15 Celebs Who Look Identical (But One Is Slightly Better Looking)

As humans, we are all unique and beautiful in our own way-- on the inside and on the outside. Some of us have long blonde hair and big blue eyes, while others have short red hair and green eyes. Some of us are quirky and outgoing while others are timid and sweet. The possibilities are endless, actually.

Now, imagine adding your passion and your career into the mix. The same love to act, be in the spotlight. Others love to paint or dance or sing. A lot of our passions can turn us into famous celebrities overnight. While this is great, it puts our physical and mental states on full display for all the world to judge and perceive in their own ways.

There are so many famous celebrities now, in fact, that many of them end up physically looking very much alike. Below we outline fifteen celebrities that look almost identical and we highlight which one is much more attractive!


15 Leighton Meester And Minka Kelly: "The Roommate" Costars That Look Like Sisters

We know Leighton Meester from her breakout role as Blair Waldorf in the hit CW series, Gossip Girl. She played a feisty and manipulative Upper East Sider, but in real life, Meester is much more timid. When she starred alongside Minka Kelly in The Roommate in 2011, everyone was shocked by how similar they both looked. Roommates? More like sisters. Kelly, also known for roles in Jane the Virgin and Parenthood, has always been known for her flawless looks and sultry, long, and dark hair. But when it comes to these looks, which one is better looking? They both have similar cheekbones, hazel eyes, and megawatt smiles, but Kelly's sexy personality makes her ultra good looking. Plus, she was a Charlie's Angel for crying out loud, at least for a little bit!

14 Jennifer Lawrence and Bella Hadid: Victoria's Secret Angel Or Hunger Games Tribute?


Bella Hadid and Jennifer Lawrence are very similar in look and age, only being six years apart. Hadid is the little sister of Gigi Hadid. Both are famous for their catwalks on the Victoria's Secret Show runway. Bella is also known for dating The Weeknd, her famous parents, and her hilarious and honest Instagram pictures and Snapchat videos. Lawrence, on the other hand, places her talent in an entirely different category, that of acting. Her talent has landed her great roles in movies like The Hunger Games, Passengers, and American Hustle. These two are very different underneath the surface, but which one is better looking? They often get confused for each other, sometimes even on a daily basis, according to Lawrence. They both have full and round lips and sexy and unique green eyes. But Lawrence's relatable and all-American girl reputation makes her incredibly confident, attractive, and beautiful!

13 Carrie Underwood And Emily Osment: Twin Birthdays, Twin Looks

Underwood and Osment couldn't be more different, but they still look so incredibly similar that it is startling. Underwood, who just turned 34 this year, rose to fame suddenly when she won season four of American Idol. Since her win in 2005, she has become a country superstar that continues to break records and push lyrical and musical boundaries. She has had hits like Before He Cheats, Cowboy Casanova, and Smoke Break, among many others. She also starred in NBC's live-action remake of The Sound of Music in 2013. Osment has been around for just as long, even though she is only 25, but ironically these two share the same birthday of March 10! Osment got her start with small roles in Spy Kids 2 and Friends before she landed the role of Hannah Montana's best friend, Lilly, in Hannah Montana. Now she stars as the main character in the hit cable show Young & Hungry. So, which one is better looking? They both have long blonde locks, the same nose, and a gorgeous smile, but Underwood is a shoo-in for the better looking one, simply because she has more wisdom and age behind her beautiful eyes.

12 Jennifer Garner And Hilary Swank: Same Big Beautiful Smile


These two could never compete in any other way but physically, because their acting chops speak for themselves! Swank is known for so many incredible roles in movies like Million Dollar Baby, Freedom Writers, P.S. I Love You, and New Year's Eve. She has even won two academy awards! Garner, on the other hand, is just as talented and wonderful, having roles in movies like 13 Going On 30, Dallas Buyers Club, Catch and Release, and Juno. She is also known for her famous marriage, and subsequent divorce, from famous actor Ben Affleck. But, while we can't compare their talent, we can decide which one is better looking. Even though they both have long and dark locks and big smiles, Garner's dainty nose and stronger cheekbones make her that much hotter and more beautiful.

11 Mila Kunis And Sarah Hyland: Modern Sisters

Sarah Hyland, mostly known for her role in Modern Family on ABC, has just turned 27 last month and is at the very beginning of her career. Contrastingly, Kunis has been around for years, ever since her famous role on That 70's Show. Kunis, 34, started her movie career after That 70's Show ended with roles in movies like Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Black Swan, Friends with Benefits, Ted, and more. Her nitch is in romantic comedy because she is most comfortable in her sense of humor. We see Hyland going down the same path one day, maybe after Modern Family ends. But, look how physically similar these two are! So, which one is better looking? They both have rich Italian dark looks, with long, brunette hair, round and popping eyes, and more than beautiful smiles. They even have the same nose! They could seriously be sisters, but Kunis' talent and experience, along with that hot mom body, makes her that much more sexy and better looking.

10 Amy Adams And Isla Fisher: It's Not Just The Ginger Locks


These two and their similar looks is much more obvious than most due to that rich red hair color and contrasting pale skin. Amy Adams, 43, has been around the Hollywood block a little longer, starting with small roles in shows like Charmed, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Smallville, before landing a starring role in Enchanted in 2007. She can take on fun roles, dark roles, and difficult ones, better than most Hollywood actresses. Fisher, on the other hand, is just two years younger, but didn't get her big break, that put her front and center in Hollywood, until 2013 with back-to-back roles in The Great Gatsby and Now You See Me. Even though they are both talented, which one is sexier? Fisher wins this one thanks to her incredibly hot physique, younger looks, and daring fashion sense.

9 Heath Ledger And Joseph Gordon-Levitt: Sexy Soft Lips And Identical Eyes

Heath Ledger, may he rest in peace, was one of his generation's most talented and leading actors. His most memorable role, especially after his death, was playing the Joker in The Dark Knight. Ironically, his Hollywood identical twin, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, played a cop in the sequel to this movie, The Dark Knight Rises, in 2012. These two also both starred in the late 90's romantic comedy 10 Things I Hate About You. As you can see, it's no surprise people mistake them for each other often. But which one is better looking? They have virtually the same-shaped eyes, the same thin and soft lips, and a large forehead. But the one thing that makes Heath Ledger slightly better looking? It has to be those curly, blonde locks and that smoldering look he gives!


8 Jada Pinkett Smith And Zoe Saldana: Long Dark Locks And Sharp Bone Structure


We know Jada Pinkett Smith for her marital status to our favorite alien-fighting Men In Black star, Will Smith. She is also known for her acting roles in movies like The Women, Bad Moms, and Girls Trip. She also voices the character Gloria in the Madagascar series. She is known for taking the more fun roles, whereas her Hollywood counterpart, Zoe Saldana, is known for taking more serious roles. Saldana has starred in movies like Vantage Point, Avatar, and Takers. Most recently, she stars as Gamora in Guardians of the Galaxy. But when we simply look at their physical fortunes, which one comes out on top? Their sharp bone structure, eyebrows, and lips are incredibly similar, as are their long locks. But Zoe Saldana's beauty is more natural, with a silent yet confident sexiness and maturity behind her looks.

7 Katy Perry And Zoey Deschanel: With Those Big Blue Eyes, These Two Could Pass For Sisters

Did someone say twins? These two could not be more different in career and personality, but physically they are so similar it is scary-- and confusing that they are not related. Perry rose to fame as a pop singer with hits like Teenage Dream and I Kissed A Girl. Most recently she cut off all of her hair and bleached it. She is currently touring as well. Deschanel, on the other hand, is a famous actress known for her roles in 500 Days of Summer and the popular Fox show, New Girl. In personality, Deschanel is timid and quaint, while Perry is known to be outgoing and eccentric. But, when it comes down to it, which one is better looking? It's hard to say, but we think that Deschanel's looks are slightly more soft, resulting in a more beautiful and unique look.

6 Jeffrey Dean Morgan And Javier Bardem: Which Is Which?


Wow! These two are not only sexy with those scruffy beards, but they are ultra-talented and equally outgoing and likable as well. Javier Bardem spent a lot of his time in Spanish movies, as well as starring in great American movies like Collateral and No Country For Old Men. He is married to another actress, also Spanish, the beautiful Penelope Cruz. Jeffrey Dean Morgan burst onto the scene as Negan on The Walking Dead. But many don't know he's had several great roles before that, including playing the character Denny Duquette on Grey's Anatomy and playing the infamous dad of the Winchester brothers on Supernatural. He is also married to a famous actress, One Tree Hill star Hilarie Burton. Both Bardem and Morgan can flaunt their acting chops on many platforms, but which one is better looking? This is a no-brainer because Jeffrey Dean Morgan is one of the hottest and sexiest stars of our current time. It looks like 50 is the new 30!

5 Tom Brady And Matt Damon: New England Patriots QB Or Jason Bourne?

This one is surprising and shocking because, separately, you would never think these two were physically similar, but when put next to each other, it is startling to see how similar they are. In career, they could not be more different. Damon is a leading actor of today's generation, with roles in popular movies like Jason Bourne, Ocean's Eleven, The Martian, and True Grit. Brady is arguably the greatest NFL quarterback of all-time and has been playing for the New England Patriots since 2000, securing three Super Bowl rings-- and he will probably win more before his career is over. But which one is better looking? This a more difficult match, since they are both gorgeous with strong cheekbones, sexy and smoldering eyes, and great lips. However, Damon is seven years older than Brady-- and still competing for the sexiest of the two, so we say he is the better looking of the two. Age is clearly not a factor for him.

4 Natalie Portman And Keira Knightley: Dainty Noses And Subtle Smiles


These two are easily confused. In fact, when I was younger, I often did confuse them and could not keep track of who was in what movie. They have such similar noses, virtually the same-shaped lips eyes, and not only the same color hair but also the same hair length, most of the time. Portman is known for roles in romantic comedies like No Strings Attached and Garden State. She has also taken on darker roles in Cold Mountain, Black Swan, and Jackie. Four years younger, Knightley got her big start in Pirates of the Caribbean as Elizabeth Swann and has taken on other roles in movies like Collateral Beauty and The Duchess. So, which one is better looking? Both Portman and Knightley are sexy and confident in their own way, but Knightley wins this battle with her sharper looks and smoldering eyes. Her sex appeal just knows no bounds.

3 Taylor Swift and Aviici: Identical Twin Brother And Sister?

This one is incredibly unique and the only one on our list in which the two people are not the same gender! Swift is undoubtedly a household name, a superstar of her time. If you don't love her, you still know of her and probably still listen to some of her music. Similarly, Aviici is in the music industry as well, with hits like Levels and Wake Me Up. Furthermore, they are both the same age, with Aviici being slightly older by just a few months. So which one is better looking? They both have strong bone structure, similar noses, and dirty blonde hair that accentuates the rest of their features. But this one is still easy because Swift has virtually perfect features, with smoldering eyes and more talent than most can compete with.

2 Nina Dobrev And Emanuelle Chriqui: Rich, Dark Doppelganger Features


These two could easily be sisters and not just because of those long, dark locks they both wear so well. Chriqui has gone off the radar the last few years, but once was popular for roles in movies like Snow Day and Wrong Turn. She also had a starring guest role in the hit show Entourage. Dobrev, on the other hand, is known for more recent roles after her breakout role in The Vampire Diaries as human-turned-vampire Elena Gilbert. Since she left the show, she's starred in movies like Flatliners and Let's Be Cops, trying to succeed in her superstar movie career next. Which one is better looking, though? both have rich and dark features with simple and small smiles and beautiful brown eyes, but Dobrev is unstoppable in the sexy confident department-- and will soon show us she is just as unstoppable in the talent department, too.

1 Margot Robbie and Jamie Pressly: Sister Wolves of Wall Street

These two quite literally look like twins, with such stunningly similar features that no one can tell them apart most of the time. Their lips, eyes, foreheads, hair, and noses are all practically identical. Pressly, 40, just welcomed twins with her fiancé and has been incredibly under the radar lately, but her career speaks for itself. She is known for roles in movies like Joe Dirt, Not Another Teen Movie, and I Love You, Man. Her most popular role to date is on the hit show My Name Is Earl. Robbie, 27, is brand new on the Hollywood scene. She rose to fame with her roles in The Wolf of Wall Street, Focus, and Suicide Squad. Her sex appeal is unprecedented and she wins this one by a landslide!



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