15 Celebs Who Were Really Weird On Social Media

When we look at celebrities, who have money and looks it is hard to imagine them as acting anything other than cool. Their whole public persona is built around them being an ideal human specimen, so we don't associate unfavourable human traits with them. If you are attractive and rich, you're the perfect person right? Well not so much, at the end of the day we are all human and we all have negative traits. The guys in this list are all successful and attractive and on paper are probably most women dream guy. Regardless of all this, they all have had their creepy and desperate moments when it has come to talking to women and trying to woo them. If you are ever feeling down about being rejected, just remember the examples in this list and you will better. You can also learn about what not to do when it comes to trying court someone on social media.

It's hard to have any sympathy for the guys in this list, even though they were all publicly put on blast for their indiscretions. Some of the celebrities in this list would do well to learn age of consent laws and apply them to their dating life. Others just need a revamp in how to speak to a woman with respect. But most of all, the married ones need to not get married if they can't stay faithful! And if you are going to try and be sneaky behind your significant others back, be smarter about it. Looking at you, Mike Epps.


15 Justin Bieber Messages Gym To Get An Employees Info

Justin Bieber for all intents and purposes is used to getting every single thing he wants, when he wants. And we have all seen how well that has served him. Well recently Bieber did not get something he wanted and we are sure it left him feeling not the greatest. A gym posted a picture of one of their employees on Instagram, and Bieber was so taken with the gorgeous girl that he just had to message the gym and get her info, making his intentions pretty clear with a heart emoji. Even though the message it self isn't too creepy, the whole situation really is. Can you imagine if he wasn't a celebrity? It doesn't matter if you are Justin Bieber or a random guy it is always kind of weird when you message an employer about an employee you find attractive. Apparently, the gym consulted the girl and she did not really want to hang with Bieber so nothing ended up coming of it except for Bieber being put on blast publicly which is enough for us.

14 Drake Is So Thirsty


There is just something about Drake that is so...unattractive. It's hard to pinpoint exactly what it is though. It could be the fact that he is publicly pursued women and been rejected and that is just not a good look. See him and Rihanna. Drake accidentally posted this message on this models Instagram thinking he was direct messaging her. Of course people on Instagram immediately noticed that champagnepapi was in her comments and would not let get away with it. This is a well known model Lorraine, and it does not seem that she responded to Drakes requests at all. Isn't crazy how these famous guys who you know have so many girls throwing themselves at them, can still be desperate and thirsty? Lorraine clearly was not interested in Drake.

13 James Franco Messages A Young Girl

A 17-year-old British girl put James Franco on blast when he hit her up on Instagram. Lucy Cloyde went to New York for a trip with her mother as an 18th birthday present and she never could have guessed what would happen there. Apparently she met James Franco outside of the theatre where he had just performed. He later messaged her on Instagram and was just acting so thirsty to meet. Also, she fully tells him in the exchange that she is not 18 yet, and that does not seem to phase the A-list actor. He is pretty direct in the messages and seems almost...hurried. It's not as bad as messaging a 14-year-old, but it is still pretty a gross thing for him to do. To top it all off, she obviously was not super interested and didn't really care that it was James Franco so she released all their messages and put him on blast.

12 Chris Brown Creeping On Rihanna


This is gross and creepy for a multitude of reasons, the major one being the history that Chris Brown and Rihanna have. We don't need to rehash what went down between the two, everyone knows and we all know that he treated her like a monster. So to come back years later and publicly creep on her like that just shows he probably feels a certain sense of entitlement to her. Lets be real, Chris Brown has not shown any great signs that he has grown majority and learned from the the incident with Rihanna so we feel safe saying that he feels he has there right to do this. Rihanna is living her best life on top of the music and now make-up world with a hot new boyfriend, so take your peeping eyes somewhere Chris Brown. Not that we would wish you on any woman!

11 Tyga Also Messages A Young Girl

Oooouu Tyga you in danger now. First off, he crossed a Jenner, which really means he crossed the Kardashian coven and we are pretty sure this means he can say good bye to a career in Hollywood. When this news came out, Tyga and Kylie were on a break. And they did actually get back together after this scandal come out. People are used to seeing news come out about celebrity types that are in relationships messaging people on social media who are not their significant other but Tyga's situation had an extra layer of gross because the girl was 14-years-old. She did tell him she was 17-years-old, and that still makes her underage. He tried to cover it up by saying that he wanted to help her music career and sign her to his label , but the messages showed he was constantly asking her to FaceTime and then the Netflix and chill comment...not a good look T.

10 Married LeBron Messages A Much Younger Girl


LeBron has this good-guy persona and he seemed to avoid some of the pitfalls that seem to find so many pro athletes. Like cheating on their wives. There was just something wholesome about LeBron that is not often found among NBA players. And then news came out that the married father slid into Instagram models Rachel Bushs DM's. It is pretty innocuous, a simple greeting but the context really does not make it look good. Rachel posts a lot of very revealing photos on her Insta and we have to imagine that is what caught LeBron's eye. It's not like he was messaging an 18-year-old model to talk about about business opportunities or to get feedback on his game. Rachel posted the message to her Instagram and then deleted, but not before netizens screen shotted it ensuring that it would remain in history forever. He definitely had to do some apologizing after this one at home.

9 Mike Epps Wife Catches Him DMING

In the theme of married men messaging women on social media that are not their wives, we have an example here from comedian Mike Epps. And the justice was served so swiftly thanks to his wife, the internet loved her for it and it spawned a bunch of reactions from Twitter users making fun of Epps and praising his wife. Mechelle Epps is not about to sit around and just let this kind of tom flurry from her husband happen on her watch, and as you can see she is watching very closely! One has to beg the question why did Mike think it would be a good idea to not just DM her instead of tweeting to her for the world to see. He could use that in his argument that it was innocent, because you know he had some kind of excuse. Mike has probably learned to be a lot more careful now because he knows Mrs. Epps is watching.


8 Drake Bell Asks A Fan For A Bit Too Much


Drake Bell has proven to be something of an eccentric character with his presence on social media. You would think that when one celebrity saw another one get exposed like this after messaging someone, they would all be a lot more careful and realize the dangers. But too often the trouser snake wants what it wants, and guys just don't think clearly in those moments. Drake Bell got exposed after messaging with a fan, and he didn't want just her but he wanted her friends too. How charming, the best way to girls heart is to include her friends. This is probably a fantasy for Drake, and we feel safe in saying that it didn't happen for him. At least not with this girl and her gal pals.

7 A$AP Rocky Gets In Trouble For Messaging The Wrong Lady

You know, A$AP while yes he did come off a little desperado with his message to 50 Cents ex-girlfriend is not the creep. It is 50 Cent playing the part of a salty ex boyfriend who feels he has the right to say anything to someone that is talking to his ex-girlfriend. Ever girl we know would freak if her ex-boyfriend tried to get involved in something that is none of his business. 50 also bringing money into it is just another gross level that does make him seem like a jealous sugar daddy. A$AP responded to him and fully called him out for acting like a jealous baby that uses money to get women so we are going to give him the points in this case. 50 Cent, stay in your lane and if you ever wonder what your lane exactly is let us tell you it is never in an ex-girlfriends.  A$AP probably learned not to publicly message the ex's of hot heads.

6 Casper Smart Gets Caught Stepping Out On JLo


JLo is in a happy new relationship with Alex Rodriguez, and it seems like things are going great for them! Before A-Rod though, and a brief fling with Drake, JLo dated her backup dancer Casper Smart for a number of years. Well, Casper got caught stepping out on her which really proves you can be the most beautiful person in the world and still get cheated on. Too bad for Casper, the person he was messaging model Sofie Vissa was a bit of a snake and totally sold him down the river. We are talking full on photoshoot holding the phone showing the messages. Shoot for the stars kids. Casper was creeping on Sofie hard, and its not like she was rejecting his advances per-say. Good riddance, JLo deserves so much better.

5 Don't Even Try It With Mia Khalifa

Mia Khalifa found fame as an adult entertainment actress. And of course the nature of her job means she probably gets some of the craziest messages from fans you can think of. She also just straight up gets on hit on a lot, especial by professional athletes. And she is serious when she says she will hang you to dry in public, because she has done it a number of times to different athletes that have slid into her DMS. And to be fair, she gave him multiple opportunities to get the hint that she was not interested in him when she did not respond to his first four messages. What goes through someones mind that thinks its okay to keep messaging someone that has never responded? Delusion. We are pretty sure Duke got the hint after this.

4 NBA Star Marco Belnelli Tries And Fails, Also He Is Gross


Professional athletes are known for a lot things, especially their ego. Only someone that thinks very highly of themselves thinks that this kind of aggressive approach would actually work but clearly for Marco it was fail when it came to this gal. One thing we will commend him on, is that at least he asked her before just sending her a photo of the big long thing he wants her to eat. Not only did his classy approach not work for him when it came to this girl he also got publicly embarrassed out of it. Hopefully this means he learned something from the whole experience and has learned some better methods about how to speak to women. If he was nice and polite maybe she would not have made their messages public. And never offer a girl food and then not offer up the real thing!

3 Jose Canseco Tries To Take The DM Back

Does anyone else hear Gob's voice from Arrested Development saying 'I've made a huge mistake' when they read this? If you are not familiar with the show, well you should be. For those of you that are, we feel it is safe to say that Gob and Jose Canseco have a lot in common. Just one look at Canseco's Twitter feed shows that he is not the most cerebral person, although he is funny. Here we see Jose trying to reach out to a fan that he probably assumes is attractive based on her back...and when he gets to see the whole package all of a sudden he remembers he has a girlfriend that the is obviously very loyal too. No one likes rejection, so this girl decided that if he can embarrass her she would one up him by embarrassing him publicly.

2 NBA Star J.R. Smith Keeps It Classy


Because nothing says I want the pipe like the smiley emoji. J.R. Smith really knows how to interpret ladies and what they really want, obviously. The girl was probably hoping she could get an autograph from him after the game and was shocked he had even responded to her at all. And then J.R. takes it from zero to a hundred by offering her some pipe which is probably a whole lot more than she was expecting. Well instead of giving her the pipe all J.R. ended up getting was publicly shamed. Unfortunately, that line has probably worked for him in the past what with him being a NBA star and all so he probably learned nothing from this exchange and still goes around offering girls his pipe.

1 Anthony Weiner Gets Caught Being A Creep, Again

Anthony Weiner was a Democratic congressman in New York City. He became infamous when a scandal came out about very lewd messages he sent to a woman following him on his public Twitter account back in 2011. He denied at first and then admitted it with his wife standing by his side. A number of these scandals would come out in the following years, the worst one being when he got caught texting a 15-year-old girl some very inappropriate messages and pictures. One of the photos even had his baby in it which is just, beyond. His wife Huda stood by him through these scandals and finally divorced him this year. This final scandal has really caused him to lose everything because there was someone underage involved has actually landed him in jail. Well his term starts in November 2017.


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