15 Celebs Who Make Us Thankful For The Man Bun

Back in the day, Hollywood was all about the clean-cut gentlemen with close-cropped hair and classic style. We do appreciate a nod to the classics, and sometimes it’s nice to see a male celebrity go all old Hollywood on the red carpet. However, seeing celebrities in their day to day lives, running errands and hanging out with friends, there’s a different look that we’re loving. Any guesses? That’s right – the man bun.

Gone are the days of preppy short hair – ladies want their male celebrity crushes to grow it out, and toss it up in a sloppy, sexy bun. Who knows why it’s become so popular. Perhaps women feel like a man who has the confidence to rock a man bun has the confidence to rock all other aspects of his life. Perhaps it’s nice to see celebrities looking real rather than all polished and perfect. Perhaps male celebrities just have such fantastic hair that it would be a shame to not let it grow out. Regardless, the man bun has multiplied in Hollywood, and it’s definitely a look that’s here to stay.

Whether they’re blondes or brunettes, whether they have stick straight hair or luscious curls, we’re all about that bun life. Here are 15 celebrities who have rocked the man bun.

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15 Kit Harington

via: Picture Perfect/REX/huffingtonpost.ca

Kit Harington catapulted to superstardom after snagging the role of Jon Snow on hit HBO series Game of Thrones. On the show, he’s known for his slightly shaggy black curls, and his longer hair just adds to his dreamy qualities. However, in real life, he’s a busy guy – constantly on the run to different photo shoots, media appearances, and interviews. A guy like that can’t afford to have his hair just flowing free and messy. So, Harington has proven he loves to rock the man bun, whether it’s paired with a tuxedo on the red carpet (so sexy) or simply with his casual clothing as he runs errands.

14 Harry Styles

via: glamourmagazine.co.uk

Back in the golden age of boy bands, when ‘NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys were mastering those choreographed danced and stealing the hearts of teenage girls around the world, preppy was the big trend. Sure, there were some interesting looks – Justin Timberlake’s early bleached blonde, heavily gelled ramen hair, anyone? – but as a whole, boy bands were fairly clean cut. Nowadays, while their music might still be squeaky clean, boy bands’ fashion choices have gotten a little more daring – just take Harry Styles. He’s always been known for having longer locks, but recently, started tossing his hair up in a man bun more and more frequently. We approve!

13 Leonardo DiCaprio

via: findingjackie.com

Once upon a time, Leonardo DiCaprio was a rising starlet, clean shaven with carefully styled hair. He was fairly quiet, polite, and always appeared a bit nervous and stiff at red carpet events. He eventually earned his spot on the A-List through countless stunning performances, and has now considerably loosened up – and that includes his fashion choices. He’s been rocking the scruffy facial hair for awhile, but he’s since elevated it to include a full beard and man bun. DiCaprio proves that the man bun can go from casual to formal, rocking it while he’s relaxing on his yacht in a t-shirt and shorts, as well as with a perfectly tailored suit for a formal affair.

12 Bradley Cooper

via: woman.dk

Bradley Cooper is a man of many hairstyles, and has turned up on the red carpet with a close-cropped, perfectly styled cut, looser, casual locks, an almost military crop, and more. I mean, when you look like Bradley Cooper, let’s be honest – you can pull off pretty much anything. Case in point – his man bun game. Cooper has been snapped rocking what we might call a man bun in training. His hair isn’t quite long enough to get a substantial bun, but he’s jumped on the bandwagon by corralling his hair into a small bun. Bonus – having his hair pulled back just showcases his face. Well player, Cooper.

11 Andrew Garfield

via: mtv.com

I know, I know – we’re as surprised as you are! For quite awhile, Andrew Garfield rocked a fairly clean cut look, looking adorable but possessing very little edge in his style. Lately, he’s been changing that. We’ve seen his voluminous, slightly curly locks as he’s grown them out, but the real style development came when he pulled that hair up into a man bun. He’s fairly new to the man bun world, but we have a feeling he’s a definite convert now. Honestly, if you’re a guy with long hair and you’re not occasionally pulling it back into a man bun, you’re doing the ladies of this world a disservice.

10 David Beckham

via: hollywood.com/ Victor Decolongon/Getty Images

Okay, a little moment of man bun history. Yes, countless celebrities are opting to rock this style as of late, but let’s not forget who was one of the first pioneers of the beloved man bun – Becks himself. David Beckham is a soccer superstar, but over the years has transcended the professional sports world and is now on the invite list for any A-List event. Back in the day, when his style was questionably 2000s, he rocked the blonde man bun. He’s a style chameleon who enjoys playing around with both his clothing and his hair style, but every now and then, he returns to the man bun – and we love when he does.

9 Joaquin Phoenix

via: nydailynews.com

Ah, the eternal man bun questions – do you rock it high or low? How do you pair it with your formal wear? Joaquin Phoenix rocked the man bun and proved that a low, messy look is as sexy and appropriate at a red carpet event as it is during a trip to the grocery store. Phoenix has had a fairly unkempt, grown-out look before, so the public was stunned and pleasantly surprised when he showed up on the red carpet looking sexily dishevelled, a fantastic mix between slightly scruffy and perfectly polished.

8 Russell Brand

via: celebuzz.com

Sure, you can dig up photos of a teenage Brand to see the full range of his hair looks, but as long as he’s been in the public eye, he’s rocked long locks, pretty much shoulder length for the most part. While he’s tamed his looks a bit and polished them up as he entered the world of Hollywood, his hair in his earlier stand-up days was basically an over the top birds’ nest. We respect that he loves to rock long hair, but when paired with his over the top personality and clothing choices, it can get a bit much – so, what a pleasant surprise when he stepped out with a man bun! We hope he continues with this trend, because it definitely works for him.

7 Avan Jogia

via: coopershangover.tumblr.com

Canadian cutie Avan Jogia has been making a slow rise in the entertainment industry, snagging a few roles here and there and beginning to build his profile. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that he’s absolutely gorgeous, and that whenever he steps on a red carpet people are immediately wondering who he is. However, there’s something about his style that absolutely cannot be understated – that man bun. Jogia’s long, dark hair looks great when he lets it flow loose, but let’s be honest – that man bun game is on point. His man bun is basically the man bun that all guys aspire to craft when they’re clumsily wrangling their hair with an elastic.

6 Brad Pitt

via: popsugar.com

Remember when a blonde Brad Pitt was basically the perfect preppy California boy, on the arm of Jennifer Aniston, who basically embodies California chic? Well, those days are long gone, and ever since he’s been with Angelina Jolie, who rocks a more alternative style, he’s undergone a questionable style evolution (that billy goat goatee scruff? Thank god that’s gone!). One thing, however, that works for Pitt is the man bun. He has a tendency to let his hair flow free and messy when he’s going about his day to day life, but we’re fans of the red carpet man bun. Sleek and polished, but still a little messy – well done, Pitt.

5 Jason Momoa

via: pinterest.com

There’s no doubt about it – Jason Momoa’s character on Game of Thrones, Khal Drogo, was without question one of the sexiest male characters on the show. From his initial gruff, somewhat barbarian demeanor to his loving relationship with his Khaleesi, fans absolutely adored Drogo – and a large part of that came because of the man who played him. Momoa has been branching out since then, but there’s one thing that we’ve been loving whenever we see him at media appearances or on the red carpet – that man bun. He tends to rock it high, with a little face scruff, and it just totally works.

4 Orlando Bloom

via: versionofthetruth.com

Orlando Bloom has undergone basically the same style evolution as 90% of Hollywood’s dedicated man bun wearers. When he first started in Hollywood, his crazy curls were carefully tamed in a short hair-cut, but as his star rose, he let those curls grow out. He’s been rocking the long hair for a while now, and while he’s handsome enough to pull off any look, quite honestly, we’re not crazy about how he looks with the loose locks. However, when he pulls them into a man bun? Watch out. He absolutely works that look.

3 Jake Gyllenhaal

via: fashionmagazine.com

Okay, of all the male celebrities in Hollywood we would have expected to rock a man bun, Jake Gyllenhaal is probably one of the last ones we’d expect. His style tends to stay on the safer side, and apart from one or two film roles where he’s grown out his locks a bit, he tends to wear his hair on the shorter side. So, when he stepped onto the red carpet rocking a substantial man bun and wild beard, women around the world were surprised – and then delighted. Swoons all around, as Gyllenhaal definitely knows how to rock the man bun.

2 Chris Hemsworth

via: openwidezine.com

Once upon a time, Chris Hemsworth was a rising Aussie starlet with the picture perfect preppy blonde look. Then, he got cast as the iconic Thor in the Marvel movie franchise. For the role of the Viking superstar, he had to grow his blonde locks out – and what a fantastic decision that was. Hemsworth has been slaying his style game ever since, and has arguably one of the best man buns in the business. I mean, when you look like him, you can pretty much do whatever you want, but it’s no coincidence that his star began to rise at the same time as he began rocking that man bun.

1 Jared Leto

via: usmagazine.com

Jared Leto’s man bun was the one that cemented the man bun trend. While celebrities have been rocking the man bun for a while now, the look gained an enormous amount of popularity after Leto showed up to the 2014 Golden Globes with a killer ombre man bun. He has far longer locks than the majority of male celebrities, so his man bun was prominent and noticeable – and notice everyone did. It became Leto’s signature look (until he had to chop it off for a role) and inspired men around the world to rock the man bun.

Sources: buzzfeed.cominstyle.com

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