15 Disgusting Things Women Do That They'd Never Want Their Man To See

Women are pretty wonderful creatures who are capable of some of the most amazing things. But, they are still human, which means they aren’t perfect.

According to cosmopolitan, ladies actually do quite a lot of things that would probably seem disgusting to others if they knew about it. Usually, women try to make sure that their men have no idea they do these things.

Sometimes ladies can’t help it though. There are certain situations during which they find themselves having to do some disgusting things that they don’t want other people to see.

For example, ladies sweat. It’s natural, and it absolutely cannot be helped, but usually, women would rather not be seen looking sweaty, especially by their partner. Here are some other disgusting things women do that they really don’t want their man seeing.

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15 They Use A Lot Of Dry Shampoo


According to sheknows.com, dry shampoo is a pretty popular thing. It is not meant to replace regular shampoo altogether.

Really, it should only be used once in a while. But there are some ladies who actually use it way more than they should.

That wouldn’t be a big deal if this stuff actually cleaned hair. But the truth is that it doesn’t clean anything, it just makes it look cleaner between shampoos.

14 Sometimes Bras Don’t Get Washed Much


Lots of women have a favorite bra they like to wear a lot. That’s totally fine, but the disgusting thing is that some of them do not wash their bras as often as they should, and yet they still continue to wear them even though they are not clean.

According to today.com, bras only need to be washed about once a month, and it really doesn’t take much work to do it. But some ladies wait a long time between washes.

13 Ladies Use Old Razors Once In A While


Sometimes ladies use old razors, which doesn’t sound like a big deal. But according to redbookmag.com, ditching old razors is a very important thing to do.

Old razors usually have disgusting things on them, like old skin cells, shaving cream, hair, and bacteria. Also, ladies who use old razors won’t get a very good shave, either.

12 They Play With Stray Hairs In The Shower


Lots of ladies know what it is like to lose hair in the shower. According to annkroeker.com, it’s a pretty common thing.

Some ladies just leave their stray hairs alone, but there are also women who play with the hairs they leave on the shower wall. That’s a bit strange, and it’s definitely gross.

11 Girls Pick Their Noses Sometimes


Nose picking is usually not a socially acceptable thing. Nevertheless, there are lots of people who seem to do it when they feel like others aren’t going to see them. According to quora.com, there are some women who do this, despite the fact that they know it is a rather disgusting habit, and they don’t want to get caught.

10 Some Women Investigate Their Discharge


Discharge is not pleasant. In fact, it is downright disgusting, and nobody really likes dealing with it. But there are times when it must be dealt with, unfortunately.

Ladies have to check out their discharge once in a while. According to monistat.com, it can tell women a lot about their health.

9 They Pull Hair Out Of Places That Should Not Have Hair


One disgusting thing women do (usually when no one else is around) is pull hairs out of places on their body that should definitely not have any hair. According to msn.com, sometimes women find that they have some hairs on their chin, and they pull them out.

This usually isn’t a big deal. However, it can be a good indicator of a health issue, so it’s definitely something women should talk to their doctor about, even if they feel like it’s embarrassing.

8 Sometimes Ladies Skip Shaving


A long time ago, nearly all ladies shaved. But these days, it seems that there are many women who are choosing to avoid shaving, according to thethings.com.

But, this not something women usually choose to do when they are planning to go out with their partner. There are not many people who prefer to feel itchy stubble over smooth skin. It’s very unpleasant, to say the least.

7 Some Women Pick Their Nail Polish Off Instead Of Using Polish Remover


Nail polish looks great, but it has to come off at some point. The best way to do it is to use polish remover, but not everyone does it that way, apparently.

According to bustle.com, lots of women start picking their nail polish off once it starts to chip. That looks disgusting, and it is also pretty bad for the nails as well.

6 Ladies Use Old Makeup Products On Occasion


Using blush that is out of date isn’t really that big of a deal. But old foundation tends to be a breeding ground for germs, according to businessinsider.com. Additionally, ladies who put expired makeup products near their eyes can make their eyes irritated. But sometimes ladies are a bit too busy to keep up with their makeup, and they don’t pay much attention to how old it is.

5 They Occasionally Eat Food That Has Been In Their Purse For A While


Many women keep lots of different things in their purses, including snacks, according to xonecole.com. But the disgusting thing is that many of them forget about the food for a while, and then they eat it when they find it. This is definitely not okay, especially since purses that have not been cleaned out for a while have a lot of bacteria in them.

4 Ladies Replace Sanitary Napkins With Other Things If They Need To


Periods can show up at the most surprising times, which is why ladies tend to carry some feminine products around with them. But according to ubykotex.com, some women don’t do that, and they end up having to find other things to use when they are unable to use the products they need.

Sometimes ladies use toilet paper instead. That’s pretty unpleasant since it can shred into little pieces, plus it’s not very absorbent.

3 There Are Women Who Don’t Keep Their Makeup Brushes Clean


Ladies need to be strict about cleaning their makeup brushes, but many of them aren’t. According to goodhousekeeping.com, these brushes can get pretty disgusting if they are not cleaned often and properly.

Dirty makeup brushes can clog a person’s pores up. It can also cause some pretty serious and inconvenient health problems.

2 Sometimes Perfume Gets Used Instead Of Deodorant


Sometimes women find themselves in a bit of tough spot when they are out of deodorant. In that case, sometimes perfume gets used instead.

But that’s not a great idea since perfume won’t keep anyone from sweating. It simply adds to the unpleasant scent that sweat creates. But according to bustle.com, there are actually plenty of other things that can be used when there is no deodorant around.

1 Leave Makeup On For Two Or More Days


Leaving makeup on for two days sounds convenient, so it’s easy to see why people do it. But it is pretty disgusting, and it can actually cause some health issues, according to huffpost.com.

That’s because if makeup is left on for long periods of time, it can clog up our pores. Over time, this can cause women to get acne.

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