15 Celebs Who Went From XS To XL In 2017

Sure, we’ll admit – over the holiday season, we tend to over indulge in the sweets and heavy-as-all-heck dinners that our family provides. It’s a typical thing, which is why we refer to it as “holiday weight”. However, there are some celebrities that took it once step over the line and managed to keep their extra holiday pounds on them all year round during 2017.

Yes, yes, we know that some of the added weight was from some mothers eating for two and from growing another human being inside of them (even if SOME people have yet to confirm certain pregnancies… *cough, cough* Kylie *cough*). Adding weight when you’re prego is typical and necessary, so for those lovely ladies who appeared on this list who are expecting – we get it, and we understand (the weight looks amazing on you, sweeties). However, there are those dudes who just gave up the gym and decided to run their mouths off in 2017 instead (just put a sock in it, Matt Damon – c’mon, bro) and need to be called out on it.

Here are 15 celebs who managed to go from an XS to an XL during 2017 and who probably need to make a 2018 New Year’s resolution to drop a couple pounds.

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15 Well, She Better Be Prego, Or Else She's Just Chubs - Kylie Jenner

We waited. And we waited. And we WAITED. We waited through an entire month of Kardashian/Jenner pictures, thinking the famous family was counting down to a major announcement in the month of December. Fans were literally refreshing their Instagram feed on Christmas day, hoping that it would be the picture everyone was waiting for – the picture that would confirm Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy. But what happened on Christmas day? Absolutely nothing. Big sis Kim uploaded the final Kardashian card which (shocker) was VOID of Kylie. Of course, people started spewing out conspiracy theories and came to the conclusion that the family would wait until the first to announce it. But the first has come and gone, and so far all we’ve gotten is pictures of a chubby looking Kylie. JUST TELL US ALREADY, C’MON!

14 Going Total "Dad Bod" - Kanye West

We all know that Kanye West had a brutal 2016 – he went through a very public meltdown after wife Kim Kardashian was robbed in Paris, so a weight gain back then was expected. However, 2017 couldn’t have gone any better for the rapper. He and wifey announced that they were expecting their third child (via a surrogate), his wife’s hit show is back on the air (you know, the one where he tries desperately to avoid any and all camera contact) so what’s with looking like HE’S the pregnant one? Is it due to keeping all the Kardashian secrets (WE KNOW YOU KNOW ABOUT KYLIE SO JUST ACCIDENTALLY SPILL THE BEANS ALREADY)? Whatever the cause, it’s clear that Kanye is carrying some extra love handles, which just makes him more fluffy for Kim to hug. Awwww.

13 From Hot To... Well, Just Not As Hot - Channing Tatum

He was literally one of the most insanely hot men on the face of the entire planet. Don’t believe me? Just watch at least five minutes of Magic Mike and you’ll get my drift. Channing Tatum pretty much could have taken out a life insurance policy on his abs and no one would have batted an eyelash. He’s one half of an extremely hot couple (say hi, super hot Jenna Dewan) and even when he puts on a little extra weight, he still is sizzling. Sure, he has that “dad-bod” thing going for him when he hits the beach, and sure, he looks sort of like a marshmallow with his newfound paleness, but does that make him any less hot? Heck no, it doesn’t. Most women and men would still give their right arm for a single kiss from him.

12 1 Broke Girl, 1 Chubby Girl - Kat Dennings


Not everyone is the biggest fan of Kat Dennings’ show 2 Broke Girls. Why? Because it features one street-smart sarcastic girl (Kat) and one super annoying, former rich brat (played by Beth Behrs) and the latter’s high-pitched voice can cause ears to sporadically start bleeding. In my opinion, Dennings always looked her best when she had more weight on her (though, that shouldn’t be anyone’s opinion but her own). She always has that whole “Jessica Rabbit” thing going for her, which makes her appealing to all sorts of people. Sure, she’s been skinny at times, but I really haven’t ever witnessed her looking “bad” in a sense – she wars skinny AND curvy very well. Plus, she couldn’t give two tiny rats’ rears what critics have to say about her body – she’s going to continue being herself, which is pretty perfect.

11 Like She Cares What People Think - Rihanna

Speaking of women who couldn’t care less what people think of her: surprisingly, Rihanna made this list! The songstress has always rocked the confidence department since first becoming famous all those years ago. She almost lost it for a second there when she started dating the human equivalent of a tire-fire (go take a long walk off a short pier, Chris Brown), but eventually she got her confidence back after leaving that beater behind in the dust. So, so what if she happened to put on some weight over 2017? Weight gain can mean many different things – like if a person is finally getting comfortable in their own skin, or if they’re suffering from depression. Many critics have jumped on her for gaining a little extra lbs, and she simply shrugs them all of because, well, she’s freaking Rihanna.

10  Will and Not So Grace(full) - Debra Messing

Debra Messing has always been in the spotlight, but sometimes, she takes some time off during television shows (mainly because they’re all canceled right off the bat), but she’s back front and center with the reboot of NBC’s hit comedy series Will and Grace. Does she look like she used to when the series first aired? No, but that’s called “aging and having children”. Messing used to be a stick figure but in the best looking way possible. Her sense of humor and comedic timing always added to her appeal and she still seems at the top of her game in the reboot. There’s just more of her to love. She’s not big at all, but she’s just not as tiny as she used to be, and she’s okay with that.

9 Living Her Best Life - Kelly Clarkson

Singer Kelly Clarkson has always been on a never-ending roller coaster when it came to her weight – a roller coaster she can’t seem to get off of no matter how hard she tries. And she’s CONSTANTLY at the mercy of critics when it comes to her own body. Heck, she’s had two kids so sure, her body isn’t always going to be super small, but that doesn’t look all that good on her anyway. Back in November, Clarkson did an interview regarding people body-shaming women and that she feels her happiest when she has some weight on her, but people assume that if she’s gaining weight, she must be suffering from depression. She went on to say that when she’s skinnier, that’s when she’s feeling low.

8 Not So Downsizing In the Weight Department - Matt Damon

Matt Damon just really doesn’t know how to shut up. Late last year, after nearly all the men in Hollywood had been exposed as deviants, Damon stepped forward and said some things, thinking he was helping. He clearly wasn’t. The actor made headlines last year when he said that there should be different levels of misconduct when it comes to women being sexually harassed/assaulted. Like some things deserve a simple slap on the wrist while others could be defined as criminal behavior. Damon, clearly, is a white dude and NOT a woman, so his opinion on the subject is best left in his local dumpster along with his waistline from his 20’s. The excuse “I gained weight for a film!” is long over when you’ve kept it on for a long time, bro.

7 Twins Baby Bod - Beyonce

OH NOOOOO, NOT THE QUEEN! Actually, Beyonce had a dang good reason why she put on weight this last year: SHE FREAKING HAD A SET OF PERFECT LITTLE TWINS. That’s right, the world when nuts when Beyonce she would be giving birth to twins with husband Jay Z. Even pregnant, the hip-hop goddess always rocked the perfect figure and does at ANY weight. That’s because she’s always brimming with confidence and grace, which is why she’s able to lure powerful people into her world and will continue to fascinate the utter heck out of this world. Beyonce gave birth to the twins, daughter Rumi and son Sir Carter, back in June and revealed them to the world a month later on Instagram. So who cares if she hasn’t lost the baby weight yet? She will never NOT look stunning.

6 More Like Fatman (Sorry, I Had To) - Ben Affleck

Sigh, 2017 definitely wasn’t a great year to be a working actor in Hollywood. Not for ANY actor. And finally for once, that was a dang good thing. Unfortunately, a lot of pretty okay actors got caught in the crossfire. Ben Affleck included. Both he and best buddy Matt Damon had actually knew about the allegations against former boss Harvey Weinstein, but sat on their hands the entire time, not telling anyone or taking matters into their own hands. Why? Because Weinstein helped make them, that’s why. So perhaps the guilt got to Affleck and he started stress eating? Or maybe it’s for a role? Either way, Affleck has clearly packed on the extra meat and is looking a little chunky these days. Better call Jenny Craig, dude. You’re going to need it, Batboy.

5 Single Baby Bod - Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson had a very up and down year during 2017. While the rest of us were attempting to survive through the year, Jackson was busy finding (and losing) love along with literally meeting the person who would end up being the absolute love of her life in the long run – her baby boy. At 50 years old, the singer became a first time mom and she just beams with happiness wherever she goes. Sure, she and husband Wissam Al Mana split up shortly after the birth of son Eissa, but she’s never really looked happier. In May, she announced that she would resume her State of the World Tour in September, which she did. Had she lost all of the baby weight? Not ALL of it, but that didn’t matter, because she looks darn freaking good.

4 The Kardashian Affect - Blac Chyna

It was an extremely wild couple years for Blac Chyna and the Kardashian family, a family that always seemed a little too out of reach for… what is she exactly? A model? Former exotic dancer? Well, these days, she’s just white noise according to the Kardashian family. A few years ago, Chyna was the girlfriend of rapper Tyga, who famously left her for the much younger Kylie Jenner, after which she went for the Kardashian jugular and started dating Rob Kardashian. The couple was engaged after only dating for a short time before she gave birth to their daughter Dream in November of 2016. A troubled 2017 followed when Rob started posting illicit photos of his ex online, berating her in front of the world. This caused Chyna to file a restraining order against her ex. So if she has trouble losing that baby weight, everyone knows why.

3 Waist Size: 90210 - Tori Spelling

Ugh, this woman is still a thing? We all know that “actress” Tori Spelling got into her profession is because daddy was a network producer. Spelling first came onto the scene back in the 1990s when she was cast as Donna Martin in the teenage Fox drama Beverly Hills, 90210. For years, she went on to star in Lifetime made-for-TV movies in a desperate attempt to keep her dying star afloat and then switched over to reality TV later down the line (like we really wanted an insight into her personal life, seriously). She gave birth to three children with husband Dean McDermott, who ended up cheating on her back in 2013. So are we surprised she put on some weight? Not really – the woman has been through a lot. Truthfully, the extra weight looks good on her. She’s still annoying, however.

2 Skinny's Overrated - Nicki Minaj

Short girls always have the worst time when they put on a few extra pounds because ALL of it is noticeable. It never fails – when a short girl even gains so much as one pound, it shows up everywhere and is highly noticeable. It just isn’t fair. So when it was clear that Nicki Minaj put on just a little bit of weight, people were up in arms wondering what was wrong with the rapper. Truth is – nothing. Minaj has always rocked the short-girl, curvy look with a certain amount of vigor and apologized to no one. Last year, Nicki ended up separating from her boyfriend of two-years, Meek Mill, which could have been the cause of her weight gain. Whatever the cause, Minaj clearly doesn’t care what her critics think and is just going to continue being fabulous self.

1 Karma Catching Up - Brett Ratner

Once a rat, always a rat. I have absolutely not qualms about putting producer/director/genuinely horrible person Brett Ratner on this list, because he’s pure evil. Ratner stands accused of harassment and assault by no less than six women (and possibly more) and is apparently living it up in Miami somewhere, not really caring. He has always been a little on the hefty side, but after experiencing a year like the one he had back in 2017, he’s border lining on obese, which makes perfect sense. A-Listers like actress Olivia Munn have step forward and pointed a finger at Ratner, calling abuse from the director, who has viciously denied the allegations. However, more and more women are stepping forward, calling him out. It got so bad, that he had to flee to Florida, hoping things will blow over. I have some news for you, Ratner – they won’t.

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