15 Celebs Who Must Be Protected From Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne has been very busy professionally since she was released from her Disney contract. But as busy as she has been professionally, her public and personal life seems to be busier then ever. She has done everything she can to shed her Disney image and boy has she done it. From crazy outfits to keeping the headlines busy with her dating life, Bella Thorne seems to be everywhere and dating everyone. In just the last year Bella has been linked to: Greg Sulkin, Tyler Posey, Charlie Puth, Chandler Parsons, Blackbear, and Scott Disick. She has also made headlines with her steamy comments about Demi Lovato, Kristen Stewart, and Dove Cameron. It seems like the girl cannot get her fill of attention about who she is dating and into, but also dating itself. And this is all in just the last year, before Greg Sulkin Bella dated Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee's son Brandon Lee. Before him came Cody Simpson, Garrett Backstrom, Kenton Duty, Jake T. Austin, and Nat Wolff. Bella is only twenty and she has had more relationship and experience then people twice her age! Honestly, her life just sounds so exhausting to us.

All the people in this list have either dated Bella, expressed interest in her, or she has very publicly declared her attraction to them. And it seems like safest thing for a person not looking to get chewed up and spat out, would be to stay away from Bella Thorne. All the celebs in this list would do well to be careful that they don't fall under her spell again or at all. Since she so publicly talks about who she has a crush on, like Demi Lovato, her potential future victims have a warning that she could be coming for them.


15 Tyler Posey Got His Heart Publicly Humiliated By Bella

Tyler Posey has been through the ringer when it comes to Bella Thorne. The two dated in 2016 getting relatively serious. When they broke up, Bella did as she usually does and moved on very quickly to singer Charlie Puth who had been very publicly tweeting about how pretty he thinks Bella is. No one is sure what the truth really is except for Bella, but it seems there was some overlap between the two of these guys. And since Bella tends to go back and forth between romantic partners it is hard to tell who she is on with and who she is off with. At one point, she was being linked to Scott Disick, Charlie Puth, and Tyler Posey at the same time. Sounds like they all have the same problem in common, Bella. On to the next one guys!

14 Don't Talk To Bella About Zendaya


You knew that on a list about celebrities that need protection from Bella Thorne that Zendaya would end up showing up! Now Zendaya has a very different relationship with Bella from the others on this list in that they're not linked together romantically. The two go way back from when they were both on the Disney show Shake It Up. Since the the show the two girls have grown up and apart. It is obvious that they have very different aesthetics from each other, and both have crafted very different public images. Like most actors that were on Disney shows together, they were plagued by rumours that they hated each other. And they didn't do anything outright to prove they hated each other, but they also did not do anything to disprove it. Recently Bella made it clear on Twitter that she does not want to be compared to Zendaya, and if you want to keep Zendaya safe we recommend keeping the comparisons down.


13 Scott Disick Turned The Tables On Her, You Know She'll Be Back For Him


Well this was one of the most random celebrity pairings that has occurred in recent history. One might also think that the two are just super thirsty for headlines and knew that if they were photographed together they would get the attention they both seem to so desperately seek. Well they certainly got it, but Bella also got a healthy dose of embarrassment from the situation as well. You in danger Scott. After they were photographed cuddling in a way that friends definitely do not, it seemed like the two were dating. It appears that Bella may have thought Scott was more serous than he was, because she tried to claim after the fact that they were strictly friends. She also claimed she had never watched Keeping Up With The Kardashians and was not aware of any of the Kardashian hype around Scott. Sure Bella. Do you cuddle with your platonic friends like this?


Bella definitely has a voodoo doll of Scott in her bedroom after this ordeal. Bella is used to playing people, not the one being played.

12 KJ Apa Did Well Not Answering Her


Did you think that Cole Sprouse was the only cast member from Riverdale she has hit on? Just take a look at KJ Apa, there is no way that Bella Thorne was going to pass that cutie up. She of course took to her favourite form of courting, social media when she tried to hit KJ up. She didn't bother going the more intimate route of a DM so maybe she was not feeling as confident as she normally does. KJ did not respond to her, but that does not mean she probably won't try again. With his star only just beginning to rise thanks to his hit show and gorgeous face Bella will definitely double back and try for him again. Watch out KJ, we have a feeling that when Bella really wants something she will do anything to get it!

11 She's Got Her Sights On Demi's Freckles

Twitter / bellathorne

When Bella has a crush on someone she loves to not only let them know, but the world as well. This is not the first or last time Bella has made a public proclamation towards someone she has a crush on in a very public way. Fans of both Bella and Demi got so excited by the idea of the two girls dating that they quickly came up with a name for the potential couple - 'Della.' Hey, Bella was the only one giving fuel to the fire though. When she tweeted that Demi was her #WCW, Demi responded by tweeting "The feeling is 1000% mutual pretty girl." They of course did not start dating after this all went down to the disappoint of fans, but Demi should be careful because if Bella really sets her sights on her,  she is going to have on intense person to deal with her on her hands.

10 She Has Put Greg Sulkin Through The Ringer


Poor Greg Sulkin. If there is one person on this list that needs serious protection from Bella, it is her ex-boyfriend Greg Sulkin. If only because it seems he cannot say no to her, even at the price of his self-respect. Bella and Greg dated for awhile providing lots of public displays of affection. Then there came a period of off and on, mostly at the price of Greg's heart and pride. When Bella very publicly canoodled with Scott Disick and then was seemingly played by him, whose arms did she run into? None other than Greg Sulkins. Nothing like watch your ex-girlfriend frolic around publicly with one of the biggest players in the entertainment industry and then having her run to you right after he gets tired of her. And it's not like the two of them even got back together, Bella got the attention and validation from Greg that she needed at the time and moved on to the next one. Poor Greg.

9 Camilla Cabello Escaped Her Once, But She Should Be Careful

Camilla Cabello probably does not even realize how close to she was to getting hit on by Bella Thorne, and something tells us when Bella Thorne decides to hit on you it is hard to get her to stop. In a recent interview with Stylecaster Bella was asked who her current female celebrity crushes are, because everyone knows that is one of Bella's favourite things to talk about. It is also a great way for these potential targets of hers to find out that they are on her list. Anyways, when asked who she is crushing on she quickly responded "Oh Camila Cabello. I think she is so hot. I just saw her at a party the other night but she was with a guy so I wasn't going to hit on her when she was with a date." Watch out Camilla, next time Bella sees you you may not have a date with you.


8 Charlie Puth Got Played As Rebound

E! Online

We already mentioned Charlie Puth earlier in the list, only because you can't not mention him when discussing Tyler Posey in relation to Bella Thorne. Charlie Puth first caught Bella's eye by sweet talking her on Twitter. We have to imagine that there was some sliding into DM's action going on as well. Well that Twitter flirtation turned into dating, but it was short lived. Things seemingly did not go down well, because Charlie Puth took to social media to accuse Bella of cheating claiming that she was seeing Tyler Posey at the same time that the was seeing Charlie. Bella has since tried to clear up the rumours that she is a cheater in an interview claiming it was all big a misunderstanding. Charlie better be careful with what he says publicly about Bella because she will find him.

7 Tana Mongeau Should Be Careful About What She Asks For

Hollywood Life

Tana Mongeau is a 19-year-old YouTube star with big dreams of becoming a rapper. And in an interesting turn of events, Tana was the one that publicly declared her love for Bella rather than Bella tweeting about her first. Tana tweeted out "i want to date @bellathorne next." Not one to miss a shout out from a hottie, Bella of course responded in her own way. Tana posted this to her Twitter.

Twitter / tanamongeau

So now fans are wondering if these two ladies are actually dating, and to be fair they very well could be but we think its safe to say that in a week or so Bella will be linked to someone new entirely. Sorry Tana, if you thought this was something that would last all you had to do was look at her track record.

6 Kristen Stewart Is On Her List, At Least She Has Fair Warning

Gossip Cop

What do these celebrities think when they hear that Bella Thorne has publicly declared her attraction to them? Probably that they are just her flavour of the week. New week, new celebrity crush for Bella Thorne that she just has to let the world know. In another interview with Bella talked about how attractive she finds the brooding and dark Kristen Stewart. In 2016 Bella said she is attracted to guys and girls, even though she has never dated a girl but she definitely has one at the top of her list. "She's so hot. She seems like the raddest chick. I'd be so down" she said about Kristen. So far Kristen has not responded, probably better for her. And when if Kristen does run into Bella around Tinsel Town she is probably better off trying not to get noticed by her.

5 Bella Can't Resist Dove Cameron's Angel Face

Teen Vogue

Dove Cameron is just one of many beautiful female celebrities that have caught Bella's eye. And since it is Bella and she can't find someone attractive without letting the rest of us know, she has made it very clear that she is interested in Dove Cameron. Dove is currently in a relationship with her Descendants 2 co-star Thomas Doherty this did not stop Bella from Tweeting out her appreciation for the gorgeous blonde. Bella posted a photo of Dove at the Descendants 2 premiere and commented on it begging Dove to let her wife her up. Dove responded by tweeting back "get down on a knee and I might letcha." Don't give her ideas Dove, when Bella wants to get a piece of you she will do everything she can to get at you.

4 Hit & A Miss For Bella When It Came To Cole Sprouse, But She'll Try Again

Cole Sprouse has been one of the most sought after hotties in the scene after being on the stars on the breakout hit Riverdale. Everyone wants a piece of Cole, and of course that includes Bella. We can't blame her! In the above photo we see a message that Bella sent to an account on Twitter that she thought was the real Cole Sprouse, but turned out it was just a fan account and they posted this quickly after she sent it. Bella quickly deleted the message to cover her tracks, but it is Twitter and even if it is up for a minute it will exist forever in the bowels of internet history. No one escapes Bella's attention so it was only a matter of time before she started hitting up the attractive cast of Rivedale. And its not only the guys that have to worry about Bella coming for them, the girls do too. She hasn't hit on the girls yet though but we figure it is only a matter of time.

3 Samara Weaving Is Better Off Keeping It To Just Being Co-Stars With Bella

Twitter / bellathorne

Bella just starred alongside Samara Weaving for a Halloween Netflix movie called The Babysitter. Samara Weaving plays a Satanic babysitter and Bella plays a hot, ditzy cheerleader who is trying to get on the Satan train so she can make her wildest dreams come true. Samara is a stunning girl, and for Bella it was not enough to only share a steamy kiss with her on-screen as their two characters had quite the intense make-out session. Bella can't get enough of Samara off screen as well. Bella has has a pretty clear type that she likes to go for, super hot and popular. Bella obviously enjoyed her steamy scene with Samara and it looks like she is wanting some more off-screen. Watch out Samara! You might end up a Thorne in your side.

2 Blackbear Is Still Tweeting About His Broken Heart


It may be too late for Blackbear to get protection from Bella, because she has already done a number on the poor guy. Blackbear is a rapper that Bella was linked to this summer. She was linked to him because she would post very PDA heavy photos of the two on Instagram. They seemingly confirmed their relationship when they walked the carpet together at the Teens Choice Awards in August. Bella has since been linked to loads of other people, and Blackbear sent out a series of cryptic tweets that based on the timeline, are probably about Bella. 'She's just not u' and 'feelings come and go' are just a few of them. The saddest thing he tweeted though was "i'm getting much better at getting ***** over now." Be careful though Blackbear, Bella tends to recycle victims so she could come back for you!

1 Sofia Richie, You In Danger Girl

Instagram / sofiarichie

You have officially gotten between Bella Thorne and an object of her affection! Now that Sofia Richie and Scott Disick have made things official, the word not the street is that she has banned Scott from talking with Bella. If you need a refresher, while Bella was linked to Scott Disick he was also being linked to a bunch of other ladies including Chloe Bartoli and Sofia Richie. Even though Bella has tried to downplay their relationship, pictures don't lie girl. And the girl that made the seems happens to be Lionel Richies off-spring, Sofia Richie who is now in a serious relationship with Scott Disick. One of the big stipulations? He just can't talk to Bella. Sofia obviously understands that the best thing for her relationship is keep Bella Thorne far away from it.


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