15 Celebs Who Look Exactly Like Bratz Dolls

Chances are if you were a kid in the early 2000s, you have at some point played with a Bratz doll — perhaps even owned one. The iconic fashion dolls were released in 2001, and honestly, the world of toys has never been the same. All of a sudden Barbie wasn't as popular because these younger, cooler, and edgier dolls took over. So today we thought we'd take a fun trip down memory lane and explore whether any of these dolls happen to remind us of certain celebs. And oh boy, not to spoil anything, but let's just say that some celebs may have some explaining to do because we think we know whose look they stole. From singers like Rihanna and Beyoncé to models like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid — these celebs have certainly drawn dome inspiration from Yasmin, Cloe, Jade, Sasha, and the gang!

Now here they are, 15 celebrities whose Bratz doppelganger we've found!

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15 Rihanna Is Giving Us Such Sasha Vibes

Via: pinterest.com

Let's kick the list off with singer and fashion icon Rihanna. We're not sure what inspires the diva's iconic streetwear, but looking at this side-by-side of her and Bratz doll Sasha, we certainly do see plenty of similarities. Both seem to have a thing for oversized jackets and very unique jeans.

14 Ariana Grande And Her Buns Are So Jade

Via: fabzz.com

For the longest time, we were wondering who singer Ariana Grande reminds us of with her long dark hair, casual yet girly pink outfits, and top knots. Well, we've finally figured it out — Ariana has been giving us Jade vibes for a while and we are definitely here for it.

13 Kendall And Kylie Jenner Are Just As Cool As Phoebe And Roxxi

Via: pinterest.com

Reality television stars Kendall and Kylie Jenner have been known as teen style icons, and their Instagram posts inspire a whole generation when it comes to fashion and beauty. But little did we know that the two sisters actually seem to find some fashion inspo themselves in Bratz dolls Phoebe and Roxxi.

12 And Blake Lively Is a Total Leah IRL

Via: pinterest.com

Honestly, actress Blake Lively is always looking so gorgeous that she could easily pass for a doll. So we were not the slightest bit surprised that her Bratz twin is the glamorous Leah — seriously, just look at their luscious blonde hair! Not to mention that both of them share that impeccable fashion sense.

11 Doesn't Gigi Hadid Look So Much Like Cloe?

Via: zimbio.com

Model Gigi Hadid is a spot-on Cloe, with her beautiful blonde hair and her big blue-green eyes. Both have that natural freckly look going on for them, yet both can certainly pull off some rather edgy and daring looks. These two may look innocent and cute, but you surely don't want to mess with them!

10 And Kim Kardashian Is Such A Sharidan

Via: etonline.com

Is there anyone out there who can look at Bratz doll Sharidan and not immediately think of Kim Kardashian? Seriously, except for the difference in the eye-color, these two are pretty much twins. And as you can tell Sharidan loves those tight, curve-hugging outfits which are pretty much Kim's signature look!

9 Bella Thorne And Meygan Love A Good Animal Print

Via: expressdigest.com

Actress Bella Thorne and Bratz doll Meygan don't only share their love for animal pattern outfits, but their gorgeous hair color as well. Honestly, if Bella's hair wasn't up and she had a faux fur coat the resemblance between these two would be uncanny! But even without that, we can certainly tell that Bella's Bratz doppelganger is Meygan.

8 And Bella Hadid Rocks A Long Bob Just As Well As Aubrey

Via: eonline.com

Speaking of Bellas, another famous Bella found her Bratz twin on this list. Model Bella Hadid and Bratz doll Aubrey both perfectly rock that long bob, and to be completely honest — we're loving it so much that we're considering making a hairdresser appointment and bringing these two pics for reference.

7 Beyoncé And Destiny Love Serving Golden Looks

Via: nytimes.com

Of course, we had to find a Bratz twin for diva Beyoncé — without her, this list just wouldn't feel right. And we didn't have to look far because this look that Bratz doll Destiny was rocking pretty much screams Beyoncé. Not to mention that the fact that her name is Destiny is just perfect!

6 And Miley Cyrus And Her Pigtails Are So Nadine

Via: zimbio.

Come on, tell us that you can look at Bratz doll Nadine and not think of Miley Cyrus and her pigtails/buns immediately! The two definitely share a similar fashion sense — both love quirky, edgy, and fun looks! And obviously, the short blonde hair and big blue eyes make this comparison absolutely perf!

5 Madelaine Petsch Looks Like A Come-To-Life Adri

Via: zimbio.com

During our ~ extensive ~ Bratz doll research (seriously, there are so many) we came across Adri and we immediately thought of Riverdale star Madelaine Petsch. Then we found this pic of Madelaine rocking a blazer giving us similar preppy-yet-cool vibes, and we certainly knew we had to include these two in the list!

4 And Vanessa Hudgens Pretty Much Stole Tiana's Hair

Via: thehairstyler.com

Alright, that's maybe a bit too harsh — but we can't deny the fact that Vanessa's red highlights look a lot like Tiana's. That, combined with the brown eyes, red lips, and edgy black outfit is definitely making us think that these could be sisters. Well, if Tiana wasn't a doll that is.

3 Iggy Azalea Certainly Gets A Bit Inspired By Joelle

Via: youtube.com

Yes, yes, we know — Iggy got the inspiration for this look from Cher Horowitz's iconic Clueless outfits, but we definitely also see some similarities to Bratz doll Joelle. The brown eyes, the long, luscious, blonde hair, and the obvious school girl outfit clearly indicate that these two have a couple of things in common.

2 And Nicki Minaj Loves Channeling Shadi's Straight Bangs And Killer Cat-Eye

Via: pinterest.com

We'd never have thought that rap queen Nicki Minaj is finding inspo in Bratz dolls, but honestly — we should have seen it coming. After all the star does love to play around with makeup and wigs and in the look above she is giving us such Shadi vibes, especially with the bangs and eye makeup!

1 Lastly, We're Not Even Sure Which One Is Sophie Turner And Which One Is Leora

Via: pinterest.com

To wrap things up we went for Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner, who definitely looks like Bratz doll Leora. The beautiful red hair, icy blue eyes, and classy but edgy fashion sense — these two surely do look alike. And there you have it, our little list of celebrity and Bratz doll sisters is over — hopefully you enjoyed scrolling through it as much as we did creating it!

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