15 Confessions From Men Who Wish They Were Married To Anybody (But Their Wives)

Marriage is not always blissful and there are moments when the relationship really takes work. Depending on how long you’ve been with your partner and how compatible you are, various issues can arise, and while some people are strong enough to work through them and end up having a happy and healthy marriage (even for decades if they are lucky), others are stuck in a relationship where they secretly despise their spouse.

And it seems there are a lot of men on Whisper who wish they were married to anyone except their wife. In some cases, things have gotten so bad that the only reason they are staying is because they feel as though they're trapped, or because they have children that they want to save from divorce and heartache, but what are the reasons that these men can't stand their wives? Turns out that's down to a wide range of reasons, from her being materialistic and selfish, to transforming into a completely different person from the woman she once was when he first married her. Below are 15 confessions from people who are so unhappy in their marriage that they have taken to Whisper to vent about it. I just hope for their sake their wives don’t see these awful confessions because then there is definitely no chance of saving the relationship.

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15 Her Materialistic Views Are Driving Him Mad

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With the festive season recently over, we have time to reflect, and one of the things we can reflect upon is how much emphasis is placed on consumerism and gift giving during this time. But is Christmas not really about family and kindness?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m guilty of buying gifts for all my friends and family and it gives me great joy in seeing their faces when they open them, however, this holiday should not be judged by how much or how little you receive. Which is why the man behind this confession is so frustrated because that’s exactly what his wife does. According to him, the thing he hates about her is that she bases how much she likes holidays like Christmas, on how many gifts she receives. Um, what?!

14 Work Is His Only Escape

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You know your relationship is pretty awful when you want to go to a work every day, to a job that you really hate, just because it gives you a chance to escape your spouse.

The man behind this confessions doesn’t hold back about his feelings on the topic because he even goes so far as to say that he is “excited” when he gets out of the house because it means he’s able to have some time without his wife. Imagine being in a relationship that’s this awful that you’d rather do something you hate then spend any more time with the person you’re meant to spend the rest of your life with?! Needless to say, this relationship doesn’t seem as though it’s going to last too much longer.

13 He Never Feels Good Enough

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Trying to please someone who is never happy must be incredibly frustrating, and this man knows this feeling all too well. According to him, his wife is so hard to please and nothing is ever good enough for her, so he’s constantly left feeling as though he’s not worthy or that he is a failure of a husband.

It can’t be healthy to be with someone who only sees the negative in every scenario, and eventually, this negativity is going to start bringing him down too. Needless to say, this man is annoyed with his wife because she can’t ever be happy (and doesn’t seem to try very hard either), and unfortunately, there may come a day in the near future when this guy decides he is tired of trying.

12 He Hates Her But He Loves Her

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This confession is really sad because it highlights the relationship troubles that this couple is having, and how hard the man is trying to hate his wife. But he doesn’t hate her at all, and what he’s really trying to do is convince himself that he hates things about her because this helps him guard his heart.

As for the reason he hates his wife, according to this man, it’s because he has noticed a change in how she treats him, or rather how she loves him. I’m not sure what she does that has made him think she’s fallen out of love with him, or just loves him less, but he is clearly experiencing a lot of pain. He also admits that he loves her, despite all this.

11 He Wants Some Excitement

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When you have marriage problems is the solution to happiness to look outside your marriage and find attention somewhere else? I would think that most people reading this would answer this question with "no," but it seems this man feels differently.

He hates being married to his wife and wishes he was single. It seems the reason for this is that he's craving the passion and excitement of being with someone new, so much so that he's now considering having an affair. But what’s really confusing to me about this confession is if he doesn’t love his wife anymore, hates being married, and wants to be with someone else, why doesn’t he just make everyone’s life more simple and file for divorce? It may hurt his wife, but cheating on her is going to hurt her even more!

10 Where Is The Love, Honey?

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It must be pretty hard to keep the passion alive in your marriage if your wife won’t even kiss you for more than a second! And this is the thing that this man hates the most about his wife because according to him, she won’t kiss him, and if she does it’s just a simple peck on the cheek -- like he's her long-lost relative or something?!

I think this woman needs to realize that she is treating her husband as if he is a stranger or a friend, and this is not exactly going to keep their marriage passionate and strong. Then again, we only have one side of the story, and it’s possible that this woman’s husband is an absolute creep.

If only we had the opportunity to ask these people all the questions that we have, right?

9 He's So Over This Marriage, And That's A Fact

Via Whisper.sh

The most important thing, in my opinion, when you have relationship troubles is to try your best to work through them and resolve them, and it seems as though this man did want to solve his issues. But that doesn’t mean that things went according to plan.

That said, even though this man has worked at making his marriage a success and has reportedly done all the “right” things -- although he has not given us any indication as to what this means -- despite trying, he still admits to hating his wife. It may seem incredibly harsh to admit to “hating” someone who you are married to, but if these Whisper confessions prove anything about marriage issues, it’s that these feelings happen far more often than we’d like to think.

8 The Kids Are Great, His Wife... Not So Much

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Another common theme when it comes to having marriage troubles is that things are made a lot more complicated when there are children involved because then the troubles are no longer just between two people. You can’t be selfish about your decisions because you have to consider the happiness and well-being of others, and although this confession is short and the writer chose not to go into detail, it does seem as though he would love to get as far away from his wife as possible.

But he won’t do it, at least not just yet, because this man has found himself in an awful situation and he’s torn. According to the confession, even though he hates his wife, he really loves his kids, and he’s probably very reluctant to do anything because he doesn’t want to hurt them.

7 Her Lack Of Communication Is Driving Them Apart

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Communication is one of the most important aspects of any relationship, and everyone knows this, so, when your spouse won’t talk to you, then there is something incredibly wrong. This poor man is really suffering because the thing he dislikes the most about his wife is that she chooses not to speak to him, and it’s not just about issues in their relationship, but about anything.

Instead, he claims that she would rather sit on her phone and speak to everyone in her phonebook but then chooses to keep quiet around him. Apparently, he has been trying really hard to resolve this problem and give them a second shot at happiness, but it’s become so disheartening for him that his wife is not trying at all. Let's hope his wife realizes soon, because this man sounds like a keeper.

6 Marriage Can Be Tough When There's No Respect

Via Whisper.sh

I don’t like the tone that comes across in this man’s confession because he seems to be a bit of a chauvinist, but this article is not about judging the men who hate their wives but rather reporting on it. And it’s very clear that the man behind this confession has some serious issues in his relationship, and they stem from the fact that he doesn’t think that his wife gives him the “respect” that he feels he deserves. Ugh! 

He doesn’t give any details about why he thinks she doesn’t treat him the right way, but he does go on to suggest that he cannot understand the “the hate that festers in the souls of some women.” Um, OK then! I think this confession makes it clear that he is not very fond of his wife.

5 He Blames Getting Married For Everything Bad In His Life

Via Whisper.sh

Can you love someone but hate being married to them? Is marriage really that bad that it destroys everything that is good about a relationship? I can’t answer this question, but it seems as though this is the way that the man behind this confession feels.

This is probably one of the most confusing and contradictory confessions about marriage problems and disliking their wife on this entire list, and I can't get a full understanding of his thoughts because he has decided not to go into more detail about the issues that are in his marriage.

Maybe he felt that before he and his wife were married their relationship was beautiful and strong? Or maybe they love each other but just don’t feel compatible anymore?! Whatever his reason, this confession seems to suggest that he is close to filing for divorce.

4 It Stings Knowing She'd Choose Her Family First

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This man is stuck in a life that he doesn’t want, and his wife is not doing anything to ease his pain, because according to him, he feels stuck and he hates the town that he’s in, and one of the reasons he hates it so much is because he doesn’t like the close proximity between himself and his in-laws.

Having your in-laws constantly interfere with your marriage must be hard, and it sounds like it would be much healthier for this couple to live on their own. It also seems as though this would eliminate their problems. However, the worst thing about this confession is that this guy is convinced that if his wife had to choose between him and her family, she would choose her family. She would also never leave this town her husband hates so much, and that must really hurt!

3 She's An Awful Person When She Drinks

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Most of us can probably agree that our partners have certain habits that really annoy us, and if we could, we would change this in a heartbeat.

Their habits may be something small that’s just a little irritating, or it may be something big, like when they drink they turn into a completely different person, and this is what the man behind this confession has been experiencing. According to him, he hates when his wife drinks, and while he chose not to go into the details about her behavior when she does down alcohol, this is something that's causing a rift in their marriage.

Even though he has tried to speak to her about this problem, it doesn’t seem to help, and this is a reason why he hates his wife when she’s drunk.

2 It's Over, But It's Still Hard To Let Go

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Breaking up with someone is never easy because you know that you’re going to hurt their feelings and be responsible for a lot of tears. But a divorce is worse than just a breakup, because there are also legal implications involved, and most people who are married have been with each other for at least a few years, so it’s a long time.

But when you're desperately unhappy in a relationship, sometimes this is the only thing to do. And this man has reached a point in his marriage where he is no longer happy, and he wants to ask his wife for a divorce. However, there is just one problem; he doesn’t want to hurt her, and he knows that if he tells her the relationship is over that he will cause a lot of pain. And that’s not something he is willing to do just yet.

1 The Kids Are The Glue In This Horrible Marriage

Via Whisper.sh

Apparently, this man has children, and like the confession earlier on the list, he is choosing to stay with the mother of his kids because he cares about their wellbeing -- which seems like a very unselfish thing to do, although whether it’s the best idea ever, that is to be determined.

However, unlike the other confession on this list which came from a man who apparently "hates" his wife, this man’s feelings are much stronger because just look at how many times he uses the word "hate." Surely, if things are this bad then the children are picking up on the signs that all is not well? I don't know the circumstances surrounding this confession, or what's best for the couple, but judging by this confession, I think it's clear to assume that this relationship is extremely toxic! 

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