15 Common Lies That Cheaters Tell

Of course, it seems as though cheating and lying go hand-in-hand... and why wouldn’t they? Nobody wants to be with a cheater, so these sly guys try their best to cover their tracks and tell lie after lie to keep you believing they are still faithful when they actually aren’t. We all know that cheaters are typically repeat offenders and that once someone cheats it’s a pretty big breach of trust that’s nearly impossible to recover from. Cheaters do what they want, when they want... and they don’t care who they hurt in the process. They are super self-serving and despite what they try to tell you, they only truly care about themselves. Let’s be super clear: cheaters are definitely liars and you totally don’t deserve someone who would put you through either of those terrible habits. When cheaters finally get busted, they do what they know how to do best: they tell their most convincing sets of lies. Help yourself stay one step ahead of the game by taking a look at these fifteen common lies that cheaters often tell.

15 “It Won’t Happen Again!”

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If you’ve ever known anyone who’s a cheater, you already know that this is the all-time biggest lie ever. Cheaters are simply never satisfied with what they have. Even if they have the most incredible, loving, and supportive partner, a cheater knows that once he’s already done the unforgivable deed, history is far more likely to repeat itself. Why men even bother getting into a relationship in the first place when they have no intention of remaining faithful is still a mystery none of us will probably ever be able to solve, but it doesn’t take a genius to realize that once he steps outside of the relationship, he already has displayed his lack of respect for you. Be smart about what’s really happening. After all, the super smart saying “once a cheater, always a cheater” really is the whole truth. If he has cheated in the past, or has a history of cheating, but insists that it will never happen again, you know he’s totally a liar. The odds of him turning into a one-woman man are virtually nonexistent, so don’t let him manipulate you into thinking he’s actually changed his wayward ways.

14 “You’re Crazy!”

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Typical cheater behavior: he cheats, gets caught, tries to lie his way out of it, and then when that doesn’t work, he actually has the nerve to call you crazy. Because that would be the only logical reason why you would be accusing him of such a thing, right? So wrong. It’s pretty common for cheaters to try to convince their better half that they are actually the crazy ones in the relationship because it helps the cheaters regain control over the situation. All of the signs are there in plain sight, you know he’s cheating and you even have the evidence to prove it. But instead of owning up to his flaws, he tries to play mind games and tells you that you must be out of your right mind. Of course, you know this isn’t true, but after listening to him tell you the same thing for so long, you might actually start to believe him. Don’t allow yourself to fall for this twisted trap: your intuition has never steered you in the wrong direction - and he has.

13 “I'm A Changed Man!”

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It’s only natural for us to want to help our out our significant others and improve their lives any way we can. That being said, just because he says that you are the lucky one who changed his sly ways doesn’t always mean it’s true. This is just his way of saying “just because I cheated in the past doesn’t mean I would do it to you." He might have been known for cheating on past girlfriends, but he swears that you are the only one who he would never step out on. While you certainly hope that he’s being honest, it’s difficult to tell what’s real and what’s not when he has a long history of being a playboy. Everyone has a past, and of course, people are capable of changing for the better, but old habits die hard. Who’s to say that he wouldn’t do it again, or what if he already has and you just don’t know it? There are many potential outcomes here, so let’s all hope for the best.

12 “It Was A Moment Of Weakness!”

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If he even bothers to lay this lie on you after being caught sticking his hand in someone else’s cookie jar, then he really doesn’t take your relationship seriously. We’ve all heard this excuse at one time or another, whether it was in our own relationship, a friend’s relationship, or in a movie… and the truth is, it’s a bogus way for him to try and rationalize his poor behavior. While of course, it can be easy to get caught up in the moment, it takes an honest man not to cross over into cheating territory. A man worthy of your time wouldn’t have ever found himself caught in an unsavory situation in the first place. There’s actually no reason to believe that his unfaithful actions were a one-time thing. Why? If he’s capable of being as “weak” as he says he was, then what prevents him from falling back into his weak-minded state a second, or even third time? This is just a seriously lame lie that he’s trying to sell you. Please don’t be foolish enough to buy it.

11 “I’m Hanging Out With The Guys”

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He tells you he’s just having another guys' night, but he’s really spending time with another woman and doing things he knows he probably shouldn’t be doing. Saying that he’s hanging out with the boys is a classic go-to excuse, but it can become tricky for him to keep his lies in order... especially if you know his friends and they weren’t in on the tall tale. Cheating seems so complicated and it’s hard to imagine why anyone would want to endure having to tell so many falsities and omissions, but it happens pretty frequently. Telling you that he’s having just another run-of-the-mill guys night is such a lie. He’s using his time away from you to cheat, and he’s only using “guy time” as an excuse to cover his tracks. This is probably one of the more common lies told by cheaters. You’d think with all of the wild fabrications they come up with, they could at least be a little more original!

10 “She’s Just A Friend!”

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Right… of course she is. This is actually a pretty crummy lie for a cheater to tell because there are plenty of men out there who are capable of maintaining platonic friendships with women while they are in a committed relationship. But there are definitely a select few who find themselves entangled in flings and physical relationships with ladies who are definitely a whole lot more than just a friend. If he’s been caught red-handed and isn’t ready to face the consequences of his double life, it makes sense for him to say that the girl in question is just one of his buddies. While you can only hope that to be true, if you find clues that lead you to believe otherwise, you know that he is up to no good. Stumbling across flirty texts, racy photos that the two have exchanged, and see that they have made intimate plans to meet, he’s obviously being unfaithful to you.

9 “But I Love You!”

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This is a careless play on your emotions, and if you’ve heard this line from someone who has cheated, then your BS meter should be going off because it’s a huge red flag. It’s very safe to say that any guy who actually loves you and cares for you would never cheat on you, or even consider doing so. His claiming to still “love” you is just a distasteful way of trying to reel you back in and play games with your heart, which totally isn’t right. If he cheated, the only person he really loves in your relationship is himself, and he’s putting his inflated ego front and center. It’s unfair for him to be with someone else... and then insist that you are the only one he wants. It doesn’t actually make any logical sense, and it just shows that in this case, actions really do speak louder than words. Don't fall for this one.

8 “It Meant Nothing!”

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If his response to cheating is telling you that it “meant nothing”, then your next response should be to call him a liar and show him the door. While his tryst with another woman may have meant nothing to him, it definitely meant something to you. It shows that he lacks compassion for you as his partner and also that he lacks the ability to hold himself accountable for his actions. If it was just “nothing” then why did he even bother doing it? While there may not have been any romantic feelings or emotional connection to the person he was having an affair with, he failed to recognize that he was taking your feelings for granted while he was catering to his own narcissistic desires. Out of all the inexcusable lies that he could have told, this is probably one of the most offensive. A cheater is unappreciative of the person he’s with and will say whatever he can to defend his deplorable decisions.

7 “It’s All Her Fault!”

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So let me get this straight… you were tempted by a mischievous seductress who had her way with you, all totally against your will? Yup, that sounds about right. Of course, it would be easy to place all of the blame on the third-party who chose to engage in an affair with your guy, but let’s be honest – he is the one who is really at fault here. We all know that it takes two to tango, and the cheater and the one who cheats with him are both in the wrong. It’s definitely not hard to get angry at the other woman and want to take it out on her, and he knows that. He tries to deflect the responsibility off of him and on to her, and that’s just plain wrong. He is the one who you should really be mad at and who deserves the brunt of your distain – after all, he's the one you are with, not her! This is just a super lame lie all around.

6 “It Wasn’t Technically Cheating”

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Just… ew. If he’s been caught stepping outside of the relationship and he thinks he did nothing wrong because it wasn’t technically cheating, then we’re pretty sure he’s even lying to himself. There are all kinds of cheating, whether the connection is physical or emotional, seeking to gain some sort of romantic fulfillment outside of your partner is definitely cheating. Maybe he didn’t have physical contact with another person, or maybe he didn’t go “all the way” with the act of unfaithfulness. Regardless of the technicalities, a cheater is a cheater – and a liar is a liar. Engaging in shady conversations with someone else is still cheating, whether he wants to admit it or not. If you feel violated or like you’ve been two-timed, then what he did was seriously wrong. When he tries to defend himself by saying that nothing really happened and that you’re just overreacting, don’t fall into his trap. He’s definitely playing you, and what's more, he definitely knows it.

5 “I’m Not Being Distant”

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His mind is somewhere else, and it has become so obvious that you had to bring it to his attention. His response to your accusation is that he’s not being distant, you must be mistaken. Oftentimes when people cheat it becomes too much for even the sneakiest of snakes and they find it hard to balance their actual relationship with their side relationships. Gee, wonder why! It doesn’t take much to see that he’s been lacking in your relationship, and he just seems emotionally unavailable. Maybe his mind is on the other woman, maybe he wants out of your relationship, or maybe he even feels guilty about his cheating ways…but he’s quick to brush off suggestions that he’s acting weird or distant when he actually knows that he is. Distance is a pretty clear indicator of when something’s not going right in the relationship, and it’s a definite red flag that you shouldn’t ignore. Don’t let him get away with just pushing his demeanor off to the side – he’s not being honest, and it’s likely that you both know it.

4 “I Drank Too Much!”

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Ah, the classic “I was drunk” line. How many times will you let this one slide? He must be a real modern day Casanova, right? Think again. If he states that cheating is an excusable offense because he drank too much and he wasn’t in the proper state of mind, he’s clearly a liar. Being intoxicated has caused people to do a lot of foolish things and cheating is definitely one of them, but that’s no way to justify getting too close with someone else. This is honestly just a scapegoat response to getting caught in the act – and it shows that he has no intention of being honest about his intentions or holding himself responsible for what he did. Cheating is bad enough, but if he gives you this slick lie as a reason to explain his reprehensible behavior, he’s dishonest too... and nobody needs to be with someone like that.

3 “I’m Just Not In The Mood”

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If it seems like he’s never in the mood to be intimate anymore, something definitely seems not right. Because really, a man is always in the mood. Of course, there are several things that can have an effect on his inclination toward intimacy, such as too much stress and being over-tired. But you know that cheating is in the realm of possibility, it’s likely that he’s getting his needs fulfilled elsewhere and doesn’t have much left to give when it comes to your relationship. Intimacy is one of the first things to suffer in a relationship when things aren’t working out and enough effort isn’t put in from both parties. Saying that he’s just not in the mood is a viable excuse to get you off his back without sounding too suspicious. If this is becoming a pattern and you feel like he’s cheating, the whole “not in the mood” thing is a total lie.

2 “I Want To Marry You!”

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Do yourself a favor: if you're with a known cheater who insists that they want to get hitched and spend forever with you, run as fast as you can. These guys can’t even commit to dinner plans, let alone a relationship. There is no reason to believe that a cheater is actually ready to settle down and start a monogamous life together. If he cheated and he tries to dig his way out of the doghouse by laying on a thick layer of charm, think again. In his mind, he’s just telling what you want to hear, or at least, what he thinks you want to hear. He will do whatever it takes to keep you around because he’s comfortable, not because he actually wants to move forward with you. Let’s get serious for a second…would you really want to plan your life with someone who lies and cheats anyway? Doubtful. This is just another lie he tells to get things to work in his favor.

1 “I Didn’t Cheat!”

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What does a cheater typically do when they’ve finally been busted? Deny, deny, deny… and that’s exactly where the whole “I didn’t cheat” lie comes into play. Cheaters tend to be master manipulators and will do whatever it takes to keep on living their life in a way that only benefits their own selfish wants and needs. A guy who cheats wants to have his cake and eat it too – meaning he wants everything all at once and he’s not willing to waver from his self-serving state of mind. Living a life based on lies, fabrications, and deception doesn’t sound very appealing, but for some reason, cheaters find themselves right at home in these less than desirable situations. If you catch him texting other girls, you find other women’s belongings at your place, or he is just acting shady and you think something is up – he’s probably up to no good. Of course, it’s not good to be paranoid and possessive over your significant other, but if he gives you a reason not to trust him, it’s best to follow your gut instinct. You shouldn’t ever find yourself feeling that way when you’re in a relationship! The biggest, most common lie a cheater will tell is that he never was actually cheating in the first place. Let’s face it, you’re smarter than that... and you definitely know better than that.

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