15 Celebs Who Love Dwayne Johnson (And 5 Who Can't Stand Him)

While it may not be every celebrity, there are a fair few who have enjoyed stirring the pot over the years. Yes, we are talking about the notorious problem starters of Hollywood. Dwayne Johnson is a man of many talents. He can wrestle, he can act, and the man can definitely start up some serious drama. Whether it be with his Fast & Furious co-stars or just simply calling out a fellow celeb on social media, either way Dwyane is an absolute expert. That being said, Dwayne also has a long list of Hollywood besties by his side.

In this article, we will be looking at which celebrities have managed to make it into Dwayne Johnson's inner circle and which are just fine being left out of it. Who's ready to smell what the The Rock's been cooking up in Hollywood for all of these years? Let's get to scrolling!

20 Loves Him: Arnold Schwarzenegger Is A Big Fan

19 Loves Him: Chris Hemsworth Has Nothing But Nice Things To Say About The Rock

18 Can't Stand Him: John Cena And Dwayne Johnson's Beef Goes Way Back

17 Loves Him: It's All Laughs Between Dwayne And Funny Many Rob Corddry

16 Loves Him: Hugh Jackman Gets Fitness Tips From Dwayne

15 Can't Stand Him: The Never-Ending Feud Between Vin Diesel And The Rock ...

14 Loves Him: Zac Efron And Dwayne Johnson's Bromance Is One For The Ages

13 Loves Him: Roman Reigns Isn't Just Dwayne's Buddy, They're Family!

12 Loves Him: Dwayne Johnson And Kevin Hart Love Picking On Each Other

11 Can't Stand Him: Will Dwayne Johnson And Tyrese Gibson Ever Get Along?

10 Loves Him: Emily Blunt And The Rock Are Total Besties

9 Loves Him: John Krasinski And Dwayne Are Old Pals

8 Can't Stand Him: One Tweet Was All It Took To Keep DJ Khaled From Being Friends With Dwayne

7 Loves Him: Even After Divorce, Dany Garcia Has Nothing But Love For Her Baby Daddy

6 Loves Him: Let The Good Times Roll With Jeffrey Dean Morgan And Dwayne Johnson

5 Loves Him: Jason Statham Can't Get Enough Of The Rock

4 Loves Him: Justin Timberlake Is Good Buddies With Dwayne

3 Can't Stand Him: Shawn Michaels And Dwayne Johnson Didn't Just Fight In The Ring ...

2 Loves Him: Dwayne Johnson Used To Look Out For Up-And-Comer Mark Henry

1 Loves Him: Dwayne Johnson And Vince McMahon Have A Ton Of Respect For Each Other

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