15 Celebs You Didn't Know Used To Be Insanely Hot

As you sit here reading this, you are probably a young twenty something taking for granted your unlined skin, your gray-free hair and all that free time you have without family commitments or major career responsibilities holding you back. You might also nit-pick all the things you don’t like about your body, face, hair and blah, blah, blah. Remember to enjoy what you have now because time is not a friend to most of us. We see a lot of celebrities that age gracefully with a lot of help from the best products and surgeons that money can buy. We also see a lot of celebrities that don’t age so well even with all the resources they have to chase the fountain of youth. Therefore, the rest of us that can’t afford exorbitant beauty treatments better hope we have amazing genes. Take a cue from some of these celebrities that have struggled with father time, and take good care of yourself before the hands of the clock start taking a toll on your youthful glow. These fifteen celebrities are firsthand examples of how much we can change over time and how getting older really sucks. These one time hotties have become shells of their former selves.

15 Kirstie Alley

You might recognize her as one of the celebrities known for her yo-yo weight gain, but this sixty six year old actress was once famous for her roles in Cheers and the Look Who’s Talking movies. Kirstie even won two Emmys in her career. She was a bombshell known for her figure and sex appeal. However, over time some of that appeal started to fade as she battled with fluctuating weight gain. Kirstie still maintained a career starring in TV roles such as Veronica’s Closet and a season of Kirstie. Addressing those pesky weight problems, she even served as spokeswoman for Jenny Craig. As proof that losing weight gets harder with age, Kirstie has never been able to get back to her youthful figure and the years of aging have not been kind. Trying to maintain beauty in the limelight of Hollywood is no easy task and not every celebrity can do it.

14 Val Kilmer

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This fifty seven year old man has famously been made fun of for his bloated figure over the last few years. It is mainly because he was such a major hottie when he was younger. Val Kilmer is a Juilliard trained actor. In fact, he was the youngest person to be accepted to Juilliard at the time. His career took off early on, and that formerly chiseled jaw line and luscious lips made him a man women loved to fantasize about running away with. In his youth, he slightly resembled Brad Pitt with his strong features. Somewhere in the years, that jawline softened and his tight body became a thing of the past. Long gone were the days of shirtless volleyball playing as he did in his role in Top Gun. All of those women that dreamed of marrying the hunky Val Kilmer might find some solace in the fact that he didn’t turn out to be the older dreamboat many of us expected.

13 Martha Stewart

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What do you think when you hear the name Martha Stewart? The original crafter before the age of pinterest? A symbol of the American Housewife frivolously wasting her life on useless crafts? Or maybe just jailbird? Regardless of what she is now, Martha used to be hot! No, seriously. She began modeling at the age of fifteen and continued as she attended college. Martha modeled for companies such as Unilever and Chanel, posing with a sexy pout. While her career was rather successful, Martha eventually moved on and became the ultimate housewife guru with her cooking skills and mind blowing craftiness. Those unblemished model features faded with age. Then, when Martha was arrested for insider trading, it appeared that jail time might have erased the last signs of this once young beauty. The one thing she can’t fix with her insane homemaking skills is turning back the clock to when she was a hottie.

12 Drew Carey

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An Ohio native, Drew Carey is known for his funny man persona. His thick rimmed glasses and stocky build (he has thinned out since his sitcom, The Drew Carey Show), Drew has never been thought of as a hottie. He is the quirky, nerdy guy that entertained audiences on his own sitcom and has taken over The Price Is Right. However, before his years of stardom, Drew was a marine. Tough guy marine is probably the last thing you would expect from this comedian, but even more surprising are his photos of the strong jawed, handsome young man in his uniform. Drew was a hottie! With thick blonde hair, sans glasses and a smoldering seriousness he has long since abandoned, Drew was a sexy American military man. After the marines, Drew started pursuing his career as a comedian, and his hunky marine days were left in the dust. He is more like a loveable teddy bear today.

11 Helen Mirren

If you read celebrity magazines, then you have seen the photo of Helen Mirren in a bikini. This older actress shocked audiences with how incredible she looked in a pink bikini. While she is in incredible shape for her age, she was even more attractive in her youth. At 71, she has officially entered elderly territory, but her long, impressive career started when she was a young hot thing. Born in London, Helen began acting in the theatre from a young age, she eventually joined the Royal Shakespeare Company and continued to act with a variety of theaters always bringing her unique charm, wit and her sexy curves. She went on to work on Broadway and make a name for herself in film as well. Her blonde tresses and striking features gave her a sought after sex appeal. While she has held up well throughout the years, eventually we all grow old.

10 Betty White

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There aren’t many people still alive that remember Betty White when she was young, mostly because she is only a handful of years away from one hundred years old. Your great grandparents might remember her in her heyday. Back then, when Betty White was a young dish, she was quite the hottie. Having the longest television career of a female entertainer, Betty White is a pioneer for women, and as a young woman, she was a bright eyed beauty with adorable dimples that gave her a girlish quality. However, when she first started trying to act, she was considered unphotogenic and tried to get radio jobs. Eventually, people came to their senses and Betty was able to snag modeling jobs and create stepping stones to her career that has spanned over seven decades. While it might be hard to imagine now of the ninety five year old, Betty White was once quite the hottie of her time.

9 Alec Baldwin

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If you watch SNL or have an internet connection, you have seen Alec Baldwin’s satirical portrayal of Donald Trump. Dressed up in a fake wig and contorting his face in ridiculous expressions, Alec seems anything but hot. However, if you happened to see some of his movies from the early 90s, you would be surprised by the striking man with piercing blue eyes. His classic handsomeness and athletic build made him one of the sexiest actors of the time. Alec was even married to the beautiful Kim Bassinger, and he was considered quite the heartthrob. The thing about being exceptionally attractive is that the only direction to go is down. Like many middle aged men, weight gain, wrinkles and grey hair sneak up on them slowly. It just keeps building until they become unrecognizable. Despite age and some public ugliness, Alec’s career has continued to move forward, and he has refused to fade into oblivion just yet.

8 Carrie Fisher

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The iconic Carrie Fisher has only recently passed away leaving Star Wars fans mourning their princess. Carrie was the woman in the gold bikini portraying the sexy Princess Leia that had men fantasizing about her for decades. Yet, Carrie Fisher had a long road after her famous role, and she was plagued with bipolar disorder and addiction that took a toll on her career and personal life. It also aged her beyond her years. While later in life Carrie managed to overcome much of her struggles and released a book shortly before her death, many still think of that gold bikini when they hear her name. The thing about being a sex symbol of a generation is you can’t keep it up the rest of your life. Eventually, that bikini no longer fits, and all that sex appeal gets covered up by the years of living, forcing us to move on.

7 Ricky Gervais

Photo via salon.com

The English funny man has quite the foul mouth, and if you follow his instagram account, a variety of unflattering and hilarious bathtub photos. He is well known for his hosting of the Oscars and Golden Globes in which he happened to offend a few with his jokes. Before he became an actor and comedian, Ricky actually wanted to be a popstar. If you see his headshots as a young man, he slightly resembles David Bowie with less makeup and pizzaz. Ricky’s baby face pout and slim build makes him look as if he would have fit right in with a boy band. Had he made it as a musician, there would have plenty of teenage girls hanging up his posters and rushing stages just to touch his hand. When his popstar career fell apart, it launched him on another path, and the plague of middle age caught up with him.

6 Goldie Hawn

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To younger generations today, Goldie is often recognized as her role as mother. She is the real mother of Kate Hudson, and played the mother of Amy Schumer in the new comedy Snatched. Before she was a mom, Goldie was an “It Girl” of the 1960s. Often flouncing in a bikini and covered in paint, Goldie had a very successful acting career earning her an Academy Award and Golden Globe. Her fun-loving vibrancy, blonde hair and big doe-eyes did well in a career that spanned over the decades. She was a cute, sexy actress that attracted a variety of roles. As she grew older, her features faded and some seem to be tweaked, potentially by plastic surgery. Now, she has morphed into an older woman, someone easily believed to be a mother and even grandmother. Now seventy one years old, there comes a time when you have to embrace your age and accept that you can’t fight time or gravity forever, but at least she can look back on her youth and career and say, “I was a hottie!”

5 Axl Rose

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There is nothing sadder than seeing a washed up rockstar still trying to be cool. That seems to be the role Axl Rose plays now. Voted as one of the best singers of all time by multiple outlets, Axl was once a rock god. As the lead vocalist for Guns N’ Roses, he commanded arenas, dated models and made girls everywhere crazy. With his tattoos and long hair, Axl was a sexy guy back in the day. When his band faltered, Axl fell out of the limelight and the band ceased to exist in its original lineup. Fans waited patiently for the band to come back together and release a new album. Axl eventually resurfaced with what seemed like a new face. Vanity got the best of him, and it appeared he had a little work done in attempt to maintain his hot rock god looks. It didn’t work. While he still performs and has been singing for AC/DC since 2016, he isn’t the same hot frontman he used to be.

4 Mickey Rourke

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The last time you probably saw Mickey Rourke might have been in the movie The Wrestler. A film about a washed up old wrestler still trying to make it in the industry, Mickey Rourke played the lead character. You might do a double take when you see him, but only because his face is distorted and scarred by multiple plastic surgeries meant to restore his once sexy persona. If you have seen him in his younger days, you might understand why he so vainly pursued plastic surgery. Mickey was once hot! As a former boxer, he had a certain bad boy appeal and masculinity that served him well in his acting career. However, his career began to take a nosedive as he grew more difficult to work with, and he disappeared from the acting world before re-emerging in the movie The Wrestler. The sexy tough guy with perpetual five o’clock shadow no longer existed. He had been replaced by someone almost unrecognizable.

3 Susan Sarandon

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At seventy, Susan still plays a variety of roles onscreen, but she is also well known for her social and political activism. She is a also a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. Susan’s long career goes all the way back to 1970 when she starred in her first film, Joe. Early on, she was a hottie in her own right. With her big eyes and voluptuous chest, she sizzled on screen. She starred in a handful of movies and earned an academy award nomination, but it was her lesbian love scene in The Hunger that made people perk up. When she starred in Bill Durham, her career picked up, and Susan moved to a whole new celebrity status. Now almost three decades later, she hasn’t seemed to slow down. You might not think of her as a hottie anymore, but at one time she was a drool-worthy actress that captured coveted lead roles.

2 Jeff Bridges

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If you have never seen the cult classic The Dude, you have got to watch it. Starring Jeff Bridges, John Goodman and Steve Buscemi, it is one of the roles Jeff Bridges is most remembered for. Playing “The Dude”, Jeff is an older guy sporting his regular facial hair and gruffness, but when Jeff was younger, he was a quite the stud. His parents were actors, and Jeff began acting early on in life. His career has spanned the decades, and he has been one of the youngest actors to be nominated for an Academy Award and one of the oldest actors to win an Academy Award. As an incredible actor and an occasional singer, Jeff was a manly man that often wore his hair long and let his facial hair accentuate his masculine look. Even now, as an older man, Jeff is a good looking guy if you don’t mind a beard. It is hard to imagine him as the strapping young man that once graced the big screen, but the proof exists.

1 Elizabeth Taylor

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An icon, an acting legend, Elizabeth Taylor will forever be remembered as a woman of the silver screen. While she passed away in 2011, and younger generations have only known her as an older woman, Elizabeth was a woman of extreme beauty and sex appeal. She began acting as a child, and her career took off after her role in National Velvet when she was a teen. Her intense eyes, sharp features and black hair captivated audiences and men. The only thing that made her more famous than her acting and beauty, was the constant news coverage of her many love affairs. She was married eight times (Yes, eight!) to seven men. Her beauty attracted many suitors and a romantic at heart, she continued to search for that perfect man. As she aged, her career slowed, but she started her own fragrance line and co-founded the American Foundation for Aids Research. Elizabeth Taylor is an actress whose beauty and talent will not soon be forgotten.

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