15 Co-Star Fights That Were So Big They Almost Cancelled Filming

Let's face it, there's no workplace without some tension, it's impossible to get along with everyone. Then take a job like acting, where you could be stuck in that one person's face, take after take, for months on end, it's no wonder tensions simmer on most sets.

Now, if the tensions simply simmered till the movie was finished and everyone went home, that would be fine. But on some sets, the simmering erupted into a good ol' brawl. These beefs can be started by anything; resentment, over-sized egos, badmouthing someone, it can even be due to unrequited advances, anything.

Hollywood is rife with tales of on-set feuds; actors who didn't get along, directors who drove their crew nuts, even extras getting into brawls. Here are 15 times actors got into fisticuffs on-set, brawls so bad that production had to stop for tempers to cool off.

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15 Chevy Chase & Dan Harmon

via: aceshowbiz.com

Every set has its share of sniping and back chat, but Chase didn't take lightly to Community's creator Harmon, complaining about him at the show’s wrap party. Claiming Harmon embarrassed him in front of his family, Chase left Harmon a present of a voicemail message, Alec Baldwin style.

But he wasn't done with his revenge; he waited till the last day of filming that season and simply walked off the set. This meant certain scenes that were supposed to close out the season, couldn't be shot. With his walking off, he effectively changed the end of Season 3.

14 Klaus Kinski & Werner Herzog

via: flavorwire.com

From their first movie together in the 70's, the relationship between Kinski and director Herzog was productive yet very violent. Describing Kinski as 'volatile' is putting it mildly, even the intense Herzog describes him as “mad and unpredictable.”

While filming Aguirre, Kinksi had already shot at a group of extras playing cards and making noise; but that wasn't as crazy as what the director did. Halfway through production, Kinksi requested Herzog fire a sound assistant (for grinning). When the director refused, the actor threatened to leave the set.

Filming stopped as Herzog reportedly pulled out a gun and threatened to shoot the actor, then himself. Thankfully, he stayed and brought Aguirre to finish.

13 LL Cool J & Jamie Foxx

via: themovieblog.com

Filming Oliver Stone's Any Given Sunday got much rougher than planned, both on and off the football field. The two lead actors, LL and Foxx reportedly got so heated that they exchanged blows on set. Some say LL took method acting a bit too far when he started hitting Foxx without warning.

Foxx, tired of being hit one too many times, struck LL in the face. In the fracas that ensued, Miami-Dade PD had to be called to calm frayed nerves on set.

12 Ryan Gosling & Rachel McAdams

via: jezebel.com

Before Gosling was cooing sweet nothings in McAdam's ear, he actually loathed her. On the set of The Notebook, screaming matches between them were a regular thing. It got to a point during filming that Gosling flat-out refused to film with her. He said he couldn't even stand to look at her.

To avoid further delays in production, the director had to provide a stand-in for McAdams. Speaking about their relationship, Gosling said they “inspired the worst in each other,” which makes it slightly mind-blowing that they dated a year later.

11 Cast of Love And Hip Hop Atlanta

via: youtube.com

Saying the drama on LHHA is manufactured is stating the obvious, but apparently the actors harbor real ill-feelings towards each other. During the reunion episode of Season 3 of the show, words were exchanged (as usual), but when a fight broke out, it was anything but.

The situation started with Stevie J and Benzino exchanging words but as the exchange got heated, Joseline walked over to Althea and started punching her. Stevie and Benzino went after each other, but security pulled them apart and had to pin both men on the floor to prevent the fight from continuing.

Joseline went on to attack Mimi and Tammy backstage. The entire taping had to be stopped and the set closed. IT culminated in Althea filing a suit against Joseline and Benzino getting the boot off the show.

10 Martin Lawrence & Tisha Campbell-Martin

via: thetalko.com

On screen, Campbell-Martin and Lawrence came across as a funny, lovable TV couple; but insiders say the pair enjoyed an off-screen romance too. The romance supposedly turned to jealousy when Campbell-Martin started dating Duane Martin. Her supposed decision to cool things with Lawrence led to a lot of drama on the set of the show.

In 1996, Campbell-Martin couldn't stand it anymore and filed a lawsuit against Lawrence. Citing sexual harassment, verbal and physical assault, she won a clause that prohibited Lawrence from being on set, while she was taping.

9 Chevy Chase & Bill Murray

via: today.com

Another Chevy Chase tale (does he get along with anyone), this time opposite the lovable Bill Murray. Shooting on Caddyshack hadn't gone very far before director, Harold Ramis realized his gaffe. His main actors, Chase and Murray simply didn't get along. Their beef stemmed from Murray successfully replacing Chase when he left SNL after its first season.

With the remaining cast locked in a four year contract and Chase on his way to a successful film career, there was a lot of jealousy and resentment on set. So when Chase returned to host SNL at the beginning of Season 2, it didn't take long before he got into a physical altercation with Murray, which delayed the start of the show.

8 Jamie Foxx & Michael Mann

via: movpins.com

Coming off the success of Ray and winning an Oscar for his performance, Foxx was fast becoming an A-list actor. Universal recognized this and gave him a raise to befit his status. This also meant other actors, including his Miami Vice co-actor Farrell, had to take pay cuts. This wasn't didn't exactly make Foxx the most popular guy on set.

Foxx continued to irk crew members with his diva behavior, which culminated in him abruptly leaving the shoot, before filming ended.


The movie was shot in the Dominican Republic before filming ended, and despite having armed guards, Foxx decided he didn't feel safe on set. The absence of his star forced Mann to halt shooting and work out an alternate ending.

7 Joan Crawford & Bette Davis

via: flavorwire.com

Throughout their careers, Davis and Crawford had one of Hollywood's most legendary rivalries. So when the opportunity to act side by side came up, many thought it would give them a chance to squash the 30-year old beef.

Playing sisters in 1962’s What Ever Happened to Baby Jane, their war of words soon escalated to physical violence on set. Accusations of Crawford cutting Davis' lines, Davis accusing Crawford of always being drunk, scripted fights turning real, caused production to stop and start multiple times.

Despite ALL this drama, the film was a surprise box office hit and was nominated for five Academy Awards. Buoyed by this win and the possibility of the bitter feud being put to rest, the director tried to reunite stars for a sequel.

The stars actually showed up for filming, but tensions were still high and Crawford quit the film, claiming she was ill, after only four days.

6 Sylvester Stallone & Richard Gere

via: imgur.com

In 1974's The Lords of Flatbush, with two alpha males playing two alpha males, tensions were bound to fly on set. Since both actors never really hit it off, it was only a matter of time. Stallone often accused Gere of “strutting around ...like he was the baddest knight..,” and over-acting soon led to scripted fight scenes turning rough.

At one point, Gere intentionally spilled mustard all over Stallone, which led to him getting elbowed in the head by Stallone. With tensions running high, the director had to make a drastic choice and he fired Gere. One funny fallout from their beef is the hilarious urban legend involving a gerbil and Richard Gere. Look it up.

5 Peter Sarsgaard & Jake Gyllenhaal

via: usatoday.com

This fight is about keeping it in the family; Sarsgaard is married to Gyllenhall's sister Maggie. Their connection didn't stop them getting into some 'macho crap' on the set of 2005's Jarhead. In one of the first scenes, Sarsgaard broke a rib but director, Sam Mendes forced him to continue with filming. Bristling with resentment, his next scene involved facing an oncoming mob led by Gyllenhall.

To protect himself from further injury, he attacked an unsuspecting Gyllenhall, dropping him with a solid jab to the throat. Ditto for the next scene, which led to Gyllenhaal and Sarsgaard fighting for real. The two didn't speak to each other for ten days after the incident, but have since made up.

4 Tom Sizemore & Val Kilmer

via: nydailynews.com

The real extent of Tom Sizemore's battle with drugs was known when his memoir, By Some Miracle I Made It Out of Here, was released in 2013. Everything from doing drugs to trysts with actresses were dished out. One of his fights was with Marc Anthony, on the set of Bringing Out the Dead.

A scripted fight led to heavy IV equipment falling on Anthony’s groin. Blaming Sizemore, he swung at him and production paused while staff pulled the bickering duo apart. While filming Red Planet, Sizemore and co-star Val Kilmer, got into shouting matches until one day, he reportedly knocked down Kilmer.

After that, Kilmer refused to come out of his trailer if Sizemore was on set. This led to many of their scenes reportedly being filmed over the shoulders of photo doubles. Kilmer would also refuse to even say Sizemore's character's name; instead say "Hey, you" which meant some voice dubbing would have been used in post production.

3 Nia Moore & Averey Tressler/Johnny Reilly

via: variety.com

Remember when fighting or abusive behavior was enough to get you kicked off The Real World? Looks like producers of The Real World: Portland didn't get the memo.

In the 2013 edition, Moore opened a can of major whup-a$s on not one, but two cast members. It started when she stepped in dog poop and complained about it. Tressler & Reilly didn't take the request to clean up after their pet too kindly. Reilly confronted Moore and poured a soda over her hair.

It was on!

She picked up a blow dryer and swung at him, whacking him with the dryer several times. Tressler jumped in the fray and yanked Moore away using her weave. They were separated & things seemed to cool off. Until Moore crept up on Tressler and landed a sucker punch on the back of her head. Tensions ran so high that Tressler & Reilly had to be moved to a hotel for the rest of the season.

2 Bill Murray & Lucy Liu

via: thetalko.com

Who can stay mad at Bill Murray's adorable mug? Apparently Lucy can.

Some blame creative differences for the tension that built up between Liu and Murray, when they were filming Charlie's Angels. There had already been a few shouting matches early in the production, but that quickly escalated. While filming one scene, Murray turned to Liu and said “You can’t act.”

She got mad.

Like, really mad and lunged at the funnyman, with fists flying. Reports say the two had to be pulled apart and physically separated. Production was shut down for a few days to allow everyone cool off.

1 George Clooney vs. David O. Russell

via: youtube.com

You'd never peg Clooney for a scrapper, but Russell managed to elicit a wild response from gentle George. On the set of Three Kings, Clooney watched Russell browbeat, harass and mistreat the crew for weeks.

When the Ocean’s 13 star stepped in to talk to Russell about his attitude to crew members and extras, the 'talk' ended in a brawl with head-butts and choke holds traded, until they were pulled apart. The fight was so intense that the second assistant director reportedly quit on the spot.

For a while, both men continued to slug it out in interviews, trading thinly veiled threats at each other.

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