15 Celebs Who Need To Undo Their Surgeries ASAP

Plastic Surgery is to Hollywood as coconuts are to tropical islands: they're almost synonymous with each other! There are very, very few celebrities that you can point out that have NEVER EVER undergone any sort of cosmetic procedure in an attempt to reshape, re-design, or completely alter a certain "flaw" they see in themselves. Although it's not always solely their decision: we have to admit that the pressure on celebs to look absolutely perfect at all times is pretty damn high. It's so high that it's almost seen as normal for celebs to get plastic surgery at some point of their lives.

While some celebs may turn out fine or even better after their plastic surgery, unfortunately some of them didn't receive much of an improvement. Some of them end up totally botched, which is the absolute worst case scenario in the cosmetic surgery world, and a total nightmare for the patient. While it may work for some people, there are quite a few others that should have either met with a much better doctor, or should have never considered changing themselves in the first place. These celeb transformations before and after plastic surgery are so bad that we wish they had never happened! If they could be redone, we advise them to do so as soon as possible!

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15 Lil Kim

Kimberly, Kimberly, Kimberly... the controversy of her countless cosmetic procedures she's had done to herself has lasted for years and years. It's now to the point where she looks like a completely different person, literally! It's tough to recognize her compared to how she looked when she first appeared on the scene in the '90s. The self-proclaimed Queen Bee of hip hop seemed to have a fiery and self-confident nature that would be enough to intimidate most. Sadly today, it seemed like a front back then.

It's understandable since she grew up constantly ridiculed for her appearance, especially by male figures she loved and looked up to. Sadly, the emotional abuse got to her, and she's traveled down a horrible path of constant cosmetic surgery procedures over the last decade. It went from her nose to her breasts, to her jawline and cheeks, and even went as far as skin bleaching! A great deal of her fans are saddened by her extreme alterations. She should have everything undone, because she was honestly so beautiful before any of it.

14 Janice Dickinson

Janice Dickinson had impeccable natural beauty and photogenic stature! So it leaves us to ask why in the world would she want to alter her face and body in any way, especially as extreme as she's gone? We all are aware of aging; it's inevitable. And it seems like some celebs just can't accept the fact that they'll never look like they did in their late teens/early 20's again. But that's totally fine, because plenty of people age gracefully, and often with the right products and lifestyle choices they can maintain a youthful glow while still feeling sexy at 40, 50, and 60! Sadly, Janice thought getting plastic surgery would beat the aging process, and that seemed to have backfired greatly.

When we take a good look at her, she really had no need to change anything. Add on a boob job (at one point she had 30 year-old implants inside her!), face lift, tummy tuck, brow lift, and countless fillers, and we've got a diva-licious plastic doll in exchange for a top model that was perfectly fine the way she was.

13 Katie Price

Boob implants, breast augmentation, boob jobs... those seem to be the top procedures in Hollywood besides nose jobs and lip injections (although the Brazilian butt lift is getting very popular these days, which is pretty creepy in my opinion). While some boob jobs may be impressive, to the point where we start to consider giving their surgeon a call, Katie Price here isn't giving us much inspiration or motivation. Instead, it makes us shake our head with disbelief. She's undergone a series of boob jobs, which should explain how odd and unnatural they look. Besides the series of boob jobs, first one at age 19, she's undergone lip collagen treatments, a nose job, and even liposuction!

Sadly her experience with cosmetic procedures didn't turn out very well for her. If they could be undone, we'd surely advise her to do so asap.

12 Rose McGowan

Does anyone else think that the Rose McGowan before was pretty darn flawless? What even was the point of her surgery procedures, because it seemed to have just ruined her face instead of enhancing it! She is sadly one of those celebrities that ended up looking totally botched. The cleft in her chin is more pronounced (in a bad way), her cheeks look swollen, her lips are way too puffy, and her eyes look as if they're about to be closed shut forever. What exactly was going through her mind when she decided she wanted all these things done to her face that was already pretty darn perfect? We're scratching our heads trying to figure it out. Rose should most definitely undo every last thing that she had done to her face, because she went from pretty to pretty scary!

No one is exactly sure how one could go from being absolutely beautiful to looking like they're recovering from an attack of hornets.

11 Pamela Anderson

We know that Pam Anderson has been famous for her killer body and well-endowed figure since the Baywatch days, but she's strangely taken plastic surgery to an extreme that didn't turn out too well for her in the end. Back in her Baywatch days Pam had un-apologetically admitted to and flaunted a perky pair of D-cup boobs. They were practically her trademark. Now that she's undergone quite a few procedures involving breast implants, they appear very fake and very unflattering. It's almost as if there's an overcompensation going on here.

But oh no, don't think she stopped at the (very obvious) breast augmentation, she's even had work done to her face and lips. She's gotten regular Botox injections to reduce signs of aging and lip fillers. That could most likely be to keep up with the trends. A nose job was supposedly the final piece of the puzzle. With all these procedures done, it wouldn't be surprising if she continued on to get even more in the near future.

10 Cher

Whoever grew up in the 70's and 80's dreamed of being half the icon Cher was and still remains today. The pop icon made waves in the music industry and was well known for her beautiful singing voice and natural beauty. From her statuesque poise to her long and luscious jet black hair, Cher was a stunning beauty. However, we wish this gorgeous woman never stepped foot in a plastic surgeon's office, because after the very first one did she reach the point of no return.

From multiple face lifts to Botox injections to nose jobs, it's as if Cher didn't know where or when to stop, and before we knew it she began to look like a completely different person. Although she certainly doesn't look near 70 (she seems to appear 60 at most), it's very obvious that she's had a lot of work done. And when it's obvious you've had work done, it often doesn't look very, well, natural. The surgeries she would certainly benefit from undoing would have to be those cheek implants, and may that eyebrow lift too.

9 Lindsey Lohan

Lindsey is one to have been known to have multiple procedures done, the obvious elephant in the room being lip injections and other procedures such as breast augmentation and even Botox. Makes you wonder why such a young woman who's always had a cute look and personality could have fallen off the wagon so early. The lip collagen treatments are probably the worst thing she's had done. Her lips look swollen and puffy instead of fuller and plump, which was the look everybody's going for, right? We're not sure of anyone else who wants to look like they got their lips stung by a swarm of bees.

At such a young age, it makes you wonder why she is already so invested in altering her appearance so much. The idea of perfection in our heads happens to vary greatly from person to person. So while many of her fans may have appreciated her natural look, we assume she wasn't too happy with it. If you asked us though, we'd tell you it's be good for her to undo the lip mishap.

8 Daryl Hannah

We were first introduced to the actress in the 80's for her work in movies like Blade Runner and Steel Magnolia's. Her career's success seemed to skyrocket after starring in the hit movie Kill Bill Volumes 1 and 2. Over the years the thing fans couldn't ignore was her rapidly and drastically changing appearance.  For some reason in her mind, the beauty she already possessed wasn't satisfying. As she aged she proceeded to get numerous facial alterations, including cheek implants, eye lifts, frequent Botox injections, nose job, face lift, and skin tightening! Yes, she really had the skin of her forehead pulled back so it would appear wrinkle free. Talk about going for drastic measures!

How tragically al this ended for her in the looks department, because in the attempt of looking younger she now looks way older than she really is. not only that, but her facial proportions look completely unnatural now. It also appears to have taken away the femininity she used to have in her face. If she went ahead and undid these terribly done plastic surgeries, we'd probably recognize her for the 56 year old woman that she is, instead of looking like she's nearing 70!

7 Dolly Parton

As one of the most legendary country singer/songwriters and pioneer of the American music business she held true the definition of beauty and grace. It is very surprising and quite disappointing that such a beautiful and iconic woman would want to change her appearance as much as she has. Looking at the three of these photos side by side, you can see her nose getting thinner, her lips getting plumper, her cheeks looking less and less natural, and her overall look less natural and more plastic. Why on earth did she want to get all this stuff done to her face? It's so disappointing to see such a beautiful woman morph herself into something else she didn't need to be. The nose job, the lip injections, the face lift, all of it was so unnecessary! All that natural beauty she had has somehow been erased. She was like the Marilyn Monroe of the music world! Since she is up in age (70) only minor precautions involving excessive signs of aging would've been enough.

6 Donatella Versace

As one of the most iconic fashion designers in history, Donatella Versace unfortunately bought into the dangerously vain and superficial world of Hollywood and the pressures of keeping up appearances. Even with signs of aging she still possessed much more grace, charm, and radiant beauty before she decided to go full throttle with a great deal of plastic surgeries! Sadly, a few face lifts, a brow lift, cheek and lip collagen fillers and Botox injections later, she's turned into the woman we see now. she's gotten so much plastic surgery that her face is starting to actually appear plastic-like! Does anyone's forehead shine that much besides hers? It's a little scary to look at.

Besides the obvious thinning hair line, we can definitely see a drastic difference between her then and now. Ms. Versace will always be a fashion icon and household name, but we really wish the plethora of terrible plastic surgeries she got never happened.

5 Latoya Jackson

Many members of the Jackson family have been known to have gone under the knife a few times or more. Sad to say that besides her late brother Michael Jackson's controversial surgical procedures that made him look drastically different compared to when he was younger, miss Latoya comes in at a close second with terrible plastic surgery fails.

She received an unneeded nose job, cheek implants, a face lift, and Botox injections to fight wrinkles. Her nose went from a full button-like shape to a very thinned out and unnatural looking shape. Her nostrils are so much smaller than they used to be. She's a very sad example of rhinoplasty gone terribly wrong and we can't help but almost feel sorry for her that whatever doctor did this to her was able to get away with it. The obvious cheek implants don't add much enhancement to her overall look either. She could really benefit from getting these plastic surgeries undone asap!

4 Lark Voorhies

There's not one 90's kid that didn't adore the show "Saved By The Bell", and every teenage girl dreamed to possess the beauty that the girls starring in the hit show did. Lark Voorhies was one of those gorgeous actresses known for her role as Lisa Turtle. She continued to gain success in Hollywood scoring roles in box office movies. Yet people began to notice two key things about her: one, her appearance in hit movies or shows was declining and two, her physical appearance seemed to be doing the same!

Although it was never officially confirmed herself, people didn't have to read between the lines to know that there was a very obvious and unnatural change in her face. Rumors speculate her having a nose job and Botox. If we take a closer look it's also not hard to determine that there's been some work done on her eyes as well. Filler injections are also a possibility since her face looks much puffier than before. Her mother claimed in 2013 that she's been suffering through mental health issues, but Lark quickly denied any allegations regarding such a thing. Despite all that, it really makes us wonder why she hasn't been making any major appearances for so long, and makes us shake our head at how much plastic surgery has badly altered how she looks. If the rumors are true, she should definitely undo everything, because she didn't even need it!

3 Jocelyn Wildenstein

Jocelyn Wildenstein is definitely on our list of "horrible surgeries gone wrong" because she has truly become the definition of botched. Who else is freaked out by the fact that she seems to no longer have eyelids, or that her lips look like she's recovering from a terrible allergic reaction to a cheap lipstick? Or how about how plastic her cheeks and forehead appear to be? When they call it a face lift, we didn't know that mean they were going to practically pull her cheeks so far back that it'd look like her face will tear in half at any second. The absolute worst part about the whole thing is that she almost looks nonhuman.

My goodness, how many plastic surgeries has she done that we can count on our hands? She's has lip fillers, then collagen fillers, cheek fillers, cheek implants, a nose rhinoplasty, face lift(s), eye lift, eyebrow lift, and manipulation to the skin on her neck to diminish any sign of wrinkles. It was speculated that all of the surgeries were in attempt to please her ex-husband. Even other medical professionals and family members displayed much concern questioning the state of her mental health. Although she claims to love her look, the rest of us wonder why looking completely unnatural is a desire.

2 Meg Ryan

It seems that getting plastic surgery to prevent aging is a thing that has backfired for many celebrities, like the majority of the ones on this list. She's 55, yet she looks much older than that. Cosmetic procedures on the face also seem to be giving these celebs what I'd like to call "permanent smiley face syndrome" where the skin on their faces is pulled up so high and tight that they look as if they are smiling a (creepy) smile all the time. Yeah, it's not a very good look, is it?

This is what happens when you overdo facial fillers and Botox injections. She has also been reported to have had her nose done more than once, and has gotten an eyebrow lift, which explains why they look arched so high. Just like Jocelyn Wildenstein, she's had so many procedures done that multiple plastic surgeons and others in the medical field have weighed in on her psychiatric state and whether or not she may be addicted to constantly getting cosmetic procedures done! What we know for sure, is that she should never step foot in another plastic surgeon's office again, unless if it's to of course undo all of the things she's had done already.

1 Priscilla Presley

Priscilla went from natural beauty to looking like a plastic doll in the face, or perhaps a was figure. The American actress and ex- wife of the late Elvis Presley has gotten Botox injections to keep her skin "youthful" and "full". Of course, celebs can never just get one thing worked on, because the ideal of perfection is so distorted that we struggle to keep up with what's beautiful and what's not, according to society. So, since the Botox injections were no longer enough for her, she opted for silicone injections, collagen lip fillers, a brow lift, face lift, and cheek implants, which obviously didn't turn out well. The natural beauty in her slowly yet surely faded away once she opted for the needles. And sure, while she may not look close to her actual age of 71, it's clear that the procedures she's had done does not flatter her well. We will need Ms. Presley to undo every last one, and maybe simply invest in a good wrinkle cream or regular laser treatments if she's concerned about aging.

From just going a little overboard to completely botched, these celebs could use some reversing for a great deal of their plastic surgeries!

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