15 Common Dreams Decoded That Will Freak You Out

Surely this has happened to you - you're minding your own business, happily presenting your semester final that you've worked all month on, when suddenly, your classmates begin pointing and laughing at you. You look around at their jeering faces and pointed fingers and can't figure out why your report on the topographical features of the African continent is so hilarious? Then you realize - you're in your underwear! As you quickly rush to cover yourself, the floor drops from beneath you and you're free-falling to certain death! You can't stop screaming as your entire life flashes before your very eyes. In the next moment, you blink, and you're somehow standing in front of a mirror. Upon closer inspection of your reflection, you notice your teeth begin to fall out! Just when you think this day couldn't get any worse, you...uhh...wake up? What?

If you have experienced these scenarios in dreamland at least once, you're not alone; in fact, these dreams are surprisingly common. Some dreams can be a recurring theme while others happen once in a blue moon. Some are good dreams that we hate to wake up from, while others are literal nightmares. But they're just dreams, right? Harmless dreams that don't mean anything? Simply gibberish that your brain puts together because of random synapses misfiring like crazy while you slumber, right?

As it would turn out, dreams definitely have meaning - some crazier than others. Here's a list of fifteen common dreams and what they mean when you have them.

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15 Free-Falling


Perhaps the most common of dreams that has been reported since time immemorial, dreams of free-falling have never ended with the dreamer hitting the ground and dying due to it (not that we've spoken to any dead people lately, but we're pretty sure that if you do dream about hitting the ground, you'll wake up the next morning to talk about it). So if falling from high altitudes to an almost certain death is not a "death dream", what is it? According to expert dream interpreters and analysts, dreams of falling usually mean that your life is not going in the direction you'd like it to go in, and your brain is trying to tell you this as you sleep. Too bad it couldn't send a text or tell you with words, because these dreams are usually vivid and frightening!

14 Flying


This one may look similar to the free-falling dream at first - after all, both are in the air and above all of humanity, right? There's one key difference between the two dreams, though - free-falling is when you're falling out of control, whereas flying is soaring through the air, remaining in control at all times. Flying dreams can mean any number of things - from reaching new heights and accomplishing goals to looking down on oneself and feeling forlorn and out of place. The key to interpreting this dream relies on two factors: the feeling experienced during the dream and how far off the ground you are. Feeling a sense of euphoria high off the ground usually means you're feeling excited about achieving your goals. Soaring high in the sky with dread often means low self-esteem. Only floating a few feet off the ground usually means that you feel held back by something and that, should you be freed, you could rise above and do anything you set your mind to. Next time you have this kind of dream, pay attention to that to see which one you had!

13 Teeth Falling Out


This is another one of those dreams that can mean quite a few different things depending on who you ask! According to Western beliefs, having a dream about teeth falling out can mean that you're not proud of some of the things you've said recently and that you regret hurting someone's feelings with your harsh words or remarks. Turning to Eastern beliefs, however, yields a different story - if you dream of your teeth falling out, that could mean that you will be fortunate enough to come into some money very soon. The two interpretations of the same dream may seem drastically different on the surface, but both agree that the dream is rooted in feelings of anxiety. At any rate, don't rush to make an appointment with your dentist, as your oral hygiene is completely unrelated to this dream.

12 Pregnancy


This one may not seem so strange to the pregnant ladies out there, but if you've ever had this kind of dream while not pregnant or not even trying to get pregnant, it sure can be confusing! To all the single ladies, don't worry too much about this one - it doesn't necessarily mean that you're pregnant or that kids are going to be in your near future. In fact, this dream often doesn't have anything to do with kids at all! Dreams about being pregnant often mean that something in your personal or professional life is growing or developing. Are you slowly transitioning into a new career? Are you finding your art skills are getting better and better each passing day? See if something you're doing in your life is slowly but steadily improving, and you'll be sure to find the culprit behind this dream!

11 Giving Birth


Talk about a painful dream! Sometimes these dream occur even if the dreamer isn't pregnant or trying to be pregnant. So what could it all mean? In going with the above-mentioned dream of pregnancy, dreaming of childbirth can often mean that you are creating something and have released it into the world. It may not be an actual human that you've birthed in real life, but your project, be it a book, a painting, or something else entirely, is the child of your mind. Your brain is simply enacting the birth of that once it's finished or is nearing completion. If you dream about giving birth prematurely, however, it could mean that whatever you are releasing or submitting is unfinished and that you are worried and anxious over the quality of your work. All things considered, this is still a pretty good dream!

10 Being Chased


Of all the dreams on the list, this one seems to be the most straight-forward and easy to interpret. A dream as old as time itself, being chased often represents fear or anxiety; a common theme in chasing dreams is that the dreamer often has an obscure, warped vision of what they're running from. This is because the thing they are running from in the dream is often something causing them anxiety in real life, like a chapter final or a huge report at work. Even a boss, teacher, or coworker can cause enough anxiety to cause a chase dream. If you are suffering from a dream in which you are being chased, take a look at your life and see what is causing you the most stress or anxiety. If it is something that you can cut out of your life, consider doing so - just so you can rest well each night!

9 Back To School (After Graduation)


Like the aforementioned intro detailed, you're sitting in class, presenting your topographical map of Africa, when it dawns on you - didn't you graduate years ago? Like, no joke, you graduated and walked and got your diploma and all that jazz a looooong time ago. So why are you sitting in class, presenting your semester final? When reality dawns on you that you shouldn't be sitting there in class, you begin to defend yourself. "I graduated already. Why am I here?" you ask the teacher, who seems to ignore your pleas to be excused. This continues usually until you wake up, confused as to what it could mean. Sound familiar? If you've had this dream before, it could mean that you're feeling insecure about an accomplishment and that you have to prove that you're worthy. Tell yourself when you wake up in the morning how incredible you are - that should stop the dream dead in its tracks!

8 Naked In Public


Don't you hate it when you're dreaming about presenting that really important presentation or report when, suddenly, you're naked? Ugh, talk about humiliating! Luckily it's just a dream; after all, it's really hard to walk out of the house and not notice the cold nipping at places that rarely see sunshine. But what could it mean? According to dream interpreters, being naked in public usually means that you feel vulnerable or insecure. It could also mean that you're afraid of revealing something - as if you're holding back a deep, dark secret from someone close to you that you'd otherwise like to share. Another possible meaning could be a feeling of unpreparedness - that you're afraid of literally being caught with your pants down. Whatever the case may be, this dream is rooted in fear and anxiety, and the best way to stop having this dream is to solve the problem while awake.

7 Your Ex


Yikes! Talk about a layered dream! It doesn't matter if they broke up with you or you broke up with them, dreams about an ex are always confusing or in the very least raise an eyebrow. Does the dream symbolize leftover feelings for the person? Does it mean that you want to reconnect with them? In truth, a dream about an ex means that there are some lingering issues that you haven't resolved with them. Maybe you didn't feel validated in the relationship, and the dreams nag at you to remind you that you needed that closure. While you may never call them up to try to gain that, you might want to let your next partner know your needs in a relationship so history doesn't repeat itself. At least this way, you're being productive about it, despite not being able to turn back time or call your ex.

6 Getting Frisky With Someone Other Than Your S/O


Your best friend's boyfriend. Your professor. Your boss. Your coworker. The barista at your local Starbucks. It doesn't really matter who it is, you just know that your dream seemingly implies that you have hidden feelings about this person, and while that can definitely make you feel guilty (especially if there's someone waking up next to you every morning), the truth can certainly offer a bit of a relief. Having this type of dream with someone other than your significant other can symbolize that you admire a trait about them and that you'd like to incorporate that into your own personality. It could also refer to feelings of uncertainty that lie ahead in your life, or even that you are extremely close with the person in question in a platonic sense (although that dream may surely make you feel otherwise!).

5 Snakes


An extremely symbolic animal such as the snake was bound to find its way into our dreams. But what does it mean? Depending on the context, it could mean any number of things. For one, owning a snake in real life is going to make a huge difference - if one is afraid of snakes, it's easy to see that a snake could mean fear of something. But if someone who is not afraid of snakes has a dream about them, what could it mean? In some cases, dreaming about snakes can mean more than just fear - it can mean transformation, sexual temptation, creativity, and even healing. Getting past the initial fear of the snake can offer a deeper insight and analysis of the dream, so if this is a reoccurring one it's best to put that fear aside to see what else it can mean!

4 Stairs


Talk about taking your dreams to the next level! Interpreting your dream about stairs has an awful lot to do with where you are in relation to them. If you're walking up the stairs, it indicates that you are achieving your goals. If  you're walking down the stairs, it could mean that you are regressing or revisiting parts of your past. To slip walking up the stairs indicates that things are moving too quickly. To fall walking down the stairs, it could mean that you're moving too quickly and wish to return back to the past. If you're afraid of walking up the stairs, it might mean that you're not ready to realize your goals. If you're afraid of walking down the stairs, it's possible that you're afraid of regressing. Isn't it interesting how one item can mean so many different things?

3 Illness


Before you start booking an appointment with your physician, dreaming about being sick might not mean that you are actually ill. To dream about being sick could mean that you are feeling despair, depressed, or otherwise down-hearted. It could be your unconscious telling you that you are not capable of emotionally handling a situation (whatever situation might be going on in your life). If you dream that you have a terminal illness, it could be your mind telling you to get out there and enjoy life more, as time is precious. To dream that someone else in your life is sick could signal that the relationship with that person is in trouble and needs some attention. This isn't something that you can cure by taking two pills and calling your doctor in the morning - call them and let them know how much you care. Maybe later you can even joke that your rekindled friendship was all due to a dream you had!

2 Death


Definitely a sad topic to broach, but before you start taking out a life insurance policy and notifying next of kin, read into your dream just a little bit more. Dreaming of death can mean so many different things, but the number one thing it typically means is a new beginning. When we think of death, we usually think about endings, but if you die in a dream, it often symbolizes that a part of you has died and that you, in fact, have blossomed into a new and improved person. It could also mean that you're trying to escape from your current situation, be it your daily routine or a bad relationship. Another thing it could mean is that you feel you're sacrificing a lot of yourself and believe that you're putting others' needs before your own. It doesn't actually mean that the writing is on the wall for you, so you can rest easy!

1 Eating


We can't end on a sad topic, so let's talk about something we pretty much all love - food! Dreaming about food can mean dramatically different things depending on the context. If you see yourself surrounded by food and eating alone, it could mean that you feel lonely and are trying to consume food to fill the void in your gut. If you're eating a lot of food surrounded by friends and family, it could symbolize that you feel content and satisfied with your current lot in life. To dream about overeating or not eating enough implies a lack of fulfillment in your life. If you see yourself at a restaurant and someone takes your food away before you've finished your meal, that can mean that you have problems with those that depend on you. Talk about crazy different meanings!

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