15 Celebs Who Should Take A Break From Dating

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love being in love? For some of us, just the idea of dating can be daunting, but for others, we really enjoy the perks of being in a meaningful relationship. Of course, finding the right significant other can be no easy task, but once you finally meet someone who sweeps you off your feet it’s super hard to resist the temptation of falling hard fast. When you’re a celebrity, your entire love life is analyzed under a microscope by millions of people, and sometimes the pressure of being young and in love under the spotlight proves to be too challenging to handle for some. Surely famous singers, actors, and even reality stars have no problem finding plenty of eligible admirers who would love the opportunity to date them, and sometimes those results in certain celebs becoming notorious serial-daters. The thought of being in one relationship after another might sound totally exhausting to us, but to some famous figures, it’s become the new normal. These stars have been so many high-profile romances that we can hardly figure out how they have time for anything else! Here are 15 celebs who should probably take a break from dating.

15 Khloe Kardashian

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When it comes to being in a happy and healthy relationship, we all know that Khloe Kardashian hasn’t exactly been super lucky. Khloe has been through a rollercoaster of emotions over the years, and because she’s one of the world’s most famous reality stars, her highs and lows have all played out in front of the whole world. In the early seasons of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, some fans might remember that Khloe was the one sister who played it cool when it came to dating. While Kim was notoriously boy crazy and Kourtney was in a long-term relationship with Scott Disick, Khloe certainly wasn’t eager to let her guard down by allowing a significant other into her life.

Of course, that all changed when she met professional basketball player Lamar Odom in 2009. The two instantly hit it off and rushed right into marriage only a month after meeting. Though the future was looking bright for Mr. and Mrs. Odom, things between Khloe and Lamar didn’t work out and she filed for divorce in 2013. Since then, Khloe hit the dating scene hard and has found herself in back-to-back relationships with some hot-shot ball players and entertainers. Khloe had long been romantically linked to rapper ‘The Game’ before she was involved in an on-again/off-again romance with rapper French Montana. Once that fizzled out, Khloe almost immediately found herself in yet another high-profile relationship with NBA star James Harden. In between all of these love affairs, Khloe also considered the possibility of rekindling things with Lamar Odom before ultimately deciding that they were better off apart. Just in case that wasn’t enough to make your head spin, Khloe started a relationship yet again this past July with basketball player Tristan Thompson. We’re not quite sure how Khloe finds the time (or energy) to have such an active love life, but we’re exhausted just thinking about it! Maybe taking a break from dating wouldn’t be such a bad idea for Khloe after all.

14 Lindsay Lohan

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Lindsay Lohan has been a fixture in the media for many years now, but most of the attention she gets these days is for her outlandish antics and rocky relationships rather than her thriving career as an actress. Lohan has definitely made waves for her endlessly entertaining love life, but we think that she could benefit from a much needed rest from relationships. Let's go way back to 2000 when she was caught up in a love triangle when it was revealed that she and Hilary Duff were, oops, dating Aaron Carter at the same time without having any clue. She then famously dated actor Wilmer Valderrama for a few years before having a string of short-lived romances with Hard Rock Café heir Harry Morton, British star Calum Best, and pro-snowboarder Riley Giles. Lohan also entered a rollercoaster of a relationship with DJ Samantha Ronson that started back in 2008 and lasted about a year. Lohan has been linked to dozens of other suitors, but her most recent relationship is sure to shed some light on why we think she could use a time-out from the dating scene.

This year, Lindsay found herself in yet another whirlwind romance, this time with Russian business man and heir Egor Tarabasov. Though Egor was seven years younger than Lindsay, the pair were on the fast-track to happily ever after, and Lilo gushed about her new beau every chance she got. The two were even rumored to be engaged before a super public and tumultuous breakup. Lohan took to Twitter to accuse Egor of being unfaithful before taking him back once more. Things reached the point of no return when the duo were filmed having a physical altercation on a beach during a Greek getaway. There were accusations of abuse and infidelity being slung from both ends, and ultimately these two finally parted ways. Though their engagement ended just a short time ago, Lindsay has already been linked to other potential future ex-boyfriends. We think it would be best if Lindsay stepped away from the dating pool and just took some time to chill-out and avoid all of the unnecessary drama that seems to follow her from one relationship to the next.

13 Bella Thorne

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It’s super likely that most of us were a little boy crazy when we were teenagers, but when you’re a stunning star on the rise in Hollywood, the temptation to play the field can be even more appealing. At just nineteen, fiery actress Bella Thorne is well on her way to becoming another big time celebrity who started out as a Disney starlet. Over the years, Bella has blossomed into one of hottest celebrities-in-the-making, and she’s definitely scored herself tons of attention for it.

Of course, it seems like guys are lining up for a date with Bella. Thorne got the media to take notice when she first started dating Brandon Lee, the son of Pamela Anderson and rocker Tommy Lee. Less than a week after going public with her new beau, Thorne was spotted locking lips with another handsome suitor, actor Ryan Nassif. Well, that sure was fast! Bella then soon started dating actor Gregg Sulkin for just over a year before ending things in a nasty split. Almost immediately after, Thorne began posting sultry snapshots of herself entangled with yet another new BF to social media, Teen Wolf star Tyler Posey. All of this rapid-fire dating sure sounds exhausting, and we think Bella could use some time just lay low and enjoy life without a guy by her side for a while.

12 Taylor Swift

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Let’s face it when it comes to celebrity serial daters, there’s no doubt that Taylor Swift is totally the first name that comes to mind. While Swift is a super talented singer and songwriter, her ability to entertain is often overshadowed by her long list of ex-lovers. Though some of the star’s biggest hits have been penned following a painfully bad breakup, many fans feel like Taylor puts way too much emphasis on dating above all else. Taylor’s first star-powered relationship was with Joe Jonas back in 2008, and Swift made headlines when she revealed that Jonas dumped her in a brief phone call that lasted less than thirty seconds. Naturally, Swift wrote a couple of songs about her former flame and she began earning her title as a notorious celeb serial dater soon after.

Over the next few years, Swift went on to build an impressive resume of A-list exes that included John Mayer, Jake Gyllenhaal, Taylor Lautner, Connor Kennedy, and Harry styles…just to name a few. Taylor’s longest and one of her more recent relationships was with DJ Calvin Harris, who appeared to be a match made in heaven. As always, Swift and her scorned lover parted ways and she got with actor Tom Hiddleston a mere two weeks later. What can we say, Taylor is definitely a “don’t chase them, replace them” kind of girl. Everyone knows that her relationship with Hiddleston fizzled out almost as quickly as it began, and it’s only a matter of time before Swift finds herself in another rebound relationship. If we were in Taylor’s girl squad, we would definitely suggest pumping the breaks when it comes to dating so she can focus on putting herself before finding a relationship.

11 Jennifer Lopez

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We’re all guilty of falling in love with Jennifer Lopez. The sensational superstar has had a super impressive career and still continues to wow crowds every chance she gets. She’s beautiful, talented, and a total triple-threat that makes jaws drop with her singing, dancing, and acting. With so many great attributes, it might make you wonder if there’s anything that J.Lo isn’t successful at. Well… unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last decade, you know that Jennifer hasn’t exactly been triumphant when it comes to finding the right man for her.

Don’t get us wrong, J.Lo has had a very fruitful love life and has dated some super influential people, but she can’t seem to make her romantic relationships go the distance. Jennifer has been married and divorced three times. Her first marriage to Ojani Noa lasted two years, and the same goes for her marriage to backup dancer Chris Judd. Jennifer also married fellow Latin popstar Marc Anthony and their union produced two children, but they ultimately parted ways after ten years together. Oh yeah…J.Lo also had two extremely high-profile relationships somewhere in between all of her marriages – with rapper Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs and actor Ben Affleck. More recently, Jennifer has been in an on-again/off-again relationship with choreographer Casper Smart since 2011. Jennifer recently revealed that she’s been proposed to an astounding five times in her life but turned down two engagements. While it seems like Jenny always has a new man on her arm, maybe she could benefit from taking a hiatus from dating altogether. If there’s anyone who’s capable of being a strong, independent woman, we’re pretty sure J.Lo’s got it covered.

10 Rihanna

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Rihanna is undoubtedly one of the biggest stars on the planet right now, so it’s no surprise that she’s enjoying the perks of dating some of Hollywood’s hottest bachelors. RiRi notoriously dated rapper Chris Brown early in her career but the pair became a super controversial subject in the media when evidence of domestic violence surfaced. Rihanna and Chris parted ways shortly after the allegations came to light, but RiRi couldn’t drop Brown like the bad habit that he was and they rekindled their relationship despite the public’s negative reaction.

Once they split for good, Rihanna memorably romanced professional baseball player Matt Kemp in 2010 and rapper Travis Scott in 2015. Since then the star has been linked to a long list of potential suitors ranging from Shia LeBouf to Leonardo DiCaprio. Most recently, Rihanna began dating Drake, but despite the rapper’s endless admiration for her, it seems like their love just wasn’t built to last. The star even publicly professed her infatuation with NBA star LeBron James earlier this year, but the basketball star is happily married and has no interest in RiRi’s advances. What can we say? Rihanna definitely has game, but her speedy serial-dating ways sound super draining if you ask us.

9 Leonardo DiCaprio

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When it comes to super famous actors, you can’t get much more A-list than Leonardo DiCaprio. The star’s love life has always been a smoking hot topic in the media, and Leo’s romantic relationships have garnered almost as much attention as his award winning leading roles on the big screen.

In terms of dating and all things romance, there's no denying that DiCaprio definitely has a type. We all know that Leo has been linked to a number of gorgeous, internationally known models. Perhaps most notably, he was in a relationship with Gisele Bundchen for five years only to date Bar Refaeli for six years before calling it quits. Most recently, he was spotted with model Nina Agdal on an array of exotic vacations earlier this year. Leo even dated actress Blake Lively for some time back in 2011 before she went on to become the wife of Ryan Reynolds. DiCaprio’s dating life is so active that he has even been romantically linked to Rihanna. There’s no doubt that Leonardo is one super serious serial-dater…so maybe he could use a breather before moving on to his next romantic rendezvous.

8 Kate Hudson

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With beauty, fame, and fortune, it’s no wonder that actress Kate Hudson is the kind of girl who never has trouble finding guys who want to date her. The star has been in a number of high-profile relationships over the course of her career, starting with her first marriage to Chris Robinson of The Black Crowes. The two married in 2000 and welcomed a son together in 2004, but they ultimately ended up getting divorced citing “irreconcilable differences” in 2007. Hudson later went on to date Muse frontman Matthew Bellamy and they also became engaged in 2011. Hudson gave birth to her second child that same year but the couple had announced plans to end their engagement in 2014.

In between her two most serious relationships, Hudson also romanced professional baseball star Alex Rodriguez and Australian golfer Adam Scott. Most recently, Kate has been romantically linked to Derek Hough of Dancing With The Stars fame and Nick Jonas, who is thirteen years her junior. When pressed by the media about their romance, both Jonas and Hudson played coy and declined to comment on the nature of their relationship, but neither denied that they were an item. Kate Hudson has a lot going for her and it’s no surprise that she attracts many eligible bachelors, but her love life sounds way too exhausting to handle.

7 John Mayer

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There’s just no beating around the bush here: John Mayer has pretty much dated everyone in Hollywood. The singer has definitely earned himself a reputation as being one of tinsel town’s most notorious playboys, and we think he could use a little break from the dating scene before moving on to his next flavor of the week. Mayer has famously romanced a number of leading ladies, but his most high-profile ex-girlfriends include Jennifer Love-Hewitt, Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Simpson, Taylor Swift, and Katy Perry... just to name a few.

Though each relationship was relatively short-lived, Mayer surely left a lasting impression on each one of his former flames. Taylor Swift even used her failed relationship with the star as inspiration for her song “Dear John” where she publicly calls out Mayer for breaking her heart. Though John Mayer seems to be virtually irresistible to ladies all over the world, there were a few occasions where he just wasn’t able to score a date. Country star Jessie James Decker revealed that Mayer attempted to pick her up back in 2007 but she found him more sleazy than charming and denied his advances. Former talk show host Ricki Lake spilled the beans on her encounter with Mayer, who told her that he had a crush on her and insisted on exchanging numbers. One thing is definitely for certain – John Mayer is a total ladies’ man (and it shows). We’re starting to wonder if he will ever get tired of the dating scene and take some time out for himself and his career, but let’s face it, this is John Mayer we’re talking about here.

6 Chris Evans

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Of course, Chris Evans has taken the world by storm playing the pivotal role of Captain America in the Avengers movies. But even before he was the huge celebrity he is now, he was still a bit of a serial-dater. With guy-next-door good looks and a superhero physique, it’s no surprise that he’s been enjoying every bit of the dating scene. Evans’ first famous relationship happened after he met actress Jessica Biel while filming a movie together. The pair dated for three years before going their separate ways. Since then, he was romantically linked to actress Minka Kelly off and on from 2007 through 2014. The couple also rekindled their romance earlier this year before splitting up once again. Evans has also been reportedly linked to Shameless star Emmy Rossum after they were caught locking lips at a bar a few years back.

Chris has also been rumored to have been romancing Sandra Bullock, Lily Collins, and Elizabeth Olsen. Currently, Chris Evans has been in a relationship with Saturday Night Live comedienne Jenny Slate. Speaking to the press about their status as a couple, Slate said that Chris is her “dream seventh grade boyfriend”. Let’s hope that things work out between these two, otherwise, Evans might benefit from a much-needed break from canoodling before hopping into his next relationship.

5 Jana Kramer

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Country singer and actress Jana Kramer has made quite a name for herself as one of the top competitors on this season of Dancing With The Stars. Before the brunette beauty was stealing our hearts on the dance floor, she was certainly no stranger to heartbreak when it came to her romantic life. Kramer first tied the knot back in 2004 when she was in her early twenties. Jana recently revealed that she was severely mistreated during the marriage and she filed for divorce only seven months later. As Jana’s career was heating up, so was her love life. Not long after her first divorce was finalized, the star became engaged to actor Johnathon Schaech after meeting on the set of a movie they were filming. The pair said “I do” in 2014, but they separated just one month later.

Jana quickly found love in the arms of fellow country crooner Brantley Gilbert, and they became engaged in January of 2013…only to split in August of the same year. Shortly after ending things with Gilbert, she started romancing hunky actor Scott Eastwood. One that fizzled out, Jana was sure she had finally found her forever love with NFL player Mike Caussin. The couple met on Twitter and had a bit of a rocky start, as Jana admitted that they parted ways weeks-in to their relationship due to Caussin’s cheating ways. Miraculously, the pair reconciled and got married in 2015. Kramer gave birth to their daughter in January of 2016 and the couple announced their separation eight months later. If there’s anything that can be learned from Jana’s turbulent love life, it’s definitely not to rush into things too quickly before really knowing and understanding your partner. Jana sure tends to hurry when it comes to finding love, but hopefully, romance can take a backseat to her budding career…at least for now.

4 Kaley Cuoco

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The Big Bang Theory breakout star Kaley Cuoco has become a household name due to her role on the incredibly popular sitcom, but her unsteady love life has often taken center stage both on and off the small screen. Kaley privately dated her Big Bang Theory co-star Johnny Galecki for two years beginning in 2008. Though things didn’t work out for the pair romantically in real life, they remained close friends and continued to be lovers on the show. Kaley then went on to romance rocker Christopher French before setting her sights on addiction specialist Josh Resnik. Cuoco and Resnik got engaged in 2011 but ultimately called it quits in early 2012.

Not one to stay single for long, Kaley became a hot topic in the media when she briefly began dating Superman actor Henry Cavill. The couple got hot and heavy incredibly fast, but they broke up after just one month together. It seemed like Kaley was super determined to tie the knot because she then got engaged to professional tennis player Ryan Sweeting in 2013… after just three months of dating. The couple’s wedded bliss only lasted two years before they called it quits, and Kaley has already moved on to the next love of her life, equestrian Karl Cook. We’re not sure how Kaley manages to fall head over heels so fast, but her love life has totally tuckered us out!

3 Wilmer Valderrama

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There must be something about Wilmer Valderrama that makes him totally irresistible to some of Hollywood’s hottest rising stars, though we’re not quite sure what it is that makes him so appealing. The actor became a household name playing foreign exchange student Fez on That 70’s Show and he has been romantically linked to some pretty big name stars. Of course, Wilmer is probably best known for dating Demi Lovato off and on for the past six years, as their relationship started when she was just seventeen. Before meeting Lovato, Valderrama briefly dated Jennifer Love-Hewitt in 1999 and caused a media frenzy when he publicly rated their intimate life on Howard Stern’s radio show several years later. The actor then went on to date singer and actress Mandy Moore from 2001 to 2002, and the two surprisingly remain good friends to this day despite their romantic relationship coming to an end.

Wilmer infamously dated Lindsay Lohan at the height of her career but their relationship only lasted for about a year, only to date Ashlee Simpson promptly after. Valderrama also has been romantically linked to Avril Lavigne and Rihanna in the past. Additionally, the actor briefly dated Minka Kelly in 2012 during one of his “off” moments from Demi Lovato. Once he and Demi split for good earlier this year, Minka and Valderrama were spotted together by the paparazzi enjoying a romantic couple’s retreat. Though both stars denied that they have rekindled their old flame, it was actually a mutual friend (and Wilmer’s ex) Mandy Moore who unintentionally outed the lovebirds on a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. What can we say, Wilmer is definitely a smooth talking Casanova when it comes to his love life, but maybe he should enjoy bachelorhood a little while longer before finding his next big relationship.

2 Justin Bieber

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Pop superstar Justin Bieber just can’t seem to keep his name out of the press lately, but it’s usually not because of his astounding music career. Bieber has been traveling down a super slippery slope in recent years and his turbulent love life likely plays a role in earning him a title as a bonafide celebrity “bad boy.” Of course, everyone knows that Justin famously romanced fellow pop star Selena Gomez in an on-again/off-again rollercoaster of a relationship that has been on a repetitive loop since 2010. This duo has gotten together and broken up more times than any of us could ever count, but once things with Selena actually came to an end, Justin became a notorious playboy in the elite Hollywood social circle. Justin has been linked to a wide range of beautiful women.

The star seems to have an affinity for dating models and has courted a long list of stunning singles. Most notably, Bieber romanced Victoria Secret model Barbara Palvin and model Chantel Jeffries, who is said to be the inspiration behind his hit sendoff song, “Love Yourself”. As if his love life weren’t enough to make any man jealous, the Biebs was also rumored to be linked to supermodel Miranda Kerr and even Kourtney Kardashian. Let’s face it, Bieber is a total player when it comes to dating and it doesn’t look like he would be willing to change his ways anytime soon. Who knows? Maybe a break from the ladies would be the best move for the Biebs.

1 Paris Hilton

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If there was ever a celebrity to be called a serial dater, Paris Hilton would definitely take those honors by a landslide. Ever since the heiress turned reality star skyrocketed to fame in 2003, she has been unapologetically breaking hearts and taking names. It seems like Paris can never manage to stay single for long and she totally has a lengthy list of lovers to show for it. Before we get into her very bountiful dating life, let’s talk engagements. Paris has reportedly been engaged twice: to model Jason Shaw in 2002 and Greek shipping heir Paris Latsis in 2005. We already know what you’re thinking: as incredible as a Paris squared marriage would have been, it just wasn’t in the cards.

Hilton’s first real relationship was with Randy Spelling, the brother of actress Tori Spelling. Since then she has wooed many suitors including rockers Deryck Whibley, Fred Durst, and Travis Barker. Hilton also dated NFL quarterback Matt Leinart and baseball player Doug Reinhardt. Paris also created a bit of media buzz when she began dating Greek socialite Stavros Niarchos after allegedly stealing him away from Mary-Kate Olsen. Hilton also infamously had a relationship with Backstreet Boy Nick Carter and it was revealed that she even got his named inked on her derriere. Needless to say, that tattoo was surely regrettable once they broke up shortly after. Paris also dated DJ Afrojack, actor Simon Rex, Chad Michael Murray, and Benji Madden (whose brother Joel is married to Hilton’s former BFF Nicole Richie). Of course, Paris Hilton wouldn’t be where she is today if not for her rendezvous with poker player Rick Solomon, who was responsible for her infamous home movie with. We can hardly keep up with all of Hilton’s whirlwind romances, and the list only continues to grow. Maybe Paris would be better suited taking a leave of absence from the world of dating for a little while so she can be fiercely independent instead of always being in a relationship. No lady should depend on a man to make her happy... especially not Paris Hilton.

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