15 Celebs Who Took Plastic Surgery Too Far

From fake to extreme, these celebrities have gone overboard with plastic surgery visits. When in the public eye, whether you’re a singer, actress, fashion designer or Internet star, your face may not be the “money maker” but your fans recognize you for more than your talent. And more often than not, it’s from their “Hollywood” hot looks and beautiful bodies. Unfortunately, that pressure can make some of the famous run to the nearest (and “best”) plastic surgeons to get quick nips, tucks, lifts and complete transformations.

In hopes of looking more youthful, gaining the ideal body or dreamlike features, celebrities have insecurities just like everyone else, but they also have the money to change their looks. And whether that is for the better or worse is largely debatable. Although most celebrities go unconfirmed regarding their surgeries, it’s safe to say that the stars below have been to at least one appointment. From Melanie Griffith’s barely discernible face to Lisa Rinna’s self-proclaimed, career-starting lips, here are 15 celebrities that have gone under the knife for too much or for too many times.

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15 Meg Ryan


Known for her roles in ultra popular movies like Top Gun and When Harry Met Sally, Meg Ryan has always been a classic, American beauty. With natural features and golden locks, she was a young man’s dream girl. But now, after what seems to be like several plastic surgeries, her fresh face is gone and a new, distorted look has taken its place. In 2013 Daily Mail reported on her plumper lips and unrecognizable smile when she attended the 59th Taormina Film Festival in Sicily, Italy.

14 Lara Flynn Boyle


Throughout the years, fans have watched Lara Flynn Boyle transform from a classic, Hollywood beauty to someone barely recognizable to her Twin Peaks following. She has never been one to confirm if or what she’s had done, but the fuller lips and tighter skin that seems to get fuller and tighter as the years go on say enough. Speculations believe that Boyle has gotten everything done from a rhinoplasty and lip augmentation to several types of facial fillers.

13 Kenny Rogers

via Fox News

According to CBS News, even the country crooner, Kenny Rogers, is displeased with the results of his adventure under the knife. In 2006 he decided on getting an eyelid lift and the results were more than botchy. He went from rough and rugged songster to permanently surprised because of multiple, rumored surgeries including a face-lift and Botox injections. In an article by GAC, Rogers opened up about this surgery and basically said that he had some time off, the money to make it happen and thought he would look a bit better as he was aging.

12 Lark Voorhies


Years after playing Lisa Turtle on Saved by the Bell, Lark Voorhies isn’t the youthful woman her fans know her as. Instead, she’s created a look for herself that’s nothing similar to the sassy character fans once fell in love with. Speculation of plastic surgeries have swirled every time she comes into the public eye. And the debate is largely due over whether her dramatic change is from going under the knife or some seriously bad makeup application.

11 Suzanne Somers


According to Radar Online, the Three’s Company actress denies reports that she has ever gone under the knife, despite her drastically different look. But Shape divulged that she has, in fact, gotten a stem cell face-lift where her cheeks and lips were both plumped. This “puffy” look may seem like a good idea to gain a more youthful appearance while aging, as it can clear up signs up wrinkles, but instead gave Somers an overwhelmingly different appearance than what the world is used to seeing her as – and, debatably, not a good one.

10 Lisa Rinna


Lisa Rinna has proclaimed that she didn’t have a career before she decided to get her lips injected with silicone over 25 years ago. Although she’s since had them reduced based on some hardening, she doesn’t regret her distorted, pillow-lipped look. She was reported saying on The Today Show, “I never had a career before I had the lips. So, my lips have had their own career.” Unfortunately, her lips aren’t the only procedures she’s had done, as she’s also admitted to going too far with facial fillers.

9 Barry Manilow


In an article by the Huffington Post, Barry Manilow swears that it’s not plastic surgery that’s got him aging unlined, but healthy living instead. And despite being infuriated by the allegations, it’s hard to believe that the 70-year-old singer hasn’t had any help in keeping up with his unchanging looks over the years. Hasn’t anyone clued Mr. Manilow in on what happens as you get older? Some wrinkles are a completely normal part of the entire process. Daily Mail reported that in 2003 he had a completely upper and lower facelift, but the pop-icon claimed he was being treated from a “freak” accident where he broke his nose at home.

8 Carrot Top

Even though the silly, over-the-top comedian mocks the allegations of plastic surgery. He tells interviewers that it’s just makeup that gets him his “good looks.” And although it’s apparent to most that his face becomes smoother with age and an overly-arched eyebrow making the possibility of laser treatments and chemical peels viable, he keeps himself fit and muscular all on his own – and without the use of steroids, so he says.

7 Pamela Anderson


One name that seems to have become synonymous with plastic surgery is the sexy and beautiful temptress, Pamela Anderson. Before the multiple surgeries and bleached hair, she was a fresh-faced beauty. But now, she’s gone overboard with the breast augmentations, face-lift, liposuction, lip fillers and noticeable changes to her nose over the years. And although Anderson is known for her good looks and well-maintained body, she realizes that at some point you have to stop and start aging gracefully.

6 Lil’ Kim


Lil’ Kim may be one of the most dramatic transformations in Hollywood. And although she denies allegations of the change, as of 2015 the stark distortion of her face from what her fans all know her as was too striking to deny. The rapper rose to face with a gorgeous smile and soft features, but now, she looks like an entirely different person to some especially with such a change to her skin tone.

5 LaToya Jackson


Coming from a family of what seems to be plastic surgery addicts, it’s not a surprise that LaToya Jackson has had her fair share of work done. Women’s Day mentioned that her and Michael may have even been using the same surgeon to perform in-common procedures like chin and cheek implants and an all too familiar, pointed nose. Of course, one that Michael forwent was breast augmentation although it’s been speculated that LaToya went under the knife for that as well.

4 Bristol Palin


One of the biggest plastic surgery surprises was from conservative, Bristol Palin. Fortunately, she spoke with US Weekly about her changing looks and admitted to having some work done – but it wasn’t for the reasons the public may think. With a more angled jawline and sharper chin, Palin’s overall appearance has become more chiseled. And that “improved” look came from corrective jaw surgery that was, allegedly, needed for medical reasons for her jaw and teeth to realign. Of course, she’s quite happy with her more mature appearance.

3 Dolly Parton


Beloved by many, it’s hard not to be a fan of Dolly Parton. And it’s even harder not to, at the very least, know who she is based on more than her musical talents. She’s had her 40DD’s insured, each being valued at $300,000 each, and been quoted, “My boobs are face, my hair’s fake, but what is real is my voice and my heart.” And that tiny waist and large chest has become an iconic part of the entertainment world, but her face is where the line needs to be drawn.

2 Melanie Griffith


Another classic beauty that seems to be almost completely unrecognizable as an aging actress is Melanie Griffith. Too much pulling and lifting has come to a climax with her most recent debut. Although she hasn’t admitted to having any work done, the drastic difference in her looks seem to speak for itself. From her lips to her nose, her fans would argue that she never needs any work done before starting her transformation and adventures under the knife.

1 Donatella Versace


Over the years, we’ve seen fashion designer, Donatella Versace, become more and more distorted. Hollywood Life even had some plastic surgeons weigh in on her extreme new looks. And according to Dr. Steve Fallek, “She’s pretty much had it all. Botox, fillers, lasers for the skin.” It’s also believed that she’s had face, eyes and brow lifts. Anyone can take a peek at before and after photos of this iconic couturier to validate the facial work she’s had done.

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