15 Confessions From Girls Who Were Hurt By Their Dream Guys

It's one thing to experience heartbreak but it's a whole other ballpark to expect your dream guy to sweep you off your feet, only to have him shove you down, face-first, into the mud. While most of us have experienced love lost, nothing compares to fully immersing yourself in a beautiful dream only to wind up completely destroyed. It doesn't matter if it happened to you in high school, college, elementary school or later in life, when your heart is ripped from your body and completely obliterated right before your eyes, the pain of the moment stays with you forever.

Overcoming the sorrow that follows is no easy feat. Having to find and collect the pieces of your heart after a betrayal from the one person you thought you can trust forever takes time and leaves permanent scars.If you've never experienced that sort of heartbreak, consider yourself lucky and remember to be choosy when it comes to falling in love. As for the rest of us, most can say our hearts have been broken by someone we thought was perfect, but few of us can truly understand the heartache that comes with these fifteen heart-wrenching confessions from girls who were destroyed by their dream guys:

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15 Dang, Girl


When you're in love it's easy to miss all the red flags. If you decide to move in with someone, and they get a job opportunity in a different state or maybe they convince you they just want to experience an adventure by traveling for a while, it's easy to believe that their intentions are good. That's exactly what happened to this girl, who really did believe her prince charming was in it to win it. Unfortunately, she didn't know him well enough or she chose to ignore the red flags he kept planting because in the end, she found herself in a tricky situation that doesn't always end in happily ever after. Thankfully, she escaped and knows better than to take a man by his word from now on.

14 That's Messed Up


Dang, this poor bride-to-be learned the hard way that the two people she should have been able to trust most in her life are the two who decided to get together behind her back. To make matters worse, they thought the best time to let her - and everyone else - learn about it was on her freaking wedding day! How much more messed up can it get? The bride was shamed, she had her heart broken, and she lost out on literally hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on wedding-related deposits, all in front of her closest friends and family. You think your love life is one giant sob story? Get in line sister, because nothing and no one can possibly have a worse story of pure betrayal.

13 Turn Your Weakness Into Strength


Men know they can sweet talk a girl into anything, which is exactly what happened to this broken-hearted girl. She firmly believed her man when he said he couldn't wait to start a life with her. What she mistook for love turned into a pregnancy and suddenly, instead of moving onto the next phase of their lives together, she was slapped with a tough reality: He doesn't actually love her. While he runs off to do whatever it is he thinks is best for himself, she's going to have to go through the pregnancy alone and deal with being a single mother. Is this messed up? Absolutely. Is it rare? Unfortunately, no. Too many women fall for these sweet-talking men and wind up alone and heartbroken. Learn from OP and make sure to lock him down before you wind up pregnant and all alone.

12 You Can Get Through This!


What's worse than having your heart broken? Having your dream guy ignore your existence.While we'll never know what happened between these two, it's obvious she thought he was the one for her. Forgetting someone you love isn't always easy, in fact, many would say it is impossible because even when you're ready to move on, a piece of your heart will always belong to him and that's not something you can ever get back. This poor girl has to struggle through trying to get over him while dealing with the fact that he pretends she isn't around. She can definitely get through this, but that jerk isn't going to make it easy. Hopefully, she can find her smile soon and move on to a truly dreamy guy who would never do anything to break her heart.

11 Be Strong


Loving someone from afar is difficult on its own, but realizing you waited too long to tell them how you feel puts you in the unique position of being friends with a person who has no idea they just broke your heart into a million pieces. There's a chance that this guy knows how she feels but he wants her in his life and is attempting to be open with her and is asking her, in a roundabout way, to be happy for him. She now has two choices: She can either pine for him from afar and slowly come to the realization that she's stuck in the friend zone, or she needs to sever all ties and move on without the weight of his friendship dragging her down. Whichever she chooses, we wish her the best.

10 Men Are Dogs (Sometimes)


As we all know, sometimes we don't recognize what we have until it's gone. Guaranteed she was telling him that he was making her unhappy and she was ready to cut all ties with him, but he waited until the absolute last minute to try to get her to stay. When people do that, it usually indicates they don't really care about you, they just want you around because it's easier than letting you go completely. This girl had her heart broken and was finally starting to heal when he selfishly decided he would try to win her back. If they broke up before and he broke her heart, then it's highly likely that she won't be any happier going back to him. If he truly cared about her, he'd just let her go so she can heal completely and move on.

9 You're Going To Get Through This


Loving someone forever is a hard thing to do. As the years pass, you have to watch as they fall in and out of love with other people and the whole time you sit there dreaming and hoping that one day it'll be your turn to be with him. When that day comes your heart is bursting with joy and you're so happy that every little thing you do together seems magical. For this girl, she got to experience three months of bliss before he had the nerve to break up with her over a freaking text message. For those of you who aren't aware, breaking up with someone over a text is the coward's way to do things. It's rude, inconsiderate, and most of all, it's disrespectful to the person you're breaking up with. Don't ever do it because it only adds insult to injury.

8 Don't Ever Take Your Relationship For Granted


We all know those couples who are on again off again, and we all feel for them. The unfortunate truth is if a couple would rather temporarily break up than just work through their issues, chances are their relationship is doomed to fail regardless. At one point or another, one or both people involved are going to decide enough is enough. When people can't commit to each other, they are proving that they don't have what it takes to keep a relationship going strong, or even going at all. These couples definitely feel for each other, but those feelings aren't enough. What they need to do is decide, once and for all, whether they want to work at staying together or if they're going to throw in the towel and learn to move on.

7 Sometimes It's Hard To Move On


How bad was this relationship for this woman to be waking up sweating? The truth is a relationship doesn't need to be physically abusive to result in literal nightmares. Sometimes it's something else, like deep-set regret for all the things her ex-spouse kept her from experiencing. Maybe he made her feel unattractive or made her feel like she isn't worthy of love. Whatever he did to her during their marriage, she doesn't deserve these nightmares. Sometimes people aren't who we want to believe they are, and sometimes we have to wake from the dream and see the reality before us. This woman may not be stuck with him, but for the time being, he's definitely stuck with her. Let's all hope she can find peace sometime soon.

6 You're Better Off Alone


What the heck kind of man is so cowardly that he would rather get rid of his woman's stuff and shut her out of his life rather than talk to her and find out what's going on? He obviously doesn't love or respect her as much as she loves and respects him. He didn't just leave her, he sold her private property and rendered her homeless. What makes matters worse is that he didn't even have the courage to tell her why he wants her out of his life. While she may not be an angel, she certainly doesn't deserve to be cast aside with nothing to her name and not so much as a simple explanation. So much for being with a dream guy.

5 Education Has Nothing To Do With Being Intelligent


Do you smell something fishy going on here? We do too. If her education level mattered so much to him, why would he lead her on for five years? Was he pushing her to further her education the entire time? Was it a random thing he just blurted out over dinner? We'll never get to find out the specifics, but what we do know is that this piece of garbage she mistook as her dream man could have at least been honest with her and tell her the real reason he wanted to break things off. To take her to a nice restaurant only to break up with her shows that he kind of wanted to soften the blow, but all he did was set her up for more pain.

4 Would've, Could've, Should've. His Loss.


There's always a guy who makes you believe he could be the one you spend the rest of your life with, then he turns around and proves that he's little more than a wolf in disguise. She doesn't outright say it, but we think it's fair to assume she broke up with him and left him behind while she tries to get over what they could have had. It's never easy learning someone you love has cheated on you, but he decided cheating wasn't enough. He figured he could just walk away and act like they never knew each other, never shared beautiful, meaningful moments. At least she found out before they got married, started a family, and had to rely on each other for everything.

3 Perfection Is Nothing When The Timing Is Off


When you love someone, it's only natural to encourage them to pursue their dreams. In this instance, his dream was to take a job out of the country. It's possible that he battled between taking his dream job and staying with his dream girl, but if she was truly in love with him, she convinced him to take the job. Of course, that's just a beautiful possibility. The reality may be less endearing and a little more savage. It's possible he may have just decided to apply behind her back, he got the job, then he decided his career was more important than his love life. After all, there are plenty of fish in the sea but there is only one company he wants to work with. Regardless of how he chose, choose he did, and now she's all alone.

2 Heartbreak Isn't Easy


Did this man die or did he just break up with her? When your heart is broken, the pain is the same. People often associate the pain of love lost with feelings of wanting to die just to escape the brokenness, random bouts of crying, the constant throbbing in their chest, and the temporary depression. It's easy to lose the light when you're surrounded by darkness, but one thing is certain: Whether he passed away, walked out of her life, or somehow betrayed her, she will eventually overcome the physical pains that come with heartbreak. She will find a way to heal her heart and, in doing so, heal her soul and physical body as well. Let's all hope she finds a way out of the pain soon.

1 Let It Go


Does this sound awfully familiar to you? Like something out of a 90's teen drama? Well, the director didn't just pull the idea out of thin air! People can be cruel and guys don't always consider how their actions will affect girls. This girl believed that the guy of her dreams asked her out and truly wanted to be with her. Imagine the elation she felt as he really turned on the charm. Now imagine what it must have felt like when she realized the relationship wasn't real and that she was actually unwanted. Not only does that kind of hurt bruise her self-esteem, but it also plays a serious role in how she views men. Will she ever be able to trust again? Will she ever be able to love herself enough to recognize that she is more than just a bet? We hope so.

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