15 Confessions From Men That Make Us Feel Sorry For Them

As long as there are rich men, there will be sugar daddies. Put simply, a sugar daddy is usually an older man with plenty of money who spoils a woman (usually younger than him) in return for her company.

With role models like Hugh Hefner to aspire to, an increasing number of men dream of becoming sugar daddies in the future. In their eyes, this life is full of luxury, glamour, and affection from beautiful women. What’s not to like?

Judging from these confessions from real sugar daddies out there, it seems like the sugar life isn’t as magical as it seems. While we’re sure they don’t speak for all such gentlemen out there, these fellas are sad and unfulfilled. Some of them have very strange ways of seeing the world, and nearly all of them suffer from delusions of what love and success look like. No matter how much he appears to glow with happiness, more often than not, a sugar daddy is being used for his cash.

Check out what these sugar daddies have had to say about why they live their lives like this, and what they’re hoping for their futures. Some of their confessions are hard to understand and relate to, but nearly all of them invite pity.

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15 Some Tell Themselves Whatever They Can To Sleep Better At Night


Without knowing this guy personally, we can’t really say for certain what the deal is with his relationship. Maybe his partner actually isn’t using him for his money and really does love him as a person. But if we had to guess, we’d say that all sounds a bit delusional.

Sugar relationships are often like a transaction, and love doesn’t usually come into it. They say that you can’t buy love, and they’re right: buying a girl with no money of her own designer clothes and expensive cars might gain you her company and affection, but nine times out of ten, it won’t gain you her love. It’s one thing when sugar daddies know this and are cool with it, but hearing that some don’t realize that kind of tugs at the heartstrings.

14 Strange Ideas About Women And Beauty Push Some Guys


Oh dear! There are so many odd things about this confession that we don’t know quite where to begin. Firstly, it’s disappointing to see that some people still equate beauty with what’s on the outside. Sure, physical attraction comes into it, but you won’t really get to know whether someone’s beautiful or not until you understand their personality. There are a lot of aesthetically beautiful people out there with very ugly souls, don’t forget!

Secondly, the assumption that women who are aesthetically beautiful are all of the same vain, gold-digging breed is just wrong. It may come as a surprise to some, but just because a girl likes to wear makeup or look after her body or get her hair styled does not suddenly mean that she’s a monster with a cruel heart. She might be, but guys shouldn’t automatically assume she is.

13 Delusions About Love Are A Common Theme Among Guys Like These


You might have thought that the people in sugar relationships know exactly what they’re in for. There’s nothing inherently sad about being in this kind of relationship if that’s how you choose to live your life, but it’s hard to watch when the people involved are really waiting for something that’s probably not going to come along. This guy is an example of how some sugar daddies just kid themselves.

Romantic love is something natural that we don’t really have a lot of control over. You can build trust, admiration, and respect, and you can live amicably with someone you don’t really love, but you can’t force your heart to feel something it doesn’t. That’s why money doesn’t buy love, and never will. If your girl doesn’t love you on her own, all the Birkins in the world won’t change that. She might love what you do for her, but she won’t love you.

12 The Only Way Some Have The Company They Crave


Well, that’s one way to travel! We kind of understand where this guy is coming from, because traveling alone is a totally different experience to traveling with someone else. There’s nothing wrong with getting out there and seeing the world by yourself, and there’s no denying that this helps you to grow, teaches you lessons and gives you a unique experience. But some people aren’t up for that.

Especially if this guy is interested in going to romantic destinations and just wants someone to chill out with at a resort in the Maldives, we can see why he would want company. The only sad thing is he doesn’t have someone to bring with him as it is, and he has to pay for that privilege. We just hope he knows that the girls coming along are probably in it for the free trip, not for him.

11 Like Women, Men Can Also Feel Like They Need To Be Validated By Others


Society puts pressure on both genders to fill certain roles, and if they don’t meet those expectations, they can feel inadequate. Men are supposed to be the providers, which can lead some guys (like this one) to feel like they’re not good enough unless they’re spending their money on their partner.

It’s fine if you want to spoil your partner, but you shouldn’t do it just to meet certain standards. It’s sad that this guy feels like he’s missing something unless he spends his money on his partner, and it’s heartbreaking that this is the only way he feels proud of what he’s achieved in life. Women are often the ones portrayed as seeking validation when they don’t really need to, but as we can see, men suffer from this insecurity issue too.

10 It's A Quick Fix For The Loneliness That Comes Later In Life


… And our hearts just broke a little! A lot of men become sugar daddies later in life once they’ve amassed their fortunes, and sadly, once their relationships have dissolved. Whether they’re alone because of death, divorce or simply because they never found the one, the truth is that some of them are just lonely.

Although getting a sugar baby does give them company, you have to wonder whether this sort of company is enough to heal loneliness, or whether it just slaps a Band-Aid over the pain. Maybe lonely people would find that they’d feel better if they got to know someone organically who was interested in being around them for them and not just because of their money. That’s definitely worth thinking about!

9 It's All About The Illusion Of Glamour For Some


At least this guy is honest! As humans, most of us would be lying if we said we had absolutely no interest in what other people thought about us. Even those of us who are carefree care a little bit, and even those who have learned to ignore the opinions of others still have an emotional reaction to hearing what other people think of them, at least in the beginning.

There’s not a huge problem with caring what people think, but we wouldn’t advise changing your lifestyle to accommodate to those opinions. And while this guy believes that having a sugar baby makes him look good, there would be people in his life who don’t look at him with envy or admiration, but with pity.

8 They Hope For The Best, But It May Be In Vain


We hate raining on parades and shutting down positive thinking. But there is a difference between being hopeful and being foolish, and when it comes to matters of the heart, you can get yourself into a lot of trouble if you allow yourself to be foolish.

Without knowing this couple personally, we can’t say for sure whether this girl is only depending on this guy until she can support herself. But using logic, we’d assume that she’s going to keep depending on him. You teach people how to treat you with your actions, so if you buy everything for someone, they learn that you’re okay with that, and they’ll keep doing it. Of course, he might tell her he wants to stop paying for her and it might end well, but we wouldn’t hold our breaths.

7 The Lifestyle Allows Some Men Live Out Their Desires


It’s sad to see that in 2018 there are still people who believe they are superior to other people. Whether those feelings are related to gender, color, financial status or anything else, they speak volumes about the people experiencing them. Generally speaking, people with superiority complexes like this, who like other people to be “beneath” them, are either psychopaths with no compassion, brainwashed and deluded, or actually dealing with their own inferiority issues. In short, stay away!

It’s also not nice to know that there are people out there who would put up with someone like this just for the lifestyle of a sugar baby. But to each their own! And by the way, since you’re the one paying for her, we wouldn’t say that she’s “beneath” you. You might be the provider, but your money goes to her…

6 It's A Cat And Mouse Game For A Lot Of Men


While some people do good deeds because they’re altruistic and have big hearts, others do them because they liked to get things in return. Specifically, some people do favors whenever they can because they like having the upper hand and being owed favors from others. Like this guy here!

This attitude again highlights the fact that sugar relationships aren’t based on emotion like others are, but are really just long-term contacts where each person puts something in to get something in return. In this case, the daddy funds the relationship to buy the baby what she wants, and she owes him with whatever they’ve agreed upon. It’s certainly a game that would appeal to many people, but there’s probably a point where this gets old.

5 Not All Of Them Are Full Of Themselves...


Sugar daddies often have a reputation for being egotistical, vain men who care more about how a woman looks than how she treats him. That might be true of some, but this man’s confession points out that not all of them are like this. In actual fact, some are seriously insecure, to the point where they don’t think they can have a real relationship unless they pay for it.

We gather that this man doesn’t feel he has enough to offer the way he is, and so he has to fork out a lot of money for women to actually want him. Since even Adolf Hitler had a girlfriend, we can pretty much confirm that’s just his insecurity talking, and he should stop selling himself short. There would be someone out there who wants him for him without his money—he just has to give it a chance.

4 Ego And A Fondness Of "Tradition" Pushes Some Men


This confession is similar to the man who liked to be owed, and the man who liked to be the provider in the relationship because he feels that women are beneath him. Some guys turn to this lifestyle because they feel that it puts them in a position of power and control, and in a way, it does.

Sugar daddies have the power to cut off their sugar babies if they don’t get what they want, which must be very appealing to certain power-hungry men out there. But at the same time, that power probably doesn’t come with a whole lot of respect. A sugar daddy might be in control of his baby’s material possessions, but she’s in control of the physical side of things. It’s a game or a transaction; there’s not really a boss, just two people using each other.

3 Some Are Used To Getting Whatever They Want And Are Happy To Pay For It


This confession has to be one of the saddest on the list, and not just for the sugar daddy. There are certain situations in which babies should not be brought, and in our opinion, a loveless partnership is one of them. Obviously, the dad wants to have a child, but if the mom (in this case the sugar baby) is only agreeing to it so she can keep up her lavish lifestyle, she probably doesn’t want one. That’s not fair for the baby.

Even if the father is the one caring for the child, and even if the child has everything he or she could possibly want, issues could still arise if one parent isn’t interested. She might become interested when she has it, but there’s no guarantee. This sugar daddy should think about what’s best for a potential baby rather than what’s best for him.

2 Getting Sugar Is Just A Way Of Life For Men Who Know No Different


The life of a sugar daddy isn’t for everyone. There might be a lot of advantages, but there are also a lot of elements that many men couldn’t deal with, so it’s sad that some guys just fall into the lifestyle without really wanting to. Since this guy has never been in a relationship where he hasn’t had to pay for everything, he might not even understand that those actually exist!

Our advice to him would be to just give it a try. Being a sugar daddy might be where his heart lies after all, but he should also open himself up to the possibility of just having a normal relationship where money doesn’t come into it. He might really like it and decide that he’s done paying for that sugar.

1 The Lifestyle Is Sometimes A Disguise For A Broken Heart


Getting into any relationship to make an ex jealous is never a good idea, whether you’re paying for it or not. If you’re still concerned about how your ex is feeling after the relationship has finished, and you still have the desire to hurt them once they’ve moved on, it’s probably a sign that you’re not over them and, frankly, that your heart is broken.

A sugar baby might not care if she’s being spoiled just to make someone else jealous, but in regular relationships, that would be a deal-breaker. Imagine if you found out your new boyfriend or girlfriend was only being nice to you to get back at their ex! Even if there are no feelings involved in this new sugar relationship, this guy should find a healthier way to deal with his emotions over his ex.

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