15 Coachella Styles You Can Recreate This Summer

Nothing inspires our summer fashion quite like the looks seen at Coachella. While Fashion Week has a lot to do with what we’ll sport come fall time, nothing gets us in the mood for some hot fashion in the warmer months like the mega music festival. And just because Coachella may be done and over, that doesn’t mean its style has to be gone, too. You can use the looks seen from the festival to help inspire your very own gorgeous summer style. And you are really going to want to. Between the fringe and straps, the whites and the lace, you are going to want to update your summertime wardrobe with hot looks of the season. To help get you inspired, we conducted a list of the best looks we saw at Coachella this year, and that we think will totally rock just about any cool chick’s wardrobe. Here are 15 Coachella styles you can recreate all summer long.

15 Off The Shoulder Tops

There is something so effortlessly cool about off the shoulder tops. They are sexy, chic, and totally laid-back. And they can work with just about anything. Choose to keep your top totally casual with a pair of ripped cutoff shorts, or dress it up a bit with a long maxi skirt and strappy sandals. If you’re looking to really amp up your style on a hot summer night, opt to pair your totally seductive off the shoulder top with an equally sexy little mini and heels. No matter what you pair on the bottom, your outfit will look just right. And you can totally wear some awesome accessories with this top, too. Try a bold statement necklace to play off that bare neckline. Or if you prefer, keep the neck bare and opt for some big earrings to bring on the attention. Either way, you totally got this.

14 Strappy Gladiator Sandals

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These sandals are everywhere - and for good reason. No only are they super sexy and cool, but they are comfortable. While we love our heels, we have a big appreciation for flat sandals that can give us an equally sexy look without the pain of wearing stilettos. These strappy gladiators come in an array of different looks, too, which helps to work with your style. You can start small and get ones with a few straps or you can go all out and work with some that lace up to your knees. We’re digging just about every single style and find we can use each type with a different outfit to bring on a completely different look. How cool is that? Whether you want to go all bohemian with a long maxi dress or you want to rock some short shorts, these sandals will do it just right.

13 Bralettes

Okay, okay. Between seeing these lacy bra tops at Coachella and on the Victoria’s Secret models, we’re obsessed. They are so adorable and yet so incredibly pretty but without even trying, that we just have to have them. And not just to keep hidden under our shirts. We saw at Coachella, that girls were sporting these bralettes as actual tops to pair with their high waist skirts and cute shorts. The trick is to make sure the bralette you have on isn’t completely see-through (no one needs to see everything you have under there) and that it comes down just the right amount so it offers more of a crop top look. If this sounds way too scary to you, no problem. Start small by sporting one of these with a flowy tee that has an open back so you can see the lace. This way you’re still showing off your adorable bralette but in a less “hey look at me” way.

12 Slip Dresses

Oh man, we have been missing the 90s. Between the grunge alternative to the TV shows (“My So Called Life,” anyone?), we’ve been craving for a generation comeback. Well, the music and the shows might not be back (yet) but the clothes sure are. While we saw plaid shirts make it big during fall, now we are seeing the satin slip dresses hit our wardrobes this summer. Score! These 90’s style dresses are awesome, and no just because they are bringing back the decade we love. But these dresses are so incredibly comfortable. It’s basically like wearing a nightgown out on the town, but looking good doing it. The satin is so comfortable on your skin, especially on a hot night. Rock this dress with some strappy heels and your hair up for the ultimate look or keep things totally casual with a pair of Converse sneakers during the day - or dare we say, Doc Martens?

11 Long Cardigan

Another big 90’s trend that has made a comeback is the long cardigan. We love this look because it’s comfortable and casual and plays well with all our other summer clothes. At Coachella, we saw many girls sporting these long cardigans with a tee and shorts, keeping things cool and collective. This is a great addition to your wardrobe when the temperature dips down and you need a little something extra to wear. But since they are usually pretty lightweight, you don’t have to worry about being too hot when you are wearing them, even if the temperature rises. And come fall, you can totally sport this look with some jeans and kicks when you’re feeling casually cool, or always add it to a dress when needed to stay warm. No matter what you wear with a long cardigan, you’ll look darn good doing it.

10 Bohemian Blouses

Flowy, bohemian-style blouses are great for summer because they are airy and comfortable, no matter how hot it gets. You can wear one with a pair of shorts, jeans, or even a long skirt, and the look will rock. Some of these tops might require you to wear a bra, while others don’t, making it even more comfortable to sport when the temperature starts to rise. We love pairing this top with a couple layers of necklaces to really achieve that carefree, flower power vibe we’re digging so much this season. And we saw how many girls at Coachella rocked this look even further with gorgeous headbands to help achieve the style they were after. A rope headband or one with some glitter really helps make this look come to life but it also helps to keep your hair in check and off your face.

9 Chokers

Did we mention that the 90’s are back? Because if you didn’t get that memo, now you will. Chokers are all the rage these days - oh yeah, for realz - and we can’t get enough of them. We saw so many fashionable females bring a thick choker to their look during Coachella, and we have to say, it totally rocked. Between the thick black chokers with the darker, more bad-ass looks, to the white chokers paired with the airy, gentle souls, we are obsessing over these necklaces. While sporting one with a bohemian blouse works well, we also think you can go one step further by adding this accessory to an outfit you might not think it goes with. How about pairing a choker with a short mini dress? Or maybe your favorite new maxi you bought in lime green? The possibilities are endless.

8 Fringe

Who doesn’t love fringe? It’s fun, sexy, and great to wear with just about anything. You can sport some fringe on a top, a lightweight vest, shorts, or even a handbag. Wherever you want, you can add a little fringe to the mix to help amp up your style. The gals we saw at Coachella did it right because they rocked this look in so many different ways. And this season, you’re going to want to do it that, too - a lot. Fringe is very in this summer so why not go all out and try different looks? A cute dress with a fringe hem? Check! A pair of sandals with a little fringe? Oh hell yeah. A necklace made of playful fringe? You don’t even have to ask. Wherever you want to sport some fringe, do it, and then do it someplace else, because this season, there’s no way you can wear it enough.

7 All White

Nothing says summer quite like wearing white. And especially when you are sporting a tan - but not a real one ladies, make it a fake one. (Remember, skin cancer isn’t in this season, just fake bronzy skin achieved from a self-tanner is). Wearing an all white outfit is very chic for summer and the best part is that it can be worn any time of the day. You can sport an all-white look during the day with a cute pair of white ripped shorts paired with a flowy white tee and white sandals, and then come the evening, you’re able to switch it up with a white lace dress paired with a white clutch, and white heels. Done and done. Even a white pair of jeans and white tank works wonders both times of the day, and can be your number go-to for the summer.

6 Accent Hats

Another accessory we saw make it big this year at Coachella, are the accent hats. You know what we’re talking about. Those super sassy big rimmed hats that look great with just about any outfit and also help protect your face from the sun’s harmful rays. What a smart investment. We’re loving these hats paired with some slim jeans and a relaxed v-neck tee for when we’re on-the-go and need a good outfit to run around in. But we’re also crushing over these hats worn with a lacy dress, mixing both the trendy with the pretty. This season, we’re loving how we can mix up looks and trends and really make them our own, and we think these hats are one of these must-have accessories to do just that. Because really, no matter how you wear them, you’re going to look pretty darn good.

5 Vintage Lace

Oh lace, how we love you. We can’t feel much more feminine than by sporting a chic lace outfit. But what we’re really loving and seeing a lot lately, is the vintage lace. And boy, oh boy, are we obsessed. This lace has that slightly older style, that helps bring back the classic elegance of the ladies well before our time, and we have to admit we are totally craving. Who doesn’t want to look and feel like a classic beauty this summer? We sure do! Rock this lace with a contrast, sporting a vintage top in this type of fabric with a pair of ripped jeans. Or keep the look completely feminine with an equally chic bottom like flowy shorts with a scalloped hem. We’re also loving the vintage lace dresses we are seeing, especially for daytime. Think: brunchin’ with the girls or a picnic in the park with your new guy. Oh yeah, perfect outfit.

4 White Dress

And speaking of dresses, we’re also loving all the ones we are seeing in white. Again, summer is the time to sport your white duds, and when you do it in a dress, all the better. A white, lacy dress (vintage lace, perhaps?) is the right way to go. It looks fabulous on you and you’ll feel great. And what we love the absolute most is how versatile it is. You can wear a dress like this during the day (remember that whole brunch date with your gal pals?) but you can also sport it at night. For daytime, we say opt for flat sandals in a nude tone, then come nighttime, rock a cute white dress with a pair of sky-high black strappy heels. You’ll play off that feminine look with a little bit of bad girl chic. And what sassy chick doesn’t love that?

3 Crochet

Crochet apparel is also huge this summer, thank you Coachella. It has that too cool to care vibe but still incredibly stylish. Throw on a crochet top with a pair of shorts and you are ready to head out just about anywhere. Mix it up by wearing a crochet dress with some heels to add a little glam to a laid-back chic look. No matter how you wear it, crochet is totally in this season and will look awesome in your wardrobe. We’re even seeing handbags that are made this way, and think are a must for any stylish gal. This accessory is also ideal for those who are a little iffy about sporting a pair of crochet shorts just yet. But trust us, by the end of the summer you are going to have a closet full of hot crochet duds.

2 Flower Headbands

You don’t have to have that bohemian look to pull off a flower headband. No really, we promise. A headband like this can be intimidating to some girls because they think they have to have a certain style to make it work. Well, guess what? You don’t. Just try wearing one of these with a long, airy maxi dress the next time you head out the door and see how great it looks and feels. Your friends will love the look and will want to copy it instantly - if they aren’t already sporting it themselves. A flower headband helps make any outfit a little more feminine and stand out from the rest. And what’s really great is how it holds your unruly hair in place, which is what every girl needs during the hot and humid months of summer. So what are you waiting for? Go on and give a flower headband a try. You’ll be glad you did.

1 Ripped Denim

Ripped denim always seems to make a comeback at some point, and we’re so happy that it does because we really can’t ever get enough. This season, it’s all about some pretty big holes and rips, too. And while we love sporting a relaxed fit tee with these jeans, we also like to complement them with something a little more ladylike. Why not try a fitted blouse with these jeans, or better yet, get on the bandwagon for the bralettes. A colorful bralette paired with some ripped jeans make for the perfect casual attire this summer when you want to slip something on you feel your best in. And if not a bralette, simply opt for a regular crop top to do the trick. But we don’t really have to tell you how to wear your ripped jeans. These babies go with just about anything, and we’re sure you have a look like will do it just right.

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