15 Celebs Who Shouldn’t Be Confident In A Bikini But Actually Are

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15 Celebs Who Shouldn’t Be Confident In A Bikini But Actually Are

There’s no use in dedicating a whole story to bringing down powerful women, so this story will spotlight individuals that stand out from the standard of the beauty industry and are working their summer bods no matter what anyone says. These celebrities know what they’re working with and they are super proud. While sometimes it might be hard to deal with the negativity that seems to follow everyone around every day, at least at the end of the day these individuals are happy with themselves. Because that is really what’s most important. So from now on will you take a second and think about what you’re clicking on when you go to those gossip sites that bash other independent women in the world? I hope so! Because with some positivity, we can all create a community and surround everyone with acceptance and body positivity. Support these women and hopefully you can find that support surround you as well. From all shapes, sizes, and colors, all you need to have a hot summer bikini body is: JUST HAVE A BODY! You’ll slay the game if you just keep this simple idea in mind and before you know it you’ll love your body at least a little bit more, which is amazing because you deserve it. Go out there and rock your body!

15. Tess Holliday

Via www.cosmopolitan.com

Tess Holliday doesn’t have the typical curves that you always see in mainstream media, but that doesn’t make her any less confident and it definitely doesn’t affect how hard she slays in the fashion game. She’s a beautiful model that pushes the envelope when it comes to what is accepted every day. She’s a hardworking feminist woman who inspires so many individuals today, it’s amazing! Tess Holliday is seen as the plus size model that really started making a difference in the body acceptance movement because of how much she embraces all body types. She shows that there’s a different side to the traditional curvy plus size model that isn’t represented in the media today. “Independent” is a word I’d use to describe her and all she stands for because of how amazing her attitude is despite all the hate she receives. She brushes it aside and keeps living her life to the fullest. She’s #slaying!

14. Zoe Kravitz


All body types should embrace positivity and that includes people who are slammed on social media for not having “enough” curves. Zoe Kravitz is known for having more of a slender build and being naturally athletic. Society is constantly telling us that curvy is in. I’m sure this is quite annoying for those who love their athletic body and the truth is that reading this stuff can be hard to deal with no matter what your body shape is. This is why we should celebrate and slay and encourage others to do the same even if they have a different kind of body that isn’t trending on Instagram. Plus I can’t get over how great she looks in that simple athletic cut bikini and bold blonde braids! Zoe Kravitz knows how to rock this look and no one should be telling her that she can’t be confident! Go girl go and don’t stop!

13. Beyonce

Via espectaculos.televisa.com

Bey has always dealt with a bit of fluctuation when it comes to her weight, but she’s a mother and when you’re a woman dealing with life, that means that your body changes and adjust. That’s totally and completely normal. While the famous singer constantly receives ridicule for being curvy and heavier at times in her life, that doesn’t stop her from rocking this white bikini! You can tell by the look on her face that she is loving her body and the life she has. No gossip magazine is going to tell her to not be confident because those words won’t even affect her. She knows how to work her angles and knows that no matter what, her body is worth it, that her body deserves the best treatment, a lesson we should all take the time to learn. Would you rock a bikini like this this summer? I know I would!

12. Ashley Graham

Via www.dailymail.co.uk

This woman makes history constantly because of how strong and brave she is as a plus size model. The internet can be cruel to those in the fashion industry who don’t fit the normal standard that’s been around for decades, but that standard rule is totally dated and shames those who don’t fit this cookie cutter shape. Standing with the utmost confidence, Ashley Graham constantly shows us how important it is to just wear what you want and not care what people staring at you think. While it might be hard for someone to ignore when people are glancing constantly, the truth is that people will always have something negative to say about you and you can’t let it get to you! You just have to learn how to slay through every minute of your life no matter what anyone says. Ashley Graham is a great role model for that kind of attitude!

11. Kim Kardashian


How could I leave out the most famous, curvy, and strong woman in Hollywood, Kim Kardashian?! She was recently mocked for not having photos retouched of her behind and many people spewed senseless hate toward her on social media simply because of her small bumps of cellulite. By the way, this is something that everyone can have, no matter what size or shape they are! Kim K is slaying this casual look this summer with a simple black bikini bottom and a revealing tied up tee. She shows off her curves and is totally rocking her unphotoshopped body! People have been giving Kim K so much hate because of these pictures showing her natural body and untouched photos. That should just show you how ridiculous it all is. Who cares?! She looks great and she is happy with her body, and that’s all that should matter in the end! Women should be supporting each other, not tearing each other down!

10. Iskra Lawrence

Via www.dailymail.co.uk

This fun-loving blonde is a model that embraces wearing a two piece without a blink of an eye. She’s always rocking bold and bright colors that draws eyes to her! She’s taking the modeling industry by storm and she’s made a huge impression on the beauty industry. She should be confident in a bikini! She should slay and know how amazing she is without anyone telling her their opinion. Who cares what other people think?! You can even see it in that simple smile that she’s loving her life. She definitely enjoys her life more than those awful individuals out there in the world that are constantly bashing other’s bodies. Just to make themselves feel better. It’s an unhealthy way to live and it’s a shame that many people do practice this form of hate in their lives. Stay positive and slay like Iskra Lawrence. She totally knows how to brush off the hate.

9. Tyra Banks


Tyra Banks is known for being not only the world’s most famous model but also as a huge advocate for body acceptance. A few years ago, when she faced some criticism for her weight gain, she stood up to the haters and she’s always been one to root for diversity when it comes to the modeling industry! Go Tyra! No matter what size she is, you can’t deny that her strong spirit is a beautiful thing and there should be more of that in the world, especially in the fashion world. She embraces herself and always stands up for models trying to make it in the industry even if they’re different from the mold that’s always shaping models today and forming eating disorders that are breaking down individuals in every way possible. She’s creating a positive movement and we need to support it! Tyra Banks isn’t afraid of embracing her body and you shouldn’t be afraid either.

8. Amber Rose


Amber Rose is one of the biggest body positive advocates out there, so of course she totally belongs on this list! She received so much hate for her larger than life curves and her aim to change the world’s view on different types of bodies, all sizes, shapes, and backgrounds! She’s known for creating marches that stand for feminism and fight again the society that has conditioned so many women to not only hate on each other but hate on themselves. Amber Rose isn’t ashamed of her body and shows it off all the time because that’s her version of expression and creativity. People constantly call her names that are meant to be negative and cause pain, but she doesn’t let it get to her, she just turns her back and lives her life how she wants to. She’s an inspiration and she doesn’t need to be told about her confidence because she’s slaying her life by not having a care in the world.

7. Robyn Lawley

Via www.dailymail.co.uk

Robyn Lawley doesn’t care if others stare. She’s a plus size model and enjoying every minute of it. At only 23, she’s already created a wave in the fashion industry by pushing for more open-minded beauty standards! That just proves how important it is to have an open mind when it comes to fashion, and it also proves that it’s possible to try to change the super stubborn industry! With her casual stride you can tell immediately that she has not a care in the world, nothing will get her down, and she loves every flaw she has. The model knows how to dress for her body to really make her stand out and look flawless in the summer heat. No gossip mag can tell her that she’s not rockin’ it, because she clearly is! Would you wear a cute bathing suit like this this summer? I know I would, it looks fantastic!

6. Nicki Minaj


Known for her crazy bold colorful style and curves, Nicki Minaj has been promoting body positivity in interviews, and that is honestly really cool and inspiring! While her style has made her the center of attention for many reasons, there’s one thing about Nicki Minaj that people bash her for, and that’s her body. While she’s made some choices when it comes to her body and what she deems as beautiful, many individuals have decided to shout their opinion about her choices, trying to constantly bring down her confidence. She doesn’t need that kind of hate because her bikini body is slaying! Take a lesson from Nicki and don’t listen to the haters, it’s just a waste of time. Who needs that kind of nonsense? Not Nicki! Would you rock a bright and bold bikini like this one? Maybe even with the green hair?!

5. Crystal Renn


Crystal Renn has fluctuated with her weight like many of the independent women on this list, and because of that struggle to find self-love, she has finally reached a place where she can model at any size. No matter what comes her way in terms of her health and what she wants in life, she has been able to show all of those around her that she’s happy with herself and will love her body at any stage. Even in the very candid photo taken by some random paparazzi was trying to frame her badly when she was having fun in the water showing off the body she loves. But it backfired a few years ago when this photo went viral on social media because the only thing the picture did was capture how happy she really is with herself. That right there is a huge inspiration we should all try to remember on the daily. #Slay

4. Tara Lynn

Via www.pinterest.com

You can just tell from the look on her face that she’s slaying the game and doesn’t need anyone to tell her if she should or shouldn’t have confidence! Tara Lynn has always been a strong figurehead in the plus size community, and she’s never been afraid of expressing her opinion, now that’s something we need more of in this world! From enjoying herself on a family vacation to starring in a Fergie music video, Tara Lynn isn’t afraid of showing off her body and it’s seriously inspiring! Even though she’s a size 14, she’s always bringing a new perspective forward when it comes to modeling, nothing can get her down. She’s always redefining beauty standards and that’s something that should be inspiring women around the world. Her carefree attitude is contagious and keeps us coming back for more. Don’t you dare comment about her confidence because she knows her life better than anyone! You go girl!

3. Johanna Dray


Famous for this picture, she’s shown how beautiful it is to love the body you have at any stage you’re at. Showing rolls and not the “ideal” version of curvy is just what she set out to do and she accomplished a great thing when this photo was published. She showed the world what it looked like to accept yourself without any regard to what people are saying about you. This French plus size model has been modeling since she was 21 and has paved her own path since the beginning. She was accepted into the plus size community immediately after being signed and she used that fame to her advantage because she had always known that she wanted to make a difference in how people view women. She wanted to use her fame to be seen as an independent and hard working women, fighting for the freedom of all women.

2. Nicole Le Bris

Via www.pinterest.com

Having a plus size body may be rare in the modeling industry, but it’s actually the national average when it comes to clothing size. That should tell you something about the society we live in. The truth is that the modeling industry can be pretty messed up because they hire individuals and market them to make people feel worthless and insecure and uncomfortable in their own skin. It isn’t right! She’s known for her fun loving attitude and her personal fashion aesthetic. She keeps her look simple and it brings out all her best features. No matter what comes her way, she always puts her best foot forward. She’s always in a positive frame of mind and never lets anyone tell her how to live her life. We know one thing for sure: she slays the modeling game and the Hollywood red carpet on any occasion!

1. Anansa Sims


Carefree and loving it! That’s how we should all feel after reading this article because you’re worth it, just like all these models and many more. No matter what size or shape you are, you deserve to be happy. It’s good to have goals but if you’re content where you are now, don’t listen to what anyone says. Accept yourself for who you are just like Anansa Sims does. Known for her work in plus size publications, she has received a lot of criticism when it comes to her work. Unfortunately, people never know when to withhold their negative comments, but she knows how to deal with this kind of stuff with a smile on her face. She never backs down from flaunting her stuff whether that’s in commercial photography to the catwalk. Anansa Sims is number one on this list because she has put so much time into creating a world where people respect each other and their choices. She knows that it’s important to lift women up instead of having constant cat fights. Anansa Sims and all the other fantastic women on this list are making a change in the world and I can only hope it continues. Slay the game girls and don’t let any tell you not to be confident!

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