15 Celebs You Wish Were Your BFFs

You know that celebrities are pretty much living on another planet. They're richer than you, have access to the best of the best when it comes to vacations, designer clothes, and resources, and sometimes they can seem like they just aren't relatable at all. But then there are the celebs that you honestly think could be a part of your own world. They're sweet, funny, friendly and welcoming (or at least they seem that way in interviews...) and you swear they would fit right into your friendship circle. You wish you could hang out with certain celebs, grabbing a few glasses of wine on a Friday night or inviting them to your next birthday celebration. No, you don't think that sounds crazy. You really wish these 15 celebs could be your BFFs. You just know you would have an amazing time together. Oh well, a girl can dream!

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15 Taylor Swift

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Taylor is, of course, a super talented singer-songwriter (not to mention a really successful and wealthy one). But she would also make the best friend ever. She's the kind of girl that you want to call when you finally dump your bad boyfriend. She would totally be there for you after the worst date of your life. She would love to go over the details of your latest relationship and would definitely give the best love advice of anyone that you know. There's no doubt about it, she's totally best friend material. No offense to your actual besties -- they are amazing and help you when you're feeling down too. But there's just something about Taylor's whole vibe that makes you think she would be a great addition to your social group. You think your friends would agree. After all, it's T-Swift.

14 Miley Cyrus

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Yeah, she can be a bit crazy sometimes... but that's exactly why you think she would make such a fun friend. You definitely don't want all your friends to be the same because that's super boring. You need a best friend who is all about having adventures and who does spontaneous things that make you laugh and shake your head. You want someone who pushes you to be your true self, who encourages you to step out of your comfort zone, and who is always there to make you laugh hysterically when you're in need of some cheering up. Plus Miley definitely has some pretty insane and funny stories about her life, you just know it. She's the kind of friend you would invite to every single party and event and make sure that she had the spotlight on here because she would make even running a boring errand the most fun time of your entire life.

13 Michelle Branch

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She, unfortunately, hasn't released a new album in just about forever, thanks to tons of problems with her music label, and since she has a new record deal hopefully you'll be listening to her new rock sound on your way to work soon enough. But in the meantime, Michelle would make an awesome best friend because, in recent years, she's become an amazing baker and cook. She's started a few different ventures that have to do with cooking and food, and you know that having a friend who knows their way around the kitchen is a definite plus. She would cater any party and probably throw the greatest dinner parties of anyone that you know. Plus you could talk music with her and she would give amazing recommendations since she's living in Nashville now and is super connected.

12 Katie Lee

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The culinary superstar has written an amazing novel and published three cookbooks, and while she's insanely talented in the kitchen, it's her sparkling personality that makes you think she would be the best BFF ever. She's really funny and sweet, and you can see that on her show The Kitchen, when she makes a guest appearance on various Food Network shows, and on her Instagram. She considers herself the mom of her adorable dog, she absolutely loves to eat and doesn't shy away from pizza and burgers and hot dogs, and she would be a really fun person to hang out with in the summer season. It's her favorite time, after all, as proven by her latest cookbook, Endless Summer. It's never fun to have a friend who can't eat anything order than salad greens, and so you just know that Katie Lee would make any dinner party or get-together tons of fun.

11 Elizabeth Gilbert

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You've been a superfan of Elizabeth Gilbert ever since her amazing memoir Eat Pray Love was published and now you're obsessed with her latest non-fiction work Big MagicIt's a crazy inspiring book about how you have exactly what you need in order to be creative, and that you're only stopping yourself from achieving your dreams and goals. So naturally, she would make an awesome addition to your best friend circle. She would keep you super accountable as only a best friend can and meet you for lunch and dinner to chat about what's going on in your life, especially your work life. She doesn't seem like the self-absorbed type at all, so she would definitely be there to offer a helping hand and some advice, instead of going on and on about her own stuff. And she would never talk about her boyfriend so much that you were about to go insane, so that's a definite plus.

10 Shonda Rhimes

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Okay, so your reasoning here is a bit selfish: you really want all the spoilers for Grey's Anatomy and Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder. You figure if you were best friends with Shonda Rhimes, she would tell you, right? She would have to. Sure, she would probably swear you to absolute secrecy and be all worried that you would tell all your other friends and family. But you wouldn't do that. Because friends stick together. You're in awe of Shonda and her amazing work ethic. She would make a super inspiring best friend. She would always support your career endeavors and encourage you to follow your dreams, and everyone needs someone like that in their lives.

9 Emma Stone

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Emma Stone just seems super fun, right? She seems like the kind of girl that would never make a big deal out of anything. If you had to reschedule plans, she would totally understand what was going on in your life and would offer to help instead of getting all pissy the way that some people do. She would be there for you, anytime, anywhere. Plus she's told the media in countless interviews that she's super into baking, so if you ever need to chill out on a Sunday afternoon and bake up the best chocolate chip cookies ever, she's the friend to have. Sounds pretty good, right? Plus you might be able to find out what really went down between her and Andrew Garfield because that's some juicy gossip that you really need an answer to. Perks of friendship.

8 Sarah Jessica Parker

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Okay, so in your friendship fantasy, your best friend in the world is basically Carrie Bradshaw. How could she not be?! She's stylish, she's fun, she's witty and she writes a dating advice column so she would know exactly what to do when you're having a boy situation. Of course, Carrie is not real (no matter how much you wish that was honestly not the case), but the next best thing would be Sarah Jessica Parker. In your mind, SJP is basically Carrie, and she probably wouldn't even disagree, since she spent so many years playing such a totally iconic and fabulous character. So you really want SJP to be your bestie for life. It would be so much fun. You could pretend like you were in your own episode of Sex and the City and grab Cosmos and talk boys. Friendship heaven.

7 Bethenny Frankel

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Come on, you just know that Bethenny would be the best friend ever. She's so blunt, of course, but you love that about her, so even when she told you the truth about your boyfriend, job or life, well, you would grin and bear it. You would be okay with it because you would know that she just can't help saying what she thinks, and that she was right in the end anyway. She always knows what's up. You really want a friend who values honesty because it's so much better than a fake person who pretends to be someone they're not and who is super inauthentic. If you ever need a laugh, Bethenny is your girl, because she's so hilarious, clever and witty. She's the friend you call when you've had the worst week ever and need to grab dinner, catch up and have some fun.

6 Tamra Judge

via: bravotv.com

You can't forget an O.C. housewife. Tamra seems like a super fun friend, doesn't she? She's always up for grabbing drinks and food (especially if you're sitting at a bar near the ocean in Orange County... #jealous) and can make you laugh in any possible situation. She's got a touch of wild and crazy in her, which is what makes her such a good friend. Plus she's always there for the people that she cares about. She's gone through some awful struggles in her life, so not only would she understand what you're going through and be super compassionate but she would be able to offer some great advice. It's always great to have a friend who has been where you are or at least something similar, and who can speak from honest and personal experience. Plus she's always up for grabbing drinks. Did you say that already?!

5 Rachel Zoe

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You definitely need at least one friend who is basically a fashionista. You want to be able to raid their closet, get advice when you're stuck wondering what to wear on a date or to a fancy party, and generally have fun chatting all things clothes. So Rachel Zoe would definitely make an awesome friend. She's funny, too, and has the best sayings ever. Just watch a single episode of her reality show and hear her crazy comments like calling something "bananas!" (and yes, that's a good thing). So you can also pick up all kinds of super fun and hilarious catchphrases that you can then make a part of your everyday vocab. So useful and so fun. Plus her husband is pretty cute. Not that you would ever steal him or anything, especially not if you were friends. But it needs to be said.

4 Gwyneth Paltrow

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Sure, she's become a pretty controversial figure these days. But everyone has that one friend that they absolutely love but that everyone else that they know can't really deal with, can't get along with, and wonders why you're friends with in the first place. Honestly, just watch any reality series and you'll see that's totally true. But Gwyneth is definitely a loyal friend, and that's super clear by all the famous people that she's friends with who keep telling the world that she's a great best friend. So it must be the case. Plus she's a guru on all things healthy and happy and culinary, so you could totally go to her for advice on what to make for your boyfriend when you invite him over for dinner, and she would give you some tips on how to make the best breakfast smoothie ever. A pretty useful friend to have.

3 Connie Britton

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First of all, she's got some insanely amazing hair, so there's that. Not that you want to base an entire friendship on hair or anything crazy like that. But it would help to have a good friend who could help you tame your own crazy curls when it's super humid out and you need some rescuing and fast. Connie is, of course, a super talented actress and she's been on your absolute fave shows, from Friday Night Lights to your current obsession Nashville. So you really want to be friends with her and get all the dirt, gossip and juicy stories about what it's really like to be on the set of each show. You swear you would get all the best tales and have so much fun chatting with her about it. Plus she just seems super chill and casual, and would be the kind of friend that you could really kick back with, laugh and share a few beers and potato chips.

2 Rachel Bilson

via: fansshare.com

The girl is super cute, right?! You loved her as Summer on The O.C. and you love her other fun show Hart of Dixie too. From interviews, she just seems like the greatest friend you could possibly have. She would be a real girls girl, ready to grab dinner on a Sunday night when you really need some girl time, and she's also a pretty healthy and happy person. She's said that when she's having a rough day or not feeling great, she 100 percent has to eat kale or have a green juice because that's the only way to feel better. So you can learn a lot from her healthy ways, and since you're pretty much always attempting to better yourself and pay more attention to your health, she would be a really inspiring and motivating friend to have. Plus you want to hear what it was really like to date Adam Brody. So what if Rachel is coupled up with a kid now?! You still need the dirt.

1 Gretchen Rubin

via: nytimes.com

Unless you've been living under a rock forever and ever, you've read The Happiness Project, Gretchen Rubin's amazing and inspiring memoir. A lifelong writer, she decided to write this book to figure out how to truly be happy on a daily basis. It's truly eye-opening and now she's got an awesome podcast with her sister called Happier. So, of course, she would make a great best friend, because who doesn't want to be happier?! Exactly. Every single person under the sun does. Happiness is such a crucial part of life and something that you definitely think about on a regular basis, and it would be great to have a friend who truly was an expert. After all, she's made a career out of it, so she really does know what she's talking about. She would be that super wise friend who everyone went to for advice on literally any topic, and you just know that she would never let you down. Ugh. Now you're sad that you're not really friends.

Sources: Health.com

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