15 Celebs Who Still Deny Having Changed Their Faces

When you live in Hollywood, it’s almost a prerequisite to success to have plastic surgery before you make it big. Sometimes, that plastic surgery can come in the form of a few nips and tucks that subtly refine a nose or enhance the lips. Other times, those who go under the knife end up looking far different from the person who went in. However, while everyone gets a little help from talented plastic surgeons in Hollywood, few will actually admit it! There seems to be a stigma attached to changing the course of nature for personal gain and vanity, even though these celebrities exist in one of the most image-focused industries in the world. So, even though we have the evidence right in front of our faces, we get major movie stars and musicians claiming it’s just the result of good makeup, excellent contouring, weight loss, weight gain, puberty, age, lighting – the list is endless!

We do get a few celebrities who have been open about going under the knife for personal improvement, like Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco, who said her nose job and breast enhancement were the best things she ever did – but for these 15 celebrities, they’ll keep on denying!

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15 Halle Berry

via nosejobsurgerybeforeandafter.com

Halle Berry is one of the most beautiful and talented actresses in Hollywood, which means she’s been subjected to multiple rumours regarding her use of plastic surgery. The seemingly ageless star is rumoured to have had Botox (which we’re not counting as plastic surgery, otherwise this list would be miles long), as well as a nose job and breast implants. While it’s clear that her chest is definitely larger than it once was, this can easily be chalked up to weight fluctuation, giving birth, and a good bra. The alterations to her nose, however, are a bit more suspect.

While Halle has consistently denied using plastic surgery – although she has said she’ll “never say never”, because she’s a realist whose life is in the limelight – her nose does look different than it did in her youth. The more bulbous tip has been sharpened and pointed, and the bridge of the nose is more narrow when compared to the wider, flatter bridge she had when she was a beauty pageant winner.

14 Scarlett Johansson

via betrendsetter.com

Another actress who is definitely a natural beauty, Scarlett Johansson has had to defend her good looks from an early age to reporters, even going so far as to threaten legal action against magazines who claimed that she’d had work done. While her curvaceous figure and luscious lips are definitely all Scarlett, it’s her nose that has left more than a few of her fans wondering if she went under the knife to help refine the raw beauty that was already there.

Sometimes, any alterations to the face can be due to good makeup or a loss of baby fat, but in the case of Scarlett, it looks like she may have had a little extra help to slim down her nose and whittle the tip, giving her a more classically Hollywood look that suits the rest of her face. While there’s no way to say for sure what she has or hasn’t had done, we’ll let you use these two photos to judge for yourself.

13 Blake Lively

via afterplasticsurgery.com

Nose jobs are pretty much handed out like candy in Hollywood, so if Halle Berry and Scarlett Johansson didn’t have a perfect enough sniffer, you can bet that golden goddess Blake Lively didn’t either! Blake is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful, effervescent women in the celebrity scene, but even she isn’t immune to the temptation of plastic surgery – although she’s denied it on multiple occasions! If you look at her nose, you can see that she’s has the bridge whittled down a little, and the tip is more upturned than in earlier photos. Fortunately, whatever surgeons she had didn’t try to make her nose smaller, which would have upset the balance of her face.

Another, more subtle, alteration that Blake may have indulged in was an eye lift. Since her lids are fairly heavy and hooded, her eyes look smaller and squintier in the ‘Before’ photograph. In the ‘After’ image, you can see that they seem larger and wider. You can chalk a few things up to a good night’s sleep, but not this!

12 Nicole Kidman

via extravital.com

Nicole Kidman’s nose is one that many women take into their plastic surgeon’s office and point to as the ideal. But it turns out that Nicole’s nose isn’t exactly au naturel either! While the actress eventually opened up about her use of Botox after denying it for years (although she has stopped using it lately, citing how it froze her face and made her unable to do her job), she hasn’t admitted to reshaping her nose, defining its appearance with smaller nostrils and a shorter tip.

In addition to the nose job, Nicole has also been rumoured to have had multiple lip injections (girl must love her needles!) to plump up her upper lip. Since she has naturally thin lips, it’s strange that she would assume anyone with eyes wouldn’t notice the change, but she’s continued to stay mum on the whole thing, only copping to Botox in an effort to keep the whispers to a dull roar.

11 Daryl Hannah

via celebrityplasticsurgery24.com

The previous women in this list have been lucky enough to have had wonderful surgeons who clearly knew what they were doing. Perhaps they should give Daryl Hannah their number! Unfortunately for this former ‘80s bombshell, Daryl’s new look doesn’t do anything to enhance her natural beauty.

In the past, Daryl has been dismissive of plastic surgery, saying that, “There are so many people in LA who have had cosmetic surgery and they all look like Muppets.” Well, it looks like someone tied on her strings, because in addition to extensive Botox, Daryl also seems to have had an eye lift and cheek augmentation, which added way too much volume to her face and minimized her eye area, making her peepers look squinty and her brow look heavy. She also seems to have had a little bit of inflation in her lips, puffing up her naturally thin lips (which suited her face) into something akin to a fish. Well, at least she started her career out as a mermaid!

10 Melanie Griffith

via pinterest.com

Another leading lady who has consistently denied plastic surgery rumours despite the clear evidence staring us in the face, Melanie Griffith looks almost unrecognizable compared to her apple-cheeked former self. Beginning around 1990, Melanie was said to have had a breast augmentation after overhearing from a film crew that it was impossible to make her look good on camera, and then it all went downhill from there, with multiple lip augmentations, an eyelid lift, facelift, cheek implants, and neck lift. The fact that she’s never admitted to having any work done is astonishing, because she looks like a different person! Instead, Melanie has chalked up her ever-changing look to her lifelong battles with drug and alcohol addiction, although she has noticed her online critics, stating in interviews that, “People say I look horrible.” Fortunately, she seems to be letting her work settle, allowing her to come back to her formerly beautiful self.

9 Meg Ryan

via afterplasticsurgery.com

A highly publicized victim of lip injections gone wrong, Meg Ryan was once the cute, perky, and quirky girl-next-door type throughout much of the ‘80s and ‘90s, appearing in rom-coms and chick flicks galore. Now, however, she’s hardly making it into movie theatres because her appearance has changed so drastically – not that she’d ever admit it! While she has never confirmed nor denied her use of cosmetic surgery, and in fact says that all the talk about ageing is “not that interesting”,  her evolving face speaks for itself.

Meg has been unfortunate enough to equate “plumped up” with “youthful” and so has gone overboard with lip implants and lip injections, which have stretched out her mouth and given her the grotesquely-named “trout pout”. In addition to her new lips, it seems that Meg has also recently gone under the knife for a whole new face, which yanked up her eyebrows, boosted her cheeks, and tightened up all her wrinkles for a very unnatural look.

8 JWoww

via lifeandstylemag.com

It’s strange that Jenni “JWoww” Farley would be so open about one source of plastic surgery while denying another. While JWoww has been honest about going under the knife to obtain the larger-than-life assets that are the source of her famous nickname, she has shot down rumours of calling up a surgeon to help fix her face. “I feel like I should go on a morning show, or your show, and just have a plastic surgeon see if I got anything done, because I want to prove everyone wrong,” she stated on The Wendy Williams Show. But we’re not buying the idea that a 15-pound weight loss totally reshaped JWoww’s cheeks, nose, and chin! The reality star and mom also chalks up her changed face to the help of a good makeup artist who works with drag queens, but even Kardashian-level contour can't reshape the face to this degree! Sorry, JWoww!

7 Lindsay Lohan

via styleslum.com

It seems pretty clear that Lindsay Lohan has an addictive personality. From her ongoing battles with drugs and alcohol, Lindsay seems to have traded those vices in for something a little more expensive: plastic surgery. The former teen icon has definitely had a rough past, and seems intent on reclaiming her misspent youth through artificial means. After years of roughing it up, Lindsay has gone under the knife for multiple procedures, most likely lip fillers and extensive facial fillers, which have puffed up her visage and made her look years older.

Lindsay refuses to confirm any of these rumours, however, even taking to her Twitter account back in 2010 to say that her lips are as they’ve always been – but eagle-eyed followers pointed out a cut on her lips that could signify her use of fillers. One only has to take a look at the before and after photographs to see that her plumped-up pucker is hardly the result of hard living and is more likely from some artificial assistance.

6 Ali Lohan

via celebplasticsurgeryonline.com

Plastic surgery seems to run in the family! While big sister Lindsay indulges in hard-partying and heavy lip injections, little sis Ali has followed in her footsteps, completely overhauling her face as she embarked on her modelling career a few years ago. And, like her sister, the young Ali denied, denied, denied. At the time, her rep attributed Ali’s changing face to a “growth spurt” (yeah, right), and as recently as September 2016, Ali stated that plastic surgery “was not the right thing to do”. She even had her big sis, Lindsay, backing her up, who told media outlets that plastic surgery was something Ali would never even consider.

However, can it really be called a “growth spurt” when the result is plumper lips, a more refined nose, and more prominent cheekbones? While Ali also faced plenty of backlash at the time for debuting a much thinner figure, it’s hard to believe that weight loss and growing up would result in a completely reconstructed face.

5 Mariah Carey

via eonline.com

Mariah Carey gets a lot of praise for being ageless despite her decades in the spotlight, but perhaps she’s had a bit of help in order to retain her youthful glow! However, instead of copping to having some work done, Mariah has explained away any changes to her appearance as being the result of weight loss, pregnancy, and age. But that doesn’t quite explain the wrinkle-free face she’s been showing off well into her 40s! In addition to a substantial amount of Botox, it’s also likely that Mariah had some fillers put into her cheeks, due to their unnatural roundness and how high they sit on her face.

Another part of her that may not only be the work of nature and good genes: her chest. While Mariah has been as famous for her curves as she is for her soaring voice, experts think she’s probably had a lift here and there, especially after carrying and breastfeeding her twins, Morocco and Monroe.

4 Kim Kardashian

via pinterest.com

Kim Kardashian has had to deal with a lot of scrutiny surrounding her famous rear end, but it seems that – as gravity-defying as it may be – she is actually the proud owner of a tush that is 100% real! (Although she does get occasional injections to prevent her psoriasis from flaring up on her famous asset, and experts think she’s had a Brazilian butt lift to inflate the butt-to-waist ratio.) Instead, it’s her face that has become a source of media speculation for its evolving appearance. While she’s admitted her love of Botox, she says that’s the only alteration she’s made to her face.

Kim has been open in the past about her nose being her biggest insecurity, but denied going under the knife to fix it. Then how do you explain the new, slimmer, more streamlined schnoz? In addition to the nose augmentation, it looks like Kim has also chosen lip and cheek fillers in order to plump her pout and sculpt her face.

3 Nicki Minaj

via plasticsurgerystars.org

Unlike a lot of other celebrities on this list, Nicki Minaj has categorically denied having plastic surgery – to her face. She’s explained away her slimmer nose to the use of artistic makeup application and contouring, but it’s the way she’s specified plastic surgery to her FACE that’s most interesting.

Her extraordinary derriere is what most people believe she’s had enhanced, because it’s pretty much impossible to get a backside that looks like that! For a woman whose most famous asset is her bum, we can understand why Nicki might be playing coy. However, it does look like she’s either had butt implants or fat injections to her rear, which takes fat from other parts of the body, like the waist and thighs, to achieve a more exaggerated hourglass figure. Nicki seems pretty chill about the speculation surrounding her body, however, saying, “I don’t mind the fascination…You know, people are sitting in a barbershop, talking about my butt…As long as they’re talking about Nicki Minaj, I’m good.”

2 Megan Fox

via plasticsurgerygirl.com

It’s pretty shocking to see that a woman who regularly tops the list of the most beautiful women in the world would choose to go under the knife to maintain or enhance her looks. Once you get past the excessive use of eyeliner in the first photo, it’s pretty obvious that, despite her repeated denials, Megan Fox has turned to cosmetic surgery.

In addition to Botox injections which raised her eyebrows and gave her the cat-like gaze for which she’s known, Megan appears to have also indulged in lip injections to give her a sultry, sexy pout and rhinoplasty that streamlined her nose for a more refined silhouette and a defined nasal tip. Experts also believe that Megan has chosen some cheek fillers as well, judging by her higher, sharper cheekbones, which makes her face look more carved – and older. Despite being only 30, Megan looks much older with the amount of tinkering she’s done to her face.

1 Kylie Jenner

via okmagazine.com

We all know that Kylie Jenner has chosen to indulge in lip injections since her thin lips were a source of much personal shame, and fortunately, after years of denying and explaining away her inflated pout as the result of artistic over-lining, she finally admitted to her artificial enhancements. However, like her sister, Kim, Kylie only gives away so much. What has more people wondering is her bumped-up bum, which now resembles her Kardashian sisters’ – and is a far cry from the rear end she displayed before. That’s not just from squats, honey!

Like she did with her lip fillers, Kylie excuses her bigger bum as a result of going through puberty, along with weight gain, but the ratio between it and her waist is too extreme to have been from a few extra well-placed pounds. She’s also been scrutinized for potential breast implants as well, while Kylie claims the change in size is due to her time of the month and a good bra. Since she lied for so long before, we don’t know what to believe!

Source: beautyeditor.ca

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