15 Celebs Who Prove How Much Makeup Can Change You

Wearing a lot of makeup has become a huge trend these days. No longer are full glam looks reserved for celebs on the red carpet. From YouTube to Instagram, many influencers are starting to lure the public into paying extra attention to the art of makeup, and even the average, everyday girl can be seen batting mink lashes and rocking a bold red lip. While makeup is fun and expressive, it’s not all that it seems. What meets the eye sometimes isn’t very much the true story.

Celebrities are made to be super conscious about their appearance, making the pressures for them to look as perfect as possible really high, and making the pressure for us to look like them so we can be perfect is even higher. I’ve seen many women feel insecure about not being able to pull off the uber done up makeup looks of beauty gurus on Instagram or how their celeb idols manage to pull off such a beautiful glittery eye and bold lip in their Snapchats on the way to the red carpet. Some celebs even seem to look gorgeous totally natural… or is it the old secret no makeup, makeup look? Even their flawless skin and prefect pink pout aren’t really what’s behind the camera. Some of these celebs just wear makeup to cover it up.

In fact, here are 15 celebs that cover up so much that they look almost completely different without any makeup on!

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15 Adele

Yes folks, this is the same person! Well, you can pretty much tell she’s Adele from both extremes. (take notes Kylie). From the cute cozy teddy bear waving a shameless hand to the paparazzi with a bare face to an all-out full glam makeover, contour and all, Adele is charming either way. Can we just applaud her radiance in both photos? She seems to glow either with or without makeup. And her skin is blemish free and porcelain smooth. She glows with and without highlighter. Yes IG beauty influencers, it’s totally possible to have that highlighted glow without bathing in glitter all day.

We should love her confidence in both pictures. Her enchanting smile gives off a sense of humility and self assurance that can inspire every woman to feel more confident in her skin, bare face or full glam. Honestly, how many high profile celebs with Adele’s superstar status wave to the camera with a smile knowing they left the house without the slightest bit of foundation? She’s comfortable in the skin she’s in and it shows. It also shows us that we can be too.

14 Mila Kunis

Oh yeah, many of us saw this one circulating before. In one picture the actress is stunning and beaming pretty pearly whites on the red carpet with a natural but polished makeup look. In the other we have a shot of Mila out and about, whilst pregnant with her first child. Now, I’m sure some were thinking she looked as if she kind of just dragged herself out of bed and walked out the door, bunny slippers and all, but honestly, who has time to constantly do hair and makeup when you’ve got a growing human inside of you, constantly kicking and moving body organs and draining your energy to a big fat E? What made me upset was the fact that the gossipers refused to cut her some slack.

I mean sheesh, she is still a pretty girl either way right? Can’t we have off days? Can’t we be tired? Can’t we be pregnant and start families without someone criticizing our looks down to a T for just a moment of our lives? I’d love to see pregnant celeb women not be picked apart so harshly. Even the way they did Kim Kardashian when she was pregnant with North was just so out of bounds!

You deserve off days Mila, especially when you’re carrying little humans.

13 Rose Huntington-Whitley

A gorgeous super model and Victoria’s Secret Angel, Rosie Huntington-Whitley has been taking the world of high fashion by storm. Of course part of the job is to look your absolute best at all times. After all, a high fashion model with such a massive following should look in tip top shape in every camera shot, right?

So it’s pretty rare that we see a totally makeup free photo of such a high profile model, and this one is almost a drastic difference between makeup and no makeup. We can clearly see her nose isn’t as contoured as when she’s wearing makeup, but it’s still pretty cute. Her eyebrows still look about the same and her skin may not look nearly as vibrant, but there’s not a totally shocking difference here. Even though she may not look as Barbie doll-ish, she doesn’t look bad at all without all the makeup. Maybe post a few more makeup-less selfies huh Rosie? It’d definitely help us feel less insecure about our makeup free look, since you’re like a goddess and everything and we’re like, pretty average and all.

12 Avril Lavigne

We can thank Avril Lavinge for quite a few things, like the classic early 2000's hits “Girlfriend” and “A Thousand Miles”. (Admit it. You started singing at least one of those in your head just now.)

We can also thank her for convincing tweens and teens of the early 2000's for inspiring their emo phase and over lining their eyes to the point where they looked like a bunch of sleepy raccoons. We all have regrets, don’t we?

She’s so well- known for her jet black raccoon eyes that she almost looks unrecognizable without them! We have to say that this natural look on her definitely makes her look more approachable and quite refreshing. It’s as if now that her face is much natural that she exudes a classic American girl look. We love your rock star look Avril, but we also don’t mind if you tone down the eyeliner once in a while.

11 Rihanna

Bad gal Ri-Ri has been killing the game for over a decade in the pop music industry now, and she continues to slay wether she’s wearing makeup or not. However, we all can agree that seeing these side by side shots of her with and without makeup is pretty shocking.

We have glammed-out Ri-Ri to bare faced and care free, and almost eyebrow free. Where did her eyebrows go, I’m not sure. I know one thing for sure: her skin is flawless. I can’t spot one single blemish or zit, can you? If only all of us could be blessed in that department. Although there’s a noticeable difference between her glam self and plain self, she’s still Rihanna; her beauty just seems to radiate whether she’s wearing makeup or not.

10 Khloe Kardashian

The complete transformation here is astounding! Not only is there a huge contrast between makeup and no makeup, but there’s an even bigger contrast between skin tones! Remember the compare and contrast diagrams we had to fill out in elementary school? I think it’d be fun if we played a game and envisioned that in our heads right now as we compare and contrast between pictures shall we?

From left to right we go from porcelain to “I just came back from a trip in Costa Rica” kind of tan, a button nose to sculpted and contoured, a bare pout to deep vampy lips, and decent eyebrows to eyebrows on fleek. I’d say that if I ran into her while she looked the way she did in the left picture I probably wouldn’t have recognized her.

9 Katy Perry

Here we have dolled up and stunning Katy Perry, and a picture that is somewhat shocking, of a makeup-less, bare faced Katy Perry. Honestly, who leaked this photo of her onto the web? Her skin looks a little pale in her makeup free shot and quite colorful in her made up look. It makes me question how much time she spends on hair and makeup, or is it all spent on just makeup. Another really noticeable difference is her brows, her natural pic has them looking a little more sparse but in all fairness, most of us have the same problem. And of course everyone isn’t blessed with naturally perfect brows, arch and all.

However, the natural look may not be the most flattering but this is also a bad shot, we are sure this star looks good without makeup but this pic really proves the power that makeup has.

8 Kim Kardashian

Kim made many, many makeup trends super popular in all the magazines and across social media, such as highlighting and contouring, baking, and even strobing. It’s a rare moment that we don’t see Kim K rocking a full beat, even on a casual trip to the coffee shop. So to see her without wearing any form of cosmetics, not even concealer, is pretty shocking to our systems!

It looks like she makes it a point to keep the eyebrows on fleek, but was it really a good idea not to take care of those under eye dark circles girl? Come on Kim, if you’re going to fix one problem you’ve got to tend to the others, right? Kim still looks herself, but you’ve got to admit that the usual contoured, sculpted, and chiseled Kim is the one we’re the most used to. At least she knows how to keep her eyebrows on fleek.

7 Nicki Minaj

Your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you folks: this is the same girl! Nicki Minaj’s Barbie phase came with a series of over-the-top ensembles, wigs, and makeup looks. Many of us couldn’t decide which was more flamboyant than the other! We still loved her for it all of course, along with her chart topping hits.

This portrayal right here compares Nicki looking the closest she ever has to a real life Barbie doll, to a completely natural, makeup free and even freshly washed hair Nicki. Even though her eyebrows and lashes seemed to have disappeared, she still gives off a radiant, humbled, and overall beautiful aura in her makeup free pic. She’s another one with a flawless skin complexion! Seriously, if these celebs don’t come out with a book of details on their skin care routines really soon I’m going to start petitioning. The public deserves justice!

Clearly Nicki is beautiful with or without the makeup, even though sometimes the makeup she does put on can be a tad bit much. I’m appreciative of the more toned down look she’s acquired lately; the right amount to enhance her features and still look herself.

6 Candice Swanepoel

The gorgeous Victoria’s Secret Angel can pull off many looks, from a dolled up top model to a much more laid back, and impressively glowy look. It appears that she may have been enjoying a vacation on a luxurious island sporting that insanely cute bralette and dewy skin so radiant that it’s making us want to schedule an hour long facial asap!

What better way to show off your natural beauty than in a bikini selfie?

Doll baby lashes and bold bright red lips are usually the go-to makeup must haves to make any woman look glam, supermodels included. It definitely is a more dramatic look for Candice, and we don’t mind it. Just don’t ever go overboard on us Candy, as you really don’t much more than you already have!

5 Kylie Jenner

Remember back when Kylie Jenner’s sudden transformation was so shocking that the rumors of her receiving plastic surgery started buzzing? Even though she has admitted to receiving lip fillers (seemingly an equally common trend among Hollywood and Instagram these days) there’s no confirmation of anything else getting worked on…as far as her face is concerned…

Nope, all of it is just plain old makeup. The magic of makeup can do wonders for your appearance. Kylie went from the 'friend' to the prom queen all from a little blush, contour, a spray tan, lipstick and brow gel. Okay it may not be that simple. It takes a bit of work.

To any teens going through puberty, or young adults that feel like it still hasn’t caught up, and wishing they looked as good as Kylie, it’s OK guys: she slathers on concealer and lipstick just like everyone else. If Kylie can go from plain to glam, so can you, if you have the budget for a good foundation and can learn how to heavily over line your lips. That was her saving grace before going for treatments anyway, so there’s no need for lip fillers if you can’t afford them (or are afraid of them.)

4 Lisa Rinna

Pioneer actress, television host, and reality TV star Lisa Rinna definitely has a different look behind all that glitz and glam of the Hollywood cameras. It appears that she really knows how to pile on the makeup, so much so that it actually helps make her look younger. Among many before and after makeup transformations, this is probably one of the most shocking, or shockingly impressive?

We all know that age spots, dark circles, and under eye bags are inevitable as we age, so why not do everything you can to hide it? While Lisa doesn’t look totally recognizable from left to right, we can agree that it’s clear she uses makeup to enhance her features the right way, thank God. Although a bit less eyeliner might do her justice, the rest seems pretty clean enough to make her look fresh and youthful. Good job Lisa.

3 Jennifer Lopez

Just as with Lisa, J.Lo uses makeup the right way by enhancing her features without over-aging herself. Except, maybe that blue glitter shadow could have been left alone, but hey, we all have to take risks at some point of our lives right?

While Jennifer has a pretty flawless complexion already, it appears that the foundation is a bit more full coverage than it needs to be. Perhaps a more medium to sheer coverage or even just concealer on the trouble spots could do her more justice. With this makeup look in particular, the blue eye shadow does sort of clash with the nude lip. Maybe next time a more neutral or brown smoky eye would have better complimented the look overall because this look almost looks ls if she tried a bit too hard.

By the way Jen, is that a lip plumper you’re using? You’re one of the few who has actually pulled it off, and someone may want to follow in your shoes instead of following with the extreme “Kylie Jenner lips” trend.

2 Mariah Carey

The first buzz worthy topic involving Mariah Carey’s role in the 2009 drama film Precious oddly wasn’t about her acting skills, but about the fact that her face was completely naked. It was completely free of any form of cosmetics, not even a little lip gloss. It was to the point where many viewers didn’t even recognize her! Looking at these pictures side to side, there’s definitely a big difference.

However, if you look closely at each photo and analyze her facial features, it’s possible to put the pieces together and confirm that this is the pop diva herself. It’s still amazing how different she looks without full glam going on. I’m still looking up and close and wondering how did we go from this, to that? I mean… the difference here is crazy. Well Mimi, we still love you.

1 Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi

I know exactly what you’re thinking, “There’s NO WAY this is the same person!”

Yes everybody, this is Snooki, from Jersey Shore, in both pictures. Talk about dramatic transformations.

The female cast of Jersey Shore usually fulfilled the stereotypes of Jersey girls’ obsession with over tanning, over dramatic makeup looks, and a just as dramatic and fiery personality to match. For some reason, the world fell in love for Snooki for her wild and feisty personality, but honestly we couldn’t help but cringe at how much makeup she wore all the time (not to mention those crazy hair highlights!)

Who would’ve thought that underneath all that fake tan, neon lipsticks, and batwing lashes that there would be such a naturally radiant and beautiful woman? Of course Snooki had beauty before, but underneath all the cosmetics, there’s a natural woman that’s so much more refreshing and even relatable. Snooki, we have to say that we feel so much more connected to you as your natural self. Thankfully upon the show’s end in 2012 and giving birth to an adorable little boy in 201, she’s adopted a much more toned down look and attitude. She also prefers to be called by her real name, “Nicole”. We really adore the natural look on you more Nicole. It’s fitting, it’s flattering, and it’s you.

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