14 Celebs Who Lost Their Looks With Age

When it comes to our favorite celebs, we expect them to look amazing forever. They are so beautiful that we imagine they will always remain the perfect people that they are. Check out Cindy Crawford or John Stamos, they both look as good as they did 20 years ago, or even better! Unfortunately, not every Hollywood star is as blessed and no amount of plastic surgery can keep them looking great. Most often the issue of them not being able to maintain their looks is plastic surgery. Many stars turn to plastic surgery as a way to try and keep them looking youthful and it often backfires. For others it can be the downfall of fame that gets to them, like drugs or the fast paced lifestyle of money and rock n roll. Other times it's simply in the genes. What's a celeb to do if they start looking saggy, baggy, and scary? Just keep trying that's what. No matter how bad it gets, some of them just won't go away. Not that they have a choice. Paparazzi are everywhere and eager to give the public a glimpse of any star on a bad day. Never give up your search for the fountain of youth and beauty, or you might just end up looking like one of the stars on our list.

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14 Tara Reid

Tara definitely knows how to get festive, but when it comes to aging gracefully, she seems a bit confused. Over the years she has been a victim of several botched plastic surgeries. Her super large breast implants took awhile to heal and ultimately became saggy. It seems like she may have had them reduced or removed recently. Lipo left Tara's tummy looking stretched and the skin lost its elasticity. If she didn't insist on showing it off, she could probably get away with keeping that failed surgery a secret. Since her surgeries, Tara has lost a lot of weight. She was always thin but now she is just too thin. Fashion wise she hasn't matured much. Tara still sports teenage ensembles from her Paris Hilton party days.  Some of her poor aging can be attributed to the fact that she is a known smoker but the Sharknado star seems to be doing what she can to stay in the spotlight.

13 Aaron Carter

We all remember sugary sweet Aaron Carter for his classic good looks and pop hits like "I Want Candy". Aaron was linked to pop princess, Hilary Duff, for years. As they grew up and grew apart, Aaron left his music career and his good looks behind him. Lately Aaron is looking a little skinny, a bit sickly, and far from sexy. Fans are buzzing that the former child star could be doing meth. Though Aaron did head to rehab 5 years ago, he wants people to know that today he is not about that life." The misconceptions are that I'm a meth head, or I'm a crackhead, or I'm a drug addict, or I'm this or that." Though Aaron may be aging a bit, his body is still a hot! He released his first single in 14 years entitled Fools Gold. You can check out the video on Youtube and spot Aaron's sexy abs as well.

12 Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay's favorite pastimes have always been parties, smoking, and drinking. It's not clear if aging is catching up to the starlet, or she is a victim of her own lifestyle. One thing is for sure, she is not looking her best these days. Once praised for her amazing figure, Lindsay seems to have let herself go. 2016 has been a rough year for Miss Lohan. She endured a very public breakup from her fiance after a brutal physical fight in front of paparazzi. Hopefully in 2017 we will be seeing the return of the beautiful star we all love. Lindsay has cleared her all of her social media accounts and declared herself to be in a period of renewal. With plans to star the year off with a clean slate, fans are cheering her on. Rumors of a Mean Girls reunion are swirling and we would love to see Lindsay on the big screen this year!

11 Macauley Culkin

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The former Home Alone star isn't quite as cute as we remember from the movies. But really, we didn't expect him to stay sweet little Kevin Mcallister forever. In 2012, photos of him were everywhere. He was looking a bit like a drug addict who needed a cheeseburger. This was shortly after his break up with Mila Kunis. Since those days he isn't looking a whole lot better but his hair is longer. Culkin doesn't seem to have any new projects, nor does he seem concerned with getting back his Hollywood looks. It appears fans are going to have to learn to take this one as he is! Macauley did return to film recently in Adam Greens bizarre version of Aladdin. The film featured Zoe Kravitz and Natasha Lyonne but wasn't exactly a hit at the box office. He works hard to avoid the paps so keep your eyes peeled for any recent shots of the star. Mr. Culkin prefers to spend his time Home Alone.

10 Amanda Bynes

The once lovely Amanda Bynes is looking a little worse than usual lately. This former star used to be gorgeous with an amazing figure. These days she is pretty frumpy, sports a bad dye job, and appears to be suffering from severe mental illness and/or drug issues. After a few arrests the actress did some time in a mental hospital and is supposedly getting her act together. Hopefully her gorgeous looks will make a reappearance too. She recently added a lot of bling to her look. Miss Bynes got a pair of new cheek piercings and began sporting a big diamond engagement ring. She claims to be getting married soon but there have been no recent sightings or wedding announcements. After her struggles to make it as an adult actress, Amanda moved back in with her parents, where she currently resides.

9 Lil Kim

It's hard to say that Lil Kim has lost her looks with age. She actually still looks pretty good considering she is over 40. The problem is, she doesn't look like Lil Kim at all! Throughout the years she has had so much plastic surgery, she is unrecognizable. Her hair, face, and body have been completely transformed. She has always played around with hair color, but her face and body began to change in 2004. Kim appeared with bigger boobs and a noticeably thinner nose. Not such a big deal by Hollywood standards. The next year her lips grew by about 5 lbs. Around 2009 the shape of her face and chin began to change. Afterwards, her skin began to lighten and by 2013 we really have no clue who that is supposed to be but it isn't anyone we remember from her videos. Hopefully she lays off and keeps it real from now on.

8 Edward Furlong

This Hollywood hottie looks like he has had it rough recently. Edward's long history with drug and alcohol abuse may be catching up to him. He looks fuller in the face and baggy under the eyes. Speaking in 2012 to People magazine, he said: "I was a heroin and cocaine addict. It was really scary." Shortly after, he was arrested for domestic violence and lost a film role.  It's no wonder he has lost heart throb status. After a stint in rehab, Edward has seen a minor surge in his career. He recently starred in Star Trek and did a five episode stint on CSI. Surely a good scrub down and some Hollywood magic could make this guy back into the hottie he once was. Hopefully Edward can get his life, career, and good looks back on track! Fans are waiting!

7 Rob Kardashian

Unfortunately for Rob, his progression from hottie to nottie has been publicized nationally via reality television. Rob packed on the pounds and seemed to fall into a depression. He lost the ability to care about himself or his looks while his sisters get more beautiful by the second. For awhile, we all hoped Blac Chyna would whip Rob into shape and get him on the right track. He was so cute when we all first fell in love with the only Kardashian brother! Sadly, she wasn't successful and the dad bod prevails. It has been reported that he gained over 100lbs in a year and has been diagnosed with diabetes. Kardashian fans around the world would love to see Rob get his groove back and get healthy! Rob reported a 50lb weight loss in 2016 so hopefully he can keep up with the progress.

6 Meg Ryan

Meg Ryan won our hearts in romantic classics like Top Gun, Sleepless in Seattle, and When Harry Met Sally. Her sweet persona and classic good looks made her into a Hollywood millionaire. Around 2010, Ryan took a hiatus from the limelight. When she returned, fans were in for a surprise. In 2013 we notice a major change from Meg's naturally beautiful face. Her lips get larger and it is widely suspected that she had lip implants. Most recently she was seen with a totally different face during the 2016 Tony Awards. At 54, the normal effects of aging, coupled with bad plastic surgery have left Meg looking less than her best. It seems like Miss Ryan might agree. She appears to take on fewer roles these days and allows interviews very rarely. Regardless of her changing appearance, Meg has loads of fans that would love to see her on the big screen soon!

5 Courteney Cox

The 52 year old star of Cougar Town opened up recently about how she is uncomfortable with her looks. Her Friends co-star Jennifer Anniston seems to have found the fountain of youth, but Courteney hasn't been as lucky. In a desperate attempt to preserve youth among hyper-critical Hollywood elite, she turned to plastic surgery. She has since taken on a new motto "Just let it be". The starlet vows to accept herself as is. We may be seeing a more natural and confident Courteney in the future. You can check her out sans makeup on her episode of Running Wild With Bear Grylls from August. Unlike many actresses, she does look her age but her inner beauty shines through. Meanwhile, Courteney doesn't seem to have a problem turning the heads of men. She has become a  real life cougar thanks to snagging a boyfriend 12 years her junior.

4 Madonna

The material girl held out for so long. She managed to defy all laws of aging for decades. No wonder father time eventually caught up with her . Recently Madge is looking pretty rough. Wrinkles, bags, and a general disheveled sad look. There is no doubt that the queen of pop will find a way to get those glorious looks back. Could it be that election stress sent her through a difficult patch? The super star singer is 58 years old so it really is no surprise that she is starting to look like a normal person. Maybe her deal with the devil ran out this year? She managed to look 20 right up until her 50s! Madonna will likely be the raunchiest grandma to grace the cover of AARP soon so perhaps we will cut her some slack. Kanye West, a Kardashian in-law, calls Madonna “the greatest visual musical artist that we’ve ever had.” He is most definitely correct. That's why it's hard for fans to watch her begin to look like our mothers.

3 Kevin Federline

Remember him? Britney's once sexy backup dancer turned baby daddy, Kevin Federline is living large and in charge these days. Since his time with the pop princess, Kevin says that depression has led him to over eating.“Once you get depressed, you don’t really feel like doing anything,” Federline, 31, tells Access Hollywood. After his divorce from Britney in 2006 things went downhill. He bounced back a bit thanks to VH1's Celebrity Fit Club, but it looks like he has gained most of the weight back. Maybe even a little extra. In 2011 he went on an Australian weight loss show called Excess Baggage where he was unsuccessful due to chest pains and heat stroke. Regardless of his appearance, it seems Kevin has remarried and now has his life more together.

2 Mickey Rourke

Mickey may have revived his career but he has not been able to revive his status as a Hollywood hearthrob. In his defense, the star spent years as a boxer which led to needing several plastic surgeries. It's hard to believe it was necessary to change his entire face? It probably was important to fix the broken nose, but the overly botoxed lips may be overkill. Even Mickey admits that he may have gone overboard with the enhancements. Once hailed for his masculine appearance, he is left looking more like a smooth skinned Barbie doll. Comparing his before and after photos can be downright scary! Is it the real deal or have we entered Madame Tussauds? It's not just the plastic appearance that has Mickey looking less than desirable. The scraggly hair and lack of hygiene isn't doing this former stud any favors.

1 John Travolta

The hottest hunks tend to look better with age. Many of Hollywood's leading men begin to look more mysterious and sexy as they grow older....but John Travolta doesn't make that list. The former star of Grease made us all drool in role after role. Saturday Night Fever and Pulp Fiction! His sexiness just couldn't be stopped. The last few years just haven't been kind to this superstar. He has packed on the pounds and seems to be packing on the cosmetic procedures as well. The 60 year old actor is looking a bit stiff with his odd youthful skin. We want to see men grow older, not awkward. The saggy man boobs don't help but his hair transplant does appear to be well done. As long as you don't check out any before and after photos, you would never know.

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