15 Celebs Who Want Nothing To Do With Their Children

We all have those days when we’re tired of our own kids or when we’re fed up with children in general. Celebrities have these moments, too, and sometimes they’re just a little too open about these feelings. There are some things that are better left unsaid. At the same time though, lots of celebs have made stupid choices that lead us to believe that they simply just do not care about their little ones.

Regardless of the reasons behind parents not spending time with their kids or why they are doing stupid things to break their families apart, we aren’t really too shocked that we see this kind of stuff so often. What is surprising is that there are so many celebrities who are quick to leave their kids behind—more than we would expect. We all think it’s so easy to be the offspring of the rich and famous—and they get bonus points if both mom and dad are celebs—but there’s a lot more to it than we might realize.

Here are some stars who don’t want anything to do with their kids. Some of them have literally come out and said it, while others have just implied it through their actions. This might make us feel a little bit better about how we treat our kids!

15 Kris Jenner—Rob's Not Marketable

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Kris Jenner—the maternal figure of the Kardashian-Jenner clan—doesn’t have her act together. She hasn’t recently come out and said that she doesn’t want to be a part of her kids’ lives, but it has been implied that she really doesn’t care what happens to them. If she wanted them to remain a part of her life for a while and wanted to actually have a solid relationship with them, we think that she would’ve done things a little—or a lot—differently.

It all started with Jenner selling her daughter’s—Kim Kardashian—sex tapes. Who does that? Apparently, Jenner does when it has the chance of making her famous, but she clearly didn’t consider how that could tear their relationship in two. Then, when Kylie and Kendall Jenner wanted to drop out of school, she let them! Even though she had the intent to homeschool the girls, they started on their path to fame. Though she may be a “cool mom” for now, she doesn’t seem to care about the girls and their educations.

14 Nicholas Cage—A Working Man

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Nicolas Cage is known for his roles on the big screen, but how are his roles as a parent shaping out? Cage is the father of Weston Coppola Cage and Kal-El Coppola Cage, and we’ve really only heard much about Weston. One kid turned out okay, and the other not so much.

Weston has gotten into trouble several times for driving under the influence and even a hit and run. These stunts are paired with a police chase as well, which resulted in Weston going to jail. We aren’t sure what we expect Cage to do about his son’s legal issues, but we do know that he has decided to leave his son behind to try to work out his problems on his own. This is probably the only paternal abandonment story that can end with a round of applause!

13 Jaid Barrymore—Toxic Motherhood

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We haven’t heard much from Jaid Barrymore, but we know a lot more about her daughter, Drew Barrymore. We can all say that Drew has turned out alright, and she seems like a pretty clean celebrity. What we don’t realize is that she’s already had her run with drugs and alcohol, and her mom is to blame for that.

When Drew was a child, she had already been a guest at tons of parties alongside her mother. These weren’t just any parties. These bashes were filled with drugs, and this led Drew to get into drugs and alcohol as a child. Drew ended up in rehab at the age of 12. What kind of a mother brings a nine-year-old to a party where drugs are present? Even worse, what kind of a mother doesn’t stop her nine-year-old from trying the drugs? We’re glad Drew is clean now, and we’re hopeful that Jaid cares more about her daughter’s well-being now than she did previously.

12 Bill Hudson—Never There

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Bill Hudson is the father of five children, two of which are well-known celebrities–Oliver and Kate Hudson. He claims that he is no longer the father of Oliver and Kate though and has publicly disowned them. He doesn’t want anything to do with those two, and the true reason is surrounded by rumors, lies and stories.

Ultimately, we think that Bill decided to abandon Oliver and Kate because their mother kept the kids away from Bill. At the same time though, Bill was pretty hard on the kids throughout their childhood. If he truly wanted to maintain any sort of a relationship with them, he would have kept it together and made it work. He just hasn’t and won’t care enough to make their relationship work, and the two have even been asked to change their last name from Hudson.

11 Farrah Abraham—TV Mom

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Anyone who got their start on MTV’s 16 and Pregnant has a decently high chance of being a bad parent. Sixteen year olds aren’t ready to be mothers in most cases, and they are going to run into more issues when they’re on a show that publicizes teen pregnancy in the way that shows like 16 and Pregnant or Teen Mom do.

We have further evidence of Farrah Abraham’s parenting struggles. On Teen Mom, Abraham told her own mother that she wanted to “take a break” from parenting. She wanted to step away from her child and go on to do other things. We aren’t quite sure how somebody can be a parent but not actually be present. Abraham clearly doesn’t want anything to do with her young daughter, but maybe it’s best that the girl doesn’t have her mother around as an influence anymore.

10 Tom Cruise—One Busy Scientologist

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After the split between Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, we all realized that their daughter Suri wouldn’t be seeing her dad anytime soon. This has little to do with the whole divorce, as most divorces include some sort of custody battle. Cruise and Holmes’ split is a lot different than most.

Cruise is a member of Scientology, which is a religious cult. Apparently, Holmes does not agree with this, and she wants to keep Suri as far away from this group as possible. As a result—based upon the rules of the organization—Cruise cannot associate with his daughter and his former wife. He was willing to abandon his family for this cult, and he didn’t even look back. He claims that he will try to have a good relationship with Suri when she’s older.

9 Nadya "Octomom" Suleman—A Dose Of Reality

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Nadya Suleman—better known as “Octomom”—doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to parenting. She had six children prior to getting pregnant with octuplets—yes, that is eight babies in the womb at one time. We all know that fertility treatments can increase the chance of a woman becoming pregnant with multiple children at once, and surely Octomom had to be aware of this as well.

We have to say that she just doesn’t care about those first six kids she had. If she did, we think she would’ve waited before having more kids or just adopted one or two kids instead of risking getting pregnant with eight! Beyond that, she’s got a history of pornography. She clearly is outside the realm of motherhood and doesn’t really want to be involved in her 14 kids’ lives.

8 Courtney Love—Restrained

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Courtney Love—the former wife of the late Kurt Cobain—hasn’t made the best choices in parenting when it comes to keeping her kid in her life. It all started at the very beginning, with the pregnancy. So, we can assume it’s only gone downhill from there. When Love was pregnant with Cobain’s kid—Frances—she confessed that she had done heroin. That puts the unborn child at serious risk. Did Love even care about her baby?

We were hopeful that Love might have cleaned up her act before the baby was born or gotten some help so she could actually be a parent to her child. When Frances was 19, she got a restraining order against her mom after sharing that her mom had been addicted to a plethora of drugs. These ranged from Adderall to OxyContin. Apparently, Love was also a heavy smoker and sometimes even fell asleep with her cigarettes still lit. Anyone who cares about their kids should be willing to clean up their act and not endanger their children.

7 Alec Baldwin—Lashes Out

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We haven’t seen a lot from Alec Baldwin as far as parenting is concerned. He’s the father of four kids—Ireland Baldwin, Carmen Gabriela Baldwin, Leonardo Ángel Charles Baldwin and Rafael Thomas Baldwin. We don’t have a lot of reasons to believe he’s necessarily a bad father. He seems like your average dad, just doing celebrity things on the side.

This was always the case until a voicemail was leaked from his oldest daughter’s phone, when she was 11. Baldwin left the voicemail on Ireland’s phone and later it was publicized. He called her “a rude, thoughtless, little pig.” We aren’t quite sure what happened prior to this phone call, but we can guess that there are more situations like this that were shoved under the rug by the Baldwins. It’s just a guess, but we don’t know why Baldwin would want to be around someone whom he considered to be rude or a pig, so we’re thinking he doesn’t really care about his daughter a whole lot.

6 Kate Mulgrew—Shocked By Her Daughter's Words

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Kate Mulgrew is a star on Orange is the New Black, but she’s had a few not-so-shining moments. The actress who plays Red has made some interesting decisions when it comes to her daughter’s life. Mulgrew got pregnant and had her daughter at the age of 22. She gave the baby—Danielle Gaudette—up for adoption. This isn’t uncommon among young mothers.

What makes the situation worse is the reason that Mulgrew did this. She had recently landed a role and gotten her start on a soap opera, and she didn’t want the baby to interfere with her success. She wanted nothing to do with her daughter. She chose her career over her child. Eventually, Gaudette tracked down her birth mother, and they caught up. Gaudette is a courageous soul to forgive someone like Mulgrew.

5 Dina Lohan Dives Deep—Into Addiction

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For as long as we’ve known Lindsay Lohan, we’ve also known her mom. Dina Lohan is notorious for using Lindsay’s fame to her own benefit. We wonder if that’s how Lindsay’s career got its start. Was Dina just trying to get rich and famous quickly by exposing her daughter from a young age?

Regardless of the situation, Lindsay’s parents have never really been great parents. Michael Lohan was stuck on drugs and DUIs. If the couple really wanted to be good influences for Lindsay—who probably needed a guiding hand as she began her career as a celebrity—they probably should have gotten it together and actually been present. Dina’s focus on the money shows us that she genuinely is not concerned about what happens to her daughter. She’s in it for the money, and the mother-daughter relationship can come later.

4 David Hasselhoff—Father Alcohol

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The main incident that shows us how much David Hasselhoff just doesn’t care about his kids happened back in 2007 with a video. He had had too much to drink, and his then 17-year-old daughter was trying to reason with him. Apparently, this drunken Hasselhoff had become a regular occurrence, and the teen was attempting to help her father. We doubt that this was the only time that the girl tried to step in—whether he was sober or not—and that he just did not care enough to change his ways.

Eventually, he lost custody of his daughters, and they lived with their mother. That whole ordeal wasn’t enough to make him clean it all up, but it should have been. If he really wanted to be in the girls’ lives, he would have stepped it up and made some changes. Obviously, they were ready and willing to help him out.

3 Eddie Murphy Has Too Many Babies To Count

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Any man that has this many children will naturally have a hard time caring for all of them. Eddie Murphy is the father of nine children, and we can pretty much assume they aren’t all with the same baby mama, as celebrity lives typically go. How is he supposed to keep track of all of those kids? Well—the truth is—he doesn’t.

Murphy even went so far as to avoid claiming Angel Iris Murphy Brown as his own. Angel is the child that he had with Melanie Brown of the Spice Girls. He covered it up for as long as he could until paternity tests came out and he had to fess up. We aren’t sure what Murphy has against Angel or Mel B., but something is going on if he won’t even take responsibility for Angel as his own.

2 Jon Voight—Angelina's Not-So-Perfect Daddy

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Jon Voight—who happens to be the father of Angelina Jolie—hasn’t been the best father. From the time that Jolie was just a year old, Voight has not been in the picture. He abandoned the family over 40 years ago, but he and Jolie were able to reconcile their differences when Jolie’s mom was sick. Regardless, he has no excuses for leaving his family for that long.

Now, we don’t always have the best relationships with our parents. It’s normal to have some broken ties and all-out conflict. This is just expected, as we are humans. We mess up. What is neither expected nor accepted is a nearly four decades-long break. We would say that Voight wanted nothing to do with his daughter during that whole time, and we are guessing that their relationship is still pretty rocky to this day.

1 Lamar Odom—Claimed By Depression

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Former NBA player Lamar Odom hasn’t been showing up for his kids. Sure, he’s had a bit of a rocky relationship history over the years. With Liza Morales—whom he dated, was engaged to and eventually married—he had three kids, but only two are still living. After a relationship that lasted over 10 years, Odom left Morales to be with Khloe Kardashian. This ended, too, just like his previous relationship.

Divorces naturally affect children negatively, and they’re sometimes left to pick a side. The problem with this situation in particular is that Odom hasn’t actually been a part of Destiny and Lamar Jr.’s life. This is partially because of the newly single lifestyle that Odom has been met with. It’s also because he has gotten into drugs. Odom’s daughter Destiny has even told him that he needs to decide on either raising her or doing drugs.

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