad to say, but sometimes you just have to cut the toxic relationships in your life.

Over time, you will build better and stronger relationships but you will have to work at them, just like you had to work at your sobriety in rehab. Just don’t let this situation lead you back to drugs because that is the only failure you can get out of this.

6 Cleaning It Up In Year Seven

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Seven years of a major addition, that is not good. You should be lucky you’re alive. It can be kind of scary to change your whole routine after seven years of self destruction, but it has to be done or you are not going to last that much longer. It sounds like you are somewhat proud of yourself for “messing yourself up” for seven years though. This is not something that you should be incredibly stoked on though. Seven years of an addiction is not something to be pounding your chest over.

When you get to rehab, put in your time and learn how to fix your life rather than focusing on the amount of time you have spent under the influence. It isn’t cool and people shouldn’t be looking up to you because of the amount of time you have been on drugs.

5 When Rehab Isn't the Answer

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I’m just wondering how rehab has messed you up more than if you didn’t go to rehab? Did you get bad councilors? Did you find a network that somehow gets you drugs easier than if you didn’t go into rehab? It just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Did you not pay attention to the program that you went through, or are you just making up excuses? It does make sense that you are pointing the finger about your shortcomings instead of doing the hard work and trying to rid yourself of your addiction.

Many people have a hard time trying to get away from their addictions but that doesn’t mean you should blame rehab for you slipping back to your old ways. Maybe you should put on your adult pants and actually try to get through this rather than blaming everyone else.

4 The Real Fear of Sobriety

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I’m not sure why you’re afraid of being sober. I can see why you’re afraid of getting sober because the process is long and arduous, but being sober isn’t a bad thing. If it’s because you don’t think you are going to be any fun anymore that’s just not the case. There are plenty of things to do without being under the influence and there are plenty of people that will respect you for it as well. If they don’t respect you, then maybe you should reconsider that relationship and it is probably better if that person is no longer in your life anyway.

There’s no reason to be freaked out because you are going to be sober. All you have to do it put your mind to it and do it. It’s hard work, but you can get through it.

3 When Willpower is Harder Than Rehab

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It’s understandable that you want to start using again, but you can’t start using again. Not after all the hard work you just put in. Think about it, you just put in all of this time, money, and effort for what to start using again? That wouldn’t make any sense. Why would you even go to rehab in the first place if you are just going to pick up and start using drugs all over again. You just have to take all the tips and tricks they taught you and put them into practice now. It’s going to be hard, but it will get easier over time.

The only failure you can encounter now is if you backslide into drugs again. You won’t only disappoint those around you, but you will disappoint yourself because you will have to start all over again in order to get clean. Do yourself a favor and just stay sober.

2 Fessing Up Is the Hardest Part

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There’s no harm in telling them the truth. You needed help and you got it; there’s no shame in that. The thing is, people can read right through your lies. When you lie to people you also have to remember all of the details you told them so it can be hard to keep all of those details straight. That’s an easy way to catch you in a lie. People can be talking and you could have given them two different sets of details or left out crucial points. It instantly gives you away.

Eventually, your secret will get out so you might as well just fess up, especially if the people you are talking to are close to you. Those people will put the pieces together and find out what is going on.

1 Inner Strength Can Be Hard to Find

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The wonderful thing is that everyone has the strength to get through this, it’s just a matter of if they can put their mind to it. Think about it, you just made it through the hardest part. You weaned off of the drug and detoxed then you made it through rehab. Now you have to get through the maintenance, which isn’t easy but you can totally do it. Surround yourself with people that will keep you on track and motivated then do what you can to stay on the right track. Communicate when you need help and don’t fall back into old habits.

It will get hard at times, but attitude is everything. Don’t get down on yourself like it sounds like you already are. Stay positive and you will do remarkable things.


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