15 Celeb Kids That Make Us Never Want To Have Children

Looking back on our own childhoods, we can guarantee that at one point we probably threw a huge public tantrum that embarrassed our parents. Or maybe we stomped our feet and demanded a treat which we really didn't deserve. Despite our behaviour being unacceptable, at least we can be relieved that every time we stepped out of line it wasn't splashed all over the news.

The other downside of having diva-like children is the luxuries they demand. No more shopping trips for you, not when your little angel refuses to wear the same outfit twice. These following celebrity kids are enough to make us change our minds about ever having kids ourselves. The good, the bad and the very ugly...we're just happy we are not their parents.

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15 North West


Imagine sitting on the front row during New York fashion week beside Jay-Z, Beyonce, and Vogue fashion editor-in-chief Anna Wintour - only for your young daughter to let out a blood-curdling scream. Kim Kardashian had just that problem when her daughter, North West, would just not behave. All the A-listers were out in force to support Kanye West, as he debuted his Adidas collaboration. North has since been captured on Instagram holding her hands up to the camera and screaming "No pictures!" - we can't wait to see what a little diva she grows up to be.

14 Suri Cruise


Suri Cruise is the ultimate under-10s diva. Now aged 9-years-old, she became well-known for her epic tantrums. Suri would scream in front of photographers, fall to the floor or stomp her feet until she got her way. After all her name does mean "Princess" in Hebrew. Since 2012, her parents Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have been divorced - with full custody going to her mother. Now she lives a New York lifestyle and hopefully has grown out of these crazy outbursts.

13 Max Muniz


Jennifer Lopez had to just put on a brave smile when her son Maximilian cried his eyes out at a premiere event - for all the world's press to see. His twin sister, Emme, was better behaved and set a good example. When the twins were first born in 2008, People magazine paid a reported $6 million for their baby pictures - becoming the second most expensive celebrity picture ever taken. Lopez recently shared a photo to her Instagram of her twins transfixed on their laptops. She told E! Online, "All they want to do is be on these devices all the time." Maybe Max's tears came from being parted with his precious iPad.

12 Apple and Moses Martin


Apple and Moses Martin, whose parents are Coldplay's Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow, are, well - kind of spoiled. Paltrow told Harper's Bazaar magazine that she dedicates the turns the month of January into "international month" in her home, and treats the two to "a visiting Italian chef, Japanese anime screenings, and hand-rolled-sushi lessons." She also revealed that she turned to drink hard when it came to her kids growing up, revealing, "I drank like crazy (when the kids were babies). How else could I get through my day?" No rush for us then.

11 Mason Disick


During a shopping trip when he was just 3-years-old, Mason Disick had to be restrained by his father, Scott Disick, as his mother, Kourtney Kardashian, looked on. Kourtney told Parenting magazine that when she first became a new mother she struggled to open a baby stroller. She revealed, "Kim wanted to go shopping at Bergdorf Goodman, so we agreed to meet there. When we pulled up to the store, Kim had already arrived, so there were like ten paparazzi waiting. I was trying to get the stroller out. I’m smiling and trying to open the stroller, but it wouldn’t open. On top of all the paparazzi, about another 40 people are now standing there staring at me struggling. Everyone goes through that. I can’t wait for the day that my sisters find out how hard it is."

10 Mia Tindall


Last August, Mia Tindall - daughter of British Royal Zara Phillips - didn't quite act like the up and coming princess when she threw a real diva strop. Clearly following in her mother's footsteps as Zara, who is 16th in line to the throne, is well-known as the "rebellious royal." Her reputation gathered media attention when she had her tongue pierced as a teenager, then she struck a financial deal with a betting company and was also rumoured to have hosted lingerie parties at her home. Judging by little Mia's foot-stamping and screaming - she is also going to become quite the turbulent teen.

9 Alexander and Samuel Schreiber


Naomi Watts and husband actor Liev Schreiber have a real handful with their two sons Alexander and Samuel. Both boys are a bit rough-handed when it comes to playfighting. Watts told Mom.me online magazine, 'I use the expression, "Mummy is a delicate flower.' I stole that off a friend who is also a mother of boys. They love roughhousing with daddy and you can get really hurt. Head-butting and things going wrong—not on purpose—but there are lots of tears, and so I always say, 'No, no, mummy is a delicate flower, save the roughhousing for daddy!'" A bad case of when kids attack...

8 The Jolie-Pitt Kids


For some of us - the thought of having six children would be too much to handle. Just imagining the daily chaos for parents Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt is exhausting enough, and they probably have one nanny per child. Together they have 14-year-old Cambodian born Maddox, 11-year-old Vietnam born Pax, 10-year-old Ethiopian born Zahara, 9-year-old Shiloh and 7-year-old twins Vivienne and Knox. Pitt told The Telegraph last year that family life is, "A lot of fighting, a lot of refereeing; a lot of teeth-brushing and spilling. Chaos, total chaos." We can only imagine.

7  Rocco Ritchie


Last month during Madonna's Rebel Hearts tour, her 15-year-old son Rocco Ritchie took off and went to live with his father, movie director Guy Ritchie, in London. A bitter custody battle had begun and Madonna pleaded with the courts for Rocco to be returned to her. A High Court judge urged both parents to find a reasonable solution so the last years of his childhood could be happy years. Rocco doesn't seem to mind that his parents are engaged in an expensive court case as he has been spotted on holiday with his father in the Maldives. Proving it is impossible to get teenagers to do anything.

6 Blue Ivy


Blue Ivy, daughter of powerhouse couple Beyonce and Jay-Z, landed her first Vogue cover when she was just 18-months-old - and no she didn't bother smiling for it. In Blue Ivy's world she can do whatever she wants as already there have been early signs that she is spoiled. Even her own father, Jay-Z told Oprah Winfrey in 2012, "At the end of the day, I just know I'll probably have the worst, spoiled little kid ever." With appearances on her father's album and in Beyonce's Formation video - she already has quite a start in the fame game. It would just be nice to drop the scowls.

5 Olive Baron Cohen


Olive Baron Cohen quickly put an end to her girls day out with her mother, actress Isla Fisher, with an epic tantrum. Photographed when she was just three-years-old in 2009, Olive soon proved that she has inherited her mother's red hair and fiery personality. We're hoping that Olive has put an end to the drama now she has to set a good example for her younger sister Elula and brother Montgomery. If not, then she will be hearing stern words from her father, Borat actor Sacha Baron Cohen.

4 Valentina Pinault


If there was ever a title for the cheekiest celebrity kid then it would have to be awarded to 8-year-old Valentina Pinault. Her mother is Mexican-American actress Salma Hayek and her father is French businessman, François-Henri Pinault. Valentina can stick her tongue out as much as she wants as she is heir to a $12.5 billion fortune thanks to her own father's net worth. Pinault is the CEO of KERING, a Paris-based company that owns Gucci, Yves St. Laurent and Bottega Veneta - basically for Valentina she has her pick of luxury brands for life.

3 Max Bratman


It won't come as a shock to many when they discover Christina Aguilera spoils her only son rotten. 8-year-old Max Bratman was born into riches as his mother's net worth stands at $130 million and his father, music producer Jordan Bratman, contributes with a net worth of $15 million. The pair, who are now divorced, spent $35,000 on a nursery for their son when he was born - which included an 11 foot sculpture of a moon. We all know kids are expensive - but this is just ridiculous.

2 Flynn Bloom


For Miranda Kerr's son Flynn Bloom, whose father is Pirates of the Caribbean actor Orlando Bloom, he has thankfully grown out of his toddler tantrums. He would often be photographed around Los Angeles appearing quite distressed as his supermodel mother tried to play it cool. Now he is 5-years-old, Flynn appears more grown up and we will just put his previous monster strops down to a case of the terrible twos.

1 Honey Boo Boo


One breakout star of TLC's Toddlers & Tiaras was Alana Thompson, also known as the notorious Honey Boo Boo. Now aged 10-years-old, she was the poster child for having the worst diet imaginable. In her own words: "I wish I had an extra fingers so I could grab more cheeseballs." The sugar monster first found fame when she was just 6-years-old and received worldwide attention with her signature catchphrases like, "A dollar make me wanna holler." Her own mother, known as "Mama June" weighs in at 309 pounds - here's hoping Honey Boo Boo can change her own diet before she suffers the same fate.

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