15 Celebs Who Love Posting Nearly Nude Instagram Pics

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15 Celebs Who Love Posting Nearly Nude Instagram Pics

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Staying in the spotlight can be a difficult thing to do with so many celebrities running around, but one surefire way to keep your name on everyone’s lips is to post nearly nude photos to your Instagram account! With bodies built by personal trainers, nutritionists, and plastic surgeons, why wouldn’t you? However, with Instagram’s strict community guidelines and no nudity policy, celebrities have had their accounts banned for choosing to show a little more skin than they were allowed. Other times, they’ve gotten creative and bared just enough to get people talking, but not so much that they’ll be kicked off the image-sharing social media site.

Call it exhibitionism, call it attention seeking, or call it a desire to show fans who’s all grown up, but walking around in the buff is something a lot of celebrities do – some more than others. From sultry to silly, and barely there to totally bare, these are only 15 of the many, many celebrities who just can’t help themselves – they love to post nearly nude photos on their Insta feed!

15. Nick Jonas

via oceanup.com

via oceanup.com

Ever since the youngest Jonas brother grew up, we’ve all been salivating for another look at his incredibly fit body. Fortunately, Nick Jonas has only been too happy to oblige, showing off his drool-worthy muscles all over his Instagram and in various steamy music videos.

As one of the two guys on this list who isn’t ashamed to strip down for his Insta followers, Nick has given us up-close-and-personal looks at his chiseled abs, bulging biceps, and those V-cut lines that make every lady swoon. He’s still definitely a down-to-earth guy, though, and while he definitely has shown off his nearly-naked body more than a few times on his feed, most of his Instagram is filled with active shots or behind the scenes looks at his life in the studio. That’s okay, Nick, we’ll just keep waiting until you grace us with more sultry images – where clothing is totally optional!

14. Khloe Kardashian

via instagram.com

via instagram.com

It makes sense that Khloe Kardashian would be flaunting her figure now that she’s gotten into killer shape. The youngest Kardashian sister (since Kendall and Kylie are both Jenners), Khloe has had to deal with intense media scrutiny over her less than perfect body. With the constant comparisons to the gravity-defying Kim and the petite yet curvaceous Kourtney, Khloe sought solace in food and relegated herself to being the “fat sister”.

Well, those days are long over, as anyone with eyes can see! Khloe has thrown herself into intense workout sessions and healthy eating with a renewed vigour and achieved incredible results because of her dedication! While she might be considered one of the more modest members of the Kardashian clan (although that’s not saying much, because the competition is fierce), Khloe has been shaking what she gave herself in a series of scantily-clad photos that highlight her enviable – and hard-earned – assets.

13. Kendall Jenner

Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 12.12.36 PM

In large part due to her modelling career, as well as her place in the Kardashian-Jenner family, Kendall Jenner has never really held back from showing off her body. The most svelte sister of the Kardashian crew, Kendall has walked the runway at Marc Jacobs without the support of a bra, flashing her nips in a sheer top, and strutted her stuff for the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, where the dress code is lingerie and heels. With her total comfort in how she looks – and the fact that she’s beyond gorgeous – we can’t exactly blame Kendall for testing the boundaries of Instagram’s community guidelines and showing a little more skin.

Usually, her snaps are of the art-house variety, with professionally-shot black and white photos that leave a little to the imagination. However, there are also images like this one, where Kendall was showing her stuff and giving a middle finger to Instagram with a #freethenipple salute, complete with pizza emojis!

12. Gigi Hadid

via digiwidgy.com

via digiwidgy.com

Kendall Jenner’s BFF and fellow Victoria’s Secret Angel and top model, Gigi Hadid is also a fan of posting provocative photos on her social media. Like with Kendall, Gigi tends to share images that tread the line of Instagram’s community guidelines, by showing off saucy images she’s done for photoshoots or magazine covers. While she’s not shy to share some skin, Gigi rarely posts images that are just of herself casually lounging in her birthday suit.

This photo is, of course, the exception to that rule. While it’s pretty hard to make out Gigi clearly, thanks to the black and white and heavy contrast (perhaps she was trying her hand at being on the other side of the lens), you can definitely tell that the model is in nothing but her skivvies. Maybe it’s her allegiance to good girl Taylor Swift’s squad that keeps her from baring it all, but make no mistake that Gigi is not afraid to shed her clothes for the sake of her career.

11. Ariel Winter

via stylecaster.com

via stylecaster.com

She may not be a member of the Kardashian-Jenner family, but you’re not the only one who sees Ariel Winter as a Kylie Jenner doppelgänger! The young star of Modern Family has made a name for herself as the brainy, dorky, decidedly plain younger sister Alex Dunphy, but that couldn’t be further from the real-life gorgeous girl Ariel Winter is.

Recently, Ariel decided to undergo breast reduction surgery, as she was uncomfortable with her large chest size and the fact that media outlets and message boards were constantly sexualizing the (then-underage) star based on her physical appearance. She was refreshingly open about her decision, and it seems that the augmentation allowed Ariel to embrace herself as a woman as well as her own sexuality, which is why she’s taken to her Insta to show herself off in a variety of provocative poses and barely-there outfits, including a very saucy Santa Claus this past holiday. While Ariel is definitely trying to shed her cute-kid image from her younger days, perhaps she’s making herself a little too adult, too soon.

10. Nicki Minaj

Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 11.55.45 AM

It’s not really that surprising that Nicki Minaj is on this list, thanks to her raunchy rhymes and scandalous outfits. The MC has embraced her out-there style and used her incredible assets to her advantage, working her gravity-defying booty in a series of music videos and stage performances.

However, while Nicki’s style has gotten more sophisticated and less cartoonish over the years, she’s still a woman who won’t be controlled by what anyone says – and that includes Instagram. In an effort to subvert their “no nipples” policy, Nicki will snap pics of herself basically in the nude – but those nips are covered by tape or colourful pasties, thus firmly keeping her within the social media’s strict guidelines. She’s even worked the pastie look on the red carpet, in a sheer bodysuit with black tape covering up her naughty bits. Never one to back down, Nicki’s Insta feed is littered with bikini shots and cleavage-baring outfits because the woman knows that if you’ve got it, flaunt it.

9. Justin Bieber

Justin with or without a beard/moustache? Comment below ??

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The second (and last) guy to make it on this list, Justin Bieber is pretty comfortable with his body, as he regularly goes shirtless for his fans and on social media, but his favourite part to show off seems to be his bare behind!

On more than a few occasions, Justin has shared photos of himself on trips where some lucky photographer captured the, er, view to share with his fans and followers. However, despite all the air his rear end seems to be getting if the photos are to be believed, you’d think those cheeks wouldn’t be quite so pale! Anyway, Justin later deleted this photo, saying that a close friend of his had told him that her children had seen the cheeky pic and that she had been embarrassed. Out of respect, Justin removed the image altogether. But, since this is the Internet, nothing every truly goes away, which is why we have Justin and his lil’ booty on our list as a celeb who loves to post nearly nude Instagrams!

8. Heidi Klum

via people.com

via people.com

Another model on this list, Heidi Klum has been around long enough as a supermodel and Victoria’s Secret Angel that she’s not ashamed to strip down for the camera. Usually, Heidi prefers silly poses, like this one that offers just a hint of her chest as she makes a sand smily face using her belly button as the nose. Other favourites include silly far-away shots of a naked Heidi hiding in palm trees or behind a friend, conveniently covering up any of her private areas.

It’s not that shocking that Heidi, who is incredibly comfortable and happy with her body (and why wouldn’t she be?), is totally chill with showing herself off, especially when you looks at some of her more daring (and head-scratching) red carpet ensembles. From slits that cut up to there to necklines that dip extra-low, Heidi is as at ease in her clothes as she is out of them.

7. Chrissy Teigen

Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 11.59.25 AM

Chrissy Teigen is as beautiful as she is hilarious, but while she uses her Twitter to show off her comedy skills, Instagram is used primarily for a series of seductive photos. Although most of her feed is filled up with adorable snapshots of her baby daughter Luna, Chrissy hasn’t let motherhood stop her from feeling sexy. Another model/TV host/author, Chrissy is also BFFs with Kim Kardashian, so her penchant for taking nearly-nude photos to appease her followers shouldn’t surprise anyone. With her days as a Sports Illustrated model under her belt, Chrissy’s Instagram is covered in shots of her in a bikini, lounging around in a towel, and more than a few strategically-covered topless images (occasionally with husband John Legend making a guest appearance, like in this one). Unlike a lot of other celebrities who might use getting naked for the ‘gram as a way to get attention, Chrissy’s regular wearing of her birthday suit reads as more laid back than try-hard.

6. Amber Rose

Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 12.00.53 PM

Another celebrity on this list with ties to the Kardashians, Amber Rose is as famous for her derriere as she is for her loud-and-proud feminist views. As a woman who has been called a whole host of demeaning names throughout her career, Amber has been proud to own her sexuality despite so many naysayers who would judge her for it. Her regular need to get naked is more of a middle finger to the patriarchy and a dare for anyone to call her names for what is clearly a solo celebration of her body.

With regular shots of herself in her underwear, sheer bodysuits, or strings like this called “bathing suits”, Amber definitely embraces her shape for what it is, and encourages other women to do the same for themselves. Her nudity on Instagram isn’t just for attention – it’s for a careful image she’s made that is both brazen and bold.

5. Rihanna

Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 12.03.32 PM

Her name on Insta is “badgirlriri”, so did you really expect her to play nice? Rihanna is known for her DGAF attitude, which is why she’s ditched the social media platform a few times in response to their strict policies. Maybe it’s her Barbadian background, but Rihanna just doesn’t have the same issues with nudity that a lot of other people do. I mean, this is the same girl who wore a full crystal dress with nothing underneath to a major awards show and is regularly photographed in other similarly daring ensembles that tread the line of public indecency.

It’s her attitude and beauty that allows Rihanna to fill her Insta feed with images of her in a bikini or sans a bra, in high-fashion photoshoots with barley-there clothing, and flashing her rear like she’s doing here (although the caption for this was something about her boots – which she later gave to J.Lo).

4. Miley Cyrus

Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 11.49.16 AM

She’s just being Miley, y’all! Even though she’s back with Aussie hottie Liam Hemsworth, Miley Cyrus has only slightly toned down her out-of-control antics for her lover from Down Under.

In an effort to shed her squeaky-clean image as a Disney kid as she embarked on a solo career, Miley started really expressing herself, often through colourful, fun nipple pasties and copious marijuana smoking. Teenage rebellion has never been so technicolour! Miley has never been apologetic of her behaviour, and it does really seem genuine that she is in fact that silly! While her live performances are often riddled with candy and colour, they’re also pretty raunchy – which is the perfect mix of who Miley is. And if you thought her stage shows were R-rated, then you haven’t seen her Instagram feed! From pasties to performance outfits to this one, which comes courtesy of the #freethenipple movement, Miley just ‘Can’t Stop’ with the nearly nude Instagrams!

3. Kylie Jenner

via instagram.com

via instagram.com

Following in big sis Kim’s footsteps as a major entrepreneur (she’s now the second highest-earning Kardashian), Kylie definitely uses her Instagram account to shake her money-maker! Maybe it’s due to living in LA for pretty much her entire life, but most of Kylie’s nearly nude photos are of her in teeny tiny bikinis where she poses poolside. However, Kylie is also no stranger to showing off the goods in her underwear anywhere in her house, covered in metallic paint for a photoshoot, cuddled up topless with on-again off-again boyfriend Tyga, and within the pages of her recently released calendar (which got her birthday wrong!).

A lot of people have been very judgmental of Kylie’s provocative pics, partly because she’s still so young! While clearly her equally photogenic (and nearly nude) sisters have definitely been a major influence, Kylie has been able to work her birthday suit in her own way.

2. Emily Ratajkowski

Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 12.04.55 PM

It’s hard to know what Emily Ratajkowski is more famous for: modelling or getting naked on Instagram. Both on and off the red carpet, Emily regularly ends up on the worst dressed list for her daring fashion that goes from trendy to tacky. Most of her Instagram feed is dedicated to images of her fit figure in a barely-there bikini, with special attention drawn to her assets, but Emily has also been banned multiple times from the social media for testing their inappropriate content policy. While she regularly covers herself with her arms, hair, or a prop to stay within what Instagram considers acceptable, there are certainly more images of her with most of her clothes off than on. It’s not that shocking to see that Emily has earned the number two spot on our list when you consider that the number one spot belongs to the woman who really made a career out of showing what she’s got.

1. Kim Kardashian

Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 12.06.04 PM

Of course Kim K had to be number one! The woman is a master of social media and despite the regularity with which she posts nearly nude photos to her Instagram, it still always makes the news. While it can be argued that Kim’s career (and that of her family) was built off of her body, there’s no denying that Kim knows how to ~werk it~. Her scandalous shots have been the subject of intense media scrutiny and all-out Twitter wars, but that doesn’t stop Kim from captioning provocative poses like this one with words like, “When you have nothing to wear.”

Kim is clearly the winner of celebrities who love to post nearly nude Instagrams because she basically has no shame and loves the response she gets. While we can’t necessarily agree with the idea that doing so means she’s “liberated” (as a photo with her and Emily Ratajkowski stated), we’ve gotta give her kudos for rocking it like no one else.

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