15 Confessions From BFs Seeing Their GFs In Their Realest Moments

When we're with the people we love, we don't want them to see us at our deepest, darkest moments. It isn't so much that we don't want to let them in as much as it's us wanting to be strong and to keep our loved ones from worrying about our mental state. One of the things that happens when people see us in our darkest moments is they reveal what kind of people they truly are. If they try to comfort us, their feelings for us are really shining through. If they take off and never mention what happened, they're probably not as caring as you'd hope they are, or maybe they aren't comfortable discussing your most vulnerable moments.

Whatever a person says, it's their actions that make the difference, but what if you could see what went through their minds when you revealed yourself at your darkest moments? You may never get the chance, but there are plenty of other people who share what went through their heads the moment they saw the one person they love most at their most vulnerable. In fact, here are fifteen confessions from boyfriends who saw their girlfriends in their deepest, darkest moments.

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15 He Knows How To Appreciate A Good Thing When He Sees It


There are many forms of loss, but nothing quite compares to having literally everything stripped from you. When this guy's girlfriend lost everything in a fire and her family barely survived, it's likely that even with insurance they were struggling for a while. In personal situations like that, there's only so much other people can do to help, but this guy was impressed by how strong his girl was through the entire ordeal. She got back on her feet, and her family presumably did as well and showed him just how strong she can be during times of great duress. Instead of feeling sorry for her, he felt immense pride - a great response from a guy who genuinely loves the girl he is dating. Hopefully, he'll pick up some of her strength when and if he needs it in the future.

14 She Deserves Better


Unlike most men, who can handle their girlfriends when she is going through some of the darkest moments of her life, this guy decided he doesn't want to deal with her. He figured she's too emotional and whatever feelings of love he had quickly dissipated. At least he was aware of the pain he would cause if he walked out of her life while she is experiencing a personal tragedy, but what he really needs to focus on is cutting all ties with her. She deserves to be with someone strong enough to handle her during her times of need and he has a lot of growing up to do. When one person feels trapped in their relationship, it's already doomed to fail, so he needs to just get it over with before her love for him grows any larger.

13 A Happy Ending


While we don't know the circumstances surrounding the loss of custody, we do know that being unable to see someone you love is heartbreaking, stressful and definitely lonely. This girl was probably experiencing more sorrow than we can imagine, but when her loving boyfriend saw how much she loved her daughter, he knew he couldn't just stand there doing nothing. They teamed up to fight what was likely an ugly, drawn out, legal battle for custody of her child. It was all thanks to their hard work and determination that resulted in their own win in the end. This guy's girlfriend was finally reunited with her daughter and it wasn't on a temporary basis, she got to have her child full-time. Not all stories get to have a happy ending, but thankfully this one did.

12 Never Give Up!


Working a full-time job should ensure you have a livable wage, however, not all establishments care about their employees. In this girl's case, she was doing her best and working forty hours a week or more, but her best wasn't enough. That's damaging enough but to lose her apartment is even worse. We can only imagine the amount of stress she had sitting on her shoulders, but her man was able to support her by giving her a place to stay while she finished school and worked on achieving her goals. Kudos to him for standing by her and kudos to her for getting a job that lets her bring home the big money. Their situation serves as a reminder of what true teamwork and love can accomplish.

11 That's Love


Losing a loved one is possibly one of the most difficult situations a person can ever experience. When this guy's girlfriend lost her grandfather, she was forced to reveal her vulnerability. Seeing someone open up this way for the first time can be intimidating, after all, we don't always know the best way to respond. This boyfriend revealed his heart when he accepted his girlfriend at her darkest moment and held her close. Not only did he feel the instinct to protect her, but he was also able to sympathize with her, indicating she isn't just another notch on his belt - he is genuinely in love with her so her pain became his pain. Nothing expresses love quite like the ability for one person to bare their soul and the other to accept them as they are.

10 At Least You Did Something


Depression is not to be taken lightly. People have harmed themselves while battling the disorder and the ability to pull themselves out of it is made harder by the fact that their brain is literally releasing chemicals to keep people in that horrible state. For this girl to be able to hide her depression for so long says a lot about how strong she truly is, but when her boyfriend found her rocking and unable to cope, he did the only thing he could have done - he held her until she fought her way back. His seemingly simple response to her pain speaks volumes about his character and the strength of their relationship. Let's hope she is doing better these days and that he is always there to help comfort her when she needs it.

9 Good Man


Panic attacks, anxiety and PTSD are all serious afflictions that require patience and endurance from the people suffering from them as well as those who are close to them. This girl has probably seen and experienced situations we could never dream of and now she suffers from the memories. Luckily for her, when she had a panic attack her boyfriend didn't decide she was too much to handle; he decided to be there for her instead of running off and leaving her to fend for herself. He may not fully understand the extent of her issues but he does know that whatever she's going through, she doesn't have to go through it alone. Ladies, when you're out looking for Mr. Right, make sure he responds the way this guy did and make sure your man is willing to stick with you, even at your darkest moments.

8 She'll Never Forget Your Support


Sometimes time and talking about a loved one is what it takes to push through the grief of loss. This girl obviously needed a shoulder to cry on and an ear to listen, both of which her boyfriend was able to provide. It may have taken her a great deal of time to reach a point where she was able to return to her usual self, but he was with her every step of the way, serving as her pillar of support. His desire to have her around when and if he goes through anything as traumatic as losing a parent reveals his heart for her. He doesn't just want to stick around for the time being, he's in it for the long haul and accepts her at her darkest moments.

7 An Inspiration To Us All


Not all of us can claim we can show the kind of strength this guy's girlfriend was able to display. Most people hear the word "cancer" and they break down completely. Her boyfriend may have felt the weight of what it means to have aggressive cancer, but if she felt it, she didn't show it. Instead, she was strong enough for both of them and did what it took to survive. She didn't just drag herself to treatments and go through the motions, she fought back and part of that is keeping a positive attitude. Even when the darkest times try to creep up on her, she came at them head-on and didn't stop for anything, earning his respect and admiration. She has also earned ours and we wish her a happy, healthy, future.

6 Being There Makes All The Difference


What kind of crappy company would fire someone for having a panic attack? And why would they claim they let her go because she frightened customers? Some corporations don't care about the little guy at all, but this boyfriend definitely did. He saw her at what was likely one of her darkest moments and instead of deciding she was too much of a hassle to deal with, his feelings for her solidified. His instincts told him to give her all of his love and support, which is how any person in a healthy relationship should respond. She may have lost a job that day, but she definitely gained his undying affections. Hopefully, he'll move on his feelings and pop the question, erasing all the darkness from her life entirely. even if only temporarily.

5 Beautiful


Sometimes people can't handle the situations their children find themselves in. There are thousands of cases every year in which a young woman gets pregnant and her family is entirely unable to accept her pregnancy. They demand she abort or get out of their home, and that's exactly what it sounds like this poor girl experienced. Choosing her child and boyfriend was likely a difficult choice to make, but she had to deal with the fact that her family would rather throw her away and cut her off entirely than just accept her, which compounded her pain. Thankfully, her boyfriend was there to support her and he chose to stick around. Her decision was enough to bring their little family together and to help her be the strong, amazing woman her boyfriend knows and loves.

4 Run, Boy, Run!


When we experience traumatic events, it's easy to lose ourselves in sorrow, stress, pain and worse, but this girl took her deepest darkest moment and went insane. We don't know if she saw her dog get hit by a car or if she merely discovered him after the fact, but to turn around and destroy everything that reminded her of the animal is an extreme reaction. Sometimes looking at mementos of a lost loved one can be painful so people put them away, give them away, or even throw them out. To burn everything that ever belonged to the dog was a way for her to cope but it doesn't come as a surprise for her boyfriend to be frightened off. Asking him to deal with her need to burn things may have been too much.

3 Kick Her While She's Down


Nothing says "I love you" quite like a man who leaves at the first sign of trouble. We have no way of knowing whether his girlfriend attempted to do well in school or if she just stopped caring, but if she was depressed after flunking out of school, odds are she either deeply regretted her choices or she was legitimately trying and was just in over her head for a little bit. He says she did try but her failure indicates she didn't try hard enough, and apparently she needs to be a better student if she wants to stay by his side. She may have been depressed after failing her classes, but imagine the pain she experienced after losing her boyfriend as well. The only silver lining to this unfortunate story is she doesn't have to be with a self-centered, selfish man anymore.

2 But Did She Say Yes?


Losing a child is one of the hardest things any parent can experience. This couple knew each other for several years and right when they were on the cusp of starting a family, things took a turn for the worst, leaving them both heartbroken. This boyfriend has always seen a strong, independent woman, but witnessing her breakdown allowed him to recognize her as a fragile human being who does experience emotional loss. This recognition led him to understand her on an entirely new level and inspired him to want to be with her forever. She was at her darkest moment and instead of turning away from her pain to focus on his own, he was able to see a new side of her and love her all the more for it. Truly an inspiration to us all.

1 Just Be There


Losing a parent is certainly one of the most painful experiences anyone can ever go through. Our parents are the oldest relationships of our lives and are the most precious. This poor girl lost her father and her mother's condition was critical. It does not come as a surprise to hear she was "a mess" or that her state frightened her boyfriend. We don't know what he did but the fact that he expresses the desire to have done more for her shows his empathetic side and his love for her during her time of pain. Even if he couldn't stop her pain, at least he was by her side. Hopefully, she'll realize how deeply he feels for her and can return the support whenever he needs it as well.

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