15 Confessions From Couples Who Had Serious Remorse After Moving In With Their Partners

It may seem like a natural progression in every relationship that after a certain amount of time, or just whenever it feels right, you move in together. This makes sense because when you’re in love with someone you want to spend as much time with them as possible.

This is a great decision for some couples and serves as confirmation that they are compatible. For others, though, this move could signal the end of their relationship and life as they know it. The thing is when you live with someone you start to get a better feel for who they are, and there is no hiding their bad habits or their mood swings. So, for some, this makes them closer. Then, there are those people who start to realize that they despise the person they are living with but are stuck in a lease they can’t get out of, or that they should never have given up their dog, or moved hundreds of miles away for someone who they can’t see a future with.

Below are 15 confessions from couples who have experienced serious remorse after moving in with their partner, and if you thought you were ready to take this step in your relationship, you may want to think again!

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15 She’s Desperate To Fly Solo

For many relationships, after you’ve been together for a certain amount of time, you start taking certain steps. This could mean that you are ready to move in together, maybe you’re starting to think about kids, or maybe wedding bells are looming… but things don’t always work out.

The woman behind this confession is living proof that sometimes moving in with your partner is a terrible idea, however, in her case, it’s not because she has started to regret being with her boyfriend, but rather because she is regretting not ever having the experience of being alone.

There comes a certain freedom and independence when you live alone, and you start to learn a lot about yourself, so it’s not surprising that this person is desperately craving that experience.

14 They Tried To Fix Their Issues, It Backfired

If you’re having problems in your relationship, how would you go about fixing them? A lot of people would probably say that they would take it slow, or that they would consider therapy, however, this couple decided that more time together would be a better solution, and boy, were they wrong!

The person behind this confession has found herself in an awkward situation, but you can’t feel for her too much because she sort of brought this on herself. She claims that after telling her boyfriend she wanted to break up, they decided to give their love another shot and moved in together because she thought they could work out their issues. They couldn’t, and it’s only been a month and she’s already regretting ever signing her lease.

13 He Can’t Afford To Leave Her

Everyone knows that living alone is a lot more expensive than sharing expenses (unless you live in the smallest apartment the world has ever seen), and this is why so many people end up staying with roommates. So, living with your partner is not just a good decision for romantic reasons, but also for economic ones. Well, it would be, if you can stand the sight of them.

This confession comes from a man who claims to have moved in with his girlfriend a few months ago, but rather than them realizing that they were compatible and want to spend the rest of their lives together, he instead has discovered that he would very much like to be single. There’s only one problem, there is no way he can afford to leave their home.

12 She Doesn’t See A Future For Them

You’re not going to live with someone if you don’t see a future with them, because really, what would be the point? And this woman is feeling very lost at the moment because she desperately wants to get married to her boyfriend, but she’s convinced he has no intention of ever walking down the aisle if he has everything he wants right now.

In her opinion, why would he want to put a ring on it, if he can live with her without doing that? What her confession makes clear is that thinks she’s wasting her time, but she could also just be being paranoid or a little too hasty, because her boyfriend has apparently said that he intends to marry her one day -- and unless he is a complete loser, it would be very unfair to make these promises.

11 Stuck In A Lease That She Can’t Get Out Of

This living situation definitely cannot be fun! According to this woman, not only does she regret moving in with her boyfriend, but she is also regretting ever dating him, and she’s reached a point where she feels completely and utterly trapped.

Why doesn’t she just up and leave him? Well, because she apparently still has six months of the lease left, and breaking up with her boyfriend and then still living with him afterward would be excruciatingly painful, but also just awkward as heck. However, these things are at times easier to get out of than you may think, and if you have a lovely, understanding landlord they may be willing to let you get out of the lease earlier than expected -- I speak from experience because I’ve done it.

10 All That Time And Money Wasted

This couple had big dreams, but things seem to have taken an awful turn and this man foresees a lot of heartbreak in the near future. According to his confession, he and his girlfriend had intended to move in together, so he packed up his life and moved 500 miles to this new location so he could be closer to her (it seems as though they were in a long-distance relationship). But now that they are within driving distance of each other, she’s started to feel very differently about their relationship.

This man has reportedly spent loads of money on trying to furnish their home the way his girlfriend likes it, and he’s picked a place that’s close to where she works to make her commute (and life in general) much easier. However, he now feels as though she’s going to call the whole thing off. Ouch for both his heart and his wallet!

9 Life At Home With The Fam Was Way Easier

There is no place like living at home, and I will tell you why: You have virtually no expenses and all of your needs are taken care of, and therefore, you have no responsibility. This means that any money you are making you can save towards your future (or clothes if you’re irresponsible). But there comes a point when we think it’s time to leave home, and in my mid-twenties I would not like to be living at home because I enjoy my own freedom. That said, the person behind this confession sounds as though they are really young, and they regret leaving home so soon.

She did it so she could live with her boyfriend, but unfortunately, she’s found out the hard way that sometimes being an adult is more difficult than she realized!

8 It’s Really Hard Because He Has Issues

Of all the confessions from people who regret moving in with their partners, this is probably the one that will tug at your heartstrings the most, because it’s not another case of people simply realizing they are not compatible. This woman is struggling with some very real issues, and it’s because her boyfriend has an addiction.

She claims that has issues with drinking and gambling and although she had the opportunity to leave him just over a year ago, she decided to stick it out and see if they could make the relationship work. However, it seems as though things have only worsened, and she regrets ever staying, and really, you can’t help but feel for her because she thought she was doing the right thing, but now it's at the expense of her own happiness.

7 His Kids Are Total Brats

Every step parent will probably tell you that it’s a thankless role initially, and one that is definitely not easy. You can understand children not wanting to welcome a new mother or father figure into their lives because they feel as though they are replacing their biological parent, and if you think back to the Disney movies of the ‘90s you’ll realize that stepmothers in particular, where often seen as “wicked” -- remember Cinderella and Snow White?

Now, I don’t know if there are actually some wicked stepmoms out there, but it seems as though this woman’s boyfriends children definitely think that way about her, and their dislike for her (and seemingly hers for them) is causing a rift in her relationship. In fact, things are so bad that she regrets ever moving in with her man. Yikes, right?!

6 Second Time Is Not A Charm

You may think that when a relationship is over you shouldn’t try to fix it, instead, you should just run far, far away. But let’s be honest, that’s much easier said than done, and the woman behind this confession has experienced the difficulties of trying to cut all ties with her husband.

According to her confession, she left him but then after several months decided that it would be best to give their marriage a second shot. She was wrong, because just three days into their relationship she has realized that nothing has changed and all the problems that were there before are still there. Unsurprisingly, she really regrets her decision and it seems she may have to make a more permanent one in the near future.

5 If Only She Chose Her Dog Instead

For many of us, a pet is like another member of the family, and there are no pets quite as loyal as a dog -- I’m a cat person myself, but I can still admit that statement -- and if something happens to your pet, you would understandably be devastated. This woman made a tough decision with regards to her pet pooch, and in hindsight, it turned out to be the wrong decision; she had to give up her dog to move in with her boyfriend, and now it seems she wishes she gave up the boyfriend up instead.

Although this woman chose not to go into detail about why she had to say goodbye to her dog, and it’s entirely possible that her boyfriend had a legitimate reason, like he an allergy or a childhood trauma, it seems that she was far too hasty in her decision.

4 She Missed Out On Her Teens

This confession comes from someone who is only 20, and by the sounds of it, she has been living with her boyfriend for a long time (maybe he’s a bit older than her). Although every relationship is different, I think we can probably all agree that 20 is young to be in a serious, committed coupling, and it seems as though this woman has really started to regret not being able to just be a typical teenager.

She wishes she had taken the opportunity to hang out with her friends more often, go to parties, and probably just be silly and carefree. But her confession is not just about regret, but also her lack of self-confidence, which it seems she thinks she would have had more of, was she afforded freedom in her youth.

3 She’s Too Young And They Don’t Respect Her

Living with your parents has a lot of pros, but there are also cons involved in this decision because it’s their house and usually their rules. You may get into arguments with them about stupid things because you’re testing the water and pushing the boundaries, but at the end of the day (hopefully) they will still love you and welcome you home because after all, they are your parents.

However, when you’re living with someone else’s parents, this is a whole new ball game, and you can't push boundaries in this situation.  Which is why I’m not surprised that this girl is having regrets living with her boyfriend and his family, because this is not an ideal living situation. Especially if like her, you find yourself under the same roof as people who are unkind and disrespectful.

2 He Just Wasn’t Ready

You are either ready to move in with someone, or you're not, and it turns out that the guy behind this confession falls into the second group. He admits to living with his girlfriend currently, but he has great remorse for his decision because he really wasn’t ready to take such a big step in their relationship.

Although he doesn't give details as to why he wasn’t ready, and we can assume that maybe he felt pressured into the decision, or at the time he thought it was the right thing to do, the end result leaves much to be desired. And now, he is reportedly counting down the days until their lease is up, and then he intends to call off the entire relationship.

It may seem incredibly harsh that some people end up staying with someone who they intend to break up with for months before they finally cut ties, but in some cases, the reality is that there is no other option.

1 She’s Having Serious Regrets

This confession is simple and straight to the point because the woman behind it has revealed that she regrets moving in with her boyfriend of two years. And that’s it, she doesn’t go into any detail about why she is regretting the decision, which as we’ve seen prior to this point, could be because of a range of different things: from giving up your dog, to thinking that the problems in the relationship would be fixed by this move.

But maybe her bluntness is telling in itself. It seems as though what she really wanted was a place to be able to vent anonymously (which is the whole point of Whisper). It doesn’t seem as though she wanted the opinions of others or their unsolicited advice, but rather just an opportunity to admit that she’s not happy.

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