15 Celebs Who Will Try To Slide Into Your DMs

We all dream about what it must be like to get extremely close to a celebrity. What it must be like to be their best friend or to date them and understand them intimately. Little did we know that social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat would break down that wall. When social media made it easier for fans to have close access to their favorite star, we didn’t expect that it would be the FANS who would end up needing to be rescued from the celebrity. This happens to be the case when it comes to these particular stars who clearly need to have their phones/computers/iPads taken away from them and put under a lock and key. Someone should have told them that they’re not worshiped by EVERYONE and watch out who you DM – you could end up being put on blast and left out to dry in front of the entire world.

15 Drake


Sure, his soulful raps and puppy dog gazes can render a lot of women weak in the knees – but not all women care that much for Drake, believe it or not. A name you’ll see a bit in this list is Mia Khalifa, a brilliant, gorgeous woman who happens to be the most searched adult star on a certain website. During an interview with CBS Miami 560 WQAM a couple years ago, Khalifa spoke of some celebrities who have slid into her DMs, either requesting a much coveted “follow back” or even a date or two. While she said she would never outright name names (she would later change her tune when she put it on notice that if you attempt to harass her for dates, she’d put you on blast), she did say that one particularly thirsty celeb sent her a half-naked selfie on Instagram DM – and that his name rhymes with ‘Rake’. “It was flattering but his intentions were clear,” Khalifa said during the interview. “It was just so cringe worthy.” I’m sure that’s not the first time Drake has heard that statement.

14 Chandler Parsons


Sure, NBA stud Chandler Parsons played some good basketball before he started going on the PUP list with knee trouble, but did you also know he, well, pretty much likes to “get around”? He’s dated some of the top models in the industry, including having a year long relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio’s ex-girlfriend, model Toni Garrn. He’s even rumored to have been out with Kendall Jenner and Bella Thorne recently! But before all that (and during dating breaks), this NBA star has been known to sneak into women’s DMs on Twitter and Instagram. While he was with the Houston Rockets, he would slide into the DMs of some hotties – and a few even put him on blast for it. He didn’t learn his lesson, however, because women still attempt to get his attention at games by holding up signs that read “CHECK YOUR DMs”. Pretty sure these girls won’t hang him out to dry, though.

13 Carlos Boozer


Carlos Boozer had a long career in the NBA – first playing with the Cleveland Cavaliers at the start of his career, to playing for the Lakers in his final years. These days, the power forward is playing overseas with the Guangdong Southern Tigers and attempting to revive his NBA career despite the fact that he happens to be 35-years old (which is around 89-years old in basketball years), but before, he managed to stay active by sliding into models’ direct messages. One such model was Abigail Ratchford. Usually, if you’re smart, you don’t put YOURSELF on blast by accident, but this is exactly what Boozer did. The basketball player apparently sent Ratchford a DM, but either she hadn’t viewed it yet, or ignored it, when Boozer went into her comments section on a photo of hers and straight up told her to check her DMs. THAT’S NOT HOW YOU CREEP PROPERLY, CARLOS, DAMN.

12 J.R. Smith

Business Insider

Back in 2013, NBA star J.R. Smith was known for something pretty disgusting outside of the basketball realm. When a young fan stated that she would be attending that night’s game via Twitter, Smith went ahead and slid into her direct messages and suggested that she was only attending the game in an attempt to “get the pipe”. For educated people – “getting the pipe” means she wanted to get between the sheets. After this incident, the NBA had to lecture their players on how they should properly conduct themselves on social media. “I was very immature and stupid,” Smith told ESPN.com. “But I learned from it too: Watch what you say on social media.” Sure thing, Smith. Something exists called “the screenshot” and you’re likely to fall victim to it if you ever tried to slide in DMs again.

11 Michael Del Zotto


If you’re familiar with Mia Khalifa then you definitely are familiar with Lisa Ann, the definitive, old school adult star most athletes thirsted after, including Philadelphia Flyers defence man Michael Del Zotto. According to Lisa Ann, the hockey player had been pestering her for a long amount of time via Twitter and text, so she decided to finally call him out to her almost 1 million followers. Del Zotto was hounding her, trying to get her to either set up dates with her friends, or lure herself over to his house. “The most annoying texter in the history of my life has been…, hands down @MichaelDelZotto,” Lisa Ann posted to her Twitter. “Shocker right!” She followed it up with “Yes, @MichaelDelZotto the STUD NHL player… for some reason he thinks I am a dating service and will arrange dates for him. Strange, most guys want to date me, not use me to find other dates but OK... I have asked him for 2 years to stop.” After she went on her Twitter rant, Del Zotto ended up blocking her.

10 Anthony Weiner

USA Today

If you haven’t heard of the MULTIPLE Anthony Weiner scandals, you’ve been living under some sort of rock. A while ago, the former New York congressman accidentally tweeted out a picture of his junk – a picture that was supposed to be sent to someone via DM. The picture is now dangerously famous and Weiner had to admit to having a bit of an issue when it came to getting busy, meaning he just didn't like having it with his wife. His wife ended up forgiving him and the controversy died down a bit, Weiner was involved in yet ANOTHER scandal. But this time it involved his son. Weiner was busy texting a young hottie in a different time zone when he snapped a picture of him topless in briefs and sent it on over to the girl. Only thing is, his little son was sleeping in the bed right next to him. The woman in question ended up going to The Post and released the screenshots of her conversation with the married Weiner. This guy will clearly never learn. Given, his name is Weiner after all, so what do we expect?

9 James Franco


There are certain actors who should have absolutely no trouble getting a date from an attractive woman – and I used to think James Franco was one of them. Franco was at the height of his very successful career when he propositioned, what turned out to be, a 17-year old girl from Scotland a few years ago. The girl had just seen Franco star in the Broadway play Of Mice and Men when he met her outside the stage door. She took a video with Franco, who told her to tag him in it. When she did, he began to send her some direct messages in an effort to get into her pants. He first asks her if she has a boyfriend, where she lives, and if she’s 18 or not. She informed him that she was only 17, but Franco figured out that the age of consent happens to be 17 in the state of New York. So, like a weird old stalker, he kept after her for a good while. The scandal eventually came out and Franco was forced to lay low for a little bit. Sigh.

8 Mario Balotelli


Talk about being thirsty as all hell. Soccer player Mario Balotelli seems to be so thirsty for women on social media that he’s willing to go all the way to Iceland in order to quench his thirst. Balotelli was caught sneaking into some teenager’s Instagram direct messages by the girl’s boyfriend, so he put Balotelli on blast. “The moment Balotelli tries to steal my girlfriend,” the guy tweeted out along with the hashtag “#WhatShouldIDo?”. The man obviously solved his own problem by posting the interaction and blowing up Balotelli’s timeline. When the girl ended up rejecting the soccer star, he then slid into ANOTHER Icelandic girl’s DMs. Even though he was put on blast by both young women, Balotelli still keeps his smiling face all over Instagram. No harm, no foul? Sure, okay.

7 Mike Epps

Us Magazine

It’s one thing when single celebrities attempt to creep up on women via Twitter, it’s a whole OTHER thing when that celebrity happens to be married. This was the case with actor Mike Epps (who starred in Next Friday and The Hangover) and he was literally caught by his own wife, Mechelle Epps. The actor hit up some woman with the Twitter handle @CeciCitra and asked if she happened to be on Instagram. When she replied yes, he told her to DM him… and then his wife decided to jump into the conversation by posting the eyes emoji to both her husband and the girl in question. An hour later, the woman posted the entire conversation and reported that the comedian had blocked her on Twitter. Mike and Mechelle had been married for over a decade when the incident went down. The internet, of course, had a field day with it since it all went down in a very public forum. Even if his wife did forgive him, Twitter will never let the actor forget it.

6 Justin Bieber


Sure, we’ve been reading all about how slimy some celebrities my be by sliding into your DMs, spewing some gross talk, so why not share at least one, not-so-vomit-worthy, story? This was the case when singer Justin Bieber decided to surprise a few die hard fans by popping up in their direct messages in order to promote his latest single “What Do You Mean?” in a very clever fashion. Bieber surprised some Beliebers by DMing them lyrics to the song itself. The fans were picked randomly, and of course, they flipped the hell out. Bieber went on On Air with Ryan Seacrest and explained the meaning behind the soulful lyrics. “Well, girls are often just flip-floppy,” the singer said. “They say something and they mean something else. So… what do you mean? I don’t really know, that’s why I’m asking.” Okay, but who ISN’T confused by women? Nevertheless, it was an interesting way to promote a single, and it made the day of a few lucky fans.

5 Marcus Jordan


Even your very famous NBA star basketball father can’t save you when you have a mishap on social media. This was the case for Marcus Jordan, the son of NBA super star Michael Jordan, when he tweeted at a woman from the "other" industry and then claimed it was a “prank” when someone apparently broke into his Twitter account and tweeted as him. Yep, that’s what they all say, sir. Jordan very publicly tweeted at Rachel Roxxx, propositioning her. “Too bad u wasn’t n the chi this weekend was ready for round 2..." Of course, Jordan said that tweet was written by a hacker and not just his dumba** propositioning someone publicly instead of sliding into her DMs.

4 Duke Williams


By now, Mia Khalifa has had enough with playing nice when it comes to people sliding all up into her DMs. Sure, she let “Rake” off the hook slightly, but there are some she won’t let get away with propositioning her. A majority of these fools who hit on her happen to be star athletes – which doesn’t impress Khalifa. Once such idiot was Buffalo Bills safety Duke Williams, who just wouldn’t take a hint and go away. Williams kept DMing Khalifa, telling her to come to Vegas or Miami or wherever he was at the moment. When she didn’t answer him, he sent the eyes emoji and wouldn’t let up. When she finally did answer him, she told him that she was in Miami with her boyfriend. She then posted the interaction on Twitter and warned others that if you slid into her direct messages, you’d crash and burn (or, as she put it, be shot and hung out to dry in public). Williams explained that he wasn’t trying to hook up with her, but rather just inviting her to an innocent pool party. SURE THING, BRUH.

3 Jaleel White


Even the former Steve Urkel isn’t immune to the DM slip-and-slide. Though, like the Franco one where a minor was involved, actor Jaleel White has fallen “victim” to the screenshot teenagers are so fond of. White had went on the record and even defended Duke Williams when Khalifa put him on blast, claiming that she and the football safety must have had a prior intimate relationship, which is why she publicly hung him out to dry (best keep your nose out of other people’s business, Urkel). However, when it came to his own scandal, White has been suspiciously quiet. Apparently, White slide into a 17-year old’s DMs and told the young woman to “bend over”. Bend over? Seriously? The girl, like Khalifa, put the actor on blast publicly, which seemed to put a stop to the messages.

2 Troy Aikman


Sure, NFL super star Troy Aikman understands the rules of football, but it looks like someone needs to teach the veteran how to properly use Twitter and the differences between a tweet and a DM is. Back in 2013, Aikman attempted to send a message to actress Mari Morrow and he ended up falling flat on his face. Not only did he fail at the whole DM thing, but he misspelled her name as well, which was a double slap. The tweet read DM@Mari_Marrow I’m in Dallas but will be coming to LA soon... was thinking of you and wanted to say hi :). First of all, you don’t type “DM” in order to send a direct message, you have to actually hit the button there, genius. Second of all, you need to spell her last name correctly, otherwise it will be sent to the wrong person. Even though this isn’t such a big deal because Aikman was divorced at the time, it was still amusing because he comically failed so hard. Morrow even responded with her own tweet: “LOL if he was seeing me… he better not misspell my name :-)”

1 Jose Canseco


You know, if you DM someone, attempting to score a date out of it, don’t be a fool like Jose Canseco was and insult them, otherwise, the payback will surely be substantial. The former MLB star was creeping on a young woman and sent her a DM (where he didn’t know the difference between your and you’re, the idiot). In the girl’s profile photo, only her back and hair was visible, so Canseco asked to see her face. The girl complied and changed her profile picture. Promptly following the change, Canseco attempted to backtrack, saying he made a mistake and has a girlfriend. The young woman swiftly put the former baseball player on blast with the line “nobody calls me a butterface”. Canseco tried to smooth things over after Twitter users attacked the hell out of him, saying that he was just “trying to be friendly and nice to a fan.” To be frank, the girl was not a butterface, and Canseco is just that big of an idiot.

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